Printing with Ricoh GX7000 Sublimation ICC Profile from Photoshop CS5 on MAC OS X

The colour space within Photoshop should be set to the same working space which the sublimation ICC profile was created. This allows for a more accurate screen display of your images. The quality of the image displayed on your monitor will depend upon several factors including monitor quality and a correctly configured monitor ICC profile. Start Photoshop CS5 and open the color settings window by clicking Edit  Color Settings.

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Set ‘Working Spaces’ - ‘RGB’ to ‘Adobe RGB (1998)’ Set ‘Working Spaces’ - ‘CMYK’ to ‘U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2’ Set ‘Working Spaces’ - ‘Gray’ to ‘Gray Gamma 2.2’ Set ‘Working Spaces’ - ‘Spot’ to ‘Dot Gain 20%’ Set ‘Color Management Policies’ - ‘RGB’ to ‘Convert to Working RGB’ Set ‘Color Management Policies’ - ‘CMYK’ to ‘Preserve Embedded Profiles’ Set ‘Color Management Policies’ - ‘Gray’ to ‘Preserve Embedded Profiles’

Check the ‘Profile Mismatches’ and ‘Missing Profiles’ check boxes Click ‘Save’ and name the settings appropriately, i.e. Dye_Sublimation. Photoshop’s RGB working space is now set and you can start to work with your images.

Image  Image Rotation  Flip Canvas Horizontally.When opening images in Photoshop CS5. Before your image is ready to print you will need to mirror the image manually within Photoshop. you may encounter an ‘Embedded Profile Mismatch’ warning. . Ensure that the image is selected then ‘Flip Canvas Horizontally’:. When the above ‘Embedded Profile Mismatch’ dialog appears select ‘Convert document’s colors to the working space’.

Under ‘Printer Profile’ select the Ricoh ICC Profile. Check the ‘Document’ radio button. Click File Print with Preview Select the above settings following the steps 1 to 7.. Under ‘Rendering Intent’ select ‘Perceptual’ from the drop down menu. If the sublimation ICC profile is not listed after restarting Photoshop ensure that the profile is in the following location.. Macintosh HD:System:Library:ColorSync:Profiles . Select ‘Color Management’ from the drop down menu. Click ‘Print Settings. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Select the appropriate printer from the drop menu.’ to open the ‘Printer Preferences’ Note: Photoshop requires restarting after installation of the ICC profile. Under ‘Color Handling’ select ‘Photoshop Manages Colors’ from the drop down menu.To print an image.

. Note: When you select ‘Inkjet Plain Paper’ you will see the following warning message. Note: if you cannot see this list click the down arrow indicated with the green circle Select ‘Setup’ from the ‘Feature Sets’ drop down list. Unidirectional’ will be selected from ‘Bi-/Uni-directional printing’ menu. click ‘Continue’ Note: Once you have clicked on ‘Continue’ the following preferences will be selected automatically 6 7 ‘600 dpi’ will be selected from ‘Resolution’ drop down menu. Select ‘Printer Features’ from the drop down list. Select ‘Inkjet Plain Paper’ from the ‘Paper type’ drop down list. Select ‘Color’ from ‘Color/Black and White’ drop down list.1 2 3 4 5 Ensure the correct printer is selected.

1 Select ‘Image Adjustments’ from ‘Feature Sets’ drop down list 2 Select ‘Off’ from the ‘Color profile’ drop down list. You will now return to the ‘Print Preview’ dialogue. 3 Click ‘Save’. . click ‘Print’ and Photoshop will now print your image using the sublimation ICC profile combined with the configured Ricoh Printer Driver.

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