klnecL uanclng Cames

1here ls some new klnecL dance games released laLelyţ so whlch ls Lhe besL klnecL danclng games for
your LasLeŦ
?ou wlll geL a greaL workouL wlLh all Lhe klnecL dance games and Lhey are so much fun Lo play wlLh
frlends and famllyţ Lhere really ls a greaL selecLlon of muslc Lo dance Lo now and lL ls so much fun wlLh
Lhe klnecL conLrollerŦ
8|ack Lyed Þeas ŶLxper|ence ls new Lo Lhe klnecL dance gamesţ so lf
you are a 8lack Lyed Þeas fan and en[oy Lhelr muslcţ Lhls ls a musL
game for youŦ 1hls currenLly has a 9Ŧ8 raLlng from 9 revlews as Lhls has
only [usL been lnLroduced lnLo Lhe klnecL dance gamesŦ

Dance Centra| 1 ls Lhe orlglnal klnecL dance game lnLroduced and has
been Lhe number one klnecL game for 2011Ŧ 1hls has a 9Ŧ2 raLlng from
over 330 revlews

Dance Centra| 2 has been released and lL ls as good as Lhe flrsLţ buL
Lhere ls so much more you can do wlLh soclal neLworklng and uance
CenLral 2Ŧ 1hls has a 9Ŧ2 raLlng from over 40 revlewsŦ

Iust Dance 3 has also been a greaL successţ anoLher chance Lo geL a good workouL wlLh some greaL
LunesŦ 1hls currenLly has an 8Ŧ2 raLlngŦ uance Lo over 40 of Lhe hoLLesL hlLs from yesLerday and Lodayţ
spannlng a wlde range of genres LhaL are sure Lo please any muslc fanŦ 1hls klnecL dance game ls
sulLable for aged 8 and overţ !usL uance 3 klckŴsLarLs Lhe parLy wlLh over 43 Lracks from Lodayƌs hoLLesL
hlLs llke ƍÞarLy 8ock AnLhemƍ by LMlACţ ƍCallfornla Curlsƍ by kaLy Þerry feaLurlng Snoop uoggţ and
ƍlorgeL ?ouƍ by Cee Lo Creenţ [usL Lo name a fewŦ

Def Iam kapstar Lhls ls for Lhe Plp Pop fansţ Lhls ls a greaL parLy gameţ a quallLy producL wlLh enough
dlverslLy Lo have someLhlng for everyoneƌs LasLesŦ

M|chae| Iackson Ŵ the Lxper|enceţ lf you llke Mlchael !acksonţ Lhen Lhls ls a klnecL game you would
en[oyţ Lhere are some of hls besL songs and you wlll geL a good workouLŦ
N|cke|odeon Dance ls a whole new klnd of nlckelodeon play experlence allowlng klds can dance along
wlLh uoraţ ulego and Lhe lresh 8eaL 8and for Lhe flrsL LlmeŦ Camers blg and small wlll geL up off Lhe
couch and LwlsLţ shlmmy and shake Lo 30 songs sung by nlckelodeon frlends lncludlng Lheme songs and
nlckelodeon hlLs llke ƍWe uld lLţƍ ƍAl 8escaLeţƍ and ƍPere We CoŦƍ ln addlLlonţ popular favorlLes llke
ƍuanclng ln Lhe SLreeLţƍ ƍWe goL Lhe 8eaLƍ and ƍ8hyLhm ls Conna CeL ?ouƍ ensure fun for Lhe enLlre

Dance Þarad|se ls a danclng game based on rhyLhm and muslcţ offerlng fun and challenges Lo everyone
from beglnners Lo danclng queens and klngsŦ A new danclng game based on rhyLhm and muslcţ offerlng
fun and challenges Lo everyone from beglnners Lo advanced dancersţ as well as enLerLalnmenL for
people waLchlng Lhem wlLh Lhe orlglnal vldeo cllps of Lhe songs playlng ln Lhe backgroundŦ
1hese are [usL a few of Lhe klnecL dance games avallableţ check ouL my revlewsţ vldeos of each of Lhese
klnecL dance games and raLlngs as well as Lhe compleLe llsL of Lhe besL klnecL danclng gamesŦ

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