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Jul - Aug 2011 Volume 1, Issue 4

Promise verse for 2011 Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighty ( zech 4:6)

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I dwell with you as a foreigner, a stranger, as all my ancestors were. (Psalm 39:12c) From Genesis through Revelation, God's plan and purpose for humankind are highlighted again and again: that all be saved.. that none should perish.. as people call on the Name of the Lord they will be saved.. that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.. So what should our response be? There is a direct link between our spiritual strength and our effective service
Prayer points

for the Lord. If we want to be strong, then we need to discover that God has a plan and purpose that we are all called to participate in. One verse that continues to inspire me every time I read it is John 4:34, where Jesus said (to His disciples), "My

Pray for the Cambodia.

followup work in

food is do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work".. His words speak of nourishment, of satisfaction. For me, it speaks of putting my head on the pillow at night with an inner sense of fulfilment, knowing that my day brought pleasure and glory to Him. Our spiritual strength is linked to doing His will.. Society today programs us to look after ourselves first. However, in doing so, we can miss a spiritual dimension, a fervor, and strength that comes from putting the Kingdom of God first in our day, and in our lives. In John's Gospel, we learn how the Jews, with their emphasis on purity, considered Samaritans defiled, and excluded them from the temple and from all regular worship of God. The Samaritan woman was shocked when Jesus asked her for a cup of water, because of the longstanding enemity between their respective people groups. When Jesus offered her eternal life, she turned it down because she knew her people could never join the Jewish religion. Jesus removed that barrier!. He pointed out that changing religious forms was not the issue. Instead He said, " A time is coming and has now come when true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks," (john 4:23) The woman was so overjoyed that Samaritans too could become true worshippers that she ran back and told her whole village. As a result, the Samaritans invited Jesus to come into their community for two days. He shared with them that He was the saviour of the world, and not just

Pray pray for 3 days revival meetings in Ipoh, Malaysia. Please pray for the community center in gelang patah in Johor bahru. Pray for the peniel faith community centre in south dagon, Myanmar.




the saviour of the Jews. Many believed and Jesus left behind a church that identified with the Samaritan culture. It is worth noting that Jesus did not try to get them to come out and join other Jewish and Samaritan believers elsewhere. In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10, Jesus taught the disciples how to establish a church

within a community. He told the seventy disciples to look for a "man of peace", someone who would invite them into his household. They were then to remain in that household, sharing the Gospel with all who came into that home. If no one invited them into their household, they were told to leave and go onto another village. Amazingly clear instructions. Today, globalization has scattered many of the world's ethnic communities. Today, 'foreigners' of many different ethnic communities are living in nations where the Gospel is freely available. Most Christians dont think of looking for people of other cultures who would invite them into their family home or community so they could talk about Jesus. But this is how Jesus and the disciples planted churches. Be on the lookout for a man or woman of peace who would invite you into his or her own community and/or home to share the Gospel. Jesus was welcomed into the Samaritan village: the 70 disciples were welcomed into homes: Peter was welcomed into Cornelius' household; Paul was welcomed by Lydia into her household. As a result, people already committed to each other came to faith together. Life is a precious gift from God, a small window of opportunity here on earth to influence others into the Kingdom of God. Let's make the most of it. ! Lord, when did we see you a stranger and invite you in? (Matt 25:37,38)

Gods grace, we have conducted 3 days gospel meetings in the Siem reap town of Cambodia during 4th-9th Aug. Two brothers from Singapore joined with me during this minisry. Gods presence filled each day in a special way. Many people testified the touch of God in their lives. We have ministered in the Peniel faith community centre in the noka kora village 12 km from Siemreap. Most of them are farmers. We see

most of them hearing the name Jesus for first time! We have also ministered in the new community centre in the kralanh village which is 51 km from Siemreap. There is a great need for children minis-

try in these places. There are 14 million people in this nation of which only 0.8% are Christians. Please pray for the nation of Cambodia as God already opened various doors for proclaiming gospel. Let His name be exalted.







Gods grace, our followup ministry is going on well in Myanmar. I will be ministering in the northern parts of Myanmar during 2nd week of September. There are few prayer points from the pastor who is in-charge of the community centre in south dagon village. Pray for the provision of wheel chair for a Polio affected children. Pray that the community centre to get a own place and to start a pre school as early as possible. Currently 60 children are attending the bible classes. 12 students are participating in the tuition classes. Please pray for these children and their families to accept the Jesus Christ as their savior. As God promised, definitely there is a revival in this nation.

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God has graciously opened many doors during the month of August to minister in several parts of Malaysia. In Port Dickson, God has given opportunity to share in the two days family camp. We are praying for a village called gelang patah which is 25 km west of Johor Bahru

where many less privileged tamil families around Johor bahru town. We helped school children by conducting free tuitions for English and computer lessons. Please pray for this community centre to bring hope to the people and lead them to Christ eventually.

Please uphold all our ministries in your prayers and plan to participate as much as possible because work
In HIS harvest, Bro Paulson.

Night is coming when no one can