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Objective To utilize my programming skills coupled with my knowledge of multimedia design and strong creative talent to contribute to and enhance the success of a company or project. Sept. 2006 – April 2011

Education Bachelor of Information Technology: Interactive Multimedia Design Carleton University Ottawa Ontario CGPA 10.9/12 Completion Date: April 2011

Skills Profile Logical and Rational Perception Skills  Experienced in a number of programming languages; o C#: Completed multiple games using the C# game library XNA o C++ and Allegro o Java o XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, PHP, SQL: Web development o MEL: Scripting in Autodesk Maya o AS3 and MXML: Developed games in Flash and Flash Builder o Processing: Programming with Arduino  Experienced knowledge of programming software: o Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver o MySQL, Microsoft Access o Eclipse, Adobe Flash Builder o TortoiseSVN, Perforce Imaginative and Inventive Skills  Excellent concept, story creation and character development skills.  Working knowledge of creative software: o Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Soundbooth, Flash o AutoDesk Maya, 3Ds Max  Proficient knowledge of photography video and sound. Communication and Leadership Skills  Proficient teamwork skills, comfortable with taking direction as well as organizing and leading others.  Experience communicating with respective clients and working closely with them to achieve a satisfactory product.  Excellent time management and organization skills, utilized to successfully meet deadlines.

communicating between advisor and team members. implementing user interface. preparing presentations. Tasks included: User interface. scheduling meetings. Achievements 2006 Carleton University Entrance Scholarship 2008 Michael Oliver Scholarship 2008 Deans' Honour List 2010 Hyman Soloway Scholarship 2010 Deans' Honour List 2011 University Medal in Information Technology 2 . Ottawa ON Jan. testing and bug fixing. 2009 – April 2009 Software Developer  In charge of automating internal sanity testing project. recording and editing sound and music. designing unique game mechanics.Work Experience School of Information Technology.Web Team  Managed web team to design and develop professional website.August 2010 Software Developer/Researcher  Directed study aimed at developing software to dynamically generate architectural content based on a set of rules under Dr. creating software framework. Ali Arya. scrum and milestones.April 2011 Project Manager  Managed a team of five students. Ottawa ON May 2010 . Design Studio 4: Real Time Strategy Game Sept. Ottawa ON May 2009 . Tasks included: developing concept and story.  Worked closely with Perforce. WikiBlox. animation framework. project documentation. 2009 . ensuring consistency between all elements of the game.  Communicated and worked with project partners. Project Experience Senior Project: Real Time Strategy Game May 2009 . 2010 Programmer  Developed in C# and XNA. Tasks included: Developing concept and story. mechanics development.0 developing a browser based video game. IBM Cognos. Tasks included: Developing concept. triggering events from hidden markers. story and characters. animation framework. artificial intelligence. logging and fixing system bugs.December 2009 Software Developer  Worked in Adobe Flash Builder with ActionScript 3. 2010 .April 2010 Lead Programmer  Developed in C# and XNA using AR GoblinXNA library. resource and tier system. Leveraging Immigrant Talent. importing and displaying 3D content. Design Studio 3: Augmented Reality Storybook Jan. 2010 . designing flash website.August 2009 Project Manager .  Contributed concepts for game mechanics and participated in live testing.Dec. Secondary Programmer  Developed in C# and XNA. Ottawa ON Sept. statistic balancing.

5 n/a Fall 2007 Grade A+ B A+ AA SAT Winter 2008 Grade C+ AA+ A- Course Name BIT 2100 Introduction to Statistics BIT 2001 Introduction to Business IMD 2002 Design & Authoring II IMD 2900 Design Studio I Credits 0.5 0.5 0.5 Fall 2006 Grade AB B+ B BWinter 2007 Grade B+ AA+ AB+ Course Name BIT 1002 Physics I BIT 1005 Introduction to Psychology II IMD 1003 Computers & Programming IMD 1004 Software Tools IMD 1005 Web Development Credits 0.5 0.RECORD OF GRADES STEPHANIE WHITWILL Carleton University Bachelor of Information Technology Interactive Multimedia Design Cumulative Grade Point Average: 10.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 Second Year Course Name BIT 1101 Mathematics II for IMD IMD 2000 Multimedia Data Management IMD 2001 Design & Authoring I IMD 2003 Audio and Video IMD 2004 Intermediate Programming Co-op 1000 Co-op Credits 0.5 Fall 2008 Grade A+ A+ 3 .5 0.9 / 12 Co-op (4 Month) Work Terms Completed: 4 Completion Date: April 2011 First Year Course Name BIT 1004 Introduction to Psychology BIT 1100 Mathematics I for IMD IMD 1000 Interactive Multimedia Design IMD 1001 Graphic Design IMD 1002 Visual Dynamics Credits 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.0 Third Year Course Name BIT 3003 Photography IMD 3003 Communication Skills for IMD Credits 0.5 1.5 0.5 0.5 0.

0 Fourth Year Course Name BIT 4000 Directed Studies IMD 4002 Technology and Culture IMD 4003 3D Computer Animation IMD 4902 Design Studio 4 Credits 0. World.0 Fall 2010 Grade A A A A+ Winter 2011 Grade A+ A+ A+ Course Name IMD 4005 Advanced Topics in Multimedia IMD 4901 Senior IMD Project PHIL 1301 Mind.IMD 3900 Design Studio II IMD 3004 Human Computer Interaction and Design 1.5 0.5 0.5 4 .5 A+ A+ Winter 2010 Grade A A+ A+ A+ Course Name BIT 2002 Marketing in the IT Sector IMD 3001 Aspects of Product Design Methodology IMD 3002 3D Computer Graphics IMD 3901 Design Studio 3 Credits 0. and Knowledge Credits 0.5 0.5 1.0 0.5 1.5 0.5 1.5 0.

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