Grail, Truth or Ostrich

Tangible Primary Market & Intangible Secondary Market

Paramount Pictures in 1989 released the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Whereas the movie portrayed a search for the Holy Grail by that of a few is in contrast to the search for Truth and Justice” currently being undertaken by the masses. The tank scene was entertaining until the tank crashed at the bottom of the cliff, where if one paid close attention, the tank appeared to be a plastic model breaking apart. President Obama, in speaking before Congress, one could notice Congressman Boehner’s expression was tense. Congressman Boehner’s look appeared to me as the look of a intangible tank commander. Applying common sense in looking at the value of the intangible secondary market it is not difficult to see it as an intangible tank being driven over a cliff. Monday’s news reports that Friday primary tangible sales increased over last year with a value claimed to be 52.4 billion dollars. If 52.4 billion dollar sale value was maintained everyday for a year, the yearly value would only total 19.1 trillion dollars. Whereas the gross value of 19.1 trillion dollars alone would not support the loss payables on the secondary intangible market, the lesser net value definitely would not support the loss payables within the secondary market. Were the tangible manufacturer to have an error in manufacturing a product,, the loss value would reduce the manufactures profit. When one looks at the population growth, gross domestic product data over the centuries, an increase of 3-5% is noted. In looking at population growth and the gross domestic product value in the last 50 years, the percentage increase appears to follow a centuries old pattern. Over the last century many laws were passed to allow for the secondary intangible market to operate. Passing of these laws allowed for the secondary market to offer investment returns exceeded 3-5%. Data in the last two decades suggest the rate of investment returns exceeded 10%. As millions involved themselves into buying and selling secondary intangible products as a means and a method of providing livelihood, it is not difficult to understand why theses secondary market players criticize those who are attempting to expose the truth.. When one applies a full understanding surrounding the                  P O Box 1352, Bedford, Texas, USA 76095‐1352  Page 1 


secondary intangible market dependence upon the primary tangible market a picture emerges. At the secondary markets current rate of operating, it would take approximately 6 years of gross domestic product value to meet the demands required by each year the secondary market operated. Whereas a typical primary market tangible might have a value of $1 to $1,000, the primary tangible housing market has a mean value of approximately $235,000 thousand dollar unit value. Where data suggests there is a $12 trillion dollars primary market value, the secondary intangible market value approaches $72 trillion dollars. With loss payable claims in the secondary intangible market potentially reaching into trillions of dollars and applying the total U S Gross Domestic value of $14 trillion dollars the flowers look rosy. However, using a net value of the U S Gross Domestic Product would require 100% of the net value of product value to be expended for over two (2) years. This is a virtual impossibility. Most people within a country are loyal to their country as evident by many a media reports. Loyalty is many times based on cultural heritage and belief. As the author has previously noted in other writings, most governments of the world operate for the benefit its citizens. Most faults within a government are those of individuals. Professor Adam Levitin on commented about the Permanent Editorial Boards report dated November 14, 2011. Whereas the Permanent Editorial Board is comprised of learned legal minds, one can only question as to why the report was written in a manner more applicable to that of lay people. Professor Levitin also noticed a New York Times article criticized many of the law professors of the land, where truth attempts to surface; those who need to protect their inappropriate gains will resort to mudslinging. Common sense here commander.

Whereas the Permanent Editorial Board appears to have realized many lay people are hunting for the truth, how long will it take before U S lawmakers realize the people know the lawmakers are attempting to keep the truth concealed by kicking the can?

Can Kicking most likely will appear in the 2012 elections.                  P O Box 1352, Bedford, Texas, USA 76095‐1352  Page 2