Julien Ottavi and Jenny Pickett

Julien Ottavi (b. 1977 France) and Jenny Pickett (b. 1978 UK) met and became artist collaborators in 2007. Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett are currently based in Nantes, France and work in the Artists' Collective APO33. Both Artists' works approach issues concerning perception, memory, architectural space and contemporary influences on the body and/or memory. With these dialogues and a cross-disciplinary approach to practice, collaborations often results in multi-sensory or immersive artworks.

ERBAN .Guérande (1999) -Exhibitions . putting in question the authorship strategy of the “art ideology”.be/index.Jardin Malakoff / association La Valise .in poetique du numérique edition – Apo33/CERCI. poet and tongues destroyer.Nantes (1998) -NYC Festival . 2.2002 training on real-time interaction and psycho-acoutic – IRCAM / Paris .Julien Ottavi b. artist-researcher.Atelier sur l’Herbe . His practices is not limited to the art spheres but crosses different fields from technological development to philosophy / theoretical research.Nantes (2000) -Artémia Symposium . real-time video. new technologies and body performances. Vol. experimental film maker. founder and member of Apo33. retour sur une histoire. n° 2.ERBAN / Nantes . EDUCATION DNESP diplôme nationale supérieur d'expression plastique (MA in art specialise in sound. MIT . Since many years he reflects on the relations between experimental practices and collective practices within the creation of autonomous collective groups.1996 Drums & percussions music school of Tours . 2002 Selected Exhibition / Sélections d'expositions : – Zinc – La Friche Belle de Mai – Marseille – 201 0 – Regsnog – Piksel – Bergen/Norvége ­ 201 0 – Lab gallery – Sollefteå / Suède – 201 0 – Apo33 – Nantes ­ 201 0 – Baltan Labs – Eindhoven / Hollande ­ 201 0 – Rencontre Archipelagos – Trentmoult ­ 201 0 – École des Beaux­Arts d'Aix en Provence ­ 201 0 – École des Beaux­Arts de Mulhouse ­ 2009 – Area1 0 ­ London / UK ­ 2009 – Subtle Technologies Festival ­ Toronto / Canada – 2009 – École des Beaux­Arts d'Amiens ­ 2009 – MalauPixel ­ Mains D’oeuvres ­ St­Ouen ­ Paris ­ 2009 – École des Beaux­Arts de Strasbourg ­ 2009 – RIAM festival 06 ­ Marseille ­ France ­ 2009 – MobilFest III ­ Sao Paulo / Brazil – 2008 – La Maison Rouge. Leonardo Music journal.LU . he develops a composition work using voice and its transformation through computer. performer. composition and computer music) .Nantes (2002) -CIA (APO33) . Julien Ottavi is involved in research and creative work. Errant Bodies Press.thinker» Visual artist. photographer and anarchitect. in revue Copyright Volume! .okno theory texts. combining sound art.BIAS gallery . audio et réseau in poulpe edition – apo33 2006 Voices and programmatic composition. Edited by Brandon LaBelle & Claudia Martinho. 2011 Electromagnetic spectral research in jonction10 – Constant. 2008 Ecoradio : digital recycling & machinic minimalism .Sound & visual installation APO33 . 1977 «artist.exposition Collective . biomimetic analysis & experimentation.(1999) -Photography Installation .Théatre Athénor .DLRS Sound installation .Nantes (2002) . 2009 The 'free' and New Creative Practices: open source Modular Art-efacts – in Floss+Art edition – Goto10.Nantes (1998) .musical training certificate – 1995 PUBLICATIONS DREAM SWEEPERS & THE MURMUR OF IMAGINARY ARCHITECTURES By Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi – Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear Vol.php?id=1173 Automate.Nantes .Nantes (2001) -Sound Installation . fondation Antoine de Galbert – Paris/France 2008 – Galerie Norbert Pastor ­ Nice/France – 2008 – En Aloardi todo es chevere Festival – Perou – 2008 – Reboot Festival – Londres – 2008 – Piksel07 – Bergen – Norvège– 2007 – Friche Belle de mai de Marseille 2006 – Friche l’antre­paux / Bandits­mages ­ Bourges 2006 – Maison de l’île ­ Nantes 2006 – Piksel06 ­ Bergen/Norvége 2006 – Rencontre d’Ecos ­ Rezé 2006 – Scoptione Festival – Nantes 2006 – Palais Jacques Coeur / Bandits­mages ­ Bourges 2006 – Labomedia – Orléans ­ 2005 – École des Beaux­Arts de Tours ­ 2005 – Festival Lieux Communs ­ Paris ­ 2004 – Exposition collective Chateau De Blain ­ 2004 – Festival Oh Cet Echo / Espace Gantner ­ Bourogne ­ 2004 .December 2005.2001 Study Concrete Music composition with Yann Le Ru – ERBAN / Nantes – 1998/2001 DNAP diplôme nationale d'art plastique (BA in art) – ERBAN / Nantes – 2000 Economy & social sciences baccalaureate (A level) . vol. 2007 http://okno. 2008 Hacker le langage / hack the language .1. Since 1997. 15 L’électronique dans la musique. composer / musician.ERBAN .

the FLOSS movement – collaborative approaches in art. Bergen (NO) – “EXQUISITE CORPSE PROGRAM” ECOS 2007. the boundaries of ‘touch’. APO33 operates across networked and physical spaces and develops tools (hardware/software) for creative projects and the wider FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) community of artists and programmers. University of London (UK) – “PUTTING IT OUT THERE” Destination Area10. memory. London (UK) – “Wish you were here!” Archipelagos Symposium. poetry. technology and society. No One Can” Tenderpixel Gallery. sonic art and anything else that may arrive through collaborative working. Area10. as an interdisciplinary laboratory drawing on the artistic and technological fields.London (UK) – “Digital Debris” Mal Au Pixel – Mains d’Oeuvres. conferences. visual.Norwich (UK) . Marseille (FR) – “DREAM SWEEPERS” DIY. exhibitions and events in addition to exploring personal theoretical and practical research. APO33 is a not-for-profit association/artists collective founded by Julien Ottavi in 1996. Nantes (FR) – “Part of the Process” – Traverse Tourism. London (UK) – “TEST” Bored Sick. Nantes (FR) – “PLANTATION” Archipelagos Symposium. Nantes (FR) – “DREAM SWEEPERS” APO33.(FR) – 2008 – “DYN – AMO ARTEFACTS” Piksel Festival– Bergen. Art works approach issues concerning perception.Bergen (NO) – “David Tudors Rainforest IV”. Area 10 Project Space.Jenny Pickett b. Paris (FR) – “FRACTURED ROOTS” L’espace critique. Norway (NO) – “DYN – AMO ARTEFACTS” Beyond Signal #2– Area 10 London. RIAM. EDUCATION GOLDSMITHS – MA Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice – 2006/7 [Distinction] FALMOUTH COLLEGE OF ARTS – BA(hons) Fine Art – 2001-2004 [1st Class] BRIGHTON COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY – BTEC National Diploma Art & Design – 2000/2001 PUBLICATIONS Forthcoming Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear Vol. Nantes (FR) – “Errm…did you hear something?” Dirty Square Gallery London (UK) – 2009 – “Chaos Lab” APO33 Piksel 09. The Old Bailey Shoe Factory. developing and co-ordinating collaborative projects.Present Artist-researcher: The position held includes engaging with all the activities of the association – multitasking. creative workshops. Jenny Pickett collaborates with artists Julien Ottavi (FR). managing invited artists.London (UK) – 2007 – “EXQUISITE CORPSE PROGRAM” Piksel07. 1978 Artist Beyond drawing. software and their eventual obsolescence. architectural space. Interests include: Locating the body in relation to contemporary ideologies. Time Machines: Memory exchange and ‘The present’. Nantes (FR) – “iR/ReVERSIBLE” 06. experimentation and social intervention. 2 Edited by Brandon LaBelle & Claudia Martinho ISBN: 978-0-9827439-0-4 Article included: DREAM SWEEPERS & THE MURMUR OF IMAGINARY ARCHITECTURES By Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi EXHIBITIONS Forthcoming: December 1st 2011–Tenderpixel Gallery – London (FR) ―――――――――――――― – 2011 – “In the light they all look the same”ELECTROPIXEL FESTIVAL – Nantes (FR) – Art prend l’air – Nantes (FR) – “It has not been possible to connect you”–William Burroughs’s birthday – Nantes (FR) – 2010 – “L’espace critique” Alphabetville & Zinc – La Friche Belle de Mai – Marseille (FR) – “NoiZe bouyZ: Guerilla Installation” Piksel10.07. exploring the influence of sound upon the gaze and visa versa. Goldsmiths. Indisciplines. Amiens. sensory conflict. Bergen (NO) – “Reclining nude!” APO33. L’ecole des beaux’s arts. electronic hardware to create installations and sculptures that can often react or interact with an audience or an environment. Nice (FR) – “BED & HEARTS” Hearing Ghosts. The politics and practices of ever evolving technologies. APO33 research practices cross philosophy. London (UK) – “BED & HEARTS” Hearing Ghosts.Paris (FR) – “DIGITAL DEBRIS” Re | Boot. approaches to the virtual physical space. EMPLOYMENT APO33 September 2009 . APO33. interaction and contemporary influences on the body and/or memory.(UK) – “10/10/10: Celebrating a year in Art’ Tenderpixel Gallery. Sunshine Frere (CA) and APO33 collective (FR).07. La Maison Rouge. Jenny Pickett has an approach towards her work that questions perception from a crossdisciplinary perspective. Area 10 Project Space. DIY electronics with discarded objects. Tenderproduct. She mixes puredata and other FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) tools. Drawings become sculptures developed through sound and image. London (UK) – “If I Can’t Have You. fosters various collective projects associating research.

Video still from series "Body & Beings" 2007 .The Scarabe .Julien Ottavi .

Video stills from interactive installation 2007 .Jenny Pickett .Ir/Reversible .

Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett .Fracture .Video stills 2009 .

Julien Ottavi .Performance/Installation 2009 .Architectured bodies .

Body Mutation .Julien Ottavi .Video Stills of Performance 2010 .

Silk.Nue allongé .Jenny Pickett . wood. speakers & surround sound system 2010 .

Carpet mounted on sub-bass audio platform 2010 .Jenny Pickett .Futur Paysage .

Fragmentation .Julien Ottavi .Black & white digital photographs from series #7 2010 .

light sculpture 2011 .In the light they all look the same! Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi Sound.

Jenny Pickett .C print on aluminium 2010 .Wish you were here! .

Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett Site specific installation using recycled electronics & digital media 2008 .Digital Debris .

Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett Site specific installation using recycled electronics & digital media 2009 .Digital Debris #2 .

Immersive sound installation 2009 .Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett .Dream Sweepers .

Dream Sweepers 0.Immersive sound installation 2010 .2 .Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett .

Site specific sound installation 2010 .Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett .Plantation .

Fratural Bourgeon .Julien Ottavi & Jenny Pickett .Mixed media installation 2009 .

Localised real time recordings and telephonic interferences produce automated compositions from interconnected city soundscapes. Marseilles for the RIAM festival. technique and modernity. Body Mutation performance where the body try to operate a mutation with an object taken from our everyday life. Arougate behaves like a wolf when he eats his ‘preys’ . The carpet vibrates as two speeches declaring war resonate through the materials. Digital Debris is a site specific installation made up of discarded electrical/digital goods. The Sound is produced by using the sculpture as an instrument An evolving composition mimics the singing of a mythical siren. The music causes the red light to turn on or turn off. continuously harvesting audio files from the web and recomposing with those to create various new “mash--ups”. tracks it. no one can disturb him without consequence. It attempts to reveals those parallels through site specific sound sculptures searching AM radio frequencies by reacting to the changing light of the space. The Installation takes the form of a three dimensional Graphical Score. understanding through touch the relationship of the body with its environment or our reaction to this environment. Approximately 6 meters of entangled cables. and generally reacts to it. Fratural Bourgeon A gallery experiment drawing together visual. This work began as a series of flyposters pasted up on the building where a series of virtual manipulations have occured. The latin ars as a concept includes art. becoming stairs or metal partition… Interferences. the construction end ups into an alter-perception of potential being of the architecture. the combination of a machinic system with the poetic-modelisation of animal reactions creates an uncontrollable noise activity in a specific place. The futurists followed an idea that the natural landscape was much improved aesthetically by the addition of human technologies such as cannons. feeds on it. I try to adapt this to the human body which doesn't have six legs. the body is then recomposed through spatialised sound drawings. taking shape. which means “Let art create as the world perishes”. . Parts of the installation were fully operational and involved in an act of digital recycling. integrating. present and future. Wish you were here! A series of digital prints depicting the deconstruction and/or reconstruction of a city dead-zone. Plantation is an installation exploring the ideas of modulation and interference in relation to multiples. Arougate Arougate is a digital beast who hunts information. textual and audio narratives from a variety of sources. Architectured Bodies PERFORMANCES explore and play with the idea of becoming matter. Fracture A series of experimental films shot in Marseille produce a crystallised narrative disrupting the streams of the familiar and our inability to face our own feelings of uselessness or disempowerment we have accepted in life. structured and unstructured elements visually reflect the sound environment. the viewer is invited to walk on the platform. monoculture and the multiverse. Future Paysage is a tactile landscape. How the accumulative effects of memory or knowledge may be viewed and experienced as an irreversible process that informs and transforms our perception of the past. Ir/reversible is an interactive audio visual installation exploring the entropic bases of information theory. A red carpet mounted on a platform with the text “Fiat Ars – Pereat Mundus” a fascist phrase echoed by the Italian Futurists. Nu allongé is a sound sculpture that plays with the effect of sound on visual language: an upholstered plateau presents a de-constructed human body. Dream Sweepers is an immersive sound installation. The image hyper-contrasted become something else. Fragmentation Digital photo series on achitectural deconstructions. computers and household goods. In the light they all look the same! A sculpture using light and sound.Scarabe a physical study on how the "scarabee" uses his body when he’s on his back suffering to return to his starting position. This work was produced as a collaboration with Alphabetville. originally suspended in Area 10 project Space. tanks and blast craters violently scarring the natural rural scenery with war. Fractural Bourgeon seeks to uncover an instance of creation or coherence in the artists' process.

org CONTACT Jenny Pickett / Julien Ottavi 7 rue du Tribois Saint Sebatien sur Loire 44230.uk www.apo33.jennypickett.co.org jenny@jennypickett.uk .noiser. FRANCE +33 611363768 julien@apo33.co.org www.www.

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