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From the Ganga to the Tay Bashabi Fraser

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A connection between cultures

The ties between Scotland and India are strong. There are an estimated 16 000 Scots of Indian descent in Scotland today, which has raised questions of dual identity and homeland. It is these ideas which Bashabi Fraser picks up on in her epic poem, From the Ganga to the Tay. A beautiful dialogue between two rivers and two countries which calls to mind the flow of trade and of people through the ages of the Scottish/Indian relationship. The Ganges and the Tay, the largest water courses in their respective countries, are sources of life, conflict and industrial and historical change. Fraser has revived the ancient epic poetry form, added a modern twist by making it concrete, and interspersed it with beautiful photographs of both water courses as they relate the historical importance of the ties between India and Scotland and their contemporary relevance as natural symbols of continuity and peace.
PRAISE FOR FROM THE GANGA TO THE TAY In the art of Bashabi Fraser the cultures of India and Scotland richly blend, and in this magnificent poem the two living traditions speak to each other through the riverine oracles of the Ganges and the Tay. RICHARD HOLLOWAY The book is certainly a conceptual and poetic achievement. ANJANA BASU, THE STATESMAN A rich blend of mythical, historical and geographical storytelling, her poem explores aspects of India and Scotland from a radically unusual perspective, paying tribute to the close links between both post-colonial nations. MARIO RELICH the poem is a triumph, historically, spiritually, emotionally, is the most important artistic paean to a Scottish river since Savourna Stevensons Tweed Journey BETH JUNOR NOTES FOR EDITORS:
Bashabi Fraser is a Bengali poet and writer who has strong cultural links with Scotland and India. She holds a BA, MA and PhD in English and is currently Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Napier University, Edinburgh, and an Honorary Fellow at the Centre for South Asian Studies at Edinburgh University. Bashabi has received many awards and grants including the British Academy Society for South Asian Studies and a Scottish Arts Council Writers Grant. Bashabi has written extensively on multiculturalism and is the author of several poetry collections exploring her Indo-Scots heritage, including Tartan and Turban a collection of poems about Indian people living in Scotland. Trade order hotline: please call HarperCollins Book Distribution Centre on 0870 787 1730. Mail order: please call Luath Direct on 0131 225 4326 [24 hours] (fax 0131 225 4324) ISBN: 978-1-906307-95-0, From the Ganga to the Tay by Bashabi Fraser, 9.99, PBK.

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