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' Stay Loose Flcribilitrt rs rlcll as skills in change nr!nagcnc t. ilrc ltlso lmporlant, noles ( ' r i r ' l i | l . D . r r : r r . r r r ' h n r r s irn g l o t r u c k \I cr scicnce. but it s diflerent from chc r r p r . r l d - r e l , ' t ' r 'n , l i f e , r i l r . I r ' . n o r rr sonerhing \\'hcrc vou can designa spec -l lnd build ir !o tlrc lbu have ro be r ri l l i n g r o d c e l i n s o m e a m b i g u i n a n d tuke thlt ambiguitr rnd make it .eal encl tangible. It s a lert ircretive r 1 r , t c " . I r c [ r r l ' r n r l . r t a t r L r ( t u r c t\ h a t r r e n ' tt r a d i r i o n d l . " ,\ trpical cngugcncnt for (jriffln's corlll)anr' rangcsfronr six monrhs to nvo rnd Lr half vcLrts. dcpcnding upon the scope of thc project. She savs she f I ' r c r c r .I o h i r c t r r r r . r r l r a n t . . r 'u l l - t r m c Lr r r l r l . ' r c c l. " r r . r - l r c r c n m p . r r 'rr[ . s i g n ' . lirr menr clilkrcnr hard\,areplatfbrms, clllrabascs tools. rhet olren contrac! llnd tirr speciali.tcrlrirlcnr. Depending on c \ l ( r i c n r ( .u , , n t r r r l n r \ n dc u n \ u l r r n r \ a , . r d r m , r n , l . r r ' r r r l r r r r o mS r ' 0t , r S 2 0 U f lln hour,shc sllvs, Linda (iLrlkrtto,manager of IT r ( , n r i r i ; . r r O r f o r d& \ r . o . i r r r r .I.n t . irr lteabodrt\lessachusetrs, lhich has , , rc r ' . 0 0 0i , , r r . r r l t : r 'r r l . r e d i n c n g a g c p . n r ( , r \ r r o L r . 'r(llr ( ( n u n f n . s r r r r l c n t r n d i . l r i ; h ' " r ( ) r : r , l c' l i i l l ' f o - c n r c r p r i . c xn(l data \rarchousc \,otk, as wcll rs for e\pcrience ning lhan and SAP cnrer-tscrrrr. ( 1'ri'r l , l r r r r r i n gE R f t . r l ' l ' l r c a \\racllouse. aionsinro rhc Shc sl\s her , , 1 9 . 1 1 1 i 7 1l1,:,n ir' I b r c o n t r r c r o r 's h . ' | : , 1 - ' h . r r e r r , , r l ' c L\l \ i t h u . c r \ i n l a \ r inrplementntirrnpr<rjecrs, havefir'c co 1 \crrs of busincsserperiencein thc IT lodd. and halc prelioush built a data l rrchouseor bccn pafr of e projcct. John Lacllcr pnrgram dirccror ac Nlctl Groulr. r Inttrkcrresearch fi.m in (irnnccticut, adds thar dara Sranrford. r r e r u h u u . e , , n t r l c l u r \s h o r r l rrll v ' p r ' * c . , ' r c ' i r r r t ' r c n c' r i l l ' .a s r n , r r g k n u r l k e r l - c o f d r r r r d r i r c r rp r o ( e . \ e \l i k c n r o L l L l i n p n r I { \ l ) . : r l ' i Jr p p l i c u t i ' , n l c r r : l L opmcnt], d solid kno\\ledgc of clccision support s\sren'rsand approachcs, and good knol lcdec of phlsical database dcsignaltcrnltilcs like star schema." I)lr-is. rvhosclirnr has been hclping t l , , B i 1 r ' r ' ' i ' t h c r l J r g ec o n . u l t i n g t l n . \ r J f f u l ' \ \ r r l r l u l l - r r m e o n : r r l r a s .r c n .:,\\ '( t\ tt,\l .lrl in! ro \ec lhc lleld , , 1 )n u p f n t . l t ' , r l c r - l r r m u o l r J c t o r s . ( ''l-lrcrc i . r r r c v n ' r i r I n i ' r , p p , , r t u r r ij t r

afrcf rhc Big 6 come in fcrr people rrained in the nuanccs of data rvarch o u s cm a n a g e m e n t .h c . a r r . I n a r l d i \ r i o n .h e \ J \ . . \ h o r r - r e r m o n r r a c r o r \ ; . . c find opportunitiesin emploveetraining, front cnd programming,and ongoing maintcnance, I n d u . r n c x p e r r sx g r c c r h s r o n - r h e i J o b r r i r i n i n gs r h e b c ' t r r r r rr ' , g a i nd a r : r $afehousingskills. Bur lhere is also a plethora of information a!'ailablerodal complrcJ ro ju\r a l'c\\ vcrr\ dgo. \.r\\ Griffin. In addition to numerous articlcs availablcvia the In!ernet, Griffin irlso . u g g e . l .a l t e n J i n g . c m i n a ra n d r e n d o r s \\ith rhe righrskill \er. man\ indrpend( nr (unrrJcror\"crrnrr.r) bu.r s ith ju.t pcrsonrl retcrral5 be(ausedemand is so high, savsOxford's(iallotto. I C"/Iut lrv L a Jrt,/,tn, tit?r Brilgrta n 4 Jlassadast tt. bai,,/ Dt

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Or-Lh6! fheData Warchouse (ht$://www.dala-wareh0! resource 0r-line featuring lorums industry with experts, software news, demos vendor and information.

tlJ ing at ,rrarethar rnf€ltens ro maKe \our hcdd spin lasrerthen the plattcrs of rr disk drile, technicalcclucation is bccoming an increasing[ cr;tical fac.or in busincss success.:\lrhough \'en neturc ol IT the con!racting hls cnsured rhlt rru've lcarnedto learn.not even,one so luckv is 'l'he uorld of business fillcd tith peois ple s'ho necci to get up to spccd on eren rhing lrom object-oricntcddelelopmenr to inrranet bridging. Somconc ha' ro reachpcuplc rll rh:rrrr,:rr.tufiand rr ho bcttcr thrn contractorsi

Help Wanted

,\s long as tlre compurer industn Data Warchousing Newslettet Careet dnd rech(http://www.sof twarejobs.c0n/dataware.htnrl)lieepsrollingour net producrs Weekly newsletter featuring career . opportunites r r o l u g i c t. h c r cr ri l l I r er d ( n , r r r t il l r rr e l a t and informational articles. " ed education. lr's jusr a natuailrcsulrof

Publlcltors! Data Managenent Review (htQ:// Powell Publishing Inc.,617 94th West Soutn St, Allis, 5321 1222. (4141 -7687l?d.: Wl 4Tel: 771 | (414) 771-8058. Pnctlcal lechniques Bu dingDinensional tot Data Warchouses,by Kimball. wiley, Ralph John New York. Euildlng Data the Warchouse, byJohn Inmon. Joho Wiley, York. New Data Warchousing & Declslon Vols. Suppott, 1 ardZ Spiral Books, Bedford,llew Hampshire. AbebRoad totData Map Warchousenab Maft lnplenentafon. lnc,, Ate, InfoEdoe, Shmford, (http:/ Connecticut ^/ Data Warchousing: & S,lutions,Blool l,ols Research, InfoEdge, u.K., Stamtord, Connecticut ( Indnslry lade 5[01rsl DCI'S Warehouse Toronto, 28Data World, oct. 30, 1998. DCI'S Database & Clienuserver Chjcago, World, Dec.9-11,.l997.

rhe grorvrh in softrrareindustr\'." sals Crnrhia J. [:]orle, technical plecenrenr consulrant Clear Poinr (ixrsultants rn at Peabodr \llssachusetrs.Bo\ lc, $hos€ compan,v specializcs placingtniner", in sa_vs that thcrc rren r enough solicl technicaltrainersto n-rcct client ncccls. In the Arlanra area. Joe trpshas: a consulrantlbr \\'inrer,\\\mln (bntract Sen ices, has identifiecl rlrr rrends apparenth fucling the rraining market. "Companies arc bcginning to rrain exisringsrafT Ior more," srls Llpshar. a "Good documcntation is l ocf'ullv absenrfrom mosrdelelopmenr projccts. and the knotlcdge kind of rvllks out ' the door \\ irh rhc conrractot hc sa)s. also leels rhat contracting Upsharv companicsarc increasinghusing train ing as an inccntive for compenl lolaltr: "tbu don'r realll care sho s taking a chunk of vour pavcheck,"savs['pshas, "so it night rs lell bc this current u u m p a r l \ \ I ' I r , l a s r h c r ' r t t - i r r d gr r r J i conrracrs."lnr'csting in ctlucarion for conlraclorsis bccoming eatsier confor sulting firnrs ls rraining increases con-

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and, in time, makeslhem !ractors'skills mors emplovable. gap.Thc Then rhcrc s rhe educarion gro$ th of rhc Internet has reallv opcned up a nes'era ofcomputing, one enlironrlhcrc complcs heterogeneous t m e n r \ i r c r a p i d l \ r e p l a c i n gh e ' i n g l c p l a t t u r mu p c r a t i u n s I o l d . V a n a g i n g . o operaring,aDd developing soflwarc in this cnvironnrentrequiresan expanded technical rcpertoire-and a constantll changingonc. It also rcquires continuing edLrcarion.

existing staff in objecr-orienredanalysis and design.

Rarc5lor (ra;ningseem feirlt consirtent actoss the countn: Paul Rectol recrui!ing manager for NervData Srraregicsin Dallas. reports rhat hr' companvpayscontracllralnefsbetween Sl00 and 51.200 per day. The"e are high-end people, he savs,certified by \licrosoft or Polersoft. \larrhcrr Chan. orrncr of Inrrepid Nettork Conceprs in i\,lairland, Florida, rrarels outside of his a.ea for manv of hrs conrracrs. He does primarih \licro:oft an.l and\orell training. rcponsdarh rate" ranging from $400 co $800 per da-vfor Novell classc:, and from $500 ro SI,ZUU for Microsoft training. "Becausethere are more trainers.ratrs arc coming do$n.-' sals Chan. "\\har I'r,e had to do is shifr m,vself the highcr end stuff," he savs. ro ['psharr rcpurts that tfainers in the {rlanta area,ar elseuherc,rvill find thar rare" ran basedon rhc (\pe of rraining and the instrucror's credentials. Po*'crbuilder trainers earn $75 an hour, PeopleSofr rhc higlr $li0sor S90r.anJ in a seniorSAP trainer can command$150 an hour or more.

What Trainers Do
Contracrorsinterestedin (orking as rechni,:ll rrainer: nill find a raricl of carecr oprions. onc of the more comc n r o ni i r o c u n r r a c\r i r h r r a i n i n g c n t c r r . The trainingcenrerschedules the class, t e n r o l l s h c . r r r d c n t sa n d e q u i p s h c l a h . r . \bu shr-r\up and rcach rhe appropriate curriculum.(lbsser last from.r ferl dars ro a rrcck. rnd parment rs br rhe dar:lir teach a vcndor-approved course, vou muir bc ccrrifi(d 15 x uainealrom rhar To be a good trainer, you'll

admits that ihe e\tensire rralel c:rn Irc rvearing. in lftou re located r majormcrropolitan area,,vouma\ bc able ro avoid lifc on rhe rring. Or tou can augmcrlt sessions rrith $ork \ou can do fion) class home,suchas course developmenr, To rn crurvour rkills as a trrincr lomighr considerpufiing on an infbrmal o s e m i n a r f t u o . o r j o i n i n gT o a . r m l s t c t r may to honeyour presen!4tion skills.YoLr also wanr ro do as Upshau,does, and adr,isc former contracting clients that \ou re mo\ing inro rraining.a. rrcll .rs spread rhe n€$s ro professional colleaguer. rlso help. ro readlot' of books lt ahourlearning snles. pre'cntrtion skills. and rrarningissues. .\nd no. ir rvouldn t hurr to cakea "rrain rhe trrinc." class. B o r h r r a i n e r sa n d t h o s e r r h o h i r . !hem agree tha! !he besr technical rrainersare able to blend thcir human relationsskills \\'irh hands-onrechnicrl . e x p e r i c n c ie a r a r i c t r o f b u s i n e s e n r i n r r o n m c n t s . e t ' s s e e . . . r r h or o u l d h c r . L jusr rhar kind c,l'broad-bared rlork espct riencel Oh, _ves, contractors. Antt llnrtnn L a Jircl,tn', ltuvuci.; ,ottl t', ltnolalg urit' r /'aso,/ in Il,ttt. Nottl Carnlina.

need to be a technical expert on the subject you want to teach. You'll be expected to handle questions that pop up during a class, as well as troubleshoot any problems in the lab environment.
vendor \licrosofi authorized trainrng and educetion centers IATECs) and Novell authorized education cenrers tNAECrt. for example.rrill requirecontrac!ors!o be cer!ified. Anorhcr option is to teaclrat collcgcs and universities. There is an increasing p u s hh r t h e c o m l u t e f i n d u s l n r o h r i n g up-ro-rhe-minure trainingro the colIT lcgc levcl, and rhe efforts seem ro be succceding. Opportunitics are opening up for contracc trainers leachor advisc to o n c u m p u t e rc u r r i c u l u m e . p e c i l l l r : r r . communi!,v and cechnical colleges. a O n - . i t e t r i r i n i n gf o r b u s i n e r . c s n , . l o r g i r r r i / . a t i r ) ro n r i n u e i I o b e a s t r o n g c r. mlrker ii)r rr;incr', and ir i' one rhat U p . h r r | r r p s s u c c c s s f u l lF o re x a m I l e . q af!er a rccen! developmenr projccr, thc compen\ that hired UpshaN ertendcd hi' rtcr so he could train

Skills You'll Need
Technicalrraincrscome from \ariou\ backgroundr.including sofilare engineer\. customer \uppofl pcofle. and technicalrvriterswho havedone the more technical produc work, "lfthey are comfortable standing up in front of a class, and rher hale the abilin to be arriculare and think on [heir feet, lhev can also makegoodrechnical r16inq15." $erle. 52r5 To be a good traincr.rou'll need to be a technical experr on the subject you \\'ant to teach. You'll be expected to handle quesrionsthar pop up during a class,as $,ell as troubleshootanv problems in rhe lab environment.Bur conr Iruref knolrrhu\ ii only one lralf of thc equation.You need !o be a people pers o nt o o .I f r o u l r c n t . t h c n t r a i n i n g p r o b abh isn t for rou. A lot of [sould-bc trainersl reallv don't have anl idea horv much people interacrionthe) are going ro be gerring. Or rhe ridiculou: quesrions rhat rLrrnup. For cxirn)ple. \omebod,v points a! lhe mousc and says, '\\rtrac's thisi' A Iot of patienceand people skills are needcd,"sa,vs Rector Another thing vou'll need is packing s k i l l r .\ l o s r r r a i n e r \ p s n d q u i r ea h i r o f . rime rr sirer asar' lrom homc.Chan errimates he takes about 24 trips a vcar and

you tum b00k can toforinforThere's nosingle I malion a career a technical on as trainer Many and vendors ofler d0 nardware software for courses how bea trainer theirparticabout to products. out To find about your tiem, best ular betis tovisit companyb siteorcallthe tiat Web You support education and department. canalso consider enrolling 0rmore inone college classes ofteaching. onthepdnciples resources You'll flnd also some useful 0nlhe Web: ht9:/,rtrdev-Vwelcome.html isthe Training Development and Listserv place Welcome This Page. Listserv anexcellent is going toget feel what's o0inthetraining a for you questions have industry to askany about and becoming a trainer. (http://i The Trainlngsupersite implies, is,asits a You'llfnd resource lorallthings center training. a job directory haining 0l associalions,oppoduniliesforfainers, discussi0n and a board, other and related training. to t00ls links Http:// is you thewebsiteof fn4l //VG t4agazine,whete can past read articles sign l0ra free al and up t at: subscrlption, also ff call You can write Lakewood Publications, Nintlr 50S. St., (800) Minneapolis, MN 0r 55402. 328.4329{612) 333-0471.

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