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Name of trainee Vrushali Chaudhary Date 11-08-2011




Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 14-08-2011

Principles Of Marketing
- Day I
Presenter(s) Prof.

1he Marketing session proided with insights into the marketing strategies. 1he main learning points
Basic steps inoled in deeloping a marketing strategy. lor example, Analysing the need
to buy the product, target consumers, where to ind these consumers, price and proit
analysis, promotion medium, competitor analysis and ater sales serice.
Segmentation and narrowed segmentation o target consumer to market on an indiidual
Surrogate adertising
SWO1 Analysis
Marketing strategy planning
!8: Product, Place, Price, Promotion in 1arget Market
Product Dierentiation and Product Positioning
Case studies or Dell and Purity II


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 16-08-2011


Principles Of
Marketing - Day II
Presenter(s) Mr. Arvind

The Principles of Marketing session was really informational. t provided me with the knowledge
of marketing concepts and the various factors involved in a marketing strategy. Apart from this
the case studies helped me to understand how a company ventures into new businesses and the
associated considerations. The key learning points are:
The Marketing Concept consisting of Consumer, ntegrated Marketing Communications
(MC) and Profitable Sales Volume (PSV).
The fundamental and most important factor in marketing is identifying and understanding
consumer needs.
After identification of consumer needs we need to plan and develop products to satisfy those
needs and achieve profitable sales volume through integrated marketing.
Achieving long-term relationship with consumer, introducing added value in products over a
period of time.
dentifying and understanding segments in consumer markets.
Hierarchical structure of marketing organization.
Roles and responsibilities of a !roduct Manager and Brand Manager.
Difference between !rofit and !rofitability.
Significance of MSSON statement for a company.
A MSSON statement gives the directions to businesses that one can enter.
A MSSON statement identifies the need to acquire new competencies.
dentifying and venturing into $trategic Business Units ($BUs) on the basis of MSSON
How a MSSON is related to Corporate Objective and Corporate $trategy.
Any objective has to be Believable, Achievable, Understandable and Measureable.
Corporate Planning division translates Corporate Objective into Corporate Strategy.
Every department contributes to the Corporate Objective and the Corporate Strategy
becomes the objective for each individual department.
A MSSON statement does not change, it evolves.


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 17-08-2011


Principles Of Marketing
- Day III
Presenter(s) Mr. Arvind

The third session on Principles of Marketing was about $egmentation and !roduct Life Cycle
(!LC). The main learning points from the session are:

O dentification of segments.
O dentifying the target segment which has core users.
O Segments are divided into sub-segments which further comprise of niche(s).
O Schoolhouse nc. case study focussed on segmentation.
O dentification of segments, consumer needs and planning and developing products/services
to satisfy those needs is the basic process in marketing.
O ifferentiation provides an opportunity for rebranding.
O !roduct Life Cycle (!LC) consists of following stages:

1. ntroduction
2. Early Growth
3. Accelerated Growth
4. Maturity
5. Decline

O Technology is an important factor in PLC. Exclusivity and uplicability affect the duration
of introduction stage.
O !orter's 5 Forces: nternal Competition, Threat of substitutes, Bargaining Power of
Suppliers, Bargaining Power of Buyers, Threat of New Entrants.
O Competition is necessary for growth.
O Competition can either be invited and or can come on its own.
O Competition can be invited by controlling the demand and price of the product.
O LL the competition once leadership is established.
O t is important to create OWE$$ about the brand.
O Never let the brand die its natural death.


Name of trainee KSHITIJ

Date 18-08-2011

Rural Marketing Presenter(s) Mr. Pradeep

The Rural Marketing session helped me understand the eIIect and importance oI the rural consumer
market. It was amazing to know that a large chunk oI business comes Irom consumers in rural
parts oI India. Moreover, the awareness that people in rural areas is Iar more than I perceived.
The very Iact that absence oI proper education does not imply the absence oI knowledge Iits
perIectly in case oI Indian rural marketing. Some oI the important points Irom the session are:

O There are a huge number oI villages in India that contribute largely to FMCG companies`

O The number oI consumers in such rural areas is so large that it changes the well-known
marketing concepts. There are more consumers in certain areas than many nations

O Feeder villages and weekly bazaars are a signiIicant element in rural marketing as they
provided extended markets through dependent/participating/nearby villages.

O Five ways Ior marketers to reach rural India:

1. Video-On-Wheels
2. Direct Contact Program
3. Outdoor
4. Fairs
5. Bazaars

O ow a particular segment oI consumers like students, girls, 8,75,3.etc. can open doors Ior
products in rural markets?

O ow a rural consumer perceives a product and what his /her expectations are? The important
point is to cater to their needs.


Name of trainee KSHITIJ

Date 19-08-2011

Presenter(s) Ms. Devika

1he sesslon on Consumer CrlenLaLlon was lnslghLful ln Lerms of undersLandlng whaL drlves Lhe
consumers Lo buy or noL Lo buy a producL lollowlng are Lhe maln learnlng polnLs from Lhe sesslon
O ,aslow 8ule and ,oLlvaLlons

O ,oLlvaLlons behlnd Lhe consumer behavlour Lowards a producL
1 Savlngs
2 CurloslLy
3 lamlly
4 Crder
3 8omance
6 vengeance
7 ower
8 lndependence
9 Ponour
10 ldeallsm
11 Soclal ConLacL
12 Punger
13 SLaLus
14 hyslcallLy
13 1ranqullllLy
16 AccepLance

O lL ls lmporLanL Lo undersLand consumers and Lhe moLlvaLlon LhaL drlves Lhem Lo go for a

O ased on consumer behavlour research a sLraLegy needs Lo be developed and furLher
communlcaLlons Lake place

Name of trainee KSHITIJ
Date 20-08-2011

Brand Management
Presenter(s) Ms. Devika

1he rand ,anagemenL sesslon was abouL how lmporLanL a brand ls for a company and for consumers
1here are dlfferenL models and approaches a company may adopL ln order Lo creaLe a brand lmage
lollowlng are Lhe approaches LhaL were dlscussed durlng Lhe classroom sesslon
O ,asLer rand
O ndorser Approach
O Pouse of rands
O Pybrld Approach
1he example for ,asLer rand approach ls Dove where all Lhe producLs are under one brandname and
for ndorser rand ls 8r|tann|a where Lhe moLher brand acLs as a sllenL endorser nUL ls an example for
Pouse of rands whereas App|e follows a hybrld approach
1he sesslon should have been longer wlLh ln depLh coverage of Lhe concepL


Name of trainee KSHITIJ
Date 22-08-2011

Brand Management -
Presenter(s) Mr. Ninad

1he second sesslon on brand managemenL provlded an overvlew abouL Lhe creaLlon of a brand and
creaLlng a dlsLlncL brand ldenLlLy 1he maln learnlng polnLs from Lhe sesslon are
O A brand ls an ldea
O A brand always sells some Langlble and some lnLanglble beneflLs
O Jhen consumers are loyal Lo a brand only for lLs lnLanglble beneflLs Lhen Lhe brand holds a
dlsLlncL place ln Lhe markeL
O D|fferent|at|on lL ls Lhe flrsL sLep Lowards creaLlng a brand
O ;uallLy ls usually a percepLlon A parL of a brand ls LruLh and a parL ls makebelleve
O 8rand Awareness has Lhree Lypes 1op of ,lnd SponLaneous and Alded
O 8rand Assoc|at|ons help ln creaLlng a dlsLlncL and dlfferenLlaLed brand lmage
O venLs servlces and experlenLlal markeLlng play a huge role ln brand assoclaLlons
O 8rand Loya|ty lL ls Lhe baslc meLrlc of a brand's success lL lncludes repeaL purchase poslLlve
word of mouLh eLc
O rand ulfferenLlaLlon can be creaLed uslng ns and ate|||tes too|
O ,aps are creaLed uslng Lhe Suns and SaLelllLes Lool and Lhen summarlsed
O 1hese maps are puL Lo work by generaLlng new proposlLlons and worklng Lhe brand proposlLlon
lnLo Lhe broader culLural conLexL


Name of trainee KSHITIJ
Date 24-08-2011
Session Leadership
Lessons from
Indian Warfare
and Application
of Strategy
Presenter(s) Col. Ajay

1he sesslon was lnLeresLlng and provlded lnformaLlon abouL Lhe lndlan warfare hlsLory lL was good Lo
know abouL Lhe baLLles and sLraLegles used ln Lhose baLLles whlch exhlblL leadershlp quallLles 1he maln
learnlng polnLs from Lhe sesslon are
O ulfferenL baLLles foughL ln Lhe lndlan hlsLory and lmporLanL lessons learnL from Lhem
O 1he sLraLegles and leadershlp aLLlLude LhaL was common Lo all wlnnlng sldes ln Lhe baLLles
O ulfferenL Lypes of warfare sLraLegles llke flanklng sLraLegy preamp sLraLegy offenslve and
defenslve sLraLegy blocklng sLraLegy eLc
O Correspondlng lmplemenLaLlon and relevance of such sLraLegles ln corporaLe and buslness
O ueveloplng a sLraLegy Lo and lmplemenLlng lL wlLh ldenLlflcaLlon of ob[ecLlves and goals
developlng a plan of acLlon and uLlllslng Lhe resources ln order Lo achleve Lhe ob[ecLlve
O Case sLudy for Cerman aLLack on lrance and lndlan aLLack on asLern aklsLan ln 1971
O lmporLance of Llmlng leadershlp and declslon maklng ln a successful sLraLegy


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 25-08-2011

Research Approach and
Methodology - I
Presenter(s) Mr. Rajiv

1he sesslon emphaslsed upon Lhe looklng aL Lhe broader plcLure durlng a research lollowlng are Lhe
maln learnlng polnLs
O lL ls lmporLanL Lo conslder boLh sldes of Lhe coln le consumer and Lhe markeLer
O 1he ,arkeLlng 8esearch acLs as a funcLlon LhaL llnks Lhe consumer and publlc Lo Lhe markeLer
Lhrough lnformaLlon
O lollowlng are Lhe sLeps durlng a research
4 ueflnlng Lhe role plays a crlLlcal role
4 1he lnformaLlon requlred Lo address Lhe lssue
4 ueslgn Lhe meLhod for collecLlng lnformaLlon
4 ,anage and lmplemenL Lhe daLa collecLlon process
4 Analyse Lhe resulL
4 CommunlcaLe Lhe flndlng and Lhelr lmpllcaLlon

O ,arkeLlng 8esearch beglns and ends wlLh Lhe consumer
O lL helps Lo Lake declslon D1 lL ls noL a declslon maker
O 8esearch needs Lo be done ln a rlghL way
O ,arkeLlng 8esearch ls noL a subsLlLuLe for your wlsdom and [udgemenL
O ,arkeLlng 8esearch ls noL [usL Lo help appralsal of execuLlves
O ,arkeLlng research ls noL a way Lo prove whaL you Lhlnk ls rlghL
O Je should look aL medla LargeL noL creaLlve LargeLs
O ,arkeLlng research ls noL Lo [usLlfy a declslon you have made
O ,arkeLlng research lncludes
4 Consumer research
4 CusLomer 8esearch
4 Shopper 8esearch
4 CaLegory analyLlcs
4 AdverLlng research


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 26-08-2011

Research Approach and
Methodology - II
Presenter(s) Mr. Rajiv

1oday we learnL abouL fallacles ln 8esearch
O lallacy l ,arkeLlng 8esearch sLudy dlffers dlfferenLly aL dlfferenL reglon and culLure
O lallacy ll Consumer Lhlnks ln a raLlonal llnear manner
O lallacy lll Consumer can readlly explaln Lhelr Lhlnklng and behavlour

8esearch ,eLhodology
O JhaL are markeLlng ob[ecLlves and research ob[ecLlves?
O Pow markeLlng ob[ecLlves and research ob[ecLlves dlffer?
O Pow Lo deflne clearly a markeLlng ob[ecLlve and a research ob[ecLlve?
O Pow research ob[ecLlve ls relaLed Lo and dependenL upon markeLlng ob[ecLlve?


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 26-08-2011

Brand Management Presenter(s) Mr. Jaimit

1oday's sesslon was very lnLeresLlng and lnformaLlve ,aln learnlng polnLs from Lhe sesslon are
O Brand Equity :
rand equlLy ls sLraLeglcally cruclal buL famously dlfflculL Lo quanLlfy ,any experLs have
developed Lools Lo analyse Lhls asseL buL Lhere ls no unlversally accepLed way Lo measure lL ln
a survey of nearly 200 senlor markeLlng managers only 26 responded LhaL Lhey found Lhe
brand equlLy meLrlc very useful 1herefore brand equlLy ls someLhlng LhaL ls creaLed and ls
assoclaLed wlLh a brand buL Lo Lalk of lL many people do noL undersLand lL clearly lor example
an Arrow shlrL wlLh prlce Lag of 8s3000 mlghL have an acLual value of 8s700 buL Lhe resL
8s2300 ls whaL we call brand equlLy for Arrow as a brand ln Lhe markeL and consumers' mlnd

O Brand Awareness:
rand awareness ls a markeLlng concepL LhaL measures consumers knowledge of a brands
exlsLence AL Lhe aggregaLe (brand) level lL refers Lo Lhe proporLlon of consumers who know of
Lhe brand lL ls qulLe posslble LhaL consumers do noL buy a brand buL are very well aware of lLs
presence ln Lhe markeL


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 27-08-2011

Brand Management Presenter(s) Mr. Jaimit

1he maln learnlng polnLs from Lhe sesslon are
O ,arkeLlng 8DS
lsLen Lo consumer
llnd ouL lLs real need
lulfll Lhe need

O rand AssoclaLlon rand AssoclaLlons are noL beneflLs buL are lmages and symbols assoclaLed
wlLh a brand or a brand beneflL lor example 1he nlke Swoosh nokla sound lllm SLars as wlLh

O rand ersonallLy rand personallLy seL of human personallLy assoclaLed wlLh brands

O CC ,odel


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date
29 & 30-08-2011

Qualitative Research Presenter(s)
Piyul Mukerjee
Pia Mollback

1he sesslon was on ;uallLaLlve 8esearch 1he sesslon was more on pracLlcal lmpllcaLlon of Lhe
quallLaLlve research
1he quallLaLlve research follows exploraLory research ln whlch we need Lo undersLand Lhe behavlour of
Lhe consumer for Lhe parLlcular producL
lkewlse we had a fleld Lrlp ln whlch we had Lo lnLervlew a household and undersLand Lhelr bellefs and
Lhelr behavlour
Je vlslLed a place called slddharLh nagar ln lonavala markeL and lnLervlewed some household
Cur Lask was Lo know Lhe waLer problems faced by Lhe lower lncome group
l had lnLervlewed a lower SC who was lnLo small scale buslness of maklng wlgs
1here were 3 members ln LhaL famlly Je had Lo Lalk Lo Lhe lady of Lhe house 1he lady whom l meL was
very heslLanL Lo Lalk Lo us 1he famlly couldn'L open up Lo Lhe quesLlons much as Lhey were scared LhaL
we would leak Lhe lnformaLlon
1he learnlng Lhlngs ln Lhls were we need Lo be confldenL and make Lhe consumer be aL ease ln Lhelr
own space
AfLer collecLlng Lhe lnformaLlon we were asked Lo analyse Lhe daLa and Lake ouL resulLs from Lhe daLa
1he exerclse was very useful ln Lerms of uslng Lhe Lheory ln Lhe real pracLlcal way of analyses


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 31-08-2011

Marketing of Cinema Presenter(s) Mr. Savio

vlslblllLy ls lmporLanL of an acLor Lo work ln fllms vlslblllLy can be Lhrough ubllclLy and endorsemenL of
brand eople should know Lhe acLor and Lhe brand value he lncurs
,arkeLlng ln clnemas ls done Lhrough cobrandlng ln Lhe movle
1upperware ln Colmaal 3
,ounLaln uew ln Zlndagl na mllegl dobara
1he cobrandlng can be done wlLh more Lhan one brand
3 ldolLs had Samsung AlrLel volvox90 lorLls PosplLal and ,ahlndra lllghL
lashlon had brands llke klmaya Sunsllk Pawklns 8eebok and akme
1he whole romoLlon ls known as ln fllm lnLegraLlon
ln lllm lnLegraLlon ls very cosL effecLlve and geL acLors Loo aL a nomlnal raLe
,arkeLlng of clnema conslsLs of 4 's
roducL lllm
lace Jhen and where ls Lhe movle releaslng
romoLlon ,erchandlslng deal vlral ,arkeLlng eLc
ubllclLy 1hrough 8
lnLegraLlon Co brandlng wlLh rands
Co randlng ln a movle can be down wlLh noLmore Lhan 6 rands
SomeLlmes Lhe Corandlng can look llke lorced lnLegraLlon


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date
03 & 04-09-2011

Principles of Sales
Presenter(s) Mr Rudolf

O ,arkeLlng provldes sLraLegles Lo sales
O Sales are lnLo more fleld work and generaLe revenue for Lhe company
O 1herefore sales ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL funcLlon of ,arkeLlng
O Sales ls a subseL of ,arkeLlng.
O Sales fits into the place anu piomotion of P's.
O Sellinq is not requires if morketinq is qooJ!!! - Peter Bucker eq: Apple
O Sales a pait of Integiateu Naiketing Communication.
O If you want to be 00TSTANBINu in maiketing then you must have expeiience in all
the elements of the Naiketing mix incluuing sales.
O Beciuing on sales stiuctuie
() Evolves fiom the goal of the company
() No shoit teim stiategy on sales eg:Subhiksha
() Aujusteu eveiy yeai foi heau count baseu on taiget

O ature oI the business
. Bistiibution FNCu wheie auveitising plays the key iole - B0L
. Natuie Business- Sales Nattei- washing machine, tv etc
. Natuiing Business- Watei Puiifiei
. Concept Business-vaccum Cleaneis secuiity system, Bealth Piouuct
. Solution Business - Consultancy, Aeioplanes, Piojects.

O uoveinment iegulation play an impoitant iole in ueveloping sales stiategy


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 05-09-2011

Selling and Negotiation
Skills - I
Presenter(s) Mr Neeraj

O A sale is the act o selling a product or serice in return or money or other compensation.
O 'alue Chain consists o:
Customer needs
'alue Proposition
Product Positioning
Product Deelopment
Marketing & Communication
Ater sales

O Role o Sales Deelopment: generating the target sales, generating the budgeted proit and
achieing the desired growth.
O S!ANCO: Suspecting, Prospecting, Approach, Negotiating, Closure and Objection.
O 1ypes o assessment questions:
O Situational questions
O Discoery o problem question
O Impact o problem question
O Solution alue question
O Conirmatory question


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 06-09-2011

Selling and Negotiation
Skills - II
Presenter(s) Mr Neeraj

O 1o negotiate is to trade something we hae or something we want.
O Negotiation is a skill acquired through practice and by learning technique.
O hen to negotiate
Mutually agreeable outcome which is desirable to both parties.
ou occupy a deensible position.
Both parties hae an option.

O 1ypes o negotiation
Distributie Negotiation
Integratie Negotiation

O Common styles o negotiation:
Giing In
Problem soling

O Negotiation Behaiour
RLD behaiour: arrogant, stubborn, aggressie, intimidation, exploitation, always
seeking the best, no concern or person negotiating with, taking etc.
BLUL behaiour: opposite o red, win-win approach, cooperating, paciying,
trusting, relational, giing etc.
PURPLL behaiour: Mix o both, gie me some o what I want.


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date
09 & 10-09-2011

Good Advertising Presenter(s) Mr Yash

O Good aderting becomes with a good thinking and a good brie rom the clients
O Adertising changes people`s behaiour and make them beliee the product.
O Adertisement should be:
1. Single minded
2. Releant
3. Sustainable
4. Contagious
5. Lngaging
6. Memorable
. Lxtendable
O Good Adertising needs to good ingredient or a great ad
O hat is a good Brie
i, Clear: In what it is trying to express
ii, Concise: All section orm one integrated point o iew
iii, Coherent: Lliminating all the details that are not ital to get creatie solution
i, Competitie: Setting priorities not a shopping list o all that go into adertising.
, Stimulating 1aking a stand that can eoke creating response.

O lacts are not consumer insights.
O Consumer speak are not insights
O Consumer do not articulate insights, they only gie us hint.
O Insights requires them to see what eerybody else has seen and thinking what nobody would
hae thought.


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date
11 & 12-09-

Introduction to and Role
of Advertising
Presenter(s) Mr Ajai

1he session spread oer two days with lots o inormation shared by the aculty. But I ound the
inormation ery unreasonable due to lack o practical examples. 1here was no concrete learning
despite the act that the content and presentation with the aculty was ample. 1he session lacked
a proper agenda and was just an oeriew about the adertising. I did not ind anything
substantial in terms o learning in the session.


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 14-09-2011

Advertising Ethics Presenter(s) Mr

1he session on adertising ethics proided us with inormation about the Adertising Standards
Council o India ,ASCI,. 1he main learning points are:

O low can one approach ASCI
O hat type o unethical marketing communication can be curbed by ASCI
O hich adertisements hae been taken o-air in response to ASCI decision
O ho are the members o ASCI
1he inormation shared during the lecture was good but I elt all this could hae been read rom the
Internet. 1o setup an entire session or this ino did not make any sense.


Name of trainee KSHITIJ AGGARWAL Date 16-09-2011

Account Management and
The Client Agency
Presenter(s) Mr Suraja

1oday`s session was nothing like it was supposed to be. 1here was no discussion about the account
management and client agency partnership. loweer, there were other topics were coered. 1he
main learning points are:
O Deine rbat bv.ive.. ,ov are iv broadly so that it is easy to enter new related businesses.
O It is important to hae the ategor, C,av:
Market Share
low big is the category
Challenges and opportunities

O Competitor Analysis
Brand Personality

O Consumer Analysis

Name of trainee KSHITIJ
Date 17-09-2011

Insight Mining Presenter(s) Mr Ninad

1his was one o the most interesting sessions. During the sessions the worth learning points were:
O Insight should be understandable not ery complex.
O hile crating an insight we must keep in mind that:
4 Choice o language is not arbitrary and inconsequential
4 lor an insight to hae real potency, the language in which it is couched is at least as
important as the inner truth itsel.
4 But or an insight to hae real potency, literal accuracy is less important than its power to
O Communication Strategy: Strategy is not an idea.
O Creatie people look or an idea not a strategy. 1hey read brie as an idea.
O Don`t leae idea to the creatie. 1he creatie should take your idea to another leel. Its their ision o
the idea.
O 1he actiities on insight mining were really interesting and inoled rigorous thinking.

Name of trainee KSHITIJ
Date 18-09-2011

Creative Brief Presenter(s) Mr Ninad

1he main learning points are:
O hat is a brie It is the description o a task to be got done.
O It is a process o partnership. OU--CLILN1--CRLA1I'L--CONSUMLRS
O A brie should be inspiring
O 1he exercise on CLLAR shampoo was ery inoling and helped in better understanding o the
brieing process.
O Llements like what is the problem, target consumer, purpose o communication, proposition,
mandates and thought starters were better understood in the session.