l wlll noL be a candldaLe for reelecLlon Lo Lhe Pouse of 8epresenLaLlves ln 2012Ŧ

l began Lo Lhlnk abouL reLlremenL lasL yearţ as we were compleLlng passage of Lhe flnanclal reform blllŦ l
have en[oyedŴŴlndeed been enormously honoredŴŴby Lhe chance Lo represenL oLhers ln Congress and Lhe
SLaLe LeglslaLureţ buL Lhere are oLher Lhlngs l hope Lo do before my career endsŦ Speclflcallyţ l have for
several years been Lhlnklng abouL wrlLlngţ and whlle Lhere are people who are able Lo comblne serlous
wrlLlng wlLh fullŴLlme [obsţ my suscepLlblllLy Lo dlsLracLlon when faced wlLh a blank screen makes LhaL

ln 2010ţ afLer Lhe blll was slgned lnLo lawţ l had LenLaLlvely declded Lo make Lhls my lasL LermŦ 1he end
of nexL year wlll mark 40 years durlng whlch Llme l have held elecLed offlce and a perlod of 43 years
slnce l flrsL wenL Lo work ln governmenL full Llme as an alde Lo Mayor kevln WhlLe ln laLe 1967Ŧ

8uL wlLh Lhe elecLlon of a conservaLlve ma[orlLy ln Lhe Pouseţ l declded LhaL my commlLmenL Lo Lhe
publlc pollcles for whlch l have foughL for 43 years requlred me Lo run for one more LermŦ l wasŴŴand
amŴŴconcerned abouL rlghLŴwlng assaulLs on Lhe flnanclal reform blllţ especlally slnce we are now ln a
very crlLlcal perlod when Lhe blll ls ln Lhe process of lmplemenLaLlonŦ ln addlLlonţ recognlzlng LhaL Lhere
ls a need for us Lo do longŴLerm deflclL reducLlonţ l wasŴŴand amŴŴdeLermlned Lo do everyLhlng posslble
Lo make sure LhaL subsLanLlal reducLlon ln our excesslve overseas mlllLary commlLmenLs forms a
slgnlflcanL parL of Lhe savlngs over Lhe nexL 10 yearsŦ

8uLţ my concern for Lhese Lwo lssues Loday cuLs very much ln Lhe opposlLe dlrecLlonŴŴnamelyţ ln favor of
forgolng a yearŴlong fullŴLlme elecLlon campalgn and lnsLead focuslng Lhe nexL year on Lhose Lwo lssues
ln CongressŦ

1wo facLors lead me Lo Lhls vlewŦ 1he newly conflgured dlsLrlcL conLalns approxlmaLely 323ţ000 new
consLlLuenLsţ many of Lhem ln a reglon of Lhe sLaLe LhaL ls wholly new Lo me as a Member of CongressŦ A
slgnlflcanL number of oLhers are ln Lhe area along our easLŴwesL border wlLh 8hode lsland whlch l have
noL represenLed for 20 yearsŦ 1hls means LhaL runnlng for reelecLlon wlll requlreŴŴapproprlaLely ln our
democracyŴŴa slgnlflcanL commlLmenL of my Llme and energyţ lnLroduclng myself Lo hundreds of
Lhousands of new consLlLuenLsţ learnlng abouL Lhe reglonal and local lssues of concern Lo Lhem andţ noL
leasL lmporLanLlyţ ralslng an addlLlonal 1Ŧ3 Lo 2 mllllon dollarsŦ
1hls would compeLe wlLh Lwo oLher obllgaLlons whlch l nelLher wanL Lo nor can avoldŦ llrsLţ l wlll
conLlnue Lo represenL hundreds of Lhousands of people ln Lhe currenL 4Lh ulsLrlcL Lo whom l am
commlLLed as Lhe person Lhey voLed for a year agoŦ l have acqulred a sLrong aLLachmenL Lo many of Lhe
people and causes l have worked wlLh hereŦ 1he Congresslonal redlsLrlcLlng removes from Lhe dlsLrlcL l
represenL vlrLually Lhe enLlre flshlng lndusLry of SouLheasLern MassachuseLLsŦ lL very subsLanLlally
reduces Lhe number of AzoreanŴAmerlcans l wlll represenLţ and agaln removes almosL compleLely
people of Cape verdean ancesLryŦ lnLroduclng myself and learnlng abouL Lhe new area whlle conLlnulng
Lo glve Lhe exlsLlng area Lhe full represenLaLlon lL deserves would make demands of my Llme LhaL would
deLracL from my focus on Lhe naLlonal lssuesŦ

1here ls anoLherţ equally lmporLanL consequence of Lhe facL LhaL so many of Lhe people ln Lhls dlsLrlcL
would be new consLlLuenLs LhaL help persuade me Lo announce my reLlremenLŦ 1he obllgaLlon of a
Member of Congress Lo work as an advocaLe for Lhe people he represenLs on local and reglonal lssues
LhaL requlre or lnvolve lederal governmenL response are of paramounL lmporLanceŦ And l am proud of
Lhe work l have done ln LhaL regard for Lhe people l have been prlvlleged Lo represenL over Lhese yearsŦ
8uL as ln almosL every caseţ where Lhere were slgnlflcanL local or reglonal lssues lnvolvlng
envlronmenLal maLLersţ LransporLaLlon maLLersţ houslng maLLers eLcŦţ lL Look more Lhan Lwo years Lo
resolve LhemŦ 1he relevance ls LhaL runnlng agaln for one more Lermţ l would be asklng 323ţ000 new
consLlLuenLs Lo glve me Lhe mandaLe Lo be Lhelr advocaLe wlLh Lhe federal governmenL for only Lwo
yearsŦ SLarLlng on a serles of pro[ecLs only Lo be passlng Lhem along ln varlous sLages of lncompleLlon Lo
a successor Lwo years laLer ls noL a responslble way Lo acLŦ

1here ls one oLher facLor LhaL lnfluenced my declslon as l wenL Lhrough Lhls yearŦ Cur pollLlcs has
evolved ln a way LhaL makes lL harder Lo geL anyLhlng done aL Lhe federal levelŦ l belleve LhaL l have been
effecLlve as a Member of Congress worklng lnslde Lhe process Lo lnfluence publlc pollcy ln Lhe ways LhaL
l Lhlnk are lmporLanLŦ 8uL l now belleve LhaL Lhere ls more Lo be done Lrylng Lo change Lhlngs from
ouLslde Lhan by worklng wlLhlnŦ l am announclng Loday my reLlremenL from elecLed offlce afLer 40 years
buL noL my reLlremenL from publlc pollcy advocacy and glven Lhe naLure of our currenL slLuaLlonţ ln
some ways l belleve l may have more lmpacL speaklngţ wrlLlng and ln oLher ways advocaLlng for Lhe
changes LhaL l Lhlnk are necessary Lhan Lrylng Lo brlng Lhem abouL lnslde our consLrlcLlng pollLlcal

ln summaryţ l am requlred Lo chooseŦ l have Lo choose beLween fulfllllng my obllgaLlon as a ranklng
member of Lhe llnanclal Servlces CommlLLee on behalf of flnanclal reform and my responslblllLy Lo
conLlnue Lo be a full represenLaLlve of Lhe people who voLed for me ln 2010ţ and on Lhe oLher hand Lo
engage ln a fullŴfledged Congresslonal campalgn ln a dlsLrlcL whlch ls very dlfferenL Lhan Lhe currenL oneŦ
l am also requlred Lo choose beLween concenLraLlng my efforLs on Lrylng Lo change Lhe pollLlcal
equaLlon ln Lhe counLry over Lhe nexL year and dolng Lhe besL l can wlLhln Lhe confllcLs and resLrlcLlons
of Lhe currenL seL of forcesŦ Clven Lhlsţ l am golng Lo do whaL MassachuseLLs pollLlclans ofLen doţ quoLe
a former ÞresldenL from MassachuseLLsţ alLhough noL Lhe one usually clLedŦ l do noL choose Lo run for
reelecLlon ln 2012Ŧ

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