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MBA Semester 3 MK0010 Sales Distribution And Supply Chain Management (4 credits) (Book ID: B1220) ASSIGNMENT- Set

t 1 Marks 60

Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions. 1. List the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager.
Responsibilities of Sales Personnel Sales personnel They are the people employed to sell the goods or services (mainly of an organisation). People who are responsible for the sales of either a single product or the entire range of an organizations products can be called sales personnel. Sales personnel normally report to a sales manager. The job of sales personnel involves a number of responsibilities. It is the income producing division of a business. The salesperson is responsible for: Providing profit contribution Creating a proper image for the company and its products/services Achieving the sales targets of the organization Satisfying the customers and participating in marketing activities He/she is responsible to the customer and society for continuing growth of the organization. He has multifarious activities, including setting goals and achieving them, building sales organizations and managing them. For example, in Eureka Forbes Pvt. Ltd. they called their sales force as sales champs (champions) as they are responsible for the direct marketing of companys products and revenue generation. Sales Manager: Role and Skills The sales manager is the most important person in a sales organization so, all activities are based on his functions and responsibilities. Following are some of the principal duties of a sales manager: Organising sales research, product research and such other research activities. Getting the best output from the sales force under him. Setting and controlling the targets, territories, sales experiences, distribution expenses, etc. Advising the company on various media, sales promotion schemes, etc. Monitoring the companys sales policies.

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2. Compare and contrast the various types of sales organization structures. 3. Critically analyse the role of employment agencies and internal transferring. 4. What are the motivational factors used to motivate sales team? 5. Describe the term physical distribution management? Discuss various components of physical distribution management. 6. Describe the role of distribution channel. List the factors in the selection of distribution channel. Fall 2011 (August 2011)

MBA Semester 3 MK0010 - Sales Distribution and Supply Chain Management (4 credits) (Book ID: B1220) ASSIGNMENT- Set 2 Marks 60

Note: Each Question carries 10 marks 1. Describe the various types of retailers and briefly explain the concept of wholesaling 2. What are the factors affecting cost of a warehouse? What are the various types of warehouses and their uses

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3. What are the various modes of transportation available in India? List the advantages and disadvantages. 4. What are logistical operations? List the major components of logistical operations? 5. Write a note on brand equity. 6. What is brand sponsorship? Explain how organizations maintain their sponsorship positions.