Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before …

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Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before I Was Reformed
Posted on 11. Dec, 2009 by Les in Theology

I’ve been a Christian for 7 years. I’ve learned, I’ve grown, I’ve wondered. I came to believe a lot of things that I took for granted, but never thought too much about. But less than a year ago, God showed me something. There is a solid Christianity that has been fought for, that people have died for. There have been Church councils, and controversial men, who stood up to revolt against corrupt practices, and unbiblical doctrines. We aren’t left in the dark to figure Christianity out all over again. The truth has been opened to, and passed down to us by, Saints past. Not only has reformed theology opened my eyes to new things, but it’s cleared up so many thing that I believed, but I never really understood.

10. My Sin
I knew I was a sinner. I knew I needed to be forgiven. But just how much of a sinner, I had no idea. Sometimes I would say, “Wow, I didn’t sin much this week.”. Now I know that it’s quite possible that I have never, for a second, obeyed the command “Love the Lord, your God, with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.”. I never took seriously Jesus’ words that looking at a woman with lust is to commit adultery, or that hating a man in your heart is murder. I ignored the fact that Jesus said “You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” -Matthew 5:48 I finally understand that I sin every day, every hour… on some level I sin every moment of my life. This is how sinful I am. But God! Oh how merciful He is to such a sinner.

9. God Works All Things for My Good
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and MAKE them love You. If God can’t touch our wills.11/30/2010 Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before … This seemed like a nice idea. What it was. because God can clean up the messes and put it back together. or when something was completely out of my control. 5. God promises to never do that. shake my head. perfectly. and made slaves of righteousness. waiting fo them to make their decision. “Wow. 6. There is Now No Condemnation I was always on the fence on the “can we lose our salvation?” question. But I believed He took everyone’s place on the cross. Other than that I’d pray very generally that God would help me in my life. Without it man can not believe the gospel or repent. destroy their will. I’d seen and heard of epic backsliding and people who walked completely away from faith. or the messes that pop up in life. if He wanted. I don’t need to worry too much. we all go to Hell. on His Son. anymore. 4. not because I applied His blood to myself. I knew it was a change. maybe a feeling. God works stuff out in the end. God. I’d be hard pressed to answer. because I know that it’s their only hope. that Christianity faze was weird. It’s not something I ever thought about as incosistent with my beliefs. The Bible says nothing in all of creation can separate us from the love that is in Christ. it all changed. and my life isn’t left to chance for a split second. So it only seemed logical that there were certain sins that could push us too far away from God. Jesus Took My Place The idea that Jesus was in my place on the cross was another nice thought. and say. What does it mean to “soften a heart” other than “do more than You are doing to change their mind”? Now I can pray fervently for God to override a family member’s sinful will. but that’s how much we are at His mercy. let alone the very thing he died to forgive. Why We Pray for the Lost This is something everyone does. He’s the power that makes me flea from sin. not because He knows it all. We are set free from slavery to sin. past. so they can be saved from Hell! 7. now. I’d wake up.” and get right back to my sinful life. but because He’s actually in control. and I even knew the moment it happened to me. I don’t even know how I would have defined being born again. I need him in every area because I’m powerless without Him. or we are relying on our powerless flesh. I NEED God to live. When I knew there was nothing I could do about a situation. The Necessity of Prayer I used to pray. Not one of the people who’s place He took on the cross will be in Hell.com/ten-things-i-didnt-… 2/8 . help people. and even pray. so we must pray without ceasing. specifically. We pray for our family and friends to be saved. Being Born Again When I look back. If God couldn’t override people’s free will. though. I’d give it over to God. but the condemnation and marks against me have been paid for. Jesus truly. We say things like “soften their hearts” or “reveal yourself to them”. how could He save them? How could He do anything different than the 100% He was already giving everyone. I definitely knew that you needed to be born again to be saved. that Jesus was laying His life down for His sheep… perfectly. The gospel teaches that everything. We are new creations. present. It is the supernatural change of a God-hater into a God-lover. even people who would be in Hell. we should pray that God would give us the desire to pray. He is “working all things” for the good of His people. Yes. Praise God for the free-will smashing new birth! killerrobotninja. But once I understood sovereignty. Nothing surprises Him. if not that they are pardoned? I understand. and was truly my object of faith. God is truly our strength. God could. but now I see how strange it was. I’m truly free. God convicts me to cease from sinning. It’s the work of God to change a man’s entire nature. take the faith out of my heart tomorrow. and finally took my sins on Himself. Reformed theology has opened my eyes to the truth that I am completely helpless. He orchestrates everything. but because the Father placed my sins. I’m 100% at God’s mercy. Oh boy! I could tell you now. So what could undo the work of Jesus and make us accused again? Now I understand that sins aren’t counted against me. and future is forgiven. I would pray especially hard when I messed up. Anyone who does end up in Hell has not been atoned for. open His word. What kind of assurance can I find in a substitution that didn’t help such a large number of people it took the place of? What does it mean to die in someone’s place. God doesn’t just react to what people are doing. 8.

WGJake Dec 11th. If u remember me in your prayers please that I would desire to spend more time with my Father. is not going to heaven. through the gospel. They were deceived. Anybody who signed a decision card or said a prayer based on a promise of . the forgiveness on the cross. God is beautiful. how glorious God’s plan truly is. I guess.11/30/2010 Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before … 3. I always had a theory that God would forgive them all and bring them into Heaven in the end. God became a man and redeemed mankind from His own wrath. I believed in the trinity. This is how we are saved. and when we see His beauty and respond in worship. the cross. How will people respond to God becoming a man and dying? God was trying His hardest to save as many people as possible. but inevitably some would go to Hell. the gospel. The Meaning of the Universe God’s creation. we are fulfilling our entire purpose. The Necessity of the Gospel I would. The fall of Satan and Adam are all part of this amazing story. salvation. Oh. But I must admit that I still struggle with praying. I would let people know that Jesus wanted to make them happier. so I’d minimize them. He displayed love beyond our comprehension! Praise God! Tags: calvinism. Offensive parts of the gospel. 2009 killerrobotninja. we are spitting in this glorious King’s face. I would guess. and the repentance God requires. was an experiment in free-will.”. Kinda like the wind. Praise God for His Holy Spirit! The third Person of the trinity that works in God’s people. share my faith. since it was their decision. God’s righteous hatred toward sinners will display His awesome power for eternity. about sin and wrath… those don’t make people want to accept. 1. Come to Jesus and He’ll forgive you. We will worship God. nobody can be saved. Mike (wretchedsinner) Dec 11th. Holy Spirit – um… it’s like a mist. gospel. I would talk about how Jesus died. from time to time. All who He has mercy on will worship Him for eternity because of this amazing love displayed on the Cross. The Holy Spirit What a mystery the Holy Spirit was. regeneration. When we fail to love God. God’s number 1 priority is to show off His majesty and be glorified. He’s IN me! It’s amazing! He’s the One that produces the fruit. He perfects my broken prayers and praises. Father – The one who calls the shots. the One that makes me understand the Bible. fulfilling the purpose of creation. 2. I’m definitly praying for God to give me that desire. that like… is everywhere. Theology. forever. the One that makes me cry “Abba. and we’d all rejoice. 2009 Similar lessons I’ve learned. Now I know that apart from the clear. doctrine. Son – The one who came to earth to die for sin. featured. I hate the fact that I don’t want to pray as I should.com/ten-things-i-didnt-… 3/8 . Without God’s Spirit inside us. People must hear about their sinfulness. Father!” The Holy Spirit confirms to my spirit that I’m in Christ. but the most important thing I was seeking was a decision. Jesus died to make salvation possible. 2. And it… helps us. The purpose of this creation is for God to demonstrate His power and mercy. and we will be punished. In the back of my mind. we’d never know God. Lovin the blog man. and fulfill their lives. top ten 16 Comments to “Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before I Was Reformed” 1. reformed. certainly not that He demands their submission and will take away their rights.”The Bible tells us that we can know where we go when we die. and God was going to be eternally frustrated by all the people that He loved who would be in Hell for eternity. Our resurrected glory will be the most amazing pleasure imaginable. complete gospel. because we’ll know what we were saved from.

there does seem to be a doctrine to be found there. Romans 8 should be the first place we look when wondering if we can lose our salvation. Such clarity. Great work. [there is no condemnation] here is some scripture the jumped to my mind when reading it: –(Heb 10:26) If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth.” -Jude 1:24 God is able to keep us from stumbling. which there is. and He will keep us from doing it. but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Solia Deo Gloria! -Mike 3. but doesn’t discredit clearer scriptures. reading up on your post. we’re pretty much closed in on all sides. what are your thoughts? thanks! they do more than you know. 5. We’re cool so far. and the lack of fruitswill bear them witness. Harsh yes. and He will keep His promise to us of eternal life. but doesn’t change. He goes on to say that the person who does that. as the parable of the sower demonstrates. can’t be saved after that. right? The person goes on sinning. 2009 Nathaniel. such passion. but because it’s actually the topic being discussed. Someone receives the knowledge of the gospel and in some way believes it. As far as Matthew 12:31… I would go into detail but let’s just do this: “Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy. Now. and if they’re all we had to clarify the issue. So what do these other verses mean in light of that clear declaration. every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men.11/30/2010 Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before … Brother Les. I’d say it is losable. Kim killerrobotninja.com/ten-things-i-didnt-… 4/8 . Paul is spitting venom at the idea that we can fall from grace. 2009 hey man. These are texts that can seem to point to a losable salvation. 4. Praise God for what He has done in your life. Les Dec 11th. God can keep His people from committing it. But there are amazing entire chapters in scripture that talk about the security of a believer. unrepentant and demonstrates that they aren’t saved. although I’d need more scriptural support to claim it as clearly Biblical. Good stuff. thank you for your regular words of faith and encouragement on twitter i am writing to you about your #7. So how does this apply to Matt 12:31? If there is an unpardonable sin. no sacrifice for sins is left … –(Matthew 12:31) And so I tell you. Since He also promises that no one can pluck us out of His hands. this is absolutely amazing. You couldn’t make something up that wasn’t covered. Nathaniel Watts Dec 11th. the list of things that can’t separate us is unbelievable. Hebrews 10:26. claims Christ as savior and pretends to be a Christian. not because it says what I want it to say. 1 John makes it clear that people can claim Christ but not be in Him. people can understand it without a saving faith.

9. is a lot of people are allergic to Calvinism because some Calvinists leave a bitter after taste when they witness. 2010 Such a great post. Tanner killerrobotninja. But now I appreciate more His sovereignty and grace with a passion for His glory. that they may also see the beauty of the Truth! 10.11/30/2010 Dec 12th. Make them love you. unless one has been taught the Scriptures rightly from their youth.I love the prayer “destroy their will.There’s a stereotype that reformed believers are arrogant and exclusive. 2009 I think many of us can fall into those “things I did not know”. Before I was reformed I lacked understanding and just took a lot of things for granted. though. especially His grace. 2009 Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before … Les. Very nice! I have not seen anything quite like it. A sad fact. Joshua Parker Dec 31st. I pray that we will be able to witness to them with love. 6. Arlene Jan 3rd. Another wretched. though often times without meaning to. I will be stopping by this site often. so they can be saved from hell.” – so true in my case too. 2009 Stumbled onto your blog today. Keep up the God work! 7. I can relate exactly to the points you mentioned. snatched from the fire! Praise God he is an invader! Great to meet another reformed Christian creative too. Great points. Les Dec 17th. Great Blog–what a spot on break down. 8. Love the logo also.com/ten-things-i-didnt-… 5/8 . Calvinistic Cartoons? that’s so cool. 2009 are you really mr. There…just bookmarked it. Eddie Eddings Dec 17th.

“Oh. 14. I’m not sure what part of “in bondage to sin” or “dead in sin” they don’t understand. all I have left to do is fall down and thank Him for using me. Of course the plan of God is ultimately for His glory (see #1 in my list). just now got around to reading it. 2010 thanks for the feedback. not necessarily my (or your) good. I personnally like #10… I think many Christians are guilty of the “If I just sin less…” mentality.com/ten-things-i-didnt-… 6/8 . Cory D. but we can rest in the beautiful providence of God as He works all things for the good of His people… for His glory. I have one suggestion though… Number 9… I have to disagree… God works everything for HIS glory.11/30/2010 Jan 21st. You should put it on regenerated. lesson-learning sanctification. And to think. so many things began to make so much MORE sense when I let scripture interpret scripture. Jones Jul 7th. As for #9… it’s a Biblical quote. how sinful I am. 13. Several Christians have been persecuted for the gospel’s sake. Cory D. whether we see the benefits or not. While not “good” for them (besides falling into the “blessed are those who are persecuted because of me” category) God will always use it (as it is predestined) to further His glory. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good. 2010 This is the post that God used to open my eyes to His sovereignty according to Himself (His Word) and not my flawed reasoning. Karsten Sep 10th. Weird. not whoever took the pulpit that week. for those who are called according to his purpose. 2010 Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before … Good post.” -Romans 8:28 I would argue that the whole point of this text. Les Jun 24th. as Paul is talking about suffering and tribulation. is that even those things ARE for our good.” Praise God that he continues to use imperfect people in His perfect plan. Jones Jun 24th. I echo your sentiment. 12. Something much better: painful.us : ) 11. 2010 Great post! As you did. soli Deo gloria! killerrobotninja. 2010 Agreed. Not health and wealth.

2010 [. the list is pretty dead on for [. The Gospel Coalition A group of (mostly) pastors and churches in the Reformed heritage focusing on Christ and the gospel. Bill Sep 10th. 2010 Awesome post.com/ten-things-i-didnt-… 7/8 .] at Killer Robot Ninja..] Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Submit Great Online Sermons Cornerstone Church Pastor Francis Chan Desiring God Pastor John Piper Epiphany Fellowship Pastor Eric Mason. Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before I Was Reformed | Truth Proclaimed Sep 12th. Les has created a list of ten things he didn’t understand before coming to Biblical doctrine.. White Horse Inn Know What You Believe and Why You Believe It killerrobotninja.. I can relate brother…… 16.11/30/2010 Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before … 15.. Shai Linne. I’ve gotta say. Duce… Grace Christian Assembly Pastor Jim McClarty Grace to You Pastor John MacArthur Heart Cry Missionary Society Paul Washer Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll The Cross Church Pastor Steve Camp The Village Church Pastor Matt Chandler Resources Alpha and Omega Ministries James White’s Christian Apologetics Organization Fighting for the Faith Chris Rosebrough Compares What’s Being Said in the Name of God to the Word of God Monergism Classic Articles and Resources of the Historic Christian Faith Recover the Gospel One of the most urgent tasks facing Evangelicalism today is the recovery of the gospel.

All Rights Reserved. Mohler is a theologian and an ordained minister. Turretin Fan Reformed Apologetics Underdog Theology Jesus Christ Increases. videos. and articles.11/30/2010 Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before … Sanctified Blogs Albert Mohler Dr. Camp On This Steve Camp Shares The Treasures of the Gospel Lane's Blog Lane Chaplin’s Collection of All Things Reformed regenerated. killerrobotninja. Warren Cruz Decreases © 2009 Killer Robot Ninja.us Young Reformed Friends Learning and Sharing Transformed by Grace Roger Servin and Sonny Burrell blog about the doctrines of Grace while providing great resources.com/ten-things-i-didnt-… 8/8 . Powered by Wordpress.

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