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Kelk 2007

The Ultimate Calligraphy Software for Osman Taha Naskh, Nastaleegh, Thuluth, Tahriri, Shekasteh, Hashem Baghdadi Naskh, Divani khafi and Divani Jali. It is also possible to use ordinary Arabic fonts in combination with calligraphy fonts. Now with the power of Kelk, you can type your favorite piece of text, poem or verse and watch its formation into beautiful Naskh and Nastaleegh.

It is possible to save any part of the Kelk Print Page in graphical formats (Vector & Bitmap) and export it to popular programs such as MS word, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or PhotoStyler. With tools such as "Next Shape" , "Kashideh" , "Height Select" , "Width Select" and other tools you can access all possible variants of a word in all fonts and create truly outstanding pieces of calligraphy art work, that look like the work of master of calligraphy. Kelk comes with three Farsi, Arabic and English interface.

Text Toolbox
Once you have typed text in text window, you can apply these tools to the text in the viewing area to move text around, change the shape of the text, change the height and slope of the characters and insert kashidah in words in order to reach the desired calligraphic format.
Pick Scroll Zoom Rotate Next Shape Width Height Kashidah Join Alef Separate

Moving objects
It is possible to move all Kelk objects (Text, Graphics, ...) all around the working space simply by selecting and dragging it.

Guidelines are nonprinting lines placed anywhere on viewing area to align text and to measure the distance between text lines. There are different types of guidelines available in kelk like Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Circle & ellipse and Bezier.

Width Tool
When you are designing and art work, it is necessary to change the width of some characters. Kelk has possible legal characters with different widths for all available calligraphic fonts.

Height Tool
When you are designing and artwork, it is often necessary to change the height of some characters. As you can see in the following examples, the character Alef and Lam can have different heights.

Other Shape Tool

Some characters or words have several shapes in calligraphy fonts. The Next shape tool lets you choose another shape of them. You can also view all possible shapes of any character or word at once and select the desired shape from them. For some words you will find even more than 1000 different shapes available.

Kashidah Tool
It is very common to have some characters or words in their Kashidah form. Kelk provides this tool to obtain the Kashidah form of them. After selecting desired form of Kashidah, it is possible to use "Width tool" to have more or less Kashidah.

Join Tool
You may use this tool if applicable for selected calligraphy font, to join characters like Alef, Lam, Dal, Re, Wav. This tool is mostly used with Thuluth, Divani Jali, Divani Khafi and Shekasteh.

Separate Tool
You may use this tool for Thuluth font only because it provides a very special shape for some characters that are only legaly available for Thuluth.

Rotate Tool
Using this tool it is possible to rotate any character, word or whole line to any angle.

Other Kelk features

There are many other features available in Kelk for designing both artwork and document which you can review some of them in following: