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Patients and Patience:

Some time when we study the Pakistani anatomy there is a different type of patients found in different places. These patients are not controlled by any person. If these patients are not recovered then it makes a worm to the normal and become more dangerous for civilization and for the civilized society. It is very necessary to mark and symbolize these types of psychological patients. There is a lot of patients found in the different areas of Pakistan, even these patients behave like a normal people and also guide others persons well. Some times you even didnt know who is false and who is wrong. And you also didnt know at what level he wants to go for crime. Now a day, there are different types of psychological and mental diseases found due to from other outside pressure. For example in Pakistan different type of Generals didnt know about Pakistan and their civilized society too. But they behave as a patriotic way with their people that people think they are good personals. But internally they all are psychological worms due to the outside Jewish pressure or other outside pear group pressure. These happened in Pakistan since from the early ages and it continued in the Pakistan due to Islam. Most of the Non Muslims including Pakistani leaders also didnt support the Muslims community, because they think that these Muslims are against us and want to finish us. These type of psychology used for every level in all over the world. These people collectively make these crimes for all Muslim people. And they want to finish Muslim hood with a harmony of English or with some criminal people even if he is a man or woman. These people use internal leaders or General of any country to finish their Islamic values or cultures so that all people of that place become non Islamic and then become their servants. Another patient family is found in All over the world that used Muslims in different manner. Like they again and again and repeatedly tell the Muslims that you are at low level, so that they can continue their strategy going on. This patient exists when they see oh there are real Muslims existing. Then the first step what they do is they analyze the person, by applying different psychological and criminal methods. Because they think that all Muslims are terrorist. According to the person without ignoring their personal value they use different type of psychological methods for civilized society like degrading them, devalue them, create pressurize all over the world so that all other Muslims think that they are also devalue and alone in this world and they forced to all other Muslims should be habitual to think that they are devalued culture and religion. Then they want to apply their thinking forcefully to all over the Muslim people and they also behave and want to prove that they think correctly. And for making their thinking prove correct they also use different friends, family, and the environment too around the person. The main example is the education system of the country. By any means they want to devalue their education and it doesnt matter that at which level of education they apply their cheapness as a mental worries, body fatigues for the students especially Muslim students and most of the people didnt know about this. The Pakistani student, and his/her education, his /her personality culture and religion , aims of life, progress, happiness of family, responsibility should and want to spoil by any means even a person didnt even think about this and the spoil at every cheap level. During getting the education, Pakistani

students spend all their money, time, energy, and also ignore the parents during getting the education. These can be happened from early ages. Then after all of these they disturb these literate persons all the time during job, and then again devalue their education when any body going in these foreign countries. Then the person naturally think that he / her a devalued education then devalue country, and they also think that they are a devalue personality and wasting their time, then break a personality and lost in the English Heaven. Most the men break their marriages, forget their relation and forget their parents too by seeing a greatness of other countries, money, and education system. These types of psychology can be used from early ages of Pakistan. It doesnt mean they are only a simple common person, it also include all army , leaders, their family and their childrens too all become a psychological patients in a different way, that didnt know about this worms, then these leaders and army personals seeing the greatness of other countries and they imagine they are living there but Govern in the native country. So they imagine that other countries are going good so we make Insha Allah our country good or strong and again and again tell people that they are making progress at one day. Then they also said the people at different occasions. This type of psychology used for Pakistani people too and people didnt know about their poverty because they again and again listen from the leaders and Governing bodies that we can do something Insha Allah. For making their value and culture cheap the all Muslim leader are forced to apply these psychology in their countries, and use these personal that told your society that all public are only a public and low standard culture , behavior, family and friends too. For applying these they can be used any leader to make disturb any normal , innocent person then again these Jewish people said to that person again that its the fault of your country and system, because you are a third world country. So that all people think and make them selves a servant and under the order of English people. Even some of the English leaders also didnt know this they are also proud psychological patients. They want to apply their mental disease over any person by any mean and no person can be safe here. So that all people become low standard and think that they are servant of them. These can be happened in the computer Education too. A low standard, old technology is studied in third world country mean Asia. They forced to use Number 2 cds and said that we are very true persons and use licensed softwares and you are a cheap, uncivilized Indians that used unpirated software and your student are not at this level that behave and used like us, because these English patients think that they are great nation, This can be inject by English Governs in their society too so that every person unconsciously against the Indians and the again and hate the Muslims. And English society didnt aware of this that what they inject in their own society. They are unconsciously think and behave badly with Pakistanis and Asians too. So that they are unconsciously do a lot of project against the Muslim society. Even People sitting with you or your friend can do this. Then they even didnt bother of this that any person hurt and spoil their whole life, spoil their carrier, they act like a virus. These English people use to spoil any person and carrier by any means specially the main source is the society of the culture. They use the society for controlling by their religion and civilization. And pressurize enough that person automatically think they all people think for the benefit of me. So the person thinks wrongly and wants to obey due to the family and society pressure. (But I am not like this). If you are not like this then they change their value and habits according to you then again attack on you and you didnt know of this. And if you succeeded to avoid them

then make applause for you and these people also tell them that you doing great. So that you make yourself again thank to them again. Its very strange and foolishness behavior that should be acted upon on the women and men too. After finding a lot of research in Muslim society any good student and make their analysis too. Then want to catch them. The era going to progress and people use genie , magic, Using stars or janam condulee or use any magic to search the student and want to spoil them by any mean and if they find that some student of person have a good family system, education or good personality they want to finish them by proper steps. And after asking all their education talents these Jewish and Christine people also told them that you are also a cheap and devalued society and you have a devalued personality because you belong to very bad and corrupt society. How you get all of these. Idiots. If you are good person and find any thing good that use benefit for them and they also said you again that please join us.

Allah Says That Allah helps to those that have patience in them and wait for the Help of Allah. And if Allah helps to you then they again came to you by making any other policy.

Shamim Akhtar Religion: Islam.