Lemon Grass

Help with Digestion, Stomach aches, Gas, Bowel spasms and Diarrhea. Mild sedative and can calm nerves keeping the eyes and skin healthy When tea added with pepper, can relieve menstrual problems and nausea good for lowering fevers, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels 1-2 teaspoon, steep for 5 minutes. Add honey, can be served with ice also.

Camomile Flowers
Boosts immune system, relaxes the nerves, soothes the stomach, reduces inflammation and improves liver function Relieves muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, back pain and rheumatism 2-3 teaspoon of flowers

Reduces stress and unwanted hair growth. Maintains oral health, Strengthens immune system, cures nausea, promotes digestion,helps in tackling muscle spasms. Suppresses appetite, relieves skin rashes, boosts mental powers, controls herpes simplex 2-3 teaspoon steep for 3-5 minutes till it’s yellowish. Let tea cool for a few minutes before serving. Add Honey for sweetness.

Protect the liver against toxin and infections, promotes digestion, essential for fat and alcohol metabolism. Lower cholesterol, Blood sugar and acts as a antioxidant Do not add sweeteners, tea is naturally sweet. Anis Etoile- Star Anise Aid digestion and dispel internal gas. Ease coughs and congestion by adding honey 2 teaspoon, steep for 10 minutes. Can be mixed with chamomile.

Maintains liver health, Cleanse the urinary tract, fight fever, encourage flow of milk, alleviate pain from arthritis, overall treatment of nervous disorders, relieve digestive ailments and treasts burns, wounds and sores. 1-2 teaspoon, steep for 5-10 minutes

treats asthma. 2 teaspoon. steep for few minutes. common cold. 1 teaspoon. indigestion. Linden leaves + flowers 2 Tablespoon per 500ml Steep for 5-7 mins Do not take (2hrs) with other vitamins/supplements Do not take excessively May be mixed with herbs . dysentery. Medication for sore throat. Dried Bittergourd Controls blood sugar levels. diarrhea. pneumonia. 1 teaspoon of root 4-7 minutes Sage Treats fevers. bronchitis . Also improves circulation in menopausal women. soothes viral liver inflammations.Anise Promotes cough for phlegm. anxiety and sleeplessness. overcomes excessive thirst and treats sore throat. 1 teaspoon. brain diseases and nervous diseases. steep for 5 minutes.California Poppy Used for headaches. combats hemorrhage from the lungs and stomach. help settle stomach upset such as constipation and bloating. Anis vert. allergies and asthma. influenza. quinsy and measles Used for paints in joints. steep for 10-15 minutes Acne may flare-up when taking this herb. Several slices of dried bittergourd and 1teaspoon of green tea steep for 3-5 minutes. lethargy and palsy. and sinusitis. 2 teaspoons. Fights liver and kidney troubles. mouth sores. combats diarrhea. Reglisse Nu Baton – Licorice Speeds healing of stomach ulcers. steep for 10 minutes. Pavot De Californie. mouth ulcers and excessive perspiration. fights boils. cacer. Fights colds. treats headaches.Casis Feuille – Blackcurrant leaf Treats cardiovascular disease. sore throat.

Good for lessened heard palpitations. Anti-inflammatory and healing. calming effect for hypertension Hawthorn leaves +flowers+berries Contains a variety of bio-flavoured-like complexes that improves cardiovascular function. anti-viral and antibiotic activity.Hibiscus flowers 2 Teaspoon per 500ml Steep for 3-5 mins Multiple infusions Hot/Iced drink Rosehips flower buds 2 Teaspoon per 500ml Steep for 5-7 mins May be mixed with herbs Lavender Blossoms 2 Teaspoon per 500ml Steep for 7-10 mins Multiple infusions May be mixed with herbs Marigold Flowers Cleansing and detoxifying herb with anti-fungal. good before sleeping and depression Beneficial for people with serious heart conditions Jasmine flower buds Calmative effects that soothe the nerves A gentle sedative. Calming agent. increases blood supply to heart muscle & thus enhanced circulation throughout body. Regulates women menstrual periods Used for gastritis and for anyone who has undergone surgery Benefits the immune and lymphatic systems. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties Assist in overall maintenance of well-being with long term anti-aging Aids in digestion and reducing fat and body weight . and a gentle remedy for inflammation. atherosclerosis. Effective & low-risk for coronary heart disease. and hypertension.

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