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Name iD no.

Course Semester
Azuita binti ZoolkiIlie D20091035125 Science Education (AT16) 3
Fadilah binti Mahmud D20091035094 Science Education (AT16) 3
Juvita binti Soumin D20091035100 Science Education (AT16) 3
Nurul ShaIiqah bt Hashim D20091035062 Mathematics Education (AT14) 3
Muhammad Khairul RaIidee b Mat Eil D20091035392 Living Skills Education (AT 3

Task tittle : Essay about a Well-known person
Person : Sir Shaharudin bin Idrus

He was sitting on his big table with a messy block oI papers here and there. He dressed
like a student, simple and smart with a blue cube shirts and black long pants with also the name
tag on his body. While we entering the room, he was doing his work. Then, we asked Ior
permission to enter his room and also several hours to spend with us and he willing to be
interviewed. AIter a Iew times staring, we describe him as a cute lecturer. He has a round shape
and have a round pairs oI eye, these are the Ieatures that makes him look very cute. In addition,
he is small in size, he has medium height and looks plump. He has straight and short hair with a
moustache at his Iace. Furthermore, he has a brown colour oI skin made us to think that he was
so serious and Iierce. AIter having a talk, we can make a conclusion that he was not like that
otherwise, he was so Iunny and Iriendly. All oI these description is about the amazing
Geography lecturer in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) named Mr. Shaharudin Idrus.
Through this interview process, Mr. Shaharudin was Iully Iluent to speak in English
eventhough there are some sentences that he was not speak in English but we can understand
what he was talking about. For our Iirst impression, he was so serious and Iierce and this make
us become aIraid to ask Iew questions. BeIore the interviewing process start, he was looking
through at our question Iorm to see the type oI questions that be asking about. Firstly, he was so
quiet and not talk too much and aIter we asked a Iew questions, he started to explain more about
his liIe and also carrier. Nevertheless, he also humourous person that likes to have joke with
peoples. For some parts oI talk, he was so serious and strict. He likes to talk about what he has
done Ior his research. Mr. Shaharudin was not a Iully lecturer but most oI his work is on the
research that he do about the urban lestary management. During our talk, we get a lot oI
inIormation about the urbanization that occur nowadays.
We then proceed to his personal background, his Iull name was Mr. Shaharudin bin Idrus
that was born at Kampung Batu 8, Tanjung Malim, Perak in 5
October 1968. Now, he was 42
years old. His hometown was nearby to Proton City and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
campus. He was married to Puan Hasnah binti Hj Zain and has 4 childrens. Three oI his
childrens are boys and only a girl. The Iirst children`s name was Mohd Ikhwanul Haqiee age 14
years old and in Form 2. The second children was in Standard 6 which is 12 years old named
Mohd Ikhwanul Fiqree and his third children named was Mohd Ikhwanul Ziqree age 10 years
old and now in Standard 4. The only girl in their children was Nurul Ainul ShaIiqah which is in
Standard 3. Mr. Shaharudin told us that their childrens was a place to Iorget about the tension
and the stress work at the oIIice. His occupation is a Geography Lecturer at Universiti
Kebangsaan Malaysia, but he only teach Ior only one class throughout the semester because now,
he is doing his research with his colleaugues. He currently doing in research about the
urbanization that leads to social problems. Not only he and his colleaugues involve in this
research, besides, the research assistant and graduate research assistant help him a lots to
accomplish this research.
Mr. Shaharudin was a younger siblings in his siblings that`s mean he is the last children
oI his parent. He has seven members in their siblings, include him. He has three brothers and
three sisters. His brothers and sisters was a successIul person like him which one oI them was a
doctor. When he was young, he was so ambitious that he want to be a doctor and lawyer.
However, he did not expect to become what he become now. He did not expect that he will
become a lecturer as today. He said, sometimes, not all our dreams will become reality. So, just
proceed the best oI what we are hold today.
During his leisure time, Ior sure during his school time, he likes to play Iootball and
taqraw. However, when he was elected to become a lecturer, he does not have time to spend with
sports. He was so busy until he wants the extra time Ior one day. He sometimes does not have
time to spend with his Iamily because oI lots oI works to do and he currently cannot manage his
time properly.
Mr. Shaharudin Idrus got his early education in Sekolah Kebangsaan Behrang
Ulu,Tanjung Malim Perak Darul Ridzuan. He was studied at there Irom 1975 until 1979 Ior Iive
years. Later Irom 1980 until 1985 he was proceeded his study in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan
Khir Johari Tanjung Malim Perak Darul Ridzuan Ior his secondary school. During his early
education he was a naughty boy. He was also actived in class and claver students. All his teacher
was prouded with him. In secondary school, he had made proud to his school because oI his
achievement in studied. He became one oI the best students in STPM examination in their state.
Later he was received oIIer letter to Iurther his tertiary education in University
Kebangsaan Malaysia. He took development oI science courses under Faculty oI Development
Science. He was started his study Irom 1987 until 1990 Ior three years to complete his degree.
During studied in University Kebangsaan Malaysia he was involved in some organization such
as Football Association and Chess Club. He was very an actived student. Eventhough he was
actived but he never Iorgot about his study. As other student he had a good timetable to Iollow
up. AIter Iinished his study in degree he was stopped his study Ior Iour years. When he was
broke Irom his study he had worked as a clerk in Hotel Grand Olimpik Kuala Lumpur Ior two
years which was Irom 1992 until 1994. Later, he was worked as editor oI social science in
Longman Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Ior one year.
AIter a Iew time, he was continued his study in Management oI Environment Ior his
master. He was continued his study in University Kebangsaan Malaysia. In his study he was
produced a thesis on title The Management oI Water Supply in Tanjung Malim Perak Darul
Ridzuan. His thesis was supervised by ProIesor Dr. Abdul Samad Hadi who was the Dean oI
Faculty oI Science Humanistics and Society. When did his master, he got many new experiences
and knowledge. He was needed to be patient and strong while doing his master because he
needed to repeat his experiment Ior several time to achive his target. He Iinished his master in
one year Irom 1995 until 1996. AIter Iinished his study in master he was worked as analyzer oI
Geography InIormation System in Imatera Digital Sdn. Bhd.Ampang Selangor Ior three years.
Mr. Shaharudin Idrus took twenty-two years to achive his target in his liIe. But now he is
persuing his study in PhD in University Kebangsaan Malaysia. He hope he can Iinish his study in
PhD as soon as possible.
Mr. Shaharudin a very hard person and wide experience. It is because he has a lot oI
experience working in many places beIore becoming a lecturer. He really appreciates the time
because Ior him, time is very valuable. Good time management is the key to his success. He does
not waste time doing that than nothing. This can be seen when he Iinished studies at the bachelor
level in science in the development oI UKM session 1987/1988, he has worked as a clerk at the
Grand Olympic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in 1992.
Then, he spent a year as a social science editor at Longman Malaysia Sdn. Ltd started in
1994 until 1995. He worked there in a short time because want to Iurther study at undergraduate
level in the Iield oI Environmental Management oI UKM IN 1995. Minor thesis was titled
produced water management in the silver cape pilot supervised by ProI Dr Abdul Samad Hadi
who was the Dean oI Faculty oI social sciences and humanities in that time. AIter completing his
master level, he worked as Geographic InIormation System (GIS) analyst in Digital Imatera Sdn.
Bhd in Ampang, Selangor Ior three years. His work there Iocused on the Development oI
Geographical InIormation Systems in various government departments and agencies oI Iederal
and state levels.
Joined Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) on 19 April 1999 as a lecturer at the
Institute Ior Environment and Development, better known as LESTARI. Promoted to Senior
Lecturer in December 2006. Focus and interest in research related to urban ecosystems,
sustainable development, urban competitive homeless Iocusing on housing issues in the context
oI competitive homeless particular to humanitarian aspects. Technical aspects in the
development oI modeling and visualization competitive homeless using Geographic InIormation
System (GIS) became the main interest that applied to the Iield oI sustainable urban
development in the broader context and deIined.
Behind his success, Emeritus ProIessor Dr. Sham Sani actually inspired him to achieve a
successIul person. Emeritus ProIessor Dr. Sham Sani was ex Vice-Cancelor in Universiti
Kebangsaan Malaysia. He idolized him because oI his career journey. ProIessor Sham Sani
received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D Irom the University oI Canterbury, Christchurch, New
Zealand. He specialized in the subject oI Geography (Urban Climatology, Environment and
Policy Issues). He joined Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) as an Assistant Lecturer in
1970. Later he was appointed as Lecturer (1973-77), Associate ProIessor (1978- 83) and Full
ProIessor (1983 - 2000).
ProIessor Sham Sani was a ProIessor oI Geography and Vice-Chancellor oI UKM Irom
1993 to 1998. Prior to that he held various administrative positions in the university including
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 1988-91, Dean Faculty oI Social Sciences and Humanities
and Head Department oI Geography. For two years (1991-93) he held the Tun Abdul Razak
Distinguished ProIessor Chair at the Center Ior International Studies, Ohio University, Athens,
Ohio, USA.
ProIessor Sham Sani was made one oI the Foundation Fellows oI the Academy oI
Sciences Malaysia in 1995. He was a member oI the Environmental Quality Council (EQC) Ior
many years and he became its Chairman Irom 1994 - 2000. ProIessor Sham Sani published
extensively and presented many scientiIic papers in many international and national conIerences,
in the areas oI urban climate, air pollution and air quality management and planning,
Microclimate (Forest and Highlands), Applied Climatology and Environmental Management.
This Irom his scientiIic papers, Mr. Shaharudin make it as a guide to him write the article.
ProIessor Sham Sani was honoured with the 'Langkawi Award in 1994. He was awarded with
the title oI Emeritus ProIessor by UKM in 2003 - the Iirst in the 33-year history oI UKM then.
He was conIerred DPMS which carries the title oI Datuk' in 1994. Mr. Saharudin also hopes to
Iollow in the Iootsteps oI ProIessor Sham Sani won numerous awards and indirectly contribute to
Mr. Shaharudin is a very smart person. He can divide his time between his Iamily and his
career. Although he is busy with his career, he will spend time with his wiIe and children
because oI his Iamily is his inspiration Ior success.
Mr. Shaharudin Idrus said that he had many achievements in his liIe one oI the greatest is
he being able to make a research about level oI water pollution in Tanjung Malim and in area
surrounding it. He did that research during his study at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM)
in bachelor oI honest in environmental management. He said that he is very proud that he can
Iinish the research in time because the research cost him much time and money, he need to travel
Irom another Department oI Irrigation and Drainage to check the level oI water pollution on that
area. He also said that Iinishing the research made him happy because during the research he and
his Iriends can work together and the cooperation work successIully. Mr. Shaharudin Idrus have
made a lot oI research in his career, it is because oI the department that he is working now is a
research department in UKM. AIter all he is a graduated research assistant even now he is
making a research about social problem in urban area. Mr. shaharudin idrus also said that he had
another achievement that made him proud in his liIe, it is being able to be the student who got
the highest marks in his school in Malaysian study subject in his school during his Sijil Tinggi
Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM). During that time he studied Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Khir
Johari in Tanjung Malim. He said that one oI greatest achievement in his teenage liIe, he still
remember his Iriends praise him because oI the achievement.
Mr. shaharudin`s inspiration in liIe till now is ProIessor Emeritus Dr. Sham Sani the
Iormer vice cansellor oI Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. ProIessor Sham Sani inspired him
with his charisma and responsible act in his work and private liIe. He noticed the charisma and
responsible in ProIessor Sham Sani when he work under ProIessor Sham Sani, he also said that
ProIessor Sham Sani is a person who always look calm during working. Even Mr. Shaharudin
himselI know that working as a vice cansellor in a university as big as UKM could cause you a
headache everyday but ProIessor Sham Sani always looks calm and Iriendly with his staII
because oI that manners he become inspired Irom him and always dream that he could be like
ProIessor Sham Sani.
Mr. Shaharudin Idrus career leIt him many marks in his heart but he said that he believe
that all oI the experience he had during his working liIe is good because he said that Irom the bad
experience come the good experience later. The only bad experience in his career that he said to
us during the interview is he had a lot oI works to do. He said that he need to work at all time
because his work is to make a research about a subject and he when the inspiration came he need
to work on it right away. As we all know inspiration did not ring your door bell when it comes, it
could come during your sleep, in the bathroom or anywhere else. The good things Irom all oI
those works are he become more mature, can withstand a lot oI pressure and understand a lot oI
things especially in environmental protection. He is an active environmentalist that is because I
saw a lot oI its writing in the newspaper was mainly about environment and its protection.
As a lecturer and a researcher, Mr. Shaharudin said that the biggest challenge that he
have to Iaced in his working career is to manage time. In twenty Iour hours a day, he had to
divide it into three. First is time Ior his Iamily, second is time Ior his career and then Ior his
personal time. Means that only eight hours leIt Ior each three part oI his everyday liIe. The eight
hours is not minus the time we spend Ior eat, chat, pray, sleep, drive and others small things that
we do everyday. When you minus it, maybe you only got one and a halI hours leIt.` said Mr.
Shaharudin. He said, time is not enough to do everything in a day because oI other things. II we
live until sixty years old and sleep eight hours a day. Means that, when reach sixty years old, in
liIetime, twenty years is spend only Ior sleep.
Mr. Shaharudin always busy with his Iield work and at the same time, he write about his
research and published in Utusan news paper. He said that the idea Ior his writing will come
anytime. It maybe come while driving, eating, walking and even when he wan`t to go Ior sleep.
He have to sacriIice his time Ior sleep to get the work done.
He is a person who always think Ior Iuture. He do research so that he know the result
about what will happen in the next Iew years. The result is the implication iI there is no solution
being done at the early stage. Mr. Shaharudin said that a researcher must think ten to IiIteen
years Ioward so that they`ll get the idea Ior solving a problem Irom become worst in the Iuture.
But sometimes the politician did not understand and they did not accept the idea that already
being study. When there is no precaution step being made, then the negative implication is seen.
For example nowdays there are too many cases about dumping baby and this cases become
worse and to solve this problem is quite late Ior now. This problem is detected at the early 70`s,
and the step to minimize this cas should be done years ago.
Become a healthy person is Mr. Shaharudin`s target in his liIe. He also wanted to become
economicly stable, condusive environment and socially good. Eventhough his ambition when he
was a kid is to become a doctor and he did not achieve the target, but he still go on with what he
is doing right now. A healthy person means he will has a quality time to work and Iamily.
By Iacing this new world oI globalization, Mr. Shaharudin said that a new generation
must become and apply good manner in their liIestyle. With this kind oI liIestyle Malaysia will
become a liveable country. Besides, an individu do not aiming Ior being at the top oI ranking, but
a new generation must aim Ior big achievement that can used and help others in liIe.

Interview Questions
Assalamualaikum and a very good morning, Sir. We are the third semester students Irom Faculty
oI Science and Mathematics, University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). First and Ioremost, I
would like to introduce myselI and also my classmates. My name is.. and these are my Iellow
Iriends.. We would like to thank you Ior your willingness to be interviewed by us today. For
your inIormation, this interview is a part oI our English Ior Communication 2 coursework. This
interview questions include about all your personal background, your career, your Iamily and
also your personal liIe. Shall we start our interview madam?
Personal ttributes
1. Face shape :
2. Skin colour :
3. Height :
4. Hair :
5. Eye :
1. How the lecturer speak?
2. Is it nice, talkative, Iunny, serious? Describe it.
Personal life
1. Can you please brieIly tell us about your personal beckground? Such as your Iull name,
date oI birth, place oI birth, your status and also your occupation.
2. How many siblings did you have and can you describe a little bit about them?
3. What is your ambition when you were small, sir? Did you expect that, you will become
who you are today?
4. What are the activities that you like to do during leisure time?

Education background
1. We proceed to educational background. Can you tell us where you received your early
2. Which primary and secondary school did you go to?
3. How about your tertiery education? What course did you take and why you take this
course? Which higher institution did you attend to pursue your studies?
4. During your tertiery education, were you actively involved in any organisation or
5. II he/she has being active involved in any organizations, what type oI organization do
you involve?
6. How did you balance your time being active in organization and concentrating on your
7. How many years oI study did you take to become what you are today?
8. Did you have any planning to Iurther your study madam?\
Professional background
1. What was your Iirst job aIter Iinished your study?
2. You are currently a lecturer. How long have you been working as a lecturer and what are
the subject you teach?
3. Who actually inspired you to achieve a successIul person in your career as you are now?
4. How did you divide your time between your Iamily and your career?
5. Do you have any part time job?
1. What are the greatest achievement that you wan to share with us?
2. Who is your inspiration that brings you until now?
3. Can you tell us about any bad and good experience during your career?
4. What is the biggest challenges that you ever Iaced in your working career?
5. What is the target in your liIe? And did you achieve that target?
6. Last but not least, what is your advice or hope Ior the upcoming generations in Iacing the
new world oI globalization.
Permission Letter

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris,
35900, Tanjung Malim
Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Encik Shaharudin bin Idrus,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,
Permission Ior an Interview Session.
Based on the subject above, we want to get permission Irom your side to allow and give us some
time Ior an interview session with Sir. So we hope that you can spend time about one a nd a halI
hour with us and share some personal and proIesional inIormation about your carrier as a
lecturer. This session is Ior our English subject assesment to write about a well known person
2. These are some details about our appointment with Sir :
Date : 1
September 2010
Time : 9.00 am
Venue : Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
3. We hope that you can give a positive cooperation to us. Thank you.

(Azuita binti ZoolkiIlie)
Science in Education,
Sultan Idris Education University.
Picture with Lecturer, Sir Shaharudin bin Idrus