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What is a Khata?

It literally means an account, this Khata is an account oI a person who has property in the city. It is an
account oI assessment oI property owners within BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike)
jurisdiction. Khata is important when you apply Ior any license oI building or Ior trade, applying Ior loan
Irom any banks or Iinancial institution.It consists all the details oI property like name oI owner, size oI
buildings, location oI property and all other details that helps to Iile property tax.

There are two things in a Khata:
a) Khata CertiIicate
b) Khata Extract.
a) Khata Certificate
A BBMP Khata certiIicate is required Ior two major purposes:
1. For registration oI a new property,
2. For transIer oI any property.For applying khata certiIicate, the owner oI property has to give letter oI
requisition along with details and receipts oI tax paid (latest) to Assistant oIIicer Ior the sub-division or
range. The Iee Ior certiIicate is RS.25/- per property.Khata CertiIicate is obtained Ior any new registration
aIter paying the tax. The certiIicate is issued saying that a particular property No XYZ` stands in the
name oI person A. This certiIicate is required to apply Ior water connection, electricity connection, trade
license and building license. The Khata certiIicate is given only to the owner oI the property or to his
Iamily members. No one else can take it on his behalI. It takes maximum oI One week to get the
certiIicate. One can also get it instantly in some citizen service centres (details:
(When a transaction takes place both the seller and the buyer have to inIorm the BBMP within three
months oI the transaction. In case oI death oI either party, within one year.)
b) Khata Extract
Khata Extract is getting details Irom the assessment register. The extract is required to get trade license,
or to buy a particular property. It has the details oI the property like the name, size oI the property, use oI
the property (commercial purpose, residential), annual value, when assessed last.For getting a khata
extract, owner oI property has to give letter oI requisition with property location and details. The Iee is
Rs.100/- per extract Ior a period oI 5 years oI the property.
Eligible for obtaining Khata
All property owners/holders who hold property within the BBMP jurisdiction are eligible to obtain a
Khata. Obtaining a khata does not conIer ownership oI property but conIers the person who liable to pay
property tax. Property tax can be paid by property owners/holders who may or may not have Khata but it
is important when you apply Ior any license oI building or Ior trade, applying Ior loan Irom any banks.

ocument required for Khata registration

For applying Khata registration, you needed to enclose Iollowing documents along with registration Iorm.
1. ocuments required for property of land type- Revenue Pockets / B Reconveyed areas /
Gramathana :

i. Title deed (Reconveyed documents Irom BDA in case oI BDA Reconveyed areas)
ii. Tax paid receipts and Khatha details
iii. Sketch oI your property showing its boundaries and location oI site
iv. Improvement Charges
v. National Saving CertiIicates Ior Rs.200/-
vi. Encumbrance certiIicate Ior vacant sites
vii. Flow chart oI title
2. ocuments required for property of land type- B / KHB Layout
i. Title deed or Possession certiIicate
ii. National Saving CertiIicates Ior Rs.200/-
iii. Encumbrance certiIicate Ior vacant sites
iv. Flow chart oI title.
What is Khata Transfer?
Khata transIer is required when the ownership oI property is transIerred Irom one person to another Ior
any reason like sale oI property, giIt, will or in case oI death oI property owner and so on. The application
Ior Khata transIer is same that Ior registration and the documents needed along with application are
1. Title deed
2. Tax paid receipts and Khatha details
3. Paid up improvement charges receipt
4. National Saving CertiIicates Ior Rs.200/-
5. Death certiIicate oI owner (in case oI application due to death own property owner)
6. AIIidavit declaring the applicants is legal heirs oI the deceased khatedar.
What is Bifurcation of Khata?
BiIurcation oI Khata is modiIying two or more Khata into one or dividing one Khata into two or more
Khata. Application Iorm Ior biIurcation oI Khata is same that applied Ior registration

Procedure for Registering, transferring and modifying Khata
1. Obtain Aotarized copy of your sale deed: There are number oI notaries in Bangalore where you
can get your work done at reasonable Iees and the entire sales deed is notarized Ior charge oI Rs
80-100. Normally agents charge good commission per page and charge Ior get your work done
rises to Rs 200 and above.
2. ncumbrance certificate (: Get EC Ior your property and one has to carry copy oI sales deed
Ior getting EC. Normally EC is handled within 7 working days.
3. pplication for Khata: Obtain Khata registration Iorm Ior applying Ior Khata. Application is
same applying Ior Registration, TransIer and modiIication oI Khata. It is available either online or
at any BBMP oIIice. Application costs Rs10.
4. nclosure of documents: While applying Ior Khata, enclose the essential documents and Iill up
the necessary inIormation in the application Iorm. Submit the Iilled registration Iorm at BBMP
oIIice and get sealed acknowledgement Ior the same. Acknowledgement is one oI the sheets in
the application.
5. heck the status of your application: Visit once in 15 days and check the status oI your
application. Remember any documents demanded by the BBMP oIIice, over and above those
listed above, and validated by the RTI is illegal to ask and just a means to harass you and tire you
6. $eek Information: AIter 2 months iI there is still no activity then Iile the RTI to seek inIormation
on status oI khata registration.
7. ssessment of Property by Officials: The BBMP Revenue Incharge and Assistant Revenue
OIIicer personally visits the property to assess the property. Please note that iI the property is
assessed as commercial read as Rented Out` the property tax is twice the normal property tax.
8. Khata Registration fee: AIter the property is assessed BBMP Iormally communicates this
mentioning the property dimensions (in sq Ieet), its value as per BBMP assessment and the tax
liability thereon. One is also provided with a notice mentioning the same and inIorming you to
pay the Khata Registration Iee 2 oI the property values as Khata Registration Iee (this is 2
oI the value mentioned in the Sale deed). Once you pay the Khata Registration Iee, in about 1-2
weeks, one receives the notice Ior paying the pending property tax. Without this the Khata
Extract will not be issued in your name. But iI you have reached this point it means Khata has
been technically registered on your name.
ee for Khata related processes

Application Ior Katha registration, Katha transIer can be applied in the Iorm 'Application Ior
Registration/ ModiIication oI Khata. You can also download the Iorm Irom BBMP website and link is as
Iollows- Ior Khata Registration is
2 administration Iee on stamp paper value. Rs.100/- per sq.yard (in new areas) or Rs. 50/- per sq.yard
(in old areas) towards improvement expense.Fee Ior Khata transIer or modiIication such as biIurcation or
amalgamation is 2 administration Iee on stamp paper value.
Khata certiIicate is oIten misunderstood with title deed. Title deed is the deed agreed between a buyer and
seller during the transIer oI property and Khata is account oI assessment oI property. Khata does not
conIirm ownership oI property but assessment oI property Ior the payment oI tax. The property owner can
pay their property tax in two installments but improvement expense must be paid in lump sum.
You can apply Ior Registration, transIer or modiIication oI khata in Assistant revenue oIIicer Ior the sub-
division or range between 10 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm on all working days. BBMP oIIers
Sarala Khata Scheme Book which is available in major citizens` service center on payment oI Rs.20/-.
This book contains guidelines and details Ior Iiling application Ior khata. You can also get more
inIormation Irom BBMP website on services oIIered by revenue department. The link Ior BBMP website
is .