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Mesopotamia Study Guide

TEST: October 22nd, 2008

Name: ___________________________________


Cuneiform: system of writing. Wedge-shaped

Civilization: group of people in complex, organized society

Irrigation: method of watering crops

Ziggurat: huge, pyramid-shaped structure formed from a series of stacked

rectangular platforms. A temple used to worship the gods.

city-state: city that is an individual unit, compelte with its own form of
government and traditions.

Polytheism: belief in many gods

Monotheism: belief in one god

society : formed by establishing rules and traditions in an organized


fertile: rich soil, good for growing

barter: the exchange of goods and services

Know the following material:

4 Major gods/goddess

The two major rivers in Mesopotamia

-Tigris and Euphrates
The first civilization

The area between the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf

-Fertile Crescent

Important contributions made by Mesopotamia

-Writing system, cuneiform

Why Mesopotamia built such huge religious temples

-show the importance of religion to society

How Mesopotamia farmers solved the problem of low rainfall

-irrigated their crops/fields

What allows people to control when and how much they water their crops

How did the people of Mesopotamia get the things they lacked

What two things did Sumer and Akkad fight over

-Water and Land

How were kings chosen in Mesopotamia?

-Kings chosen by the gods

Who was abandoned on a river, raised by a farmer and soon became king

“An Eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth” is part of what set of laws?
-Code of Hammurabi

-Belief in many gods
The essential element for human development
-Fresh Water

Surplus and how it affected the rise of civilization

-having more than you need. An extra supply.
-Allowed Mesopotamia to grow and become powerful

The link between heaven and earth for Mesopotamia


The Sumer class system

1. Kings
2. Wealthy Business people
3. Farmers/artisans
4. Slaves

Two Major city-states of Mesopotamia

-Sumer and Akkad

The inventor of the modern alphabet


The inventor of the first coins


The group who placed a high value on war and conquest


Who’s death caused the split into Israel and Judah?

-what was their advancement in math? Place Value

According to the Hebrew Bible, who was the first Jew?


The Hebrew people moved from Canaan to where?

What is the Hebrew bible called?
Who united the Hebrews and united Israel?
-King David
-Belief in one god
Who was given the 10 Commandments?
Mesopotamia in Lego’s Video Section Parts 1 and 2: Know the answers to
those questions. Make sure you have both of the sheets.

From Nomads to Farmers Video: Know the answers to those questions.

Development of Written Language Video: Know the answers to those