is short for Earth(ing) & Thermocouples/Thermopile Combination

Here is a brief explanation on the justification/practicality and some applications -of ETC Since earth(ing) is always low in potential and can keep on taking excess electron(s) flow, we connect thermocouples/thermopile to the earth(ing) of a house, and the other end/terminal is exposed for example to a room. This means the heat of the room keeps being transferred/transformed into electrical energy flowing towards earth(ing) of low potential-difference, and with a thermometer and thermostat-controlled-switch, we may regulate the room’s temperature within the temperature range we set the thermostat to operate at. This disconnects and reconnects the thermocouple from the earth(ing). This may be applied to more closed systems, like cars and airplanes, with their chassis as their earth(ing), and we may apply this to thermocouples/thermopilemetals laden containers of various and, numerous sizes, for temperature control. And some of such containers may have sand for retaining the desired temperatures attained as the equipment is preset or set to operate. With this, we’d regulate temperature of things and or places easily without power/energy consuming compressors and other conventional heat-exchangers. We can also have such thermocouples/thermopile, which are cheaper than solar-panels, transforming/transferring Sahara, Nevada, and Arabian desert day-time heat into electricity for the surrounding Nations/communities. All enabled by the heat/electrical potential difference between the desert and the communities.

The MAGIC is the Earth(ing), being always low-potential [acting as some ‘electron-black-hole’, able & ready to take any amount of electrons] Thus the needed electrical potential difference for heat transformation and transfer is the constant low-potential of the EARTH(ING)

FURTHER EXPLANATIONS With ETC -thermocouples/thermopiles one may transfer heat from one point to another in the form of current. With the difference in temperature between one's car boot and engine space, one may have thermocouples/thermopile around the hot engines of vehicles and connect/wire them via a second inverter to batteries docked at the car boot taking up –say a quarter of the boot space, and thus one stores electricity generated from the heat for later discharge/use wherever & whenever needed. With ETC we don't really need many thermocouples as per thermopile, my friend-Amechi's twist is to use large metal plates shaped as we want to (n)case whatever or wherever we want to regulate the temperature, and we may connect strips of thermocouple wires to the plates and then earth them. Example to improve architecture, imagine a room in a house, where two parts of the four walls have flat connected rhodium metal plates painted as part of the design, and the other two parts of the wall have flat connected platinum plates painted as part of the design. Then two tiny strips of platinum and rhodium connect these plates respectively to the earth(ing)-wire of the house (that's maybe running through that room), while the thin strips of platinum and rhodium wire are connected to a switch-control-thermostat-having-thermometer, to disconnect the platinum/rhodium thermocouples/thermopile from the earth(ing ) when the temperature is as cold as we allow, and to reconnect the

thermopile when the temperature is as high as we allow, and we may adjust this temperature range using a computerized-input-system. Rhodium & Platinum are used as thermocouples/thermopile wires together. The thermostat may comprise a multi-meter connected to a different thermocouple to measure temperature, and a simple computerized temperature-reading-sensitive switch-control system would connect and disconnect the thermocouples from the earth(ing) based on our desired input/settings of temperature range (low to high). ETC applications are as numerous and various as our purposes. Of course we can apply it for the purpose of generating power from the heat of engines of power generators and vehicles, cooling them down too, it can be used to recover heat as electricity too from computer-processing units, cooling them while converting the heat to electricity for storage & later use or for immediate use We may even use ETC for global cooling, as per desert heat transformation and transfer to nations/communities around as electricity, as per integrating ETC with architecture for conditioning building temperature without using energy-consuming/dissipating compressors & conventional heat-exchangers. ETC can be applied for heating homes. Since we can turn the heat of the vehicle and power generator engines to electricity, and then use the stored electricity to heat homes. We'd soon upload the simple-basic electrical circuit diagram/schematic of ETC that we have, we can use it for making it cheaper to heat homes in UK and other cold regions during winter. I'm sure we'd demo ETC for less than N4,000: We’d just find the cheapest metals used for thermocouples, buy, shape and earth it as planned, then use a multi-meter and another thermocouple, to also ascertain the rate of heat energy to electrical energy transfer/transformation, by measuring the temperature of where and what we're ‘cooling’ down, and the amount of electric current running through the thermocouple per unit time.

So we can (n)case any thing and or any place with thermocouple metal-plates shaped as we want, and we can then connect the plates to the earth(ing) of any thing and or any place using thermocouple metal-wires. And ETC would regulate temperature as we please or as we set it to Imagine *plugging into the Nevada desert Imagine *plugging into the Arabian desert Imagine *plugging into the Sahara desert Courtesy of ETC We have our eyes on the deserts, being no man's land, and since ETC works simply because of the constant heat/potential difference between thermocouple terminal points, n desert day-time heat go much compared to temperatures of neighboring communities/nations that need the heat-electric energy transfer/transformation, and for buildings it’s the earth(ing) where one of the thermopile terminals connect to. We prefer the thermocouple, no moving parts but the switch, because with ETC... no noise, no emissions, it's just wires,

Example, fossil fuel engines burn petrol and air and generate temperatures of 750 degree Celsius, imagine the heat/potential difference then existent between the engine and the car boot where u may have docked a battery to accumulate electric power transformed and transferred by reason of the thermocouple and the heat/potential difference. Imagine all the good we would soon be doing for all out of love/God

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