“Training program of Xtracare pump attendants and Sale of Lubricants”


Shalini Srivastava Roll no: 215109027 MBA 2009-2011 National Institute of Technology, Trichy

I would like to take an opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all those who extended their whole-hearted support and help to me throughout this project and enabled me to give the project its present shape.

I am thankful to Asstt.Prof. Thamareselvan my project mentor at “National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli” who extended his valuable suggestions and encouragement that was required to complete this project.










Mr.Najmi(CRSM),Mr.Vigyan Kumar(SDRSM) & specially Mr.Sunil Vikram Singh(AM-RS ), my project guide for his guidance and support throughout my training at Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Marketing Division,Lucknow. His calm demeanor and willingness to teach has been a great help in my successfully completing the project. My learning has been immeasurable and working under him was a great experience.

I am also thankful to staff and worker of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, UP State –I (Marketing Division), Lucknow for their amicable behavior.

Shalini Srivastava Roll No. 215109027 Batch 2009 – 2011

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This is to certify that Shalini Srivastava has developed and implemented the Project work entitled “Training program of Xtracare pump attendants and Sale of Lubricants” under my guidance at Indian Oil Corporation Limited during the period 10th May,2010 to for partial completion of MBA from

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,TRICHY. The project has been completed successfully to our satisfaction and her conduct during the tenure of the project was good. For: “Indian Oil Corporation Limited”,

Name: Mr. Sunil Vikram Singh Designation: Deputy Retail Sales Manager Company‟s Name : Indian Oil Corporation Limited

India is the sixth largest consumer of oil. There exists a huge gap between the demand and supply of oil and gas in India. The country imports more than 70% of its crude oil requirements. The oil and gas industry is broadly classified into Upstream, Midstream and Downstream segments. Midstream operations are usually included in the downstream category.

The upstream sector, also known as the exploration and production (E & P) sector, is concerned with the search for potential underground or underwater oil and gas fields, the drilling of exploratory wells, and subsequently operating in the wells that recover and bring the crude oil and/or raw natural gas to the surface.

DOWNSTREAM SECTOR: The downstream sector includes oil
refineries, petrochemical plants, petroleum product distribution, retail outlets and natural gas distribution companies.




was formed in 1964 with the merger of Indian Refineries Ltd..2 IOCL Logo . 40. (established 1958). Fig.4% refining capacity and 69% downstream sector pipelines capacity in India. IndianOil and its subsidiaries account for 49% petroleum products market share. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.INTRODUCTION INDIAN OIL: How did it originate? Beginning in 1959 as Indian Oil Company Ltd.

337 crore.950 crore for 2008-09. is India's largest company by sales with a turnover IndianOil has since grown over 3000 times with a sales turnover of Rs. the highest–ever for an Indian company. it moved up 11 places. making it the highest ranked Indian company in the list.074 crore and profit of Rs. From a fledgling company with a net worth of just Rs. 271. of Rs.38 million tonnes valued at Rs.221 crore for the year 200910. . Consistently improving its position in the Fortune 'Global 500' listings.1st September 2009.18 crore and sales of 1. and was ranked 105th in 2009. celebrated its Golden Jubilee during 30th June . Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. IndianOil's vision is driven by a group of dynamic leaders who have made it a name to reckon with. 285. 78 crore in the year 1965. 45. 10. and a net profit of Rs. 2.ABOUT IOCL: India‟s flagship national oil company and downstream petroleum major. It is also the 18th largest petroleum company in the world.

. It has a refining capacity of 60.2 million metric tons per annum (MMTPA). it is also into many other businesses related to crude oil. Although the Core business of Indian Oil is refineries.BUSINESS MODEL of IOCL CRUDE INDIAN OIL CORPORATION REFINING PIPELINES RESEARCH AND DESIGN MARKETING FUEL/PETROLEUM PRODUCT PETRO CHEMICALS GAS Figure 3: BUSINESS MODEL OF IOCL The major businesses of Indian Oil are in the fields of  Refining  Pipelines  Marketing  Research and Development  Petrochemicals Indian Oil is the largest refinery in India.

. Indian Oil also caters to its large volume consumer segment by providing them complete Fuel Management Solutions. Thus it does not outsource this pipelining rather maintains a very efficient system across the country for transporting its crude oil to its various refineries.Indian oil procures its crude oil from the countries in Middle East and Africa. evaluation of catalysts and additives. Indian Oil has a strong R&D support which continuously works on the product quality improvement. health assessment of catalysts. It also produces petroleum product for specific applications such as feed stock for chemical industry and solid fuels. It not only refines the crude oil but also its pipelines network is very strong from nearly 9300km in length and 61.72 MMTPA in capacity. The marketing and distribution network of Indian Oil is very strong with around 34000 marketing touch points and its petrol/diesel stations spread across the country. LPG and natural gas pipelines are part of several new pipelines and branch lines being laid by IOCL. It has also launched initiatives in the field of exploiting alternative sources of energy like hydrogen and Biofuel. The tank ages of Indian Oil are strategically located across the country and are custom-designed to maintain low-cost supplies that can be rapidly transported through a sophisticated supply-chain management system. It has also identified transportation of gas through pipeline as a new growth area with gas discoveries getting reported from various parts of the country. Such petroleum products which are used for specific processes are called „Petrochemical and Specialties (P&S) Product‟. material failure analysis. It has proper storage and dedicated facilities for its customers who have bulk requirements. Indian Oil‟s refineries are designed to make such P&S products. troubleshooting and in improving overall efficiency of operations. Its marketing efforts have made its brand recognized not only nationally but also internationally.

numbering over 17. It reaches Indane cooking gas to the doorsteps of over 50 million households in nearly 2. has an overall market share of nearly 20% and commands a 32% market share in aviation fuelling business. Its oil terminal at Trincomalee is also Sri Lanka's largest petroleum storage facility. interventions like retail automation. IOML has commissioned the first ISO-9001 product-testing laboratory in Mauritius. It operates a modern petroleum bulk storage terminal at Mer Rouge port. apart from its bunkering business. IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd. IndianOil's ISO-9002 certified Aviation Service commands over 62% market share in aviation fuel business.Indian Oil operates the largest and the widest network of petrol & diesel stations in the country. IndianOil has set up subsidiaries in Sri Lanka. The Corporation also enjoys a dominant share of the bulk consumer business. . meeting the fuel needs of domestic and international flag carriers. agricultural and marine sectors. and is simultaneously scouting for new opportunities in the energy markets of Asia and Africa. Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). private airlines and the Indian Defense Services. Lanka IOC commissioned an 18. and has a very efficient lube marketing network. including that of railways.000 Indane distributors. In addition to the ongoing expansion of retail network. vehicle tracking and marker systems have been introduced to ensure quality and quantity of petroleum products. state transport undertakings. and industrial. Lanka IOC Ltd. operates about 150 petrol & diesel stations in Sri Lanka. besides 13 petrol & diesel stations.700 markets through a network of about 5.000 tonnes per annum capacity lubricants blending plant and state-of-the-art fuels and lubricants testing laboratory at Trincomalee during 2007-08 besides commencing bunkering business. To safeguard the interest of the valuable customers.600.

lubricants. Thus transportation within country is much more efficient. Chennai and Bongaigaon are owned by its subsidiary Indian Oil Technologies Ltd. Indian oil does not have any refineries along the west coast thus the crude oil which is imported from Africa has to be transported through Chennai or the Narimanam port. but it is also into making non fuel products like waxes. in India its pipeline network is very strong. Indian Oil does not only produces fossil fuels like petrol. The crude oil is transformed to petroleum at the refineries. has commenced blending SERVO lubricants and arketing petroleum products and lubricants in the Middle East. 101 aviation fuel stations and 89 Indane (LPGas) bottling plants. IOC Middle East FZE. These sales points are backed for supplies by 166 bulk storage terminals and depots. The petroleum product thus produced reaches out to the millions of consumers through the countrywide network of Indian Oil of about 34000 sales points. It has refineries located in strategic positions in the country. Then this crude oil is sent to its various refineries across the country. where it is transformed into various products. After the crude oil is imported it is sent to the various refineries. Thus. various kinds of oils and different chemicals. Also. . Africa and CIS countries. diesel.The Corporation's UAE subsidiary. which oversees business expansion in the Middle East. through its wide network of pipelines. This crude oil it imports through shipping and does not has any pipelines for the purpose of importing. 7100 bulk consumer pumps are in operation for the convenience of large consumers. LPG etc. Refineries at Narimanam. However. Though it does not have a good pipeline network for importing. SUPPLY CHAIN OF INDIAN OIL: Indian Oil imports crude oil from several countries in Africa and Middle East.

it enables its bulk consumers to ensure a smooth supply of product and inventory. it has refineries located near sea ports as it imports crude oil through shipping.1 Vision and Values . VISION AND MISSION OF IOCL: Chart 1. Also. it has its refineries located at strategic locations so as to minimize transportation costs etc. Indian Oil has a vast experience in the operating of refineries.

• To foster a culture of participation and innovation for employee growth and contribution.Vision: A major diversified. Reliance Petroleum and Essar Oil. Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum. •To help enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environment conscience. integrated energy company. value and satisfaction for the stakeholders. trans-national. like Indian Oil Corporation. Mission: • To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of energy and diversified business with focus on customer delight through value of products and services. There are two private competitors. and cost reduction. Both are state-controlled. • To cultivate high standards of business ethics and Total Quality Management for a strong corporate identity and brand equity. adopting and assimilating state-of-the-art technology for competitive advantage. COMPETITORS: Indian Oil Corporation has two major domestic competitors. . • To maximize creation of wealth. playing a national role in oil security & public distribution. • To attain leadership in developing. • To provide technology and services through sustained Research and Development. with national leadership and a strong environment conscience.

E & P Companies RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD. NRL Centre for High Technology OIL INDIA LIMITED MRPL HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM PCRA Pvt.1 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas UPSTREAM Exploration and Production DOWNSTREAM Refining and Marketing INDUSTRY BODIES ONGC Indian Oil Bharat Petroleum Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell OVL IBP.CHART 2. BRPL KRL. Oil & Gas Marketing Oil Industry Safety Directorate Petroleum India International Engineers India Ltd. Director General of Hydrocarbon . GAIL Gas Transportation & Petrochem PETRO FED Other Private Cos. CPCL.


They are backed for supplies by 166 bulk storage terminals and depots. Similarly XTRAMILE Diesel. During the year 2007-08.3% during the year. 1 brand status.IOCL also launched similar product in order to defend its leadership position. XTRAPREMIUM registered a whopping 89% growth in sales over the previous year to emerge as the country's leader in the branded petrol segment. India's largest lubricant brand.The market was opened for the foreign players and the economy changed from closed to open. b) Expansion of the total market :As the flagship national oil company in the downstream sector. saw a sales growth of 65% over the last year. Indian Oil reaches precious petroleum products to millions of people every day through a countrywide network of about 34. About 7.100 bulk consumer pumps are also in operation for the convenience of large .000 sales points.4% volume growth during the year and retained its No.MARKETER’S PERSPECTIVE: Indian Oil follows the typical competitive strategies for a market leader by a) Defending its market share : BPCL was the first to launch differentiated product . XTRAPOWER Fleet Card usage went up by 26% and earned the recognition as the largest Loyalty Programme on the basis of sales turnover at the recently concluded Loyalty Summit 2008.INDIAN OIL AS A LEADER. In fact. During the year around Rs 10. the Numero Uno in the branded diesel segment. The Indian petroleum market was never the same again after 1991. It was a kind of Counteroffensive Defense. every brand in Indian Oil‟s portfolio further consolidated its leadership status. 101 aviation fuel stations and 89 Indane (LPG) bottling plants. In Aviation Fuel Business too Indian Oil retained its market share of 62.000 crore worth of fuels were transacted using the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card. SERVO registered a 4.

and industrial. ensuring products and inventory. state transport undertakings. including that of railways.700 markets through a network of about 5. The Corporation also enjoys a dominant share of the bulk consumer business. It reaches Indane cooking gas to the doorsteps of over 50 million households in nearly 2.consumers.Essar. Indian Oil operates the largest and the widest network of petrol & diesel stations in the country. agricultural and marine sectors. numbering over 17. meeting the fuel needs of domestic and international flag carriers. private airlines and the Indian Defence Services. Market Share of OMCs in India Private players (Reliance.600. Indian Oil's ISO-9002 certified Aviation Service commands over 62% market share in aviation fuel business. Shell) 19% Other PSUs 2% IOCL 44% HPCL 16% BPCL 19% Graph: Market Share of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in India .000 Indane distributors.

Besides having a dominant market share. The composite cylinder will have 10.FUTURE OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPANY: To enhance availability of domestic LPG cylinders. Indian Oil is widely recognized as India‟s dominant energy brand and . the value of the IndianOil brand is not just limited to its commercial role as an energy provider but straddles the entire value chain of gamut of exploration & production. IOC.PRODUCTS Indian Oil is not only the largest commercial enterprise in the country it is the flagship corporate of the Indian Nation. However.AC Nielsen survey. IndianOil is a national brand owned by over a billion Indians and that is a priceless value. In addition. PET and FRP. Indian Oil is also pioneering the launch of new generation composite LPG cylinders using materials like HDPE. transportation & marketing.5 kg of LPG and nearly 2 lakh such composite cylinders are proposed to be imported on an industry basis in the first phase and test marketing will be undertaken by Indian Oil in Bangalore this year INDIAN OIL. petrochemicals & natural gas and downstream marketing operations abroad. an independent consultancy that deals with valuation of brands.A NATIONAL BRAND: IndianOil has been adjudged India's No. It was also listed as India's 'Most Trusted Brand' in the 'Gasoline' category in a Readers' Digest . refining. IndianOil topped The Hindu Businessline's "India's Most Valuable Brands" list. 1 brand by UK-based Brand Finance.

global brand at another level. IOC SERVICES: IndianOil provides a wide range of marketing services and consultancy in fuel handling. IndianOil Aviation and XtraRewards cash customer loyalty programme. These brands are widely recognized as pioneering brands in the petroleum retail segment. XtraMile Branded Diesel. Our project teams have . Autogas LPG. The Retail Brand template of IOC consists of XtraCare(Urban). IndianOil‟s leadership extends to its energy brands . storage and fuel/lube technical services. reliability and service remains the core benefits to our customers. SERVO Lubricants. distribution.Indane LPG.customers perceive Indian Oil as a reliable symbol for high quality products and services. Swagat(Highway) and Kisan Seva Kendras(Rural). at every level ensuring the trust of over a billion Indians over the last four decades. IndianOil is a heritage and iconic brand at one level and a contemporary. While quality. With a formidable bank of technical and engineering talent. Our continued emphasis is on providing fuel management solutions to customers who can then benefit from our expertise in efficient sourcing and least cost supplies keeping in mind their usage patterns and inventory management. XtraPower Fleet Card. IndianOil is fully equipped to handle small to large-scale infrastructural projects in the petroleum downstream sector anywhere in the country. Quantity and Service to world-class standards is a philosophy that Indian Oil adheres to so as to ensure that customers get a truly global experience in India. Benchmarking Quality. our stringent checks are built into operating systems. XtraPremium Branded Petrol.

LPG bottling plants. steel. which includes. filling plants. retail business (non-fuel alliances) and SERVO technical services. IndianOil Aviation Service. fertiliser. textile mills. IndianOil's supply and distribution network is strategically located across the country linked through a customized supply chain system backed by front offices located in conceivably every single town of consequence. etc. pipelines. Marketing Division is illustrated in this section. amongst others. IndianOil's fuel management system to bulk customers offer customized solutions that deliver least cost supplies keeping in mind usage patterns and inventory levels. Cutting edge systems and processes are designed around one simple belief-to provide valuable customers with an unbeatable edge in their business. The wide network of services offered by IndianOil. DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS AND BRANDS: BRANDED PRODUCTS:     XtraPremium Petrol XtraMile Diesel IndaneLPG SERVOLubricants BRANDED SERVICES :  KisanSevaKendra . terminals. A wide network of lubricant and fuel testing laboratories are available at major installations which is further backed by sector-wise expertise in the core sectors of power. LPG Business (non-fuel alliances).independently or jointly as a consortium. loyalty programs. commercial/reticulated LPG. aviation fuel stations. total fuel management/ consumer pumps. have set up depots. gas plants.

 XtraCare Outlets IOCL BRANDS: .

BPCL is that of 27% which is a big difference. Indian Oil has an extensive network of petrol pumps in the city of Lucknow. The difference between Indian Oil and its next follower i.In Lucknow Indian Oil is the market leader both in the sales of MS (Motor Spirit) and HSD (High Speed Diesel).e. Second comes BPCL followed by HPCL. Indian Oil leads the market by a majority share of 55% in total of MS and HSD sales. Graphically the market share of the three major OMCs (Oil Marketing Company) in Lucknow can be shown as: Market Share IOCL+IBP BPCL HPCL 17% 28% 55% Graph 1: Market Share of the three major OMCs in the main city of Lucknow .

Data can be either is collected through census method or through random sampling method. as I have to gather data about the customer‟s satisfaction index and market position of the organization. as it exits at present.. Its major purpose is description of state of affairs. IBP and COCO. at Lucknow district only. It also aims to determine the sale of lubricants for which campaigns were conducted at different indian oil retail outlets. I used my data for comparing and analysing the sale of lubricants. so my research is descriptive one. . As I collected my data from various Retail Outlets of IOCL like IOC.PROJECT SYNOPSIS: INTRODUCTION: The purpose of the project is to study the TRAINING PROGRAM BEING CONDUCTED BY INDIAN OIL FOR ITS PUMP ATTENDANTS OF XTRACARE PUMPS and also THE SALE OF LUBRICANTS. In my case only random sampling method was useful. The project aims to find out weather the pump attendants are beign properly trained or not and also to see the changes as a result of this program. so my research is also analytical. DATA COLLECTION: My research project is descriptive as well as analytical one. Descriptive research includes surveys and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds of customers from IOCL Retail Outlets. On the other hand.

PRIMARY RESEARCH: A primary research was conducted. Services and Facilities given by the IOCL on their Retail Outlets. During this period. The questionnaires were developed for customers of IOCL‟s Retail Outlets and in these questionnaire‟s covered all the Products. products name. SECONDARY RESEARCH: Data was collected from Websites and Catalogues to get information about the Services and Facilities of IOCL‟s Retail Outlets. vision and mission etc. The questions asked were highly structure one and objective type. I spent time on knowing about the company and its market share. 2. STAGE TWO: . RESEARCH PROCESS : STAGE ONE: Formulation of Research Objective In the first week. I attended the training program for PUMP ATTENDANTS OF XTRACARE PUMPS. quality.For the collection of data a questionnaire was framed which was to be filled by End customers. RESEARCH DESIGN: A two stage research was conducted. 1. services.

Simple statistical tools such as percentage. annual reports and other literatures available. the next step to meet the different customers of different Retail Outlets of IOCL where the campainging for lubricants is beign conducted. The data was collected by personal interview as per questionnaire prepared. STAGE FIVE: Analyze the data The data collected was then classified and analyzed. . graph etc were used to analyze and interpret. . STAGE THREE: Desk research Then I spent time on preparing a report on the training program of pump attendants wherein I had to suggest ways of improvement and formulating questionnaire to determine the impact of lubricants campainging on the sale of lubricants. I enhanced my understanding about the company. STAGE FOUR: Fieldwork After data was prepared. STAGE SIX: Interpretation of data and preparation of report To explain and summaries the finding of the study interpretation was done and finally the report was prepared.Extensive literature survey With the help of various websites.

Availability of Complain Registers for complain and the feedback of the customers 8. IOCL also introduced all India toll-free number for customer feedback 11. which feels the customers comfortable and happy. SERVICES AND FACILITIES OF IOCL IN RETAIL OUTLET : 1. 9. Check and Fill Facility 2. Air Filling Facility 4. Sales Officer‟s phone number for direct touch with company 10. Forecourt Services viz. Availability of Lubricants in every Retail outlets 6. . Oil check. SMS/IVRS facility for booking LPG refills 12. Drinking Water Facility 5. Cleanliness and well maintain of Retail Outlets And many other services which is provided by IOCL. Coolant check.XTRACARE PUMPS OF INDIAN OIL: This is yet another initiative taken by Indian Oil to enhances its services and maintain good customer relationship. Credit Card Facilities/ Swiping machines 3. Toilet Facility 7. Water check. Wind screen cleaning. etc.

It was a 19 days program where Mr Gaurav Upadhyay from Stanc Media & Entertainment Ltd was involved in training pumps attendants of 22 Xtra care pumps from 10‟o clock in the morning to 5‟o clock in the evening. offer them water and cater to their needs like air check service and wiper service to their vehicle. Each pump attendant must be knowledgeable regarding the operational activities at the pump. . Each batch comprised of 24 participants and along with training they are also provided with lunch and tea. They were strictly instructed to wear the proper uniform and also that the logo of Xtra care must be present on their shirts and caps.REPORT ON THE TRAINING PROGRAM BEING CONDUCTED FOR THE PUMP ATTENDANTS OF XTRACARE RETAIL OUTLETS: IOCL conducted a training program for the pump attendants of Xtra care petrol pumps. In this particular training the topics that were dealt with are:  Personal hygiene  Forecourt and etiquettes  Operation and maintenance  Product push and its importance  Forecourt service step In personal hygiene these participants were made aware of its importance. Building customer relationship and attracting more customers is one of the purpose of this training program. For this they were made to understand that should always greet their customers. This kind of session is conducted 3 times in a year for the pump attendants as well as for the pump dealers. These participants were also trained about how to maintain the dispensary units and the tankers. They were taught the basic terminologies with respect to the petrol pumps.

reconfirm how much they require and show them the meter reading as zero.  He should be asked for water. While dealing with the topic of forecourt service step.  Inform them about the other products.  Provide additional facilities like air check and wiper service. Hence the product sale will increase. .  Before filling petrol/disel.  Greet the customer.  Participants learnt how to maintain the pump. In the last hour of the session.  Ask whether they require a bill. it is crucial to sell all the products.  It also enabled attendants from other pumps to interact with each other. For the better understanding of participants they were shown pictures and videos too demonstrating activities at the pump. the participants were given complete instructions regarding proceed when a customer arrives. They were made to realize the importance of informing each customer about the products offered by Indian to To maintain an edge over the competitors. the participants were made to perform all the activities that they were taught and their flaws were corrected by the instructor. BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAM:  The etiquettes taught will lead to customer satisfaction.  A customer tends to believe if a pump attendant advices him regarding the kind of fuel they should prefer. The participants were firstly given the information regarding each product and then were told about its utility that they should convey to the customers.

.  It should be made mandatory that no employee must indulge themselves in any kind of bad eating and drinking activities. Therefore regular health check-up facilities should be provided to these people because they remain exposed to dust. pollution.RECOMMENDATIONS:  The attendants must be given some training before he is actually appointed specially regarding how to control accidental situations.  Go green concept is being adapted by most of the companies these days.  They should be given some Basic English learning training so that they may deal with ease with the customers from other states and countries. Therefore the employees must be made to understand its importance and each pump should plant as many plants as possible and these people must learn to take care of them too. sun rays and petroleum particles for a long period of time.  It is necessary to make an employee feel a part of the company so that he works towards its success. This will in return be helpful in keeping them healthy.

the crude oil is refined into gasoline. lubricants also play a role in cooling. A lubricant is a blend of base oils and performance-enhancing additive as required by engine. what the main function of lubricants is and why we use lubricants. diesel. These are the question. Advanced lubricants have been developed by IOC to improve engine efficiency.REPORT ON SERVO 4T CAMPAIGNING: Very few vehicle owners know what lubricants are. gearbox and other applications areas. kerosene. Lucknow Marketing Division started a campaigning program to increase the sale of its lubricant servo 4T at its retail outlet. APPLICATION: . thus resulting in lower wear and tear. which never comes in our mind. At the refinery. IOCL. LPG. In many machines. This oil is blended from high viscosity index base stocks and contains additives to meet the stated performance standards. Lubricants are used to reduce friction between moving parts. ABOUT SERVO 4T: DESCRIPTION: Servo 4T is high performance engine oil for 4 stroke 2/3 wheelers. Liquid lubricants are most commonly used. This base stock is further processed. blended and strengthened with required properties to make different kind of lubricants. rust prevention and help to avoid deposition of solids between closely fitting parts. and base stock (Lube).

ºC. COC.  Higher fuel efficiency. Min Pour Point.5 110 200 (-) 21 9. Viscosity @ 100ºC. Max TBN.5 – 15.0 .  Potential oil drain period of 5000 Kms.5 – 11. scooters and auto rickshaws.Servo 4T is recommended for new generation 4 stroke motorcycles. mg KOH/gm 20W-40 13. ºC. Min.  Enhanced engine life. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS:  Maximum power output. CHARACTERISTICS : SAE GRADE Kin.  Outstanding overall engine cleanliness. cSt Viscosity Index. Flash Point.  Excellent wear protection at high temperatures and severe operating conditions.  Superior performance in terms of oxidation stability.

Lucknow SSR pump. lucknow Around 20 bottles of Servo 4T were being displayed during the campaign and a machine for cleaning the engine of vehicles. 4. R.K. should himself have sufficient knowledge about the product. He should be able to sell a specified number of bottles each day for which he may be provided some incentives and penalised for not fulfilling the target.B. . 2. 5. The aim is to increase the sale of Servo 4T and create awareness among the customers. HAL. Jiamau. Jankipuram. Also a person is there to inform all the customers visiting the pump about this product. Lucknow COCO Gomti Nagar.K. In order to make him work efficiently. Lucknow Agarwal Brothers. 3. Lucknow Sachan Filling Station. Munshi Pulia. SUGGESTED WAYS TO INCREASE THE SALE OF LUBRICANTS: The person appointed for informing the customers about the product.The campaigning has been conducted at the following retail outlets: 1. Secondly he should be one with good communication skills so that he may be able to inform better and convince the customers in purchasing the product. a target should be set.

the customers were asked to fill in a questionnaire.The main problem witnessed during campaigning is that the customers do not give sufficient time. Questionnaire for customers: 1. SALE OF LUBRICANTS: To datermine the impact of lubricants compaiging on the sale of SERVO. For how long have you been using this particular brand? a) 0-2 years . Another way can be increasing the visibility. We can observe the retention ratio for one week and see the results. Which brand of lubricant do you prefer? a) Servo b) Castrol c) Mak d) Pennzoil c) Shell d) Others 2. The pump where the campaign is going on and at other important landmarks we can create awareness among the customers by the use of hoardings and banners. To tackle this problem we may distribute pamphlets highlighting the advantages of Servo4T.

who takes the decision? a) You b) Mechanic c) As recommended by the manufacturer .b) 2-5 years c) Above 5 years 3. Which factor influences you in using a particular brand? a) Price b) Quality c) Incentive price d) Free gifts e) Belief in brand image f) Advertising g) Others 4. . Would you like to switch to Servo brand? a) Yes b) No The data collected was later analysed and thus SALE OF LUBRICANTS was determined. 5. While purchasing lubricating oil.

are also ISO 9002 certified ensures that SERVO lubricants meet international standards Servo has an excellent spread to meet the requirement of various automotive. is also India‟s first in the petroleum industry to have received the ISO ())! Accreditation. 55 billion comprising approximately one million metric tones of lubricants. industrial. marine. SERVO also has a formidable marketing reach. industrial and marine industries. SERVO has a notable presence in the highly competitive markets of the UAE. Our well-equipped R&D center at Faridabad.1 lubricants brand not only in terms of sales but also in terms of quality and range. aviation and railroad applications . Bangladesh and Mauritius. battle tanks of the Indian Army and the latest guided missile destroyers of the Indian Navy. Chennai and grease plant at Vashi which produce SERVO. thanks to its exclusive network of nearly 16. In India. SERVO offers a staggering range of lubricants for the automobile. Servo has a range of over 470 grades of lubricants-oil and greases. Another testimony to Servo‟s reliability and quality is its extensive use by heavy-duty trucks. Nepal.It is India‟s largest selling lubricants brand and enjoys approvals from major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM‟s) including new generation cars.SERVO has completed mare than 30 years serving the lubrication needs of the Indian industry. Sri Lanka. These include six lubricant blending plants and a grease manufacturing plant – all of which are ISO accredited. Calcutta. This together with the fact that our lube blending plants at Mumbai. SERVO is the unquestioned leader. Malaysia. with a 42% share in a market estimated at Rs. The company‟s aggressive marketing and advertising thrust together with stateof the-art packaging has enabled SERVO to emerge as a truly global brand from .600 outlets/stockists and thousands of other multi-brand Lube Bazaar shops. perhaps one of Asia‟s most advanced. Servo‟s fundamental strength is its extensive spread of production units and distribution bases across the country. It is the lubricant of choice for most of the latest international automobiles that have been launched on the Indian roads. SERVO is India‟s No.

turbine oils. Daewoo Cielo. ACHIEVEMENTS: SERVO‟s striking achievement is a steadily rising customer approval for its products in India. Fiat Uno or the Maruti family. gear oils. is a new generation . gear and transmission oils. grocery shops and engine oil tie-ups with leading international automobile manufacturers. On its part. APSRTC. PRODUCTS: SERVO primarily caters to three segments: automotive. coolants and brake fluids and automotive greases. SERVO is also meeting the lubricants requirements of the Indian defence forces. diesel engine oils. SERVO serves them all.India. Opel Astra. Whether it is Hyundai Santro. which cater to these sectors. IOC is a major supplier to auto original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Tata Motors. and RSRTC etc. too. compressor oils and stern tube oils. SERVO provides more than 350 lubricants and greases to the industrial segment. The widespread popularity cuts across various customer segments and automobile user communities. Mitsubishi Lancer. This includes marine engine oils. has a broad range of products to choose from. Maruti and state transport undertaking like BEST. The products for the automotive sector include 2T/4T oils. SERVO 2T Supreme. SERVO woos and wins its retail customers with a seductive combination of vehicle service. There are more than 450 different grades of lubes and oils. industrial and marine. The marine sector. Hyundai. Mahindra & Mahindra. Notable among automobile products. gasoline engine oils. hydraulic oils.

Indian oil‟s state of the art R&D center t Faridabad. Bajaj SERVO Gen. 2T Zoom. keeps pace with international standards.two-stroke engine oil recommended for two-stroke engines in motorbikes. one and only of ts kind. scooters. Others in the category are Kinetic Ultra 2T. Calcuttta.blending plants at Mumbai. mopeds and outboard engines. . SERVO 4T is a new generation four-stroke engine oil specially recommended for four-stroke engines in motorbikes and scooters. This is also India‟s first in the petroleum industry to have received the ISO 9002 certified lube.Chennai and Grease and at vashi of IOC ensure that SERVO lubricant produced there meet international standards.

SEGMENTATION OF AUTOMOTIVE LUBRICANTS Automotive lubricant Engine oil Gear oil Break oil Grease Coolants Engine oil Petrol engine oil Diesel engine oil Gas engine oil Vehicle 2/3 Wheeler 4 Wheeler 2-Stroke 4-Stroke MUV/SUV Cars LCV/HCV Tractors .

Daewoo Cielo. Fiat Uno or the Maruti family. Opel Astra. and enjoys a market share of 42 per cent in the industry. Incidentally. In order to increase its presence IOC has aimed at improving the image of the retail outlets. CASTROL INDIA Market Share: 22% Castrol India is the largest player in the lubricants segment. Mitsubishi Lancer. TIE UPS: Hyundai Santro. The company operates six refineries. The company has achieved an overall market share of 22 per cent in the lubricants market. an input in the manufacture of lubricants.55 t. it is one of the three companies. with a total capacity of 24. which has a refining capacity for lube oil base. Its Servo brand is the most recognized brand in the country.INDIAN LUBRICANT MARKET INDIAN OIL CORPORATION Market Share: 42% Indian Oil Corporation is the largest manufacturer of lubricants in India and is also the only Indian company to figure in Fortune‟s Global 500 list. Despite making a loss with superior industry network and superior backing of infrastructure the company sees no problem in maintaining its status as the leader in the lubricant industry. The company has seven plants in the country with a capacity of 3 lakh KL and on .

BPCL sell 125 thousand tones and aims to increase its sale volume to 250 TMT within the next two years. HPCL market now extends to countries like Nepal. and Malaysia. The company has achieved an overall market share of 22 per cent in the lubricants market The HP engine oil product rang covers 300 brands of lubricants. TIE UPS: Company has partnership with leaders like mahindra and Mahindra. thereby gaining access to a new channel of distribution. Sri Lanka. For the marketing of its lubricants it has tied up with the petrol pump chain of Reliance and Essar. BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED Market Share: 7% BPCL another strong competitors in the lube industry.the financial front too the company‟s performance has been impressive. At present. The company is also modernizing its other plants. which manufactures 150 different types of products. grease and specialties catering to the automotive as well as the industrial sector. JCB. The brand names are Milcy and Lal Ghoda. Tatas. HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED Market share:16 % HPCL is the largest player in the lubricants segment. The company has set up a new unit in Silvassa. Escorts. Bangladesh. The company offers its lubricants under the brand name “MAK” .

5 2. with operations ranging from oil exploration to retailing. The Gulf Oil plans to tap the market in the east and north-east. The company has setup its own 75000 tonne blending plant has Silvassa which blends 200 quality lubricants with international formulations. Gulf Oil India created a significant presence in a short time. and for this it has entered into an exclusive contract with the private blender.5 2 2 1 1 42 22 16 IOCL HPCL CASTROL BPCL GULF OIL TIDE WATER OIL ELF SHELL IBP PENNZOIL OTHERS LUBRICANTS MARKRT IN INDIA . On the financial front. It believes that product and packaging development to be its area of strength. MARKET SHARE IN INDIA 7 3 1. In collaboration with the Hinduja group.GULF OIL Market share: 3% Gulf Oil International was the first multinational to enter the lubricants market in India. the company‟s performance has been satisfactory. Gulf Oil has grown to be one of the largest corporations in the world.

I analyzed in the market that there were different types of lubricants users in the market. I observed that most of the customers are quality based. They don‟t want any schemes. LUBRICANTS USED BY PEOPLE: % Distribution of Lubricants used by customers during the survey others 10% mak 17% servo 33% castrol 40% . The feedback and the information I received from customers was filled in the questionnaire. Where I met different types of end customer of lubricants.RESPONSE RECEIVED : I visited many RETAIL OUTLETS in Lucknow. Most of customers are well influenced from Castrol and bp brand. Persons I met in the field they give me good response about the servo lubricants and gave me some valuable schemes.

They are well influenced from Castrol and BP product.Why Customer Use a Particular Lubricant:    people are using Castrol brand. In the market I realize that people are not aware from servo brand. Almost 70 percent of people say “yes “and 30% people say “no”. HOW MANY CUSTOMERS SWITCH TO SERVO BRAND % of customers who switch to servo brand 30% servo others 70% In market survey I found that many customers wish to use servo. then we will try to use servo. . Give good quality at low price. 50% say if you improve your quality. because of quality. The reason behind the non-awareness of servo is improper marketing and hence company must try to improve it.

It is facing competition from local brands which are easily available in the market. which was opened out completely to private and foreign companies. In urban market. he purchases duplicate lubricant.CONCLUSION: . .. whenever a customer goes to the retail shop. and then he gets confused. advertisement campaign and awareness programs. Sometimes. so servo need to Increase in activities of customer and mechanic awareness through more advertisement and mechanics meet at regular interval which helps customers to choose original product.1 lubricants brand not only in terms of sales but also in terms of quality and range. So company has to spend more on promotional schemes. There is another problem in lube industry. he is facing many brands of lubricants. The lubricants industry in India is one of the few sub-sectors of the petroleum industry. SERVO is India’s No.

pump-zone./under-recoveries-on-petroleum-products-to-beless-than-feared_100155482.mysap.moneycontrol.html   .google.html  www.indiainfoline.aspx   business.iocltech..html   www./  www.../psu-oil-marketing-firms-in-india-losing.scribd.html  www../Hike-in-petrolium-product-prices-in-India  www.html   www.html  www.BIBLIOGRAPHY:  Petroleum.ibef.iocl.prlog./   IOCL Manual    www.

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