For those who are new to TaskMagic...

What is TaskMagic?
    TaskMagic is the best-selling lesson content creation tool as used daily by thousands of students and teachers in the UK. Exciting, varied and motivating exercises created at the click of a mouse. Use with interactive whiteboards, on the school network, on individual machines, etc. Students can use it at home with the FREE Home Version.

 Get your students to create their own TaskMagic3 files using the text that they have prepared for their Controlled Assessments in Writing and Speaking. Memorizing texts (or at least becoming more familiar with them) is made much simpler thanks to the many textreconstruction, gap-filling and sequencing activities in the Mix & Gap component of TaskMagic3, which really help students to get to grips with the structure of their text. (See the EXPLOITING TEXTS section.) Students can record themselves saying their text, or create a sound file using text-to-speech software, and add this sound to their exercises. The same applies to A level presentations…

 Take any text, song, poem, letter, recipe – from your text book, from existing worksheets, from a web page – and generate a whole range of text manipulation exercises and worksheets. 5 gap-fill formats. 5 text-block sequencing formats. 3 word-by-word reconstruction formats. 2 total reconstruction formats. 2 game-based gap-fill activities. 1 find the words and phrases exercise. 1 multiple choice comprehension exercise. 4 further formats focusing on space insertion, anagrams, vowel gaps, prediction. 23 interactive exercises in total + 13 worksheets! Include a sound file along with your text, and you have a variety of dictation exercises too!

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   Type your verb conjugations into a grid and generate up to 24 interactive exercises! Formats include: matching, multiple choice, gap-filling, memory, team and arcade games, vocab trainer and tester. The same can be done with any information that can be presented in a grid (eg. noun declensions, adjectival agreements, etc.)

 Take your lists of vocabulary, phrases, structures etc. and convert them into interactive exercises that you can use with an interactive whiteboard, or with individual PCs in an ICT suite, as well as a range of printable worksheets. Match text to text; image to text; sound to text; image to sound. Focus on meaning, spelling, pronunciation, recognition, production. Formats include: matching, multiple choice, gap-filling, memory, team games, arcade games, vocab trainer and tester. Up to 23 interactive exercises are generated automatically based on your matching items!  The versatility of TaskMagic3 means that it is perfectly suited to teaching a whole range of ages and levels, from young children who are just embarking on their language learning journey, to students preparing for A Levels in languages. TaskMagic3 activities are being used to support the fantastic new AS & A2 French course at, as well as the A*ttitudes Dissert product focusing on improving essay writing skills at A level French.

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  And indeed Geography, History, IT, English, ESL, SEN… TaskMagic can be used to create matching and text manipulation activities for any subject (as long as it uses roman script). There are hundreds of ready-made files available for various subjects and languages at

 Take short situational dialogues, e.g. from your text book, and convert them into a range of interactive exercises and worksheets. Exercises are based on re-ordering words or lines of dialogue, gap-filling, space insertion, prediction, anagrams, total reconstruction, find the word or phrase. Include a sound file along with your text, and you have a variety of dictation exercises too!