Patumahoe Village Incorporated Society

Welcome to the new Patumahoe Village newsletter!! It will be a monthly production with submissions invited from all who live, work and play in Patumahoe. Patumahoe Village Inc Patumahoe now has a community group open for membership to all residents, property and business owners within a 7km radius of Patumahoe village shops. It aims to promote the continuance of our village lifestyle and community by providing a collective voice to local government and promoting and supporting local recreational, informational and sporting groups. Membership is free and can be completed online, or forms can be obtained from Weck’s postshop, or Jay’s Four Square supermarket in the village. Patumahoe & Mauku village websites As one of our initial projects, Patumahoe Village Inc have sponsored a new community website to serve the residents of Patumahoe and Mauku. The site is still a work in progress, and we welcome any information or articles from the community to help us make it a true community site. Go to to see how it’s getting along. The official launch of the site will be on ………………….. Structure Plan consultations There have been a few changes to the village residential landscape in the last couple of years, and this looks to continue in the future. Patumahoe Village Incorporated was created to give the residents, property and business owners in Patumahoe a collective voice in order to liaise with local government and planners on any issues arising from this growth. Our current planning project intends to make a submission to Auckland Council in 2012 in relation to the community spaces and facilities that are provided in order to mitigate the effects of this unprecendented growth. Street parties & Village Open Day In order to kick off the consultation process with style, we are asking residents to host street parties to generate discussion and ideas on the issues that have been identified during previous meetings. Come along and have a say, and take the opportunity to meet all your neighbours and make some new friends. All information that is gathered at these street parties will be presented back to the community at a Village Open Day, which will also launch the community website. All welcome to attend, all comments will be recorded.

Village input on Subdivision application for Kingseat Road As a group we have been asked to provide Auckland Council with feedback regarding this proposal. Several community consultations have taken place with the community on this issue, and this is another avenue for residents to have their say. As we have not yet specifically addressed this subdivision, a meeting run by Patumahoe Village Inc will be held on ………. to discuss this issue and obtain reliable feedback to pass on to Auckland Council. All welcome. Congratulations to James Wakelin …. who was recognised as a member recognised as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year honours list for services to surf lifesaving. He has been involved with Surf Life Saving New Zealand for over fifty years. A full article was published in the local courier and a copy can be found on

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