List of questions asked by the companies in Interviews  ECONOMICS

 How does outsourcing affect the economy? (Economics)  How do you calculate variable unit costs and total annual costs? (Economics)  What is inflation and how is it measured? (Economics)  How do trade barriers affect international trade? (Economics)  What is trickle down economics? (Economics)  How do you define a control in economics? (Economics)  What is causing the rise in the price of oil? (Economics)  What is the importance of strategic management towards the success of a business? (Economics)  How is education an investment in human capital? (Economics)  How do you explain GNI per capita? (Economics)  What are the effects of globalization on Indian industry? (Economics)  Who decides what goods services will be produced and sold in the US? (Economics)  What kind of market demand and supply information would be useful to you in deciding upon a business strategy? (Economics)  What is the significance of foreign exchange rate risk and how can this risk be mitigated? (Economics)  Why do some people believe that a mixed economic system solves basic economic problems? (Economics)  What is the difference between service industry and industry in economy? (Economics)  What is meant by the term National Debt? (Economics)  Why does an indifference curve never meet? (Economics)  What are the disadvantages of mixed economy system? (Economics)  Does capital inflow lower India’s interest rates? (Economics)  What is profitability analysis? (Economics)  What is a tariff? (Economics)  What perfect competitive market and pure monopoly market have in common? (Economics)  What is the Service sectors percentage in Indian GDP? (Economics)  How do tax cuts affect the economy? (Economics)  What are the types of market economies? (Economics)  What is consumer demand? (Economics)  Why marketers are interested in discretionary income? (Economics)  What does it mean when a rupee appreciate? (Economics)  What is BOP? (Economics)  What are the differences between perfect competition and monopoly competition? (Economics)  What is consumption? (Economics)  What are the advantages of free market economy? (Economics)  What is a monopoly? (Economics)  What is the incidence of tax? (Economics)  What caused the Great Depression? (Economics)  What are the advantages of capitalism? (Economics)  What is globalization and what are its effects on the Indian economy?

How does it impact inflation? (Economics) What is the difference between nominal and real GDP? (Economics) What are the effects of price increase? How do you manage price rise and maintain company market share? (Economics) .             (Economics) What is the Gross Domestic Product of India? (Economics) How do the determinants of demand affect the price of a particular product? (Economics) Which is a better measure of economic well-being real GDP or Nominal GDP? (Economics) What are the advantages and disadvantages of both a fixed exchange rate regime and a flexible exchange rate regime? (Economics) What is inflation? (Economics) What is the role of Indian government in Indian economy? (Economics) What is full employment GDP? (Economics) What is pricing of Factors of Production? (Economics) What is an Oligopoly? (Economics) What is CRR. How does it impact inflation? (Economics) What is Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate.

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