1. Please describe a time when you had to bring together a range of information in order to draw a conclusion.

• What was your objective? • What types of information did you use? • How did you ensure you were gathering the most pertinent information? • How did you go about collating and reviewing all the information? • What conclusion did you reach and how did you present this? Answer: I was assigned to submit a report on the Conflict for UN Membership - Palestine Vs. Israel, where my objective was to find out what would happen if UN grants and does not grant membership to either of the countries, and how will it affect Trading among the two countries and over the world. I read some articles on the conflict between the two countries and what are the advantages and disadvantages that the people of both the countries are facing globally, how the economy of both the country is affected, etc. Considering both the advantages and disadvantages that are caused because of the on-going conflict, I have uphold the important issues and also considering the facts the articles have provided. Keeping in mind the problems that was mentioned on those articles I have told that if any one of the nation was granted with the membership of UN then business sector of tourism will be increase, religious pilgrimage will be easier, trading globally will be much more easier, business partnerships might emerge overnight between the Gulf States and Israelis, etc.

2. Please describe a time when you have needed to weigh-up a number of options before making an important decision? • What decision did you need to make? • What information was available to you? • How did you identify the key information? • What risks did you consider when making your decision? • What was the impact of your decision? Answer: Its about time when I am about to finish my undergraduate program and decide whether to do Masters because my parents wanted to or do Chartered Accountancy because it is my dream. So I decided to do follow my dream. When I was in the dilemma of deciding, I had gathered all the information which I had look up to in order to follow my dreams.

Given the range of organisations that employ graduates.3. and how you overcame these? • What was the outcome? Answer: 4. • What was your objective? • What made it so challenging? • Describe some of the key setbacks and obstacles encountered. why have you chosen to apply to be an Assistant Auditor with the National Audit Office? Answer: . Please describe a time when you have had to show a high degree of initiative and determination to reach an objective.