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About My Choice! My Choice! is a project that aims to raise awareness among Indian young generation about Sustainability Issues. We offer to deliver a holistic understanding of Sustainability seen as People, Society and Environment. For us, Environment is impacted by human footprint; human footprint is the results of community interactions (economy, leisure, family) in Society, Society activism is shaped by embedded values in the people that are part of the society. It is vital for Youth to grab this inclusive picture if we call on more responsibility from them. We believe in Responsible Choices. We also believe that NOW is an ideal time to empower Indian youth to Change. To challenge their mindset; to explore ways to act that account more and more for the environment, society and world that they live in. Our challenge is to create interactive learning environments that enable the future decision and opinion-makers of India to become responsible citizens, empowering them to act and inspire others to act sustainably.

Meet My Choice! Team Richard Seshie / Ivory Coast Coordinator / Learning Content Manager Socially Responsible Investing Analyst at Solaron India and Member of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners. Rides a bicycle to work. André Maciel / Brazil Communications / Mobilization Manager Communications Executive at Alcatel Lucent India and former National VicePresident of AIESEC Brazil.

Raquel Lemos / Portugal Events Manager My Choice! Way; our comprehensive learning experience for Youth in India will visit more Volunteer Project Manager at Lalita than 1000 youth in 4 schools in Bangalore and bring awareness to an audience of 10,000 Ubhayaker Foundation for the Arts and former Communication & Events Manager at people in India. Millennium bcp Bank. Salsa dance teacher. Kurt Archer / Canada Facilitator & Core Design Team Currently travelling Asia inspiring youth with DAMU Eco-Tour 2008 and former vicepresident of AIESEC Pakistan. Co-director of youth apathy film “Why Should I care?” filmed in Kenya (2005).

My Choice! Project Team | www.mychoicebangalore.org  | info@mychoicebangalore.org | (+91) 9008092614 or 9958072327 

Classroom Presentation 1st week of November What is it? Share an understanding about sustainability issues through interactive, inspirational sessions in private and government schools. What is the reach? 20 Expats will deliver classroom presentations to over 1000 youth aged 12-16. Expected outcome? Students will be exposed to various issues on sustainability. Youth will know and be encouraged to make better sustainable decisions. Some youth are expected to be inspired to get more involved.

Sustainability Simulation 2nd week of November What is it? Give interested groups of students the opportunity of going deeper into the subject through hands-on activities and a pioneer live simulation (school playground). What is the reach? 4-6 students will be selected from each class (20) totalling more than 100 participants being facilitated by 20 expats. Expected outcome? Students will get a deeper understanding of sustainable living choices and be equipped with skills and knowledge to encourage others to be more sustainable.

Unique Leveraging! Propositions

A comprehensive and innovative learning experience on Sustainability customized to Indian realities and pioneering the use of a live simulation All learning materials designed and consolidated by a Board of Experts (8 personalities totalling 48 years+ of experience in sustainability, sociopsychological development of youth, experiential learning…) An initiative leaded by young expatriates (team, mentors) with a strong potential for brand positioning The development of a documentary film, a social communication tool aimed to inspire other youth in schools in India The opportunity to leverage on your existing CSR programs or support new streams such as ours.

Sustainable Projects (My School is Sustainable!) 2nd-4th week of November What is it? Facilitate the creation of teams among class-mates and give them the chance to act through the realization of a project on sustainability, supported by a My Choice! Mentor and a mini grant of Rs. 1000. What is the reach? 100 students who participated in the simulation will now develop their projects with guidance from their expat mentor. Expected outcome? Sustainable projects realized at Schools will challenge the resourcefulness of the youth and allow them to see what sustainability truly means for their immediate surroundings.

What is it? Showcase the teams' projects, involve the community and award the best achievements. Raise social attention to the subject and promote the reproduction of My Choice Initiative around Indian schools and abroad. What is the reach? Projects will be on display for their family, friends and school/community supporters. All active supporters of My Choice! and the general public will be invited. Expected outcome? Highlight best case practices for sustainability as developed by youth. Encourage and support youth ideas and confidence. Celebrate a greener future and the announcement of phase II of the project.

My Choice! Awards Night! Dec 6th, 2008

My Choice! Project Team | www.mychoicebangalore.org  | info@mychoicebangalore.org | (+91) 9008092614 or 9958072327 

Involvement Opportunities
Classroom presentations In-kind support requested: Projector (x4) Printing of learning materials for expats to deliver training on to students Simulation Day In-kind support requested: Simulation day resources Venue and facilities Refreshments for kids Sustainable Projects In-kind support requested: Grant money for project materials at Rs. 1000 per team. My Choice! Awards In-kind support requested: Venue Refreshments Entertainment Awards for winners and runner ups (teams) Documentary Project Inkind support requested: Video Camera rental Production time Sponsorship amount requested: Rs. 20,000 Included: Logo on all printed materials, powerpoint presentation and website Sponsorship amount requested: Rs. 10,000 Included: Logo website, distribution of free gadgets from your company Sponsorship amount requested: Rs. 20,000 Included: Logo on all printed material and website, banner at Awards Night! Sponsorship amount requested: Rs. 80,000 Included: Logo on all printed material and website, banner at Awards Night!, public recognition, logo on documentary film Sponsorship amount requested: Rs. 35,000 Included: Logo on all printed material and website, banner at Awards Night, logo on documentary film (to be made public as a best case practices model)

Sponsoring Packages Platinum Sponsor (2 lakh): Full sponsorship of events Exclusive advantages Gold Sponsor (1 lakh): Sponsorship of My Choice! Awards and the documentary project Silver Sponsor (0.5 lakh): Sponsorship of the Classroom presentations, the Sustainable projects and the simulation day Event Sponsor (varies): Any of those events We welcome your questions and interest to sponsor our event; please contact Kurt Archer at info@mychoicebangalore.org +91-9958072327 or9008092614

My Choice! Project Team | www.mychoicebangalore.org  | info@mychoicebangalore.org | (+91) 9008092614 or 9958072327 

EXPENDITURE Administrative expenses (printing, postage, etc.) Administration Expert Review Group Meetings Refreshments Expats Sustainability Training Day Refreshments Materials for Expats Coaches (Training Kit) Pre-meetings & Participant materials Simulation Day Sustainability Projects Grant Award Prizes Learning Activities Projector (Classroom Sessions) Video/Photography equipment & shooting Film documentary design Logistics Green Fundraiser Web site domain name Marketing/Publicity Venue rental Venue setup AV facilities & equipment Children Transportation Refreshments My Choice! Awards ceremony Volunteer allowance Others TOTAL (in roupies Rs.) 5000 5000 2000 2000 10000 14000 5000 20000 15000 40000 6000 25000 10000 41000 5000 700 5700 55000 5000 10000 5000 10000 85000 5000 5000 INCOME Self-provision Sponsorships In-kind Donations 12700 171000 12000


TOTAL (in roupies Rs.)


My Choice! Project Team | www.mychoicebangalore.org  | info@mychoicebangalore.org | (+91) 9008092614 or 9958072327 

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