NAME: Akshay Ashok Bhor.

DIV: Core B
SUB: Business Environment (Assignment)


Executive Summary
PADUKA Sandles Company oI India Pvt Ltd is manuIacturing and supply oI
Iootwear , both wholesaler and retail. As a world wide organization we recognize
we have an impact on the environment and the community. We shall continue to
strive to reduce that impact on the commitment to managing our responsibilities in
relation to land Iill
The major packaging material used is cardboard and paper, we are currently
recycling material and we will continue to explore new options and opportunities
to increase this in the Iuture.

History Of PADUKA Sandles Company of INDIA :-
The PADUKASandles Organization is India`s largest manuIacturer and vendor oI
Iootwear. Operations spam the more than 4 companies in the INDIA and 2
companies are set up in the international
These include tanneries, sandles Iactories, engineering plants production sandles
machinery and moulds, product development; qualities control laboratories, and
2020 retail stores in India plus more than 5000 Independent retail.
More than 8500 people are employed throughout in the India and 1200 people are
employed throughout the world. Producing and selling approximately 50,000,000
pair oI pairs oI Iootwear each year. An additional 80,000 people and their Iamilies
depend on jobs created in support services PADUKAoperation.
The PADUKA Sandles Company started as a Iamily business in was then
transIormed into domestic organization in India at the beginning oI the oI 20

century and in 2005 it make international, when it later transIerred it headquarter to
Mumbai. PADUKA has sold more than 10 billion pairs oI sandles since 1930 The
PADUKA Sandles Company in India is registered as a qualitative endorsed
company complying with ISO 9001.

Keys to Success
The key to success is to meet the demand Ior an upscale people`s sandles store
with a wide selection and Iocused customer attention.
To create a product-based retail store whose primary goal is to exceed customer's
To develop a start-up business, surviving oII oI its own cash Ilow.
To conIidently one day export our sandles all over the world.

To have a well known reputation Ior high quality and design.

PADUKAmission is to provide Eugene with an upscale selection oI people`s
sandles and outstanding customer service. We exist to attract and maintain
customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will Iall into place. Our
services will exceed the expectations oI our customers.

Product Plan

PADUKAwill sell upscale people sandles. The general categories oI sandles
that will be sold are:

O Sandals
O Stylish work sandles
O LoaIers
O Dress sandles
O Canvas athletic/stylish sandles

PADUKA will strive to have one oI the largest Collections oI sandles in India and
now Padukaspreads it business in Shreelanka and Japan. PADUKAwill accomplish
this by having one size per style in stock as a demonstration model. PADUKAwill
then order the style in the needed size and it will arrive within two days (rush one
day service is available). This will be creating a special relationship with the
customer. Who is able to get the right size in the right style on demand. We
provide all qualities sandles to customer. Our sandles comparability is higher than
other competitor in India. When people demand leather sandles we provide pure
leather sandles only.

Industry Analysis
O Micro Environment: micro environment consists oI the Iactors in company
immediate environment that aIIect the company. Following are Iactors oI it.
1 Supplier: who supply input like raw material and components to the
company the importance oI reliable source oI supply to smooth
Iunctioning oI business obvious. In India Iactory we have to keep stock
3-4 month. And in outside India we keep stock oI 10-15 days only. Risk
depend on sing supplier because oI strike, lockout etc so we have more
than 2 supplier.
2 Customer: Business exists only because oI customer. Monitoring the
customer sensitivity is there Ior a prerequisite Ior the business success
PadukaSandles have diIIerent type oI customer like households, athletic,
oIIice people etc. we change according to customer .we have Indian and
international Customer Ior business
3 Competitors: PADUKASandles have various competitors like Nike,
Bata, Puma, Woodland ect. In all world wide market PADUKAIace
various Competition in local as well as brand product developer. Total
market cover by Paduka in India most local Competition are more as
comparative oI international market.
4 Financiers: another important micro environmental Iactor is the
Iinancing oI the capacities. Padukacollect all Iund Irom Indian money
market. So there is no questions oI raise money Irom international money
market so i.e. outside oI India
5 Public: A Padukamay encounter certain publics in environment
'Publics is any groups that has an actual or potential interested in or
impact an organization ability to achieve its interest. Like media, Citizen
Action publics etc. PadukaaIIected various time by media people when
leather issue rise. But Padukacome over all problems in market.

O Macro Enviroment :-

1 Political: political environment is not aIIecting Padukaso many times.
But when new policies come Ior business we have to Iollow it. For that
purpose we change our Strategies according to new business in
international market as well as India.
2 Social Culture: it important Iactors aIIect the PADUKAbusiness.
According to social culture change we have to change our production.
Like Indian girl like high hill sandles but in Japan girl like normal wear
sandles, such way our production change people to people culture
3 Technological: now day technology change vary Iast which help in
reducing cost oI production .we upgraded with various technology Ior
best service to customer. Padukahave advance technology oI production
as well as the technology use by us is help in qualities goods
4 Natural: natural is one who aIIects our business. We have change
production according to customer preIerence. Like Indian customer
demand durable goods and japans demand qualities with technology. We
make changes in product according to customer nature.
5 Global Environment: global environment reIers to those global Iactors
which are relevant to business such as the WTO Principal and agreement,
which we sing we have to Iollow this rule and regulation Ior international
business. We have to Iollow production patent given by WTO Ior
international market
6 Economical : this means nothing but Iinical policies oI country which
aIIect our pricing policies as country economical policies change
Padukawill aIIect the by tax and other economical way.

Operational plan

Manufacturers / Suppliers

PADUKASandles outsourced virtually all oI its Iootwear manuIacturing to low-
cost in Indian. Productions were Pune, Kolkata, Gujarat, and Bangalore as well as
in Shreelank and Japan. Managing its global supply chain was a core strategic
advantage Ior PADUKASandles and all its operations were geared towards
ensuring smooth integration with contract distributer. The company worked with oI
distributor partners in order to develop long-term, trusting relationships production,
but Ior the most part, they delivered
PADUKASandles` high quality standards. The partners were willing to invest
heavily in capabilities to manuIacture new designs or Ieatures, knowing that
production levels would be high enough to oIIset the investment.
PADUKASandles generated all its own new product ideas and managed the design
process in-house. Once a design was perIected, a manuIacturer would begin the
eight-month product cycle process oI developing volume production capabilities in
all the relevant sizes. Once production was Iully on-line, expect orders to be
IulIilled within 90 days.

Product Life cycle

Getting a new any sandles model on a store shelI could take 15 to 18 months, Irom
initial Planning to Iinal product distribution. Volumes were determined Iar beIore
sandles arrived at Consumer outlets, requiring careIul Iorecasting Irom
PADUKASandles` and its merchants. A typical new PADUKASandles` had a
market liIe oI 3 to 6 months Irom introduction to depletion oI inventories. Because
the product liIe was so much shorter than the production cycle, it was not possible
to adjust production runs to meet unexpected levels oI consumer demand. As a
result, PADUKASandles` did not try to match supply oI any given sandles model
with demand, preIerring instead to set conservative production targets and then
begin designing the next generation model.
A typical PADUKASandles` Iactory produced between 2,000 and 3,000 pairs oI
sandles in a day, implying a production run oI about three months Ior a line that
would sell 200,000 sandles. It was diIIicult Ior we Iollow same strategies Ior
outside market oI India i.e. international market.

PADUKASandles` to make money on smaller production runs, although the
company did produce some specialty sandles at considerably lower volumes.

Retail Sales Channel

PADUKASandles` utilized a large in-house sales Iorce to sell its products through
a number oI diIIerent types OI stores multi-sport general athletic department
stores, mall, specialty sandles department store Retailers and general-purpose
sandles stores, PADUKASandles` is very interested in direct-to consumer sales.
The company has a meaningIul catalog or mail-order business and had opened
only a handIul oI its own stores, called PADUKASandles` owns. Even these
PADUKASandles` owned stores were seen more as a marketing and brand-
building eIIort than a meaningIul source oI sales.

Direct Sales Channels

In 1999 PADUKASandles` owned and operated 13 PADUKASandles` own
superstores; typically located in extremely High-traIIic, upscale shopping
neighborhoods. The Iirst PADUKASandles` own store was opened in Mumbai the
layout oI the store and the merchandise selection made it as much a showcase oI
PADUKASandles` products as a retail store. Padukahave 2020 retailers store India
and international market.
In India 1520 and in international market 700 retailers store we have.

Marketing Plan
PADUKAmarketing strategy will be based solely on location. PADUKAis located
in retail stores at that receive abundant walk-through traIIic. This location will
cost a premium and will not be directly linked to the marketing budget as rent has
been categorized under general overhead.
Another Iorm oI marketing to be described later in detail will be advertising. The
strategy oI the marketing campaign is to increase the target customer's awareness

PADUKAmission is to provide Tacoma with an upscale selection oI people's
sandles and outstanding customer service. We exist to attract and maintain
customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will Iall into place. Our
services will exceed the expectations oI our customers.
Marketing Objectives
O Increase repeat customers by 7° per quarter.
O Build an eIIective pull campaign, bringing in new customers at an increased
rate oI 9° per quarter.
O Cover international market in upcoming year
Target Markets
PADUKAis targeting three population segments within the broad category oI the
Iashion conscious Iemale with disposable income.
O Professionals: these are Iull time working proIessional people. They
typically earn more than $45,000 themselves. They will purchase sandles Ior
the workplace as well as Ior leisure time. This group is being targeted as
they work Iull time and thereIore have the need Ior many diIIerent pairs oI
sandles Ior all oI their diIIerent outIits. They also have the money to spend
on sandles and will take advantage oI this reality as women typically love to
collect lots oI sandles.
O Housewives: this segment has plenty oI disposable income because oI their
husbands. These women love sandles, and spend Iair amounts oI time
shopping Ior sandles and clothing. The household income oI this group is
$60k-$150k, generally toward the higher end oI this range. This group is
attractive because they have the money and the time to shop Ior
sandles. With both money and time, there is no limit to the number oI cool
sandles that they would like to own.
O Athletic: this segment has Ior youngest people in India. Who like to enjoy
costly sport and the style sandles. New style oI sandles comes Ior this people
every time.

PADUKAsandles will position itselI as the premier outlet Ior people`s Iashionable
sandles, providing Tacoma with the largest selection, rivaling some oI the
boutiques in Seattle. PADUKAsandles will leverage their competitive edge to
achieve this desired positioning.
PADUKAsandles competitive edge is an unmatched selection in Tacoma. This
selection will be achieved in two ways. The Iirst is a very speciIic eIIort to carry as
many styles oI sandles as possible. PADUKASandles recognizes that Tacoma
currently does not have a single store that oIIers a wide selection oI decent quality
sandles Ior the Iashion conscious consumer. The competitive edge is the
recognition oI this unserved niche and the serving oI this demand.
PADUKAsandles will be able to oIIer a large selection through a unique inventory
model that stocks a large number oI styles with only one size per style. The
advantage to this is that Ior the same amount oI money that PADUKAsandles
invest in overhead, they can oIIer Iar more styles.
This model is eIIective because people will buy sandles based on style. The way a
sandles Iits is oI little consequence iI it looks good. For this reason people are
willing to order a pair oI sandles sight seen but not Iitted. PADUKAsandles oIIers
two day delivery with an additional expense rush overnight option.

PADUKAsandles marketing strategy will seek to create customer awareness
regarding the products that they oIIer, develop the customer base, and work toward
building customer loyalty and reIerrals.
The message that PADUKAsandles will seek to communicate is that they oIIer the
largest selection oI Iashionable people`s sandles in Tacoma. People no longer need
to travel to Seattle to Iind nice sandles. The Iirst method that PADUKAsandles
will use to communicate this is location. PADUKAsandles have chosen an upscale,
trendy mall that receives a lot oI walk through traIIic. This generates large
amounts oI visibility Ior PADUKAsandles.

Marketing Mix
PADUKAsandles marketing mix is comprised oI the Iollowing approaches to
pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.
O Pricing: PADUKAsandles pricing is designed to be competitive to the other
Iashion sandles retailers.
O Distribution: l sandles will be distributed to PADUKAsandles store
Iront. While this will necessitate a second trip Ior the customer to come and
pick up the sandles, it allows PADUKAsandles to oIIer a much wider
selection than any oI the competition. As well as other mall retail also sold
our sandles.
O Advertising and Promotion: Location, targeted advertising in the
newspaper and strategic alliances will serve as the Ioundation oI
PADUKAsandles advertising and promotion eIIort.
O Customer Service: Exceeding customer's expectations is the company's

Marketing Research
During the initial phases oI the marketing plan development, several Iocus groups
were carried out to help gain insight into the most prized customer and some oI
their decision-making processes as they relate to sandles purchases. The
inIormation collected Irom the Iocus groups has been extremely helpIul to
PADUKAsandles and help justiIy the business model.
An additional source oI market research is a comprehensive survey that has been
distributed to upscale people`s clothes retailer's customers. A mathematics
graduate student was used in the development oI the survey ensuring the survey
was statistically signiIicant and relevant. The survey was also quite insightIul into
the mind oI a prospective customer

We Iollow same marketing Strategies Ior India and international market we make
slide chaining idea as per market situation in international market.

Financial Plan
Financial planning is a continuous process oI directing and allocating Iinancial
resources to meet strategic goals and objectives. The output Irom Iinancial
planning takes the Iorm oI budgets. The most widely used Iorm oI budgets is Pro
Forma or Budgeted Financial Statements. The Ioundation Ior Budgeted Financial
Statements is Detail Budgets. Detail Budgets include sales Iorecasts, production
Iorecasts, and other estimates in support oI the Financial Plan. We can also break
Iinancial planning down into planning Ior operations and planning Ior Financing.
Operating people Iocus on sales and production while Iinancial planners are
Interested in how to Iinance the operations. ThereIore, we can have an Operating
Plan and a Financial Plan. However, to keep things simple and to make sure we
integrate the process Iully, we will consider Iinancial planning as one single
process that encompasses both operations and Iinancing. We collect money Irom
various sources like shares, debenture, bank loan, etc. All money collected by
various sources are utilizes Ior operations and non operations activities oI
PADUKAsandles company. We had issue equity shares and preIerence shares as
well as we issue debenture Ior raise Iund

items Rs.
Equity share 10cr.
PreIerence share 4cr.
Debenture 5cr.
Bank Loan 3cr.

We are collecting our Iinance Irom India only by various ways as show above. So
we don`t have to raise money Irom other market.

Market Growth

The market Ior people`s sandles is a strong, steady growing market. It is generally
not aIIected by economic downturns. People seem to consume sandles regardless
oI the economic climate. In a popular mini-series, a People`s habit oI buying
sandles was described as a release when they are Ieeling bad, a way to make them
Ieel better, similar to eating chocolate. While this stereotype might not be entirely
accurate, women love their sandles and cannot seem to get enough.

SWOT Analysis
The Iollowing SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within
the company, and describes the opportunities and threats Iacing Passion Soles.

O Strengths
1. Extremely strong relationships with distributors.
2. Excellent staII who are well trained and customer attentive.
3. They also get great discounts, increasing job satisIaction.
4. An eIIicient, stylish retail store.
5. Slowly we entered in to international market
O Weaknesses
1. The struggle to build brand equity.
2. The inability to provide instant gratiIication by having all sizes in stock.
3. Forecasting Iashion is diIIicult but necessary to proIitability.
4. Till we supply our product in 20 country only rest market uncovered
O Opportunities
1. A growing segment oI the market that is increasingly bothered by having to
travel to Seattle Ior nice sandles.
2. An industry that seems immune to recessions.
3. The ability to operate on lean overhead relative to competitors.
4. Our brand is Iamous in international market.
O Threats
1. The introduction oI a competitor to the Tacoma market with a similar
business model.
2. Completely misjudging where Iashion is headed.
3. Competition and Buying Patterns Passion PADUKA has three direct
competitors in Tacoma

So PADUKASandles is entered in international market with various products and
create brand name in market. PADUKASandles next aim to cover all international
market as much as possible and improve customer satisIaction higher level.
PADUKAsandles aim to increase retail outlay up to 5000 in all over world.
PADUKAdon`t have any problem in international market but iI it rises we ready to
Iace by our best work and technology Iorces.

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/0/    42509943.8843$408   O $970398   970208974370.840970.2..394 97.9901473.709:3.93 .88 %01443$ %.094$0.943.3/970.82.070/ O 55479:3908   74380203941902.7099.-994574.425099478    :7-7.      .7099.709 O 0.89700/70.981.3/08    33/:8979.-9    %08:554:7574/:.3/81.-9944507.990738!.7 -:8308824/0    42509028:/30701...2.8438/11..70097.983.003989.98002822:309470.4250994783%.:9-:930.9438589/897-:9478    .    470.3!.4.83-49070/-..59:7089008970398.094.3/0.7-0890455479:3908.8083894..070.3//08.8843!&.4:398 3.4:3974370892.42.425099479490%.   %03974/:.70.34.88./70.397.709  O %70.94341.9 .89470    $40039070/39439073.3.3..08.3 .24:8339073./0389.:894207. $ %3.834-8.99039.90430.84380.0    %0.943    3011.3/:3!.943-.30880893 90.039 898709.114.3/06:9    %03.943...308808   %0897:094-:/-7.79457419.425.088438    %0.3/..2.30/.

0.709.90-7.0747/  !&/43 9.74:8574/:.2032.:843 $4!&$.4:9...98. 2.08             .981.0-4:7-08947.85488-0.0.2943.82:.943.3574-02339073.3/2574.3/90.3/08309.709-:9197808070.2.80709.3/ !&$. 43.39073.3/08.3/ .7099.2./94 1...4.4.943.943070.0  !&8.70..344147.:594 3.3/088039070/339073.

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