Natural Muscle March 2008 2 Natural Muscle March 2008

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First, get this one fact straight: Ìnsulin is the most Anabolic (Muscle Building) of all hormones. Ìn
fact, insulin causes more lean muscle growth than Testosterone, Anabolic Steroids and/or GH
(Growth Hormone)! As a former multi-discipline teacher of the sciences and creator of over a dozen
supplements that sold into the tens of millions of dollars, please allow me to share some amazing
new science-backed biochemistry to help you gain lean muscle fast.
Jack Owoc's Research-Proven 10-Compound- Protocol to
¡gnite 8ynthesis of Lean Muscle
1} Whey and Casein Protein Hydro-lysates: these extraordinary proteins increase insulin
production by 110% greater than carbs alone and increase glycogen synthesis by 35%. Whey and
Casein Protein Hydrolysates are far superior to intact proteins such as whey, casein and egg for
promoting nitrogen utilization and muscle growth. The powerful lean muscle building effect occurs
after consuming Protein Hydrolysates prior to, during and after training. These specialized peptides
dump into the blood rapidly causing super high blood levels of amino acids and increased production
of the powerful anabolic hormone, insulin. These two physiological events result in a potent anabolic
(muscle building) response in the body. Shotgun
and SyntheSize
both contain copious amounts
of Whey and Casein Protein Hydrolysates. These potent protein fractions are comprised of 22%
Glutamine Peptide, 41% total peptide bonded Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) and 21% peptide
bonded BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids)! This is important because muscle consists of 78%
glutamine while BCAA's and EAA's are the most potent research-proven muscle building amino
2} L-Leucine intermixed with Protein Hydrolysates has an even greater effect on insulin production
and muscle growth than Protein Hydrolysates alone. Shotgun and SyntheSize are rich in added free
form L-Leucine and Leucine Peptides.
3} Cutting Edge High Tech Creatines: Ìt is well documented research that insulin transports
Creatine into muscle tissue. Further, Creatine combined with protein increases creatine retention
within the muscle cell and results in increased lean muscle mass. More insulin means more creatine
= greater muscle mass, quicker recovery and increased strength! Shotgun and SyntheSize contain
the most anabolic proteins known to man and several cutting edge high tech Creatines such as,
Creatine Taurinate that all exert specialized effects in promoting lean muscle growth, strength and
ATP Resynthesis! Creatine Ethyl Ester HCl (CEX
) was another cutting edge compound brought
frst to the market by VPX. We know that creatine is the most proven and potent supplement to
increase lean muscle mass and strength and the specifc "CEX¨ form takes creatine to a whole new
level! CEX is a membrane permeable form of creatine ethyl ester that can enter muscle cells without
bothering with the regular creatine transporters like sugar etc. This means up to 98% can enter the
muscle compared to regular creatine where only 4% makes it into the muscle! CEX does not cause
bloating, cramping, or stomach discomfort because it doesn't sit in the stomach - it gets into muscle
tissue fast to support more production of ATP for massive intra-cellular volumization, muscle size,
power, and strength. We'll continue to explore our innovative 10-Compound-Protocol matrix but frst,
it is important that you become familiar with the science of exponential muscle growth in regard to
training and supplementation:
4} Beta-Alanine Ethyl Ester HCl - Another compound found only in NO-Shotgun and
SyntheSize! This beta amino acid is also sometimes referred to as carnosine. Research shows
that it supports lean muscle mass and can enhance muscle fber synthesis. This nutrient actually
helps create carnosine in muscle tissue. Carnosine is mainly found in muscle tissue and can help
buffer H+ (normalizing PH) so we can exercise longer and harder-basically, it helps delay fatigue.
Research shows that the higher the carnosine levels in muscle, the greater the power. Regular
carnosine is not absorbed well, so the Beta-Alanine is used to maximize carnosine production in
muscle tissue. Arecent study showed that just 4 weeks of Beta-Alanine supplementation signifcantly
increased lean muscle mass. More reps and less fatigue equal muscle growth! Most importantly,
Beta-Alanine radically improves whole body Creatine retention and muscle Carnosine, consequently,
vastly improving strength, repetition capability, endurance and lean muscle growth. The synergy of
intermixing Protein Hydrolysates, Leucine, Creatine and Beta-Alanine along with resistance training
results in explosive muscle growth! Beta-Alanine is so powerful you can actually feel it working
within seconds because of the unique parasalsys action of the muscles and skin. Cutting Edge
Beta-Alanine Research ß-alanine stands up to even the most stringent scientifc criteria because it is
backed by research and also supported by real world results in the gym. Many times, supplements
may meet research criteria but fail to work in the real world setting of a hard core gym.
5} BCAAEXº {Branched Chain Amino Acid Ethyl Ester} Matrix - Another frst in the
exclusive array of compounds found in NO-Shotgun SyntheSize! the Ethyl Ester version of these key
muscle protein synthesizing amino acids. BCAA's have been shown to promote lean muscle mass
by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. Studies have shown that
subjects who consume BCAA's while dieting have greater levels of lean muscle mass retention. And,
another study showed that BCAA consumption had a powerful nutrient partitioning effect resulting in
rapid fat loss in the abdominal and thigh regions, two areas of concern for many men and women in
regards to fat loss. Consequently, this makes BCAAEX/ NO-Shotgun a prime choice for contest prep
or any other intense dieting. NO-Shotgun also contains the potent Arginase enzyme inhibitor, L-Nor
Valine! This novel Nor Branched Chain Ethyl Ester Amino maximizes the active life of the AEX¯
(Arginine Ethyl Ester) by preventing the body from destroying AEX¯ and allows it to increase GH
and Nitric Oxide for extended periods of time.
6} 22% Peptide Bonded Glutamine - This powerful amino acid is the most abundant amino
acid found in human muscle and plasma, thus, addressing the major Glutamine absorption problem
by allowing it to be maximally absorbed - as much as 80% of regular L-glutamine cannot be absorbed
by the gut. L-glutamine can help increase muscle "fullness¨, i ncrease protein synthesis (the making
of muscle), and decrease catabolism (the breakdown of protein). Ìt can also boost immune function,
boost GH levels, enhance glycogen re-synthesis. New research shows glutamine is highly correlated
with glutathione (the muscles most powerful antioxidant) and can help protect muscles from damage.
According to some very interesting research out of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
glutamine concentration is 10% higher in type ÌÌ muscle fbers vs. VA Ì fbers. Type ÌÌ muscle fbers
have a large disposition for growth and are used mainly in weight training. After exercise, the same
researchers showed a 45% decrease in glutamine in both fber types. This is why di- and tri-
peptide bonded Glutamine is critical for lean muscle growth and serious pumps.
7} BPOV {bis-Picolinate Oxo-Vanadium} increases the beta cell's sensitivity and
responsiveness to insulin. This is hugely important because the kinetics and dynamics of insulin
dictate that it is not how much you produce, but more importantly, how "insulin responsive¨ or
effcient yo- ur body utilizes insulin to shuttle Creatine, Beta-alanine, Leucine and other muscle
energetic compounds into the muscle cell to manufacture more lean muscle. Sixty seven
percent (67%) of Americans are insulin resistant to some degree. Ìf you have any degree of
insulin resistance, your ability to use insulin is compromised. Therefore, it doesn't really matter
how much insulin your body releases because you are "resistant¨ to insulin's ability to build
muscle (anabolism). Less overall carbohydrate consumption (glycemic load) and elimination of
high glycemic index dietary carbs along with higher protein intake, BPOV supplementation and
increasing muscle mass via resistance training are all factors that increase insulin sensitivity
and utilization.
8} Arginine Ethyl Ester HCl or AEXº - mechanism of action is boosting nitric oxide
(NO) production which amplifes the effects of all muscle building compounds. Boosting nitric
oxide in muscle tissue can have many anabolic effects including increased nutrient transport and
vasodilation (increased blood fow which leads to massive muscle pumps!). Arginine can even
boost natural Growth Hormone (GH) levels as seen in a study published in the journal, Medicine
and Science in Sports and Exercise. A published study conducted at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore
showed that two weeks of arginine supplementation in healthy, older individuals increased serum
ÌGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) levels and created an improved and positive nitrogen balance
(creating a more anabolic state for growth). DON'T BE FOOLED - THÌS ÌS NOT A SÌMPLE
CHEMÌCAL SALT LÌKE "OLD SCHOOL¨ ARGÌNÌNE AKG, this is a powerful, stabilized Arginine
Ester that is highly bioactive.
9} N.O. + Pumping Agents: Finally, we added some radical new compounds to induce a
serious Nitric Oxide Pump. The Nitric Oxide Releasing Factor, GBBEE (Gamma-Butyrobetaine
Ethyl Ester) was combined along with the most powerful NO-inducing-Arginine known to science
called, ALCA¯ (Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginine HCl) - making all other forms of Arginine obsolete.
Nitric Oxide (N.O.) is the mother of all compounds at flling the muscle (and other body parts)
with nutrient dense, blood-engorged hard, dense pumps! Spiking the Pump even further, "MTB
Pump¯¨ (Magnesium Tashinoate B) was combined with the powerful compound BPOV noted for
insulin-induced pumps and muscle fullness. And, of course, all of these cutting edge nutrients
and compounds work in concert to set off a biochemical chain of events that aid in rapid muscle
10} REDL¡NE's
Unparalleled Energy Technology - There's a reason Redline is #1
in GNC, #1 in Bally's Total Fitness and Vitamin Shoppe ÷ Ìt kicks serious @$$! Redline's the
catalyst that fuels episodes of psychotic physical intensity and also promotes rapid fat loss! And,
NO-Shotgun contains Redline's potent energy technology which is the driving force behind the
intensity you need to trigger muscle growth. Ì'll get real with you; without insanely attacking the
weights, new muscle growth just isn't going to occur. Redline is the neuro-energetic catalyst that
fuels episodes of psychotic physical and mental intensity necessary to stimulate new muscle
tissue to form! SyntheSize does NOT contain Redline's unparalleled energy technology because
it's a post workout matrix that can also be used in the evening when stimulants are undesirable.
SyntheSize is also ideal for individuals wanting to eliminate stimulants from their diet. Further, the
Redline compounds contained in NO-Shotgun were also designed to burn fat at an unprecedented
rate. Fat loss records totaling a 127 and 190 pounds have been set using Redline for just 12
weeks! See and for amazing transformation details.
t is

weeks! See and for amazing transformation details.
*When combined with increased exercise and a low calorie diet. Results are not typical. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ©2008 VÌTAL PHARMACEUTÌCALS, ÌNC.
Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. © 2008 DYMATIZE. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
You could WIN a one year supply of supplements. Go to and enter code EL308NM.
12 hours of complete muscle resurgence.
Elite 12-hour Protein works overtime to
develop and repair your muscle mass
anytime, day or night. Containing a fusion of
the most anabolic and anti-catabolic protein
sources available, Elite 12-hour is loaded
with Glutamine, fatty acids and Zytrix, the
advanced enzyme matrix that helps amplify
absorption to promote constant muscle
development and recuperation. Elite 12-hour
is the ultimate protein source. Whether you
take it in the morning, pre- or post-workout,
or before bed, it will enhance and prolong
the positive nitrogen balance your body
needs to repair, recover and grow.
Natural Muscle March 2008 Natural Muscle March 2008
Innovative Delivery Systems
522 S. Econ Circle, Ste. 140
Oviedo, FL32765
Natural Muscle March 2008 8 Natural Muscle March 2008
©Bodywell Nutrition LLC 2007. For best results, use First Order in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program. Consult with your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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l 0
ore Endurance by up to 34%
U Enhanced buffering of acid build-up from
intense exercise*
U Enhanced energy recovery by up to 20%
U Enhanced ability to fight cortisol*
U Enhanced m
ental acuity*
U Im
ediate im
ents in endurance exercise capacity*
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Some of these studies
were performed at a different dosage than that in our product. The efficacy of this ingredient at the dosage level in our product has not been established in
a clinical study and may not be equivalent. Some of these studies were performed on animals and not humans. Because of differences between humans
and animals and the difficulty in determining the equivalence of dosages administered to animals and humans, the results of animal studies may not be
transferable to humans. **Blood tests were conducted through the life extension foundation and are on file with the SAN Corporation. No Claim is made
with the exception of what is provided within this graph.
Replenish glycogen at
lightning fast speed.*
Deliver BCAA’s at an
unsurpassed rate.*
Ideal for strength and
endurance sthletes.
Unparalleled during
carb-up right before
Replenish glycogen at
lightning fast speed.*
Deliver BCAA’s at an
unsurpassed rate.*
Ideal for strength and
endurance sthletes.
Unparalleled during
carb-up right before
Dave Gandell—to hell...
and back
Natural Muscle March 2008 12 Natural Muscle March 2008 1

– Super Anti-Catabolic/
Myotrophic Stimulant Cocktail
The Reigning KINGof Dramatic Effects in the Pre-Workout Category
Results of the Independent Pilot Study Conducted At Ohio Research Group:
• Subjects Added an Average of 2 1/2 Times More Lean Mass in a Single Dose
Than Subjects That Didn’t Take the Supplement
• Significant Decrease in the Percentage of Body Fat in a Single Dose
• Look For The Results of the NEWGroundbreakingClinical Trial Coming Soon and See
What 30 Days on SuperPump250

Can Do For You!
Novedex XT
– The Undisputed #1
Testosterone Booster - 3 Times Tested!
No Other Legal Product on the Market Even Comes Close.
More Muscle in the GymANDin the Bedroomthan Any
Other Testosterone Booster in History!
Results of the Independent Clinical Trial Conducted at Baylor
University and published in the 2007 International Journal of Sports
Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism

• Increased Natural (Free) Testosterone an Average of 600%
• Up to a 600%Increase in Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio
• Returns to Baseline Within 3 Weeks of Stopping Novedex XT
• Rock Solid Safety Data

– The Dragon Slayer of All
Creatine Products
The Intelligent Choice For Increasing Muscle Cell Volume,
Mass, Endurance &Performance.
Destroyed Both The Top Selling Creatine and Arginine in Head to Head
Independent Clinical Trial For Both Muscle Size ANDStrength!!!!
Results of The 30-Day Independent Clinical Trial Conducted
At Ohio Research Group*:
• SizeOn

Increased Muscle Mass:
- 180%more than Creatine Ethyl Ester
- 1,400%more than Arginine Alphaketoglutarate
• SizeOn

Increased Strength:
- 322%more than Creatine Ethyl Ester
- 776%more than Arginine Alphaketoglutarate
† Willoughby D. S., & Wilborn C. Eight weeks of aromatase inhibition using the nutritional supplement Novedex XT: Effects on serum steroid hormones, body
composition, and clinical safety markers in young, eugonadal males. International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 2007, 17, 92-108 ©2007
Human Kinetics, Inc. *Standard deviation bars have been omitted for clarity. Differences between groups were statistically significant. *Ziegenfuss T.N., Mendel
R.W., and Hofheins J.E. Comparison of Purported Anabolic Supplements on Body Composition and Muscular Performance. Ohio Research Group. Wadsworth, Ohio
44281, USA. - Presented at the ISSN Convention in June 2006, Las Vegas, NV. (Neither the research team or The Ohio Research Group received any financial
compensation fromGaspari Nutrition, nor do they endorse this, or any other Gaspari Nutrition product.) Visit www.gasparinutrition.comfor all pertinent study data.
Let’s get right to the point: Only Gaspari Nutrition dares to let the results of unbiased, independent clinical
research do the talking for its products. While other companies make up outlandish claims out of thin air or
use hardcore photos and catchy one liners to sell their products, Gaspari products are about proof. We take
the guess work out of choosing supplements so you can get it right the first time.

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Instant Myotrophic
Hyperexpansion Growth Kit
After almost 2 years in development, the most intense
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sold in the sports supplement industry... and we mean
EVER, is here. We knew the last thing this industry
needed was another “me too” NO product, but when
you come across something so unique and so powerful
that its bound to obliterate an entire category, what
choice did we have? This is not just about instant
gratification... its about big gains – nowAND down the
road. Sure PlasmaJet

will induce massive muscle
pumps, definition, and vascularity, but also real muscle
mass, strength and endurance on a level previously
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supplement EVER! This product is so effective on its
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Anabolic Arsenal

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Enter The 4th Dimension of Muscle
What if you could harness the ultimate anabolic condition in regard to your
supplement program?Imaginethepossibilities. Noguessworkor disappointment, just
incredible results. Introducing the most powerful synergy in the history of sports
nutrition, and perhaps the 1st “can’t miss” combination ever available to the serious
bodybuilder –The4most AnabolicArsenal

. Noother legal stackcanproduceamore
explosive, lean muscle transformation or increase in strength and performance than
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Manufactured for Gaspari Nutrition • 501 Prospect St., Suite 107, Lakewood, NJ 08701 • Distributors Call 1.732.364.3777
See PlasmaJet

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Natural Muscle March 2008 1 Natural Muscle March 2008 1
Meltdown® by VPX is the most profound scientific fat loss innova-
tion of the decade. Meltdown has a star studded ingredient profile of
newly invented exclusive fat loss compounds designed to burn fat
faster and longer by kicking up a thermogenic storm! And that’s just
the tip of a very large iceberg of fat burning science. Meltdown will
radically increase energy levels, take mental acuity and alertness
into the stratosphere and induce an intense mood-altering euphoric
effect that is going to re-write fat loss biochemistry. Meltdown is
also highly pro-sexual. In fact I’ll guarantee that you have the best
sex you ever experienced shortly after taking Meltdown! However,
we are only here today to talk about fat loss.
Yohimbine is an alpha-2-antagonist which simply means it exerts its fat loss magic
by blocking the alpha-2 receptors. Blocking action of the alpha-2 receptors is critical
for fat loss because it increases blood flow in adipose tissue and as a result ramps
up internal fat metabolismcausing previously stored body fat to be released into the
blood streamand burned as energy. This process is known as Lipolysis. Yohimbine
also works by increasing Norepinephrine (NE) - one of the body’s principal lipolytic
(fat burning) hormones. The challenge is that when NE is released it stimulates both
the alpha and beta receptors. While stimulating the beta receptors causes the de-
sired effect of fat liberation, NE simultaneously also stimulates the alpha-2 receptors
which can have the undesired effect of interfering with the process of body fat be-
ing burned as energy. Yohimbine is a really cool substance because it exerts a kind
of self-protective mechanism by blocking the alpha-2 receptors and guarding one
of the body’s key fat burning hormones called Norepinephrine. Simply stated, it is
almost like Yohimbine has a mind of its own that says I’m going to increase NE to
destroy body fat and nothing is going to get in my way.
Because of the sheer fat burning potency of Yohimbine, we analyzed this chemi-
cal very closely and now introduce two new forms (along with Yohimbine HCl)
of Yohimbine in Meltdown. Consequently, Meltdown contains three specialized
forms of the potent fat loss agent, Yohimbine. It’s no secret that when it comes
to burning fat, milligram per milligram, Yohimbine is even more effective than
ephedra. Along with pure Yohimbine HCl, Meltdown now contains 11-Hydroxy
Yohimbine which has unusually long half-life and, therefore, exerts a prolonged
research-proven fat burning effect for up to eight hours while increasing norepi-
nephrine levels by up to 56%! This is important because Norepinephrine (NE) is
one of the body’s principal lipolytic (fat burning) hormones. Further, Meltdown
also contains the rare alpha-Yohimbine compound. The scientific marvel is that
Yohimbine HCl, 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine and alpha-Yohimbine work synergisti-
cally to increases lipolysis. These compounds work particularly well in the stub-
born areas of the butt, thighs and abdomen because of the Yohimbine receptor
cites concentrated in those areas.
Interestingly, most of these compound innovations contained in Meltdown
didn’t even exist and had to be chemically engineered in the lab. For ex-
ample, 20 milligrams Synephrine is supposed to be a fairly decent fat loss
compound similar in action and chemical structure to ephedrine. So we
set up a human subject study and tested all the parameters of fat loss
using 1) 25 mgs of pure Synephrine then, 2) 50 mgs of pure Synephrine
HCl (hydrochloride) and finally, 3) 200 mgs of pure Synephrine HCl. Even
when these high amounts of pure Synephrine were stabilized with HCl and
bound to a polymer-lipid based delivery system, thermogenesis was not
induced. Furthermore, energy, heart rate and oxygen uptake did not in-
crease nor were any other markers of fat loss apparent! We were about to
give up on Synephrine until I came up with one last creative effort to get
this compound to work. We turned to several molecular modifications of
Synephrine to see if this scientific approach would make this compound
an effective fat loss agent. I must admit that there was a great deal of ap-
prehension because generally speaking, if an ingredient doesn’t work to begin with,
it normally doesn’t work no matter what you do to the chemical structure. The an-
swer to the Synephrine challenge was to chemically engineer Methyl Synephrine. To
our delight Methyl Synephrine didn’t make your heart race or give you anxiety like
ephedrine but provided almost equal amounts of thermogenesis, energy and feel-
ing of well being. After perfecting Methyl Synephrine, human subjects were excited
about its effectiveness and our scientific teamwas even more excited knowing how
well beta andrenergic agonists stack with alpha antagonists in regard to fat loss.
With Yohimbine HCl, 11-hydroxy Yohimbine, alpha-Yohimbine and Methyl Syn-
ephrine VPX could have easily stopped here and delivered the best fat burner
ever created. However, we had a great deal of other new compounds equally
important in assembling the most profound scientific fat loss innovation of the
decade. It is well documented in research that ephedrine and caffeine stacked
together have a significant synergistic effect to cut fat and that ephedrine and caf-
feine stacked with Yohimbine had an even greater capacity to destroy fat. There-
fore, we theorized that combining caffeine with Methyl Synephrine (the chemical
cousin of ephedrine) would exert a similar fat loss effect. More importantly, we
theorized that we could even beat the old-school Ephedrine-Caffeine-Yohimbine
combination with a more scientifically hip: Caffeine-Methyl Synephrine-Yohim-
bine HCl, 11-hydroxy Yohimbine, alpha-Yohimbine stack. And, human subjects
(including myself) confirmed that our theory was correct! All my staff and I can say
is that this combination rocks, period!
Phenylethylamine (PEA) processes the unique capacity to increase metabolism
by stimulating your thyroid gland and inducing thermogenesis to burn fat while
eliciting the mild euphoria of eating a 1000 chocolate bars. So imagine if you
could take PEA and make it 40 to 60 times more effective? Meltdown may give
you the buzz of 40,000 fat and calorie free chocolate bars while melting fat off
faster than a blow torch! Therefore, it was now time to add our new breakthrough
fat loss compounds called, R-ß-M-PEA (R-ß-Methylphenylethylamine) and n-
Methyl-ß-PEA (n-Methyl-ß-Phenylethylamine). We originally began working with
ordinary ß-PEA and ß-PEA HCl but found these compounds to have far too many
limitations. First, they were metabolized far too quickly and secondly, their ability
to cross the blood brain barrier was weak and could, therefore, be astronomically
improved up to 40 to 60 times by using the R-ß-M-PEA and n-Methyl-ß-PEA ver-
sions! This is mind boggling considering that most consumers and other supple-
ment companies are already satisfied with ordinary PEA. But remember, I’m stak-
ing my entire career and reputation on my guarantee that Meltdown® is the most
profound scientific fat loss innovation of the decade!
It is commonly known to skilled biochemists that the kinetics of any version of PEA
can be extended when combined with an MAO inhibitor. However, I was highly dis-
appointed with lack of MAO inhibiting capacity of Hordenine and Hordenine HCL.
We needed this compound to kick butt for two major reasons. To achieve the de-
sired MAO inhibition effect, we again had to alter the basic chemical structure to
create a super type of High Powered Hordenine. Unlike straight Horde-
nine or Hordenine HCl, this special Hordenine had
to be a potent MAO inhibitor
to pre-
Above is the chemical structure of yohimbine (R1 = R2
= H) and its 2 hydroxylated metabolites, 10-hydroxy-
yohimbine (R1 = OH, R2 = H) and
11-hydroxy-yohimbine (R1 = H, R2 = OH).
Combined with Owoc’s new Methyl Hordenine & Methyl
Synephrine are the world’s most powerful fat loss
compounds - ALL contained in
*When combined with increased exercise and a reduced calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
vent PEA from being metabolized by the monoamine oxidase (MAO) enzyme.
Blocking MAO would increase the duration of action of our brilliant R-ß-M-PEA
and n-Methyl-ß-PEA inventions and permit easy transport across the blood brain
barrier. In medicine this is called increasing the pharmacokinetic value. This would
allow R-ß-M-PEA and n-Methyl-ß-PEA – two of the most potent legal designer fat
loss compounds to become even more efficacious.
Of equal importance, adding the appropriate functional group to the chemical struc-
ture would also ramp up Hordenine’s intrinsic andrenergic fat burning capacity. So,
after attempting to stabilize Synephrine with HCl and failing at hydroxylation to make
it more soluble as was accomplishedwith 11 Hydroxy Yohimbine, we finally arrivedat
adding a Methyl functional group to Hordenine thus giving birth to “Undisputed King
of all MAO Inhibitors called, Methyl Hordenine AKA High Powered Hordenine! - not
to mention that Methyl Hordenine and Methyl Synephrine are an outstanding beta
adrenergic agonist fat loss stack that works synergistically with the triple Yohimbine
alpha 1 and alpha 2 andrenergic antagonists. And, we are all well aware from old
days of the Ephedrine (an andrenergic agonist), Caffeine and Yohimbine stack that
Caffeine further enhances the effect of andrenergic agonists like Methyl Hordenine/
Methyl Synephrine and Yohimbine. And, our Methyl Hordenine innovation produced
effects beyond our wildest imagination with real human subjects when combined
with R-ß-M-PEA and n-Methyl-ß-PEA and the other above-mentioned compounds
in Meltdown. This resulted in a super clean mild “X” buzz with unprecedented men-
tal acuity that lasted for hours and extended thermogenesis, carb Craving Control®
and other markers of fat loss.
Methyl 8ynephrine AKA 8uper 8ynephrine

Caution: Synephrine DOES NOT WORK! I hate to burst your bubble but Synephrine
and Synephrine HCl are as useless as a screen door on a submarine. However,
Methyl Synephrine is an off the chain version of Synephrine. This adrenergic amine
robustly accelerates fat metabolism and thermogenesis to simultaneously speed
up the fat burning process. Unlike its chemical cousin Ephedrine, Methyl Syneph-
rine has mild stimulating properties on the central nervous system which is highly
desirable because you get ultimate fat burning properties without the racing heart
and anxiety that ephedrine caused. This is because Ephedrine works at the beta 2
receptor which acts on the CNS (central nervous system) and may have side effects
in unhealthy individuals while, Methyl Synephrine is one of the adrenergic amines
that stimulates the beta-3 receptors. This functions to increase the metabolic rate
without affecting heart rate or blood pressure. Synephrine releases epinephrine and
norepinephrine primarily in the beta-3 receptor sites in adipose (fat) tissue. Stimu-
lation of the beta-3 receptor sites brings forth lipolysis meaning it stimulates fat
metabolism. Another distinctive physiological property of Methyl Synephrine is its
role as an Alpha-1 adrenergic agonist which plays a major part in the metabolization
and destruction of body fat by freeing up stored body fat and allowing you to burn
it for energy (lipolysis). Acting on both Alpha 1 and Beta 3 receptors to induce fat
loss is why Methyl Synephrine will earn its reputation as a powerful lipolytic agent in
scientific circles when it is released to the general public.
Further, adding a functional group to the chemical structure ramped up Synephrine’s
Beta 3 intrinsic fat burning capacity so that it worked like its chemical cousin ephed-
rine. So, after trying stabilization of Synephrine with HCl and failing at hydroxylation,
we finally arrived at adding a Methyl functional group to Synephrine thus giving birth
to Methyl Synephrine. This compound was so impressive that we trade marked it as
Super Synephrine™! And, of course our Super Methyl Synephrine produced effects
beyondour wildest imagination with real human subjects when combinedwith R-ß-M-
PEA and n-Methyl-ß PEA and the other above-mentioned compounds in Meltdown.
Meltdown Fat Assault Matrix Declares
Death toFat Cells - M-TTAl
Tetradecylthioacetic acid (TTA) is referred to in science as having pleiotropic proper-
ties meaning that it produces many effects froma single compound. As you probably
expected, these effects all relate to monster fat loss! In fact, the biological responses
to TTA in regard to fat loss are so profound that it is hard to believe a fat burning
agent of this diverse nature actually exists. Guess where fat is burned? It’s burned
in the mitochondria of the muscle cell and TTA induces mitochondrial proliferation
(increases the number of mitochondria in the cell). The more mitochondria contained
within a muscle cell, the greater your capacity to burn fat. So it’s no wonder that
another biological response to TTA is increased catabolism of fatty acids. You have
probably heard the word catabolismbefore in reference to destroying muscle tissue
which is not good; however, in the case of TTA we refer to catabolism in regard to
destroying fat which is highly desired! Meltdown does NOT contain TTA. About 10
years ago I was tagged with the name “Supplement Guru” for a reason and that
was because I amsomewhat of a freak in the field of research and development sci-
ence and also overly enthusiastic about bringing you new supplement innovations
that have physique-altering properties. Therefore, although very powerful, I wasn’t
going to use just TTA. Instead, the goal was to turn the heat up a several hundred
percent in Meltdown with M-TTA or Methyl TTA. M-TTA also promotes anti-adiposity
meaning it prevents you from storing fat along with improving insulin sensitivity. If
you read my Zero Impact Diet book or read the newest N.O. Shotgun article, you
would know the importance of insulin sensitivity in building muscle and annihilating
body fat. Other biological aspects of M-TTA are, reduced proliferation and apoptosis
(death) to fat cells.
Comparing other Fat Burners to Meltdown is Like
Comparing a Tricycle to a 8tealth Bomber
Meltdown is the world’s most scientifically sophisticated advanced fat burner. Melt-
down is powered by a pharmaceutically inspired polymer based lipid delivery system
called PolyLipid. This “steady state” technology delivers both rapid and sustained
controlled-release of the powerful active Meltdown compounds. VPX is the father
of liquid delivered fat burners in the nutritional industry and to date has engineered
and sold more liquid delivered fat burning ingredients than all other companies com-
bined! You won’t catch VPX doing any mindless “capsule within a capsule” hocus
pocus nonsense. PolyLipid Delivery is advanced and authentic pharmaceutical sci-
ence that dramatically improves the pharmacokinetics of fat burning compounds.
You will only find the pure R-ß-M-PEA and n-Methyl-ß-PEA powerhouse versions
of PEA in Meltdown. Well, guess what? There are many other really cool fat loss in-
gredients in Meltdown like the bio-molecularly engineered, CCK-8, and pure cAMP.
However, unfortunately, I’m out of time and this magazine was supposed to go to
print today and here I’mspilling my heart and soul out to you about the greatest fat
loss invention of the 21st Century.
Rock On my friends - its time to get so ripped and shredded to such
a degree that on lookers will stare in disbelief and offer you Band
Aids for all those cuts. -Jack Owoc
Natural Muscle March 2008 1 Natural Muscle March 2008 1
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Cover Photo: Suzanne
(the new forty)
by Walt Ostarly
Cover design by
Alex Gonzalez
Come, my friends,
‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.
It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.
Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to fnd, and not to yield.
----- Tennyson (Ulysses)
While it’s tempting to play
it safe, the more we’re will-
ing to risk, the more alive
we are. In the end, what we
regret most are the chances
we never took.
my two cents
Natural Muscle March 2008 18 Natural Muscle March 2008 1
Victor Garcia Novice and Open muscle winner
Ava Cowan advanced fgure winner
20 NaturalMuscleDec‘07/Jan‘08
hen competitors begin
their preparation for
ftness and bodybuild-
ing competitions their
friends and families
sometime think they are crazy. The diets,
the training, the regimen and personal
and fnancial sacrifces and more some-
times make it all more than questionable.
But, it’s a passion for most, physically
and psychologically, and their zeal for
ftness greatness live on in their memo-
ries far beyond the show.
So, when many of these ftness
zealots began arrive at the recent Fit-
ness America Weekend in Hollywood
(California, that is), it all quickly came
together and the toil soon became so
worth the struggle.
You could see it on the faces of the
over 00 world class natural ftness ath-
letes who arrived at the Wilshire Grand
Hotel for registration. The veterans with
their air of dominance and novices trying
to look cool all were tingling with excite-
ment. They had mentally and physi-
cally prepared all year for this annual
extravaganza and were fnally standing at
the gateway to the toughest competition
of the season and all staged in theatrical
style. They had made it to the World
Championships of Natural Fitness,
Model, Bikini, Muscle & Figure!
There was Ava Cowan, the eclectic
fgure chick from Pompano Beach who
with her hunky beau Armond Scipione
captured the media the moment they
entered the venue. She went on to win
the Figure America Championships
while Armond was so busy with press
photographers, he did not even have
time to compete! Recently, Ava stated,
“I have told many young women about
the show and how much I enjoyed the
way it was run. This was the highlight of
season for me.”
The 18
Annual Fitness America
Pageant was star studded as usual. Two-
time Fitness Universe Pageant Champion
Sherri Vuvick was there with a new
routine laced with gymnastics, dance
and lots of spectacular choreography and
was the odds on favorite. Even former
Fitness America Pageant Champion
Sylvia Tremblay was trying to be the
frst to win the show twice and added a
lot of new acrobatic moves to woo and
wow the seasoned audience and expert
judges. But it was a former Ms. Fitness
Champion that would pass both veterans
and 0 other ftness stars to capture the
renown ftness crown. Finnish acrobatic
and circus performer Elsa Lautala was so
unique in her performance and refresh-
ing, that she edged passed Sheri by just
one quarter point to win the title. “I
really had a fabulous time and an amaz-
ing year!”, she said. Upon her return to
Finland, Elsa was treated to a meeting
with the President of her country at the
Presidential Palace.
the most
part of
the show
was the
Ms. Bikini
where the
Open Class
and Tall)
and Clas-
sic winners all competed
for the overall title and to the aston-
ishment of everyone, age conquered
youth! A striking and exotic looking
Amelia Powers captivated the judges
and knocked off some veteran bikini
stars including Janelle Nicolo (Short),
Siena Perezcano (Medium) and Monica
Cariveau (Tall). The year old Amelia
was shocked with her win and exclaimed
backstage, “How wonderful is this?!”
But the mother of two boys is not new to
experiencing the thrill of victory having
been a -time Ms. Fitness Peru.
The Model America Champions
were both newcomers to the show and
stole the competition from the 100+
sports models. Texan Geoff Begnaud at-
tended the Model Universe in Miami last
year, but just to see the show and to help
he could handle the competition. The
registered nurse went on to topple over
0 of the world’s hottest sports ftness
models. And, Tampa native Amanda
Latona was nothing less than stunning
with her curvaceous body, suave moves
and overall appearance. Both winners
were frst timers to the show, but that
didn’t seem to matter to the Hollywood
agent judges.
The fnale of the weekend was
the Musclemania World Champion-
ships with an amazing bevy of natural
bodybuilders who strutted their stuff
in front of an exuberant Saturday night
audience. Mr. Columbia Ricardo Plata
won the Professional Division in a sur-
prising upset over many veteran natural
stars. And, in the Open Division, former
heavyweight NPC competitor James
Ward Jr. dominated his class but barely
beat out two formidable challengers for
the overall title in former NPC middle-
weight star Danny Hester and 200
Musclemania Junior Champion Bradly
Castleberry. The show had an amaz-
ing line-up of international competitors
including teams from India, Africa, Latin
America, Europe and more.
All of these events were thrill-
ing and kept the excitement pulsating
throughout the weekend. And for most
competitors, just being part of the Fit-
ness America experience was worth the
athletic, personal and fnancial sacrifces.
But, the greatest award is having lifelong
memories and returning home feeling
like a star.
The memories continue when the
Universe Weekend returns to Miami on
June 20-21. For more information, visit
hollywood, CA
Natural Muscle March 2008 20 Natural Muscle March 2008 21 20 Natural Muscle March ‘08
22 Natural Muscle March 2008
2 Natural Muscle March 2008
*When combined with increased exercise and a low calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Natural Muscle March 2008 2 Natural Muscle March 2008 2
IFBB pro
ftness for her


©Bodywell Nutrition LLC 2007. For best results, use Tight Curves in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program. Consult with your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
s we are offcially underway
into 2008, I’ve been receiving
an overwhelming amount of
emails asking me the million
dollar question….How can I
get abs? Many of you tell me you are do-
ing thousands of sit ups and you still don’t
even see a one pack..much less a six pack!
Well, I’m here today to offer a solid plan
that will have you on your way to having
that stellar midsection you desire!
Abs are like every other part of a sculpted
body - the product of genetics, diet, and
exercise. There’s nothing you can do about
your genetics; they were established at
conception. The secret of great abs is fol-
lowing the three-pronged approach just as
you would for any other body part.
First, a clean diet. This means, lean pro-
tein, lower carbs-and stick with complex
carbs, fruits, veggies, and tons of water.
Make sure to limit processed sugars and
fours…these are killers! Second, regular
aerobic exercise-try at least 0 minutes of
moderate intensity cardio most days of the
week. Finally, since the abs are a muscle
group, you will need to train them as you
would any other muscle group. A strength
training routine should be performed three
days a week allowing at least one day
of rest in between routines (see sample
routines below).
Defned abs refect your level of ftness.
Like biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles,
they’re just waiting to come out and show
themselves to the world. The challenge
in getting abs is the classic love-hate
experience of the gym: Everyone would
love to have them but everyone hates to
work them. Working abs is the worst
part of working abs. Spend any time in a
wellness center or gym and you’re sure
to hear what I call The Abs Excuse: “I
hate doin’ abs.”
The reason is that non-competitive ath-
letes generally think in terms of multiple
sets and reps of two or three exercises
– usually variations on crunches - done
fve or six times a week. A bad idea and an
easy recipe for “hating abs.” Competitive
body builders and fgure competitors like
me have a number of different routines
and are constantly changing them which
makes doing abs more tolerable…and
even fun sometimes!
Here’s the no-secret secrets to im-
proved abs:
1.Think CORE—not just abs. Core in-
cludes lower back.
k Stand up straight; don’t slouch. Keep
your head up and shoulders back.
kHave fun with a Swiss ball. Begin with
just sitting on it to perfect your balance
and then move to a wide range of Swiss
ball exercises.
k Perfect your torso twisting routines;
they will strengthen all elements of the
core and help bring out abs.
2. Four to six small meals a day. Three
meals and two snacks is perfect. Calorie-
burning eating will shed fat and allow abs
to make their appearance. When working
abs, I follow a schedule that includes
8 a.m. breakfast; 11 a.m. snack; 1 p.m.
lunch; p.m. snack; p.m. dinner; and a
fnal snack at p.m.
3. Cardio, cardio, cardio. At least 0
minutes and as many days a week as
your schedule allows.
4. Plan your meals in advance. Know
what and when you’re going to eat and
keep to your schedules. By planning,
you limit the risks of either starving
yourself or overeating.
5. Keep a food and exercise journal.
Log what you eat and the times. Keep
track of your gym routines. Its good
to be accountable-even if it is only to
“how can i get abs?”
like these?
Sample ab routines:
Ab routine #1
1. Sit-ups on the Incline Bench: sets of 1-20.
I use a -8 pound med ball for this one as well. Wrap you legs securely around
the upper part of the incline bench. Hold med ball (if you chose to use it) on your
chest and sit up until you are almost touch the bench then raise and contract.
Repeat for 1-20.
2. Kickouts: sets of 0.
Sitting on the edge of the bench, lean back and hold onto either side of the bench.
Kick legs straight out in front of you with toes pointed. Its important that legs
kick out parallel to the ground to get the full benefts of this exercise.
Draw legs back in and repeat for 0.
3. Sit-ups with 10lb weight: sets of 1.
Laying on the foor put your legs straight up with toes pointed. Holding a 10lb
weight (or lb or no weight), push the weight straight up towards your toes and
Repeat for 1.
Ab routine #2
1. Hanging Leg Rises: sets of 1-20.
I use straps and try to do most of the reps with straight legs bringing them as high
as I can and contracting my abs hard. When I get tired, I bend my legs slightly
as I bring them up. You can also do this exercise on something called the Power
Tower if you do not have straps.
2. Crunches on the Swiss Ball with a 10lb plate: sets of 2.
I hold a 10lb plate behind my head while I’m sitting on the Swiss Ball and I
crunch. Make sure you are keeping about a in. distance between your chest and
chin to avoid injury to the neck.
3. Knee Tucks: sets of 2.
Lying on your back, place your hands under the sides of your rear, point your
toes, and roll and tuck your knees up to your chest. Extend your legs straight out
without touching the ground and repeat for 2.
Crunch in Bed
Before you even get out of bed in the morning, do 10 stomach crunches while
lying fat on your mattress. Increase daily by one until you get up to 100. Think
you’ll never get there? Try it. You may eventually have to set your clock to
wake up 1 minutes earlier, a small price to pay for a fatter stomach.
Natural Muscle March 2008 2 Natural Muscle March 2008 2
raising your
I’m overweight, and I’ve heard that
I can stimulate my metabolism to
burn more calories, and I don’t
have to diet to lose weight. If this
is possible, please tell me how.

There are three very good ways to raise your metabolism, and if
you use them in combination, you will burn considerably more
calories each and every day.

1. Eat more and eat more often. By “eat more” I don’t mean to
shovel in more food at one sitting. I do mean to eat smaller meals
throughout the day, fve to six meals. This equates to a meal every 2
½ to three hours. Each of these feedings should consist of 0 percent
carbohydrates, 0 percent protein and 10 percent fat. The combina-
tion of small, balanced, frequent meals allows your body to utilize the
nutrients it needs when it needs them. If you don’t feed your ody the
nutrients it needs every few hours, it will use your muscles for energy,
and preserve your fat deposits. Also, these smaller, more-frequent
meals stimulate your metabolic rate as your body’s digestive system
works and you maintain a stable glucose level. This will give you more
energy, prevent hunger pains and keep you from bingeing.

2. Work out intensely with weight. High-intensity weight training
is an excellent way to increase your metabolic rate. Muscular output
places a great demand on your body to burn more
calories for faster growth and recuperation. Your muscle mass is the
single most important factor determining how many calories you burn
- even at rest. Strive to build muscle and you’ll speed up your metabo-
lism automatically.

3. Don’t neglect cardio work. Participate in some type of cardio-
vascular activity at least three times per week and you’ll not only burn
more calories but also speed up your metabolism. Choose an activity
you enjoy so you’ll stick to it. You may also want to alternate activities
so you don’t get bored. For example, switch off every few workouts
between rowing machine, treadmill and stair-stepper. This will keep
your interest high and will also prevent your body from learning to
coast, which can happen when you do the same exercise at the same
intensity level for too long.

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28 Natural Muscle March 2008
2 Natural Muscle March 2008
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tricks of the
Hey Tricky,
My name is Johnny and I just got
started in bodybuilding. My question
is how did you build those cannon-
ball shoulders of yours. What exer-
cises did you focus on to develop a
great pair of shoulders. Thank you
and god bless.
Your Biggest Fan,

When improving your shoulder or deltoid
development the key is to attack the mus-
cle from all angles.
The deltoid is bro-
ken down into three
heads. The side, the
front, and the rear of
the shoulder head.
The deltoid is not a
very large muscle
so do not get caught
up in going heavy
ever set and every
exercise. It is very
easy to over train
and injure a rotator
cuff. Focus on using
a moderate weight
and a little bit higher
reps. I suggest 12-1
reps. Do at least
different exercises
and at least a total of
12 sets. Also, try to
space at least 2 days between a shoulder
and a chest workout. Agood rule of thumb
is to do at least one exercise per deltoid
head. For example- Military Press for
front head, Dumbbell Side Laterals for
side head, and Bent Over Reverse fyes
for rear head. Finally, implement some
rotator cuff training about every other
shoulder workout, to keep it strong. I
suggest, internal/external rotation for a
couple of sets (2-) each side with very
light weight.

How can I improve overall detail in
my physique for competition?
Lack of detail in ones physique when com-
peting can be affected by any number of
things from to much body fat, to excessive
subcutaneous water, to not enough time in
the gym (experience), to improper training
to name a few. Lets focus on improper
training. I wish I had a dollar for every
time I have seen an individual swing the
weights thru an exercise, or even rush thru
a set like its a race. To improve detail in a
muscle group, an individual need to focus
on proper contraction of every single rep.
The goal should be
to squeeze out each
rep in a slow con-
trolled movement.
Feeling the contrac-
tion from beginning
to the end of the
movement. Each rep
should force blood
into the muscle un-
til you feel like the
muscle is saturated.
This is called train-
ing for the “pump”.
Focus on achieving
this pump for every
rep, of every set, of
every exercise, for
every muscle group.
To take it a step
further, one should
visualize how they
want the muscle to look while training.
This will help in the overall concentration
of each rep. This should help etch in some
new found cuts.
If you have questions for Tricky email him at
tricky6162@aol.comor to order one of Tricky’s
new training DVD’s go to www.trickyjackson.
com. The new “Battle of the Giant Killers”
video will be released at the Arnold Classic fea-
turing 6 of the IFBBs top Little Big Men.Tricky
is also available for guest posing, seminars,
and consultation.
Ic annonbal l
I competition
0 Natural Muscle March 2008
1 Natural Muscle March 2008
By: Ty Dorce
Fitness Consultant
Fitness Model
Certifed personal trainer
gold’s gym Fort lauderdale
Kettlebell Swing transfer:
Proper form is mandatory when train-
ing with kettlebells. Refer to photos
for a visual idea of how these exer-
cises should look and for assistance
in proper form. Begin all kettlebell
exercises with light weight and work
your way up once you are comfort-
able with the technique.
one arm high pull
kettlebell training
Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and by
placing a kettlebell between your feet. Bend your
knees, in a squat-like position, and push your hips
and glutes back to get in the proper starting position.
Look straight ahead and swing the kettlebell back
through your legs. Promptly reverse the direction
and drive through with your hips. Pull the kettlebell
towards your body and as the kettlebell rises to
your shoulder, open your hand and punch straight
through locking your arm overhead.
This exercise is very similar to the customary high
pull with a barbell.
Begin this exercise as you would a standard kettle-
bell swing. Swing the kettlebell back between your
legs as and drive the hips through then snap your
elbow back above your shoulder. Be sure to use
your upper back rather than your bicep when doing
this movement. At the top of the pull, the kettlebell
should form an extension of your forearm rather
than droop or fip up. Remember this is not a snatch
or swing. Militantly lean into the kettlebell the mo-
ment you are fnishing the pull then drive your hips
through, and meet the kettlebell half way.
The starting position for the kettlebell swing transfer is similar to a squat in that the buttocks are
pushed out towards the rear. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart with a kettlebell on the
foor between your feet. Keep your eyes forward and swing the kettlebell outward. Beginners
should start with a light weight and a low swing until the proper form is established and controlled.
Swing the kettlebell upward and then release and catch with the opposite hand.
part 2
Aitor-Gold’s Gym Owner, Ty Dorce, and Eric Hoult
By Eric Hoult B.S., Pro Bodybuilder
Special Feature: Ty Dorce
Photo’s by
2 Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
s usual, the spectators
were eagerly awaiting
the Fights to start at the
USF Sun dome. They
were not disappointed with eight
thrilling matches.
The fght between Marcus
Jones and Eduardo Boza held great
interest. Jones is a former defensive
tackle who played for years with
the Tampa Bay Bucks. At ’”
Weighing a solid 28 lbs., he
is an imposing fgure. This was his
second MMA fght, having won the
frst, a few weeks prior to this match.
His opponent, Boza, was a well-sea-
soned fghter who had also won his
last match.
Boza started strong, but after
Jones started landing some hard
punches, it was over. Having over-
powered his opponent with strength
and size, Jones was declared the
winner with a TKO at 2:2 minutes
of the frst round. A bloody Boza
was no longer able to defend him-
A well-known fghter, Al-
len Berube, had a match with Ali
Radwin. Berube is the owner of
the Monstah Lobster restaurant in
Story by Richard Nannis
Pictures by Barry Nannis
RFC 10
Tampa. He has also been on national
television participating in the ulti-
mate fghting show.
Berube had Radwin in an arm
bar. I thought the match was over,
but Ali reached over and gave Ber-
ube a heel kick in the face, breaking
his nose. The rule is, a kick to the
face is not allowed if the opponent is
on the mat. The referee would have
stopped the match if Berube could
not to continue. He chose to go on.
The match continued for all three
rounds and Berube was declared
the winner by decision. His ability
to continue was hampered by the
injury, and he was hit in the nose a
second time. Radwin also escaped a
headlock and another arm bar which
is a testament to his training.
The skill level of these fghters
has been increasing as the popularity
of this sport continues.
The next RFC match will be
held on February 2rd at the USF
Sundome. For ticket info Contact the
RFC at of call Ticket
If you have any MMA questions
you can email them to cdctampa@ for inclusion in the next
Natural Muscle March 2008 Natural Muscle March 2008
The MUSCLE chef
photos by Axis Design
Serves 2
8oz Ground Beef (Lean)
8oz Tomato Sauce
oz Onion (Chopped)
2oz Scallion (Chopped)
oz Carrots (Sliced)
1Tbsp Fresh Basil (Chopped)
1Tbsp Fresh Oregano (Chopped)
1 Tbsp Fresh Rosemary (Chopped)
2oz Garlic (Chopped)
Salt & Pepper to Taste
oz Spelt Pasta (Cooked)

1 oz Olive Oil
1 ea Zucchini, sliced
1 ea Yellow Squash, sliced
1 ea Tomatoes, small dice
2 oz Onion, medium dice
1 tsp Garlic (Chopped)
Salt & Pepper to taste
1. In a medium sized sauce pan, cooked ground beef and
drain excess fat through a strainer.
2. Add onions, scallions, garlic, basil, oregano, rosemary
and tomato sauce and simmer for 10 minutes.
. To make ratatouille, cut zucchini and squash in half and
slice at an angle. In a heated sauté pan, add oil and sauté
garlic until light brown. Add onion and sauté until translu-
cent. Add zucchini, squash, tomatoes and sauté to desired
doneness. Add salt & pepper to taste.
. In a medium sauce pan, bring three cups of water to a
boil and cook pasta to desired doneness.

Spelt Facts
A wonderfully nutritious and ancient grain with a deep nutlike favor, spelt is a cousin to wheat that is recently
receiving renewed recognition. Spelt products can be found in your local health food store year-round.
Spelt is an ancient grain that traces its heritage back long before many wheat hybrids. Many of its benefts come
from the fact that it offers a broader spectrum of nutrients compared to many of its more inbred cousins in the
wheat family. It can be used in many of the same ways as wheat including bread and pasta making. Spelt does not
seem to cause sensitivities in many people who are intolerant of wheat.
Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
what are you waiting for??
Brenda Kelly
1. Familiarize
It is a good idea to seek or ask for help. Put together a
supportive team that understands your objective. People
around you in your life are there for a reason and they
will want to be involved and help you. Surf the Internet
or read books to learn and understand what the newest
research in your particular interest is.
2. Envision Success
Act “As If”. What you choose is what you get. Go for
higher ground and bring it into your mind. There may
be times that it seems your efforts are at a standstill or
even regressing. This is not a true perception as long as
you are dynamically working in some function. Make
a promise to yourself to keep going anyway if this
happens to you along your way and honor it. You will
evolve every day if you do this. We attract what we give
out period.
3. Write it down
Keep a calendar on your progress. Put down realistic
The simple fact is the timing is always “off” for the most important things in our busy lives.
It can be easy to default to the “out of time” or out of whatever excuse. Finances may not
be readily available. Your relationships are perhaps not all that they could be. Maybe your
family, job or both is taking up the majority of your energy. Who to do? I say move forward
with your dream anyway. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
achievements in dates in writing to help you to keep
track and adjust along the way. It is perfectly accept-
able to adjust. You are supposed to. Just make sure to
write down whatever changes happen along the way.
Lumping the end result of a goal into one step will not
help you move forward. It will seem like too big of a
deal. Practice the expert time tested option of baby
steps. A step is a step and it is forward. Rejoice and
acknowledge each and every new hurdle you
4. Keep your sense of humor
Have fun and be fexible. Life
includes many wonderful options
so choose the ones that will make
your days better, easier and more
successful. You may reach your
original goal or perhaps some-
thing else equally amazing and
unexpected will come up along
the way because of your efforts.
Be open to change. Sometimes the other
thing that comes up never would have un-
less you tried the original
goal in the frst place. That
is called Devine Interven-
tion. Take it, run with it
and be grateful. Good job!
5. Balance
Stay in touch with your
other relationships. There
is nothing more empty
than obtaining a goal
without anyone to share it
with. It is wonderful when
our victories are helped
along with our loved ones
at our side. We need to be
around the people we sup-
port, love and who love
and support us. Make sure
to have genuine interests
in your friends and fami-
lies lives in turn. It is not
all about you all of the
time. This will create the
tone for a true continuing
celebration of your life as
you work towards your
goal! Good stuff!
Watch for this com-
mon pitfall!
I have heard story
after story about
someone who
started a plan to
achieve a goal
only to have
something impor-
tant in his or her
life go sideways. It
is very easy to quit after this
happens. The true champions
of life learn to make compromises
whi l e achieving their goals. True cham-
p i o n s arrange to correct the course along
the way and keep going. The best part is, you end up
giving back in the form of a role model for all of the
people around you who notice your light of commit-
ment to your true self.
Someday is No Day!
Someday is a horrible disease and you may end up tak-
ing your dreams to your grave. Yuck. This will not be
you. You will start your higher path now. Vow this to
yourself out loud.
Destiny that is written in the stars is in your own hands.
Live your dreams.
…with the FatTrack
GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper and
Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester
• Gold Standard Accuracy
• Instructions Included
• Measurement Info
in each
Measure Body Fat By Yourself…
Measurement of ANY BODY PART
Track your body measurements and progress as your muscles
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Measurement of ANY BODY PART
Track your body measurements and progress as your muscles
grow and unwanted fat goes away!
Also available at:
8 Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
As a child, I was involved in gymnastics. I excelled at the sport for several years, but decided
I wanted to join my grade school’s sports teams. I played volleyball and basketball in high
school. My junior season I was forced to choose between the two because of the demanding
schedule. Ultimately, I chose volleyball and was recruited by one of the top teams in the country.
I started my freshmen year as a defensive specialist for the University of Florida Gators vol-
leyball team. I thrived on competition, loved lifting weights, and reading everything I could
get my hands on regarding nutrition. I decided to pursue a degree in Nutrition and received
my Bachelors of Science in 200.
After college I held a couple jobs in Medical Sales, but decided quickly that was not for
me. I went back to college to pursue a second Bachelors Degree in Nursing. I stayed on that
path for about seven months, but my passion for competition, nutrition, and ftness would not
subside. I yearned for something more.
Believe it or not, I was riding my bike with my husband on a Saturday morning when
we came across a sign, “Planet Fitness Coming Soon”. Excited, I rode home and searched
the Internet to learn about the gym. I immediately completed an application and the rest is
history. Now, I have my dream job as the head of the Personal Training Department at Planet
Fitness in Melbourne, FL. I look forward to getting up every morning to help motivate people
to transform their lives through nutrition and exercise.
Arnold Press: Lateral Raise:
on the go

Arnold Press:
Target Muscle: Delts
Start: Stand upright holding dumbbells directly in front of your shoul-
ders with palms facing you. Point elbows downward
Movement: Press the weights upward and rotate elbows outward while
turning your wrists so your palms are facing forward at the end of the
movement. Lower weight slowly, repeat movement.

Lateral Raise:
Target Muscle: Delts
Start: Hold dumbbells at your side with palms facing inward.
Movement: Slowly lift weights upward out to the side until your hand
is just above shoulder level. Lower weight to a few inches from your
thigh and repeat.

Target Muscle: Pecs
Start: Place your hands shoulder width apart and drop your hips so your
entire body forms a straight line. Keep your legs straight.
Movement: Lower your entire body until your nose nearly touches the
ground. Push yourself back up with your hips remaining in line with
your body. Repeat.

Dumbbell Kickback:
Target Muscle: Triceps
Start: Bend over at the waist with legs slightly staggered. Keep your
back fat and chest facing forward. Your upper arm should be almost
parallel to the ground and your lower arm perpendicular to the ground.
Movement: Extend your lower arm back until almost parallel to the
ground. Lower slowly, repeat movement.

Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension:
Target Muscle: Triceps
Start: Hold the dumbbell behind your head with your arms bent roughly
0 degrees.
Movement: Press the dumbbell up toward the sky until your arm is ex-
tended. Lower slowly, repeat movement.

Dumbbell Curl:
Target Muscle: Biceps
Start: Stand upright. Hold the dumbbells at your side with palms facing
Movement: Lift the dumbbells toward your chest, slowing supinating
your wrists until the weight is at shoulder level. Squeeze your bicep
throughout the movement. Lower slowly, repeat movement.

Dumbbell Kickback: Push-up:
Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension: Dumbbell Curl:
0 Natural Muscle March 2008
1 Natural Muscle March 2008
he problem many face
when trying resistance ex-
ercise is seeing defnite re-
sults quickly. When I frst
started, it seemed as though there
were very little progress despite
intense desire and extreme effort. It
took many mistakes and even a few
injuries before I actually listened to
those who had achieved what I most
wanted. There is a method to the
madness, I can assure you. That was
twenty-three years ago and many
lessons learned for me since then.
The frst mistake I made when
I frst started was doing too much
too often. This is a critical mistake.
Doing any exercise every day retards
progress and greatly increases the
likelihood for injury. There is an equa-
tion that I have come to understand
over time, which appears to hold some
truth in terms of long-term success:
appropriate effort x appropriate rest
= muscle gain. The equation has to be
in balance in order to work. In other
words, the more extreme the exertion,
the more time is needed for resting and
Many bodybuilders break their
routines into segments, so that they can
focus on a specifc body part each day.
For example, chest, shoulders, and tri-
ceps is a popular combination; followed
by back and biceps; and, fnally legs.
Training each part heavy only once a
week, and training each part overall twice a week is
very popular. I, myself, have added a fourth day to the
routine, making it an eight-day routine. Three days on,
one day off, then three on again, one day off is how
mine is laid out.
Another important point is not to train heavy on
back to back days. It takes enormous energy to lift
heavy weights, and the following day should be rela-
tively light in terms of effort. In other words, place a
back day next to a heavy chest
day. Then the next day, which is legs, can be done
heavy. Alternating heavy and light days balances the
equation out nicely and promotes healing and provides
the much needed rest for recovery and growth.
Calves are going to be the toughest muscle to
stimulate of all. They are used constantly, whether
through walking or running. You’ll have to go above
and beyond punishing them when their day falls. An
old adage with calves is lots of pain, little gain. It is
better to lighten up a little on the weight and reduce the
time between the sets to nearly nothing. When the burn
leaves, go right back and punish them again. They are
stubborn, but they will respond if trained correctly and
with enough intensity.
Abdominals are another muscle group that must
be trained hard. Stay away from weights with the abs.
It only adds bulk and makes the midsection appear
larger. Focus on the burn and hit them with great
intensity and effort. If they aren’t burning and you
aren’t sweating, then they likely will not respond at
all. Additionally, hitting the abs as much as fve times
a week is also a plus. It fies in the face of the growth
rule, but then again, you don’t want growth out of
the abs: you want defnition and hardness.
Eat a lot of protein: at least one gram per
kilogram per pound of bodyweight. Lean meats
are favorable. Stay away from soy protein: it has
estrogen and promotes elevated female hormone
levels. Arginine, ornithine, and lysine combination
supplements taken an hour before working out help
to release GH (growth hormone). Balance out your
meals to six, and eat every three hours. Stay away
from refned sugar, as it causes a heavy insulin re-
lease that hinders growth.
Purchase a recovery drink that contains
creatine, arginine, lysine, and glutamine. Drink
as recommended on the container. What is most
important is to drink one within one hour after
exercise. Wait one hour after drinking it before
Finally, get enough rest. Sleeping for at least
- hours a night is crucial. Take rest days when
needed. Remember, rest is part of the equation.
Taking time off is usually benefcial.
Following a few simple tried and true techniques
can turn a frustrating experience into a delightful one.
Many turn to steroids simply because they had merely
misunderstood how to make their lifting much more ef-
fcient. Steroids do more harm than good overall. They
give a false feeling of strength and invulnerableness.
The human body is an extraordinary mechanism and
should be treated with respect and care. By tweaking
your routine a little, you too can enjoy hardy gains for
years to come.
By Scott Brandt
“Never train
heavy on
back to back
Marckus Reinhardt
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Get the awesome, cutting-edge energy technology you’ve come to experience with the world famous 8-ounce
REDLINE Ready To Drink formulations now in a convenient 2.5oz Redline Power Rush bottle!
Who says Big things don’t come in Little Packages?
Say Hello to our newest (little) Redline Power Rush!
1. The Power Rush of REDLINE, in a 2.5-ounce package!
2. Redline Power Rush Tastes Great: Zero Carbs/Zero Sugar!
3. Redline Power Rush offers up to 7 hours of Pure Energy with no crash or jitters!
4. And, most importantly, Redline Power Rush contains two servings, at similar price as single serving competitors.*
*When combined with increased exercise and a reduced calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
2 Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
*When combined with increased exercise and a low calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
*When combined with increased exercise and a low calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
C: When did you decide that your life is not
your own and will be lived serving a greater
dg: When I told my mom and my friends that I have
lived my life! My mom cried and everyone cried cause
they thought I was giving up…but that’s not what I was
RC: So what were you saying?
dg: that I wasn’t giving up, but that my life and how I
wanted to live it was over, and now I must fulfll my true
purpose, to live for God my Creator!
RC: What does that mean exactly?
dg: When I said I wanted to live, HE showed me the
kind of power that only HE could give…from healing,
continuing to give me strength and showing me why I
should be grateful everyday that I live.
RC: You seem to be deep in thought dave…Why did
that question make you search for words?
dg: Because I had to go back to that moment of being
rushed to the emergency room—fast forward to see what
God allowed to happen to me, the chemo the surgery, the
suffering and through it all HE pulled me through, show-
ing me progress through it all!
RC: With glossed eyes…the both of
us…Why do you think god allowed
you to come through all of this, while so
many others perish? Why you?
dg: Through my life, I have been
able to gain knowledge about my gifts,
favor and blessings. I’ve been able to
help people throughout my career as a
trainer. I have been able to both inspire
and teach people…and through it all,
what I learned about my life was that I
had been planting seeds that have made
a difference in many people’s lives. I
had changed people’s lives even before
cancer. What God showed me was that
all the work that I had done, he compen-
sated me with Love, and the love that HE
showed me…HEALED ME! The love
from HIM “through other people” gave
me the support and the knowledge that I
needed to survive and to overcome any
obstacle because I believe in HIM and in
the power that HE is within us!
RC: So you’re saying “hIS love” cured you?
dg: God’s Love cured me! He loved me enough to
continue my journey, HE believed in me as I believe in
Him that I could fulfll HIS purpose.
RC: So would you conclude that the healing is for
dg: For everyone who believes!
RC: how did “You” come to believe?
dg: Throughout my whole life my parents instilled in
me that I can do all things through Christ who strength-
ens me…I used that in any challenge or obstacle that
confronted me and always was able to overcome by faith.
After overcoming cancer the frst time, my faith was
strengthened and God prepared me for what would be
the end of my natural life and the beginning of a grateful
, blessed and fulflled life.
The Carnal Man- who has been born again, but is stuck in
some stage of babyhood. He has never matured enough
to depend on God more than he depends on his senses.
Malnourished, he is governed by his fve senses and can
remain at various levels of this stage his whole life!
RC: tell us about your frst experience with cancer?
dg: After noticing a lump, eight months later I fnally
made an appointment to see a doctor, and immediately
received an ultrasound. The following day I met with an
urologist and was diagnosed with cancer. Several minutes
later I blacked out…three days later I was having surgery
and the tumor was removed. No trace of the cancer was
found in my body after the surgery, yet doctors all over the
country were dumfounded by what they had found.
RC: What did they fnd?
dg: An immature teratoma, which is an unusual and rare
tumor in which different cancers can grow at a very rapid
and aggressive rate. Four weeks later after surgery I was
back in the gym but, with the knowledge that the cancer
might come back and the fact that the doctors didn’t have
a cure it “if it did!” Yet, I was extremely grateful to be
alive and happy to be back in the gym working out.
RC: tell us about the second diagnosis which ulti-
mately changed your life!
dg: After numerous tests and scans over the next two
years, my worst nightmare had come upon me. The
Cancer was back! Not one doctor could make me feel
as though they could cure me—in faith, over the next
fve months, I tried to battle this thing through a holistic
approach of proper nutrition, vitamins and prayer. I even
continued to live my life; managing health clubs, train-
ing clients, modeling and hosting/emceeing. But things
changed while hosting Lou Zwick’s Universe Weekend
in Miami Beach…that weekend I realized how fast the
cancer was spreading inside of me. After hosting the
Fitness Universe, Model and Bikini Universe I was not
able to host the Musclemania Superbody which was the
fnal event due to extreme abdominal pains, cramping,
headaches and dizziness…I continued to deny the fact
that I was literally dying!
RC: did you go to the hospital that night?
dg: No, I went two months later, I had to be admitted
through the emergency room.
RC: Why did you wait?
dg: Because I still had plans, I did a “runway show”
just two days before. I just continued to think it would go
away. But once admitted, “hard reality” hit, I was given
a death sentence that I would not live past three days and
that no doctor would take my case. But that night…Dr.
Benedetto, from Sylvester Cancer Center answered my
prayer, he believed “he” had a cure.
RC: god is good! In a nutshell, what was the actual
dg: The Confrmation of my Faith, for which Dr. Bene-
detto was the instrument HE used.
…Increasing your Faith, is like weight lifting, you start
where you are and as pressure is added overtime…
RC: In closing, what’s the most important thing you’d
like to share with those reading this interview?
dg: Allow God to guide your journey and live everyday
with a purpose.
I’d like to thank You, Javen Campbell, My Parents and
my Family, the Eiseman family, Betty and all of my
Gold’s Gym Family, and the thousands of people who
supported, loved and continue to pray for me from across
the country, many whom I’ve never had the pleasure of
meeting. And Finally, I’d like to thank God for my angel
Diana Chaloux.
Through it all Dave would go through; rounds of che-
motherapy which consisted of 1 chemo’s per a round
given in a day period for a total of Chemo’s over
What kind of Man
are you?
The Natural Man—who depends on his senses, relying mostly on his sensory mechanism,
he is governed by his senses. The natural man says if it doesn’t make sense, don’t receive it!
a fve month period. His faith would be tested time and
time again however, throughout the course of his life,
others “of faith” were positioned in his life, whose faith
was suffcient to assure the full manifestation of the truth.
Through it all, he continued to workout at the Gold’s Gym
he manages.
Some of the tools Dave used: the Bible on DVD, tele-
vised messages from Joel Olsteen, Pator’s Crefo Dollar,
Bob Coy, Javen’s Gospel music CD’s and teachings, and
back in action!
Dave Octavio Gandell
Born: San Turce, P.R., July 18,1975
Died: August, 2006 at age30

Reborn: February 1
, 2007
“Increasing your Faith is like
weight lifting, you start
where you are and as
pressure is addedovertime…”
various other inspirational music and programs. And just
as important, Prayers from all: co-workers, employees,
gym members and countless others he may never meet
here on earth.
The Spiritual Man- Who is the born again man, the man
who experienced from death to Life, the man who spirit
has been re-created. His Spirit has now ascended above
his intellect-his mind-his body/Flesh- his emotions and
his senses. His life is governed by the Word of God.
Interview by
Ron Coleman
at his worst ...
dave octavio gandell
Natural Muscle March 2008 Natural Muscle March 2008
If you can
find a path
with no
it probably
doesn't lead
-Frank A.
by: Pz
pz’s perspective
You’ve been hurt.
Your heart has been broken.
Your world is about to come unglued.
In Pz’s NEW book,
You’ll fnd the answers.
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ocated near historic down-
town Dunedin, the ,200
square-foot building, known
as Imago Art Group, was
home to an array of creative
and talented local artists.
Each had their own distinct studio and the
frst Friday of every month they opened the
gallery to the public showcasing the works
of a featured artist. There was food and
drink; music and mingling among the art-
-a good time was always had by all. Imago
magazine, after which the art colony was
named, also had their headquarters on the
premises. The magazine promoted arts
and entertainment in the Tampa Bay area
and was a vehicle for members within the
group to get more exposure. I had been a
friend of Imago’s for the past fve years,
having written a column for the magazine,
and was a regular supporter of their events.
In September, Imago magazine decided to
break their ties and vacate the offce space.
As fate would have it, I was looking to
expand. I was presented the opportunity
to take up residence and set up shop. It
was the perfect match. I spent the better
part of three months renovating the 00 sq
ft space. I felt a little like Ty Pennington,
only it was an extreme offce make-over
minus the big design team.
This was the perfect spot for meetings
and seminars and to conduct business. It
was an ideal place for me to write where
the atmosphere was impossible to explain.
With a second book in the works, I thought
the creative juices could get a boost here in
a big way. I can only describe it as quirky
and just so inviting. I was taking my ca-
reer and my message in another direction
and this place was going to serve a very
signifcant purpose.
With help from a few close friends,
I put my personal touch on every aspect
of the renovations. You could aptly apply
the expression ‘labor
of love,’ since that is
what it became. The
walls that were pale
yellow and garish
raspberry were paint-
ed beautiful shades
of grey and cherry
cobbler red—remi-
niscent of the colors
of my book. From the
antique plank table
to the cozy charcoal
love seat, each piece
of furniture I hand
pi cked wi t h such
TLC. So, too, I had
funky mirrors and
phenomenal art to
beautify those freshly
painted walls from
artists like Mark Run-
ge, Robert Suther-
land, Denis Gaston,
and Herb Starr. I had
accent tables and
comfortable chairs
and stylish rugs cov-
ering the newly pol-
ished wooden floor
that made you want to kick off your shoes,
sit and stay a while. Before I knew it every-
thing associated with me as an author was
there as well. Prototypes of my new line
of Pz merchandise had just arrived. Tee
shirts and totes were strategically placed
throughout the room and, of course, a
generous supply of Natural Muscle along
with copious copies of my latest book Club
Shattered. In a short but intense period I
had totally transformed the room. By the
time of the frst Friday on December
I was just about there. My door was open
that night to accept the visitors who came
to the regularly scheduled event. I was
the new kid on the block, and an author
to boot, so I drew a lot of folks who were
curious to see me and what I had done with
the space. It was so cool, and I was proud
of what it represented. I had exciting plans
for the future. Next month was to be my
turn for the offcial grand opening, and I
was beginning the preparations. The New
Year was going to start off with a bang.
Little did I know that my grand opening
wasn’t meant to be. Little did I know that
less than 8 hours later the world wouldn’t
look the same.
Sometimes the best laid plans go
awry. Now, it was all gone. As I often
say, in the blink of an eye everything can
change. In this case, in a fash of an
accelerant, it did.
During the early morning hours of
Sunday, December
The Imago Art
Gallery was destroyed by fre at the hands
of an arsonist. At the time, there were two
people inside who narrowly escaped. They
literally had seconds to make their way out
with the fames following close behind.
That’s the good news. We are extremely
grateful they are alive and managed to get
out safely. The bad news is all is in ruin,
including my space. It was a complete
and utter loss.
Okay, so what do I do now? What’s
my next move? The building is gone. My
beautifully renovated offce space is gone.
My marketing materials are gone? My
opening can’t happen. Instead, the bright
yellow and black structure, once known
as Imago Art Group, has been reduced to
charred memories of what has come before
and gutted possibilities of what was yet to
be. So what now? The time, energy, and
money I had invested were considerable.
The plans I had in place no longer had a
home. The fre took it from me. How do I
come out on the other side?
Pz’s Pointers to coming out
on the other side
Coping with loss—big and small--
After the initial shock of the fre set in
I was easily reminded of the tragedy of
/11. The losses both I and the other art-
ists experienced are tough to measure and
tremendous to us in the small scheme of
things. I know my life is going to be im-
pacted by this loss for sometime to come.
Most of the artists lost their life’s work and
the tools of their craft turned into rubble.
No dollar amount can be assigned to
creations that can never be the duplicated
in quite the same way. No dollar amount
can cover the possibilities of what should
have been. But the magnitude of these
losses can’t even scratch the surface in
relation to the losses on /11. Those losses
were big on a multitude of levels: loss of
life, loss of innocence, loss of freedoms,
loss of national pride, loss of commerce,
loss of a landscape. Time will not heal
the wounds of those who lost so much,
including a nation. Time will only allow
us to put the loss in its proper perspective
and proper place.
It’s only stuff— Yes, that’s true in
many respects. Then again, it isn’t. You
see, when you put your heart and soul into
a project or a venture and it’s snuffed out in
seconds in such a horrifc manner it can’t
help but hurt. The loss is more than just
the material objects. All the charming fur-
niture and art and books and merchandise
and personal stuff I had in that space was
a part of me. It was part of a larger plan I
had to do great things with my message.
The space was a place that presented so
much promise. I had just fnished remaking
the studio and never even got the chance
for others to enjoy it. (In case you are
wondering, I didn’t have insurance on the
contents. I hadn’t even had the chance to
take pictures. The owner had structural
insurance but that didn’t help any of the
tenants—including me.) Think about the
victims of natural disasters like hurricanes
and tornadoes. Think about the wild fres
that ravaged California. One minute folks
have a home or a business and the next
minute they don’t. Even though theirs is
one brought on by nature, the end result
is still the same. Lives are forever altered.
It is easy to say, it’s only stuff and you
can get more. It’s true and you can. But
having just experienced this loss I can tell
you material objects are symbolic of more
than meaningless, tangible stuff.
Go for the Do-over— Life presents
a lot of instances when we are faced with
do-overs. By that I mean sometimes our
efforts don’t work out quite as we had
planned the frst time out. We are faced
with having to do something over again.
The good thing about a do-over is you have
an opportunity to learn from the past. You
may even come out on the other side better
than before. You have the chance to change
or improve or adjust or handle a situation
with the knowledge you now have. It can
actually end up being a blessing disguised
as a misfortune. If something in your life
has ended in failure or you didn’t get the
outcome you were hoping for, don’t stop
there. Look at The Arnold Classic. Only
one competitor can be crowned champ at
this 20
anniversary extravaganza. Some
of the contenders have been there before
but didn’t win. They are back to try again.
They are going for the do-over and will uti-
lize all the valuable wisdom stored within
to capture that title. That should work in
their favor. Make the past count and work
in your favor. Don’t wallow in it or fret
over it for too long. Life is waiting to carry
on. It’s waiting for you to succeed.
You may have to dig deeper—
In times of tragedy we are tested in count-
less ways. We speculate and question why
a calamity happens and why it happens
to us. We dig deep and search our soul
for answers to these diffcult quandaries.
Sometimes we don’t have much luck
relieving the pain and it results in more
pain and confusion. Life isn’t fair and we
don’t deserve this, right? In times when
you feel the most despondent you must dig
deeper and hold on tight. Underneath the
layers of pain and disappointment there is
the faint glimmer of light in the darkness.
Tear away those layers one by one until
the light can begin to shine brightly once
again. It WILL get better.
The magic lives on—
Only a short time has passed since Imago
burned. I have quiet moments when I
refect on the senselessness of it all but
mostly on the magic I felt was to come. I
realize the magic can’t end here. There is
reason nowmore than ever to carry on with
what I started. My message is one of em-
powerment and inspiration. The only way
I can succeed at helping others is to walk
the walk with a sincere heart. That path
is sometimes narrow and usually rough
because it is the road less traveled. This fre
is nothing more than an obstacle along the
way. It wasn’t directed at me personally,
form—you can survive. When tragedy
comes---regardless how great-- your set-
backs will only be temporary. Not only
can you survive, but if you so choose, you
can even thrive. Don’t let the arsonists
win. Don’t let the bullies win. Don’t let
the failures stand. Don’t let the setbacks
keep you back.
Coming out on the other side of the
fre you’ll have a choice. You will let it beat
you down and consume you to the point
that you’ll lose your focus and never ful-
fll your destiny, or you will fnd yourself
ready and undaunted to tackle all life has
to bring from here forward.
Pz is the author of Club Shattered. As
a motivational writer and personal power
coach, Pz specializes in the area of rela-
tionships and the human condition.
Contact Pz with ideas, questions, or
Visit her website
on the other side of the
but it effected me personally. While I wish
that it never happened, it did. That door is
closed, but I’m still here. In the meantime,
other doors have opened—doors that
would not have shown themselves if not
for the fre. Part of what will happen in the
future depends on me. If I continue to have
faith and determination—like the little
engine that could—nothing—not even a
blazing fre—can stop the message from
rolling on down the track. If something in
your life has got you down or broken your
spirit and you’ve lost the magic, it’s time
to snap out of it. Decide you’re not going
to let your magic slip away. Magic makes
the world go ‘round. Don’t let anything or
anyone rob you of the wonder that is yours
to experience and share with others.
What about the fres in your
The reason I share this fre and my loss
with you is to let you know when adversity
comes knocking—no matter the shape or




Natural Muscle March 2008 8 Natural Muscle March 2008
dymatize Nutrition has
unveiled the ultimate power
Available in nine familiar favors, Elite
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0 Natural Muscle March 2008
1 Natural Muscle March 2008
Interview and photos by:
Dr. “Coach” Atherton
welcome to
my world
NaturalMuscle March2008 51 50 NaturalMuscleMarch2008
Tall, dark, focused, and singularly beautiful,
the talented Tanya Merryman is one person
you see and don’t forget. Actually, I spoke
with her husband, Doug, and after our con-
versation, the thought of her in MY WORLD
was intriguing. Hollywood was the setting of
the shoot and she was easy on the eyes and
camera (Kudos to Rob Simms for letting me
tag along). Read her profle, especially the
Marital Status: you will have an insight into
what makes Tanya tick! Congrats to her on
her recent Pro Card and I wish her the best
at the Arnold. Her career has been meteoric
and is it just starting? I am please to have her
in MY W0RLD!
address: California Bay Area
born: California
Family: Married, divorced, then re-married the father
of our two children (ages 1 and ). Yes, I married the
same man twice and we have a child from our frst
marriage and a child from our 2nd. I am thankful ev-
eryday that we found our way back to each other.
height: ’”, but everybody thinks I am taller
Weight: 10 contest, 10 off-season-trying to add a
little muscle to my arms.
hat do you consider your greatest tri-
I am the frst Mom to win the ESPN Fitness
America title when my son, Joshua, was only a year old.
I came back to compete in Ms. Bikini Universe when
my second baby was only 10months old. My goal is to
always be in the top fve at national events, so far I have
succeeded in Fitness Universe, Fitness America, Ms.
Bikini Universe, Ms.Bikini America, and the USA Sport-
Aerobic nationals representing the
Elite Women individual division,
which is the highest division, and it
was my frst time competing. I also
hosted a TV show on ESPN called
“American Muscle” for two years
in 2000, 2001.
List your competition(s) awards
and/or athletic achievements?
As an adult have competed in sev-
eral major Fitness Organizations.
Started in Ms. Fitness USA, then
Fitness America Pageant, the NPC,
Ms. Bikini America, Ms. Bikini
Universe. I have a positive and thus
far a successful experience in all
of them.
What do you do for a living?
ACE Certified Personal Trainer,
Specialty Pilates Instructor, Boot
Camp Instructor. I have been coach-
ing others to reach their fitness
potential since I was a teenager; it is
what I do best and love the most.
How/Why did you get involved
in ftness?
My mother was a trainer/instructor/
and dance teacher so I guess it is
in my blood. I started competing
when I was 1 years old when I met
my Trainer and mentor, Rick Dob-
bins. I have always been an athlete
(dance, gymnastics, ice skating) so
sports kept me in shape while I was
young and knew I had to keep it up,
as I got older.
Favorite book, movie, cheat
I love reading biographies of leg-
endary women and also motiva-
tional books. I love movies that
entertain by making me laugh, cry,
or push me to the end of my seat
and If there is a leading lady doing
it all, then even better! I like movies with Julia Robert
and Angelina Jolie. My favorite cheat food: apple pie,
peach pie, raspberry pie, chocolate covered strawberries,
cheesecake, OKAY…. just give me a really yummy des-
sert and a nice glass of wine.
Who infuenced you the most athletically, Academi-
My older brother: he doesn’t know this but I was so
competitive with him and wanted to do everything he
did - but better. He is a couple years older and was very
athletic so I tried to keep up. I also memorized his report
cards so I could get better grades in school; I think most
little sister have this natural competitiveness that starts
very young in the household so watch out!
Who do you admire the most?
Male? Doug, My husband. He is the smartest and hard-
est-working man I know. He can fgure anything out
and everyone comes to him for help or advice, it’s like
being married to Superman, he’s so busy taking care of
Female? My Mother and Grandmother. I come from a
very strong line of Philippino women and I push myself
everyday to make them proud of the foundation that was
built for my entire family.
What did you think about your frst competition?
I was so nervous, I couldn’t sleep the night before my
frst Ms Fitness USA competition. I got out of bed at
am and ate a big bowl of Wheaties with MILK!! During
the competition my trainer was trying to fgure out what
happened in the last 2 hours because it was obvious that
my body did not look the same as before. Okay, It did
calm my nerves! Advice for any newcomers out there:
get through your frst show! It does get a lot easier after
that. My frst show was 1 years ago!!
Why do you work so hard?
To be a good role model for my two
boys and my clients! I work really
hard for every ounce of my body
and maybe I have good genetics,
but you’ll never know until you
push your limits.
How do you want to be remem-
bered as an athlete?
For athletism, attention to detail,
and really great legs.
What traits do you value the
Being honest! First with yourself,
then look at others. Sometimes it
is not easy to “look in the mirror”,
but once you do it can be a turning
point for the better.
What would you like to say to the
reader of NMM?
Stay tuned for more at my web-
site I plan on
debuting a new ftness routine and
my physique is always a work in
progress. My schedule is posted on
my site together with lots of behind
the scenes stuff too.
What else do you want the read-
ers to know about you?
I have succeeded and failed many
times over the years, but ftness has
always been my outlet. Take care
of yourself and you will be able
to be there for others whether it is
as a co-worker, a friend, a mother,
or wife.
If you had a magic wand and
could instantly change some-
thing about your life, what would
it be?
I wish I could clean the house
faster. Being a perfectionist is great
when it comes to training and com-
petition prep, but when it comes to
cleaning my house, being perfect takes too long.
Tell me something about you that I don’t know?
My middle name is Dulce, meaning “sweet” in Span-
To contact Coach A:
703 450-1658
To view Coach A’s Digital Portfolio:
2 Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008 *Whencombinedwithincreasedexerciseandareducedcaloriediet. Useonlyasadietarysupplement.Thesestatementshavenot beenevaluatedbytheFDA.Thisproduct isnot intendedtodiagnose, treat, cureor prevent anydisease. * Snickersisaregisteredtrademarkof MarsIncorporated.
Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008 Natural Muscle March 2008

What is The New Forty?
t is not being 0 and “looking” 0, or even being 0
and “looking” 0. That’s just window dressing. And,
who likes doing windows?
The New Forty is about being authentic, being a
wife, being a mother, being a friend, being a sister, being
a business owner and still being sexy!
Its about creating a balance in your everyday routine
so that YOU have time to enjoy the things you love the
The New Forty is an attitude. It’s a state of mind.
It’s about respecting that you are 0, and loving it! Re-
member that body you had at 2? Well, you can have a
better body now. Remember all the energy and vitality
you had years ago? You can get it back. The great thing
is, you now have the poise and practicality ... to put that
energy to good use.
“Getting lean, strong and healthy just makes me feel
better. And that makes every day better.” GO
Can the 0s and beyond, be the best years of your
life? You bet!
Over a decade ago, I was 0 years old, and looked
out into my future. I didn’t like what society was telling
me -- “You have had kids, you are in your 0’s, and you
can never have the body you did when you were 20!”
Was that true? Did a slowing metabolism and busy
schedule mean those days of good looks and great health
were pretty much behind me? Or was my future going to
include buying stretch jeans and big dresses? Did I have
to be sensible but not sexy?
More than 10 years have passed and I, along with
others, have more than ended that myth. It is just not true.
Take it from me, turning 0, rocks!
Getting there is one thing. Staying there is another.
So, what’s my driving force today?
I think the number 0, often termed the BIG -0, can
be intimidating. It’s often thought of as a milestone, or, a
checkpoint of sorts. Maybe it’s seen as a halfway point,
with the best half behind. Some people say that “If you
haven’t done it by now, you can forget it.”
Well, let me be the one to banish that excuse for
With age comes wisdom, confdence and a healthy
body if you chose. As they say, I have never been so
comfortable in my own skin. And that doesn’t just mean
rockin’ out a tiny bikini. Would you even shop for a little
bikini these days? It’s fun.
I enjoy life now in a way I never did in my 20’s
or 0’s. My NEW motivation is to be an example to all
the people out there, who might have gotten too busy to
realize, that life in their 0s and beyond can and really
should be better than ever!
You can embark on new things, its never too late, and
you can be successful at them! After all, you deserve to be
happy and fulflled at this stage of life. Think of all you’ve
been through to get here. It’s time to have a blast!
So, what is The New Forty? It could be you!
Jill 42
“The New Forty” is about
being authentic, being a
wife and mother, friend
and sister, and still being
Julie 42
Since I’ve reached 0, pres-
ently 2, life for me has be-
come a peaceful reality that
anything is possible with
Nancy 44
I have found conf-
dence, self aware-
ness, and a sense
of well being that I
didn’t have before.
These really are the
best years of my
Suzanne 42
With age comes wisdom, confdence
and a healthy body-if you want it!

Laurie 40
The new forty is feeling free to reveal
your true beauty to the world and
to give yourself permission to be a
knockout at any age...
Natural Muscle March 2008 8 Natural Muscle March 2008
Natural Muscle March 2008
Meltdown Science: Combines the synergistic fat
burning power of beta andrenergic agonists (Meth-
ylSynephrine) and alpha andrenergic antagonists
(Yohimbine HCl, alpha-Yohimbine and 11-Hydroxy
Yohimbine). In simpler terms it activates fat burn-
ing mechanisms in your body while simultaneously
blocking the internal biochemistry that prevents you
from burning fat by guarding one of the body’s key
fat burning hormones called Norepinephrine (NE).
When fat burning is both promoted and protected at
the same time we call this effect “synergistic”. So,
instead of 9 (activation factor) + 8 (protection fac-
tor) equaling 17 on the fat burning scale, this syner-
gistic combination has a geometric effect of 72!
Synergistic Tri-Matrix

Yohimbine HCl, 11-Hydroxy & Alpha
Yohimbine 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine
11-hyrdoxy Yohimbine is the active metabolite of
Yohimbine. Research indicates that 11-hydroxy
Yohimbine has a potent alpha-2 adrenergic recep-
tor affinity that significantly increases lipid me-
tabolism. 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine exhibits a 10 fold
increase in the binding ability to alpha-2 adrener-
gic receptors. The half-life of 11-hydroxy Yohim-
bine is approximately 8 to 11 hours compared to
Yohimbine’s two hour half-life. 11-Hydroxy Yohim-
bine offers definite advantage over Yohimbine in
alpha-2 adrenergic receptors binding affinity and
the longer half life in blood. The body converts
Yohimbine to 11-hydroxy metabolite in the liver.
Consequently, it is Meltdown’s unique Yohimbine
Tri-Matrix that works synergistically to increase
unmatched norepinephrine-induced fat burning in
both potency and duration of action.
Methyl Synephrine (MS) -- as previously men-
tioned MS is a beta-3 AA just like real Clenbuterol!
The powerful fat loss agent, 11-Hydroxy Yohim-
bine is of great interest here because regular Yo-
himbine yields a roughly 32% increase in the fat
burning hormone, NE. Compare this to 11-Hydroxy
Yohimbine that yields an even more impressive
research proven 56% increase in the potent fat
burning hormone, NE. We are only now just study-
ing how the combination of the other Yohimbine
compounds in Meltdown work in concert to in-
crease NE even further. With the combined effect
of alpha-Yohimbine and 11-hydroxy Yohimbine
contained in Meltdown blocking both alpha-1 and
alpha-2 receptors, my hypothesis is that we are
looking at a 81%+ increase in NE!
The magnificence of a beta-3 Andrenergic Agonist
lies in it’s ability to burn fat without causing anxiety
like its chemical cousin, ephedrine which a beta-2
Andrenergic Agonist.

The active Methyl PEA isomer, R-beta Methylphe-
nylehtylamine – found botanically in nature and found
also in chocolate is a simpler form called PEA has been
called the love compound. Think of Meltdown’s R-beta
Methylphenylehtylamine as the love compound in over-
drive dramatically enhancing the sexual experience and
many other aspects of fat loss and is trademarked by
VPX as Craving Control
and Mind Control Matrix

its potent ability to shut down appetite and eliminate
carbohydrate cravings.
MTTA is another really impressive research proven
compound that causes apoptosis or systematic
death to fat cells.
Meltdown is also designed to increase mental clarity
and mood with minimal jitteriness while burning fat at
an unprecedented rate.
*When combined with increased exercise and a reduced calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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