10x10 brings together 100 of the world’s best architects and artists into the most famous city in the world, the City of London, to draw at their own expense for Article 25. The City is one square mile and every corner contains two thousand years of great architecture. From Wren to Foster, from Soane to Koolhaas the City has exquisite buildings and spaces which have, in turn been captured by today’s best talent. Article 25 thanks the participants of 10x10 for their generosity and now asks you to match their spirit by digging deep and bidding high. Here’s your chance to secure a piece of history, for a very good cause. Article 25 is the UK’s leading architectural humanitarian charity - we need your support.

10x10 was founded in one of the world’s great financial centres; the City of London. Its aim is to raise money for essential projects in developing countries. It began as a celebration of three things: firstly, the process of looking at the city; stopping, listening and putting pen to paper. Secondly, the process of making choices; deciding what to draw - picking favourites – and articulating those choices. Thirdly it is a celebration both of the individual and the collective - a many-layered ‘snapshot’ of the City. Thanks go to all those who have contributed; with drawings, with their time and with sponsorship. We hope that this will be the first of many 10x10’s, both in London and in other cities around the World. Tim Makower Allies and Morrison

Jack Pringle Chair of Article 25


“10x10 London – Drawing the City” is a unique project, dividing the City of London into a 10x10 grid. Each piece has been created for this event by prominent architects and artists. Initiated by architects Tim Makower and Stephen Taylor and supported by Argent and Sotheby’s, 10x10 is set to become an annual and international event. Proceeds from this event will support the built environment charity Article 25’s ongoing projects including a school building in Burkina Faso. All of our contributors took to the pavements of London to produce a truly distinctive and dynamic collection and, as we think you will agree, form a truly unique showcase of British architectural heritage. The resulting works highlight some of the most beautiful aspects of the city as well as the hidden and forgotten details that are regularly overlooked. This project is a unique concept, with the designers of the City collaborating during one weekend and turning their gaze back to the built environment they helped to create as well as providing a commentary and critique on the constantly changing landscape of central London. These original and striking pieces, documenting the changing cityscape of London are being auctioned by Sotheby’s at an exclusive event on 1st December, 2011 at the German Gymnasium, courtesy of King’s Cross.


Live & Silent Auction A selection of 25 pieces will be auctioned live on Thursday 1st December at The German Gymnasium, Kings Cross Central. A Silent Auction of the 75 remaining pieces will run on the same night. To participate in the Silent Auction, please write your bid on the bidding forms next to each artwork in the exhibition. Telephone bidding is also available for the Live Auction – please email

Sealed bids Sealed bids are accepted by email, text or telephone before 6pm on Thursday 1st December. For more information please email or call +44 (0)20 7375 0144. Payment If you place the winning bid for any auction lot, payment can be made by credit or debit card, cheque, cash, bank transfer or online donation and must be made on or before collection or delivery of the piece. A payment desk will be available on the night for those present at the Live Auction. If not present, you will be notified by email or text message on the 1st December. Collection All artworks will be packaged to take away on Thursday 1st December. If you are unable to take your piece it will be packaged and delivered on Friday 2nd December, to Greater London addresses. If payment is not received by 10.30am on Friday 2nd December, or if the delivery address is not in London, the buyer must arrange for their own collection. The Live Auction is being hosted by Adrian Biddell (left) of Sotheby’s, who have also kindly provided their expertise in auction preparations.


Article 25 envisions a world where this human right to adequate shelter is met; a world where there is never a life nor livelihood lost due to the lack of a building, appropriate design or construction skills. Currently over 1 billion people live without adequate shelter, which acts as a major barrier to health, safety and poverty reduction. Article 25 works with communities, charities and NGOs in developing countries and postdisaster areas. We provide safe, cost-effective, and appropriate design, and construction management for building projects that provide a vehicle to break a cycle of poverty. Each physical building project also acts as a capacity building project; we train local communities in safe construction skills that will have a lasting impact long after our role is complete. In 5 short years, Article 25 has worked on over 50 projects in 23 countries,

making a difference to thousands of beneficiaries. There are still hundreds of thousands of people that still need our help. 10x10 Drawing the City demonstrates that the world of art and architecture supports the need for safe design around the world. The proceeds from this auction will support “Child Friendly” secondary schools in Burkina Faso, schools that are earthquake and hurricane resistant in Haiti and many more worthy projects.


John Penton is an architect who specializes in all things to do with ageing and disability. He advises the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul’s and three other cathedrals. He is Past Master of the Chartered Architects livery company in ‘the’ City and was Master of the Merchant Taylors, one of the Great 12 Livery Companies, in 2003.

“Physic Garden”
Watercolour on paper 420 x 297 mm

Guide Price £200 - £250


“Here – Where”
Collage on board 410 x 210 mm The City of London is a centuries old, cohesive example of legible urban form; in contrast, touching its north western edge, lays an area of deliberate intent, somewhere conceived and created within a single generation, somewhere of great ambition and achievement. However, between the City and the Barbican any sense of place, location or presence evaporates, the ubiquitous yet chanced upon ‘your are here’ sign makes clear that one actually wasn’t ‘here’ and can only clarify the conundrum of ‘Where’? that could be. Guide Price £100 - £120

Paul’s career started in private practice and local government on public sector housing and urban renewal projects. Having trained as an architectural technologist, he gained professional qualification in 1987 with Powell+Moya. Since 1988, Paul has played a key role in the design, procurement and construction of many of Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands’ projects; he is committed to staff development, is an active awards judge and a member of the Royal Borough of Kensington + Chelsea Architectural Appraisal Panel and chairs the LB Hammersmith + Fulham design review panel.


Richard is a director of Maccreanor Lavington Architects, the practice he established in 1992 with Gerard Maccreanor. Richard has led the office’s work on many projects including Accordia in Cambridge, St Andrews Bromley-byBow, the H10 Hotel Waterloo and the Lux in Hoxton Square as well as a number of the earlier housing projects in the Netherlands. Richard lives with his family in London.

“Highwalk Urbanism”
Digital image 210 x 420 mm

Guide Price £150 - £200

Son of architect Raglan Squire and grandson of poet Sir John Squire, founder of the Architecture Club, Michael Squire studied at St John’s College, Cambridge, under Professor Sir Leslie Martin. Michael founded Squire and Partners in 1976, and designs buildings, places and spaces which are crafted to respond to their context and function. The practice’s work reveals a commitment to contemporary design and detailing, set within a traditional urban framework of street patterns, scale, proportion and materials.

“Backs and Fronts”
Acrylic on paper 410 x 297 mm “The site was not treated kindly by the 60’s and is now in transition with major construction works underway. The painting recognizes views out of the site to the Barbican, 84 Moorgate, and the Swiss Re. It also focuses on the contrast between roller shutter doors for delivery at the back of Moor House and fashion and glamour at its front. The picture is seen through the grid of the heras fencing which surrounds so much of the current construction work.” Guide Price £300 - £400

Born 1939 and in private practice since 1977, the current partnership with Edward Jones was formed in 1989. Common to our work as architects has been a concern for the city we work in and the way London has had a particular history different from other European cities. Projects such as housing St Mark’s Road, the Royal Opera House, National Portrait Gallery, Somerset House, etc. all engage with aspects of London’s urban history. We always review the historical background of our sites as a way of giving us a basis for finding a relationship between the new and the old.

“1E - Where are we going?”
Collage on board 420 x 297 mm “Parking my car in the calm environment of Finsbury Circus I walked towards Moorgate and hit a moment of urban hostility. The roadway was fenced in with barricades, buses were queuing nose to tail and the view was of the kind of desolation associated with large building sites. Understandably depressed by my given square, I found it difficult to encapsulate my emotions in a drawing so made a collage to contrast the quiet urbanity of the circus with the emerging chaotic cityscape of random towers.” Guide Price £150 - £200

Max is a Hong Kong born Architect living in London. He has worked with Aedas since graduation from the Manchester School of Architecture in 2007. At Aedas Max has worked on a variety of projects including residential, transport, education and hotel schemes, but he has a particular interest in housing design. Alongside his work, Max spends a lot of time sketching and undertaking photographic work. He is trained in classical piano and is interested in the correlation between music & architecture.

“A Private Corner”
Watercolour pencil and pencils on paper “A serene corner in a strenuous, exhausting city invited a fatigued passer-by to pause on her journey home. She reclaimed her lost soul on a cold marble bench, its temperature resonated with the gesture. A telephone conversation developed and she began to disconnect from her surroundings; the glazed screens keeping her apart from the velocity of the city. She was thankful to have found a consoling private corner.” Guide Price £150 - £250


“The Urban Void”
Ink on paper 210 x 210 mm “Walking to Finsbury Circus, I realised that the richness of London’s cityscape has little respite. Absorbed by the grandiose setting, I almost lost my bearings as the meticulously crafted facades overwhelmed me. My relief came when the sun shone in my eyes and I was forced to look up. I immediately gained a sense of tranquillity from the never ending blue above me. My sketch observes this powerful image that seemed to transcend any man made form.” Guide Price £200 - £300

David Adjaye was born in 1966. He works as an architect with the aim of creating buildings as if they were conceptual artworks. He earned his BA at London South Bank University and went on to graduate with an MA from the Royal College of Art.


Charlie is a designer with 3DReid, with responsibility for their building designs and masterplans in Asia. He has been with 3DReid for around six years; before that he was with RMJM. Charlie is also a graduate of the Mackintosh School of Architecture.

“The Octagon”
Giclée print, digital photography with compositing 305 x 406 mm “The Octagon in the Broadgate Estate is an urban space but is not a public space. The use programme is tightly constrained, and commonly held beliefs concerning the justifications for these constraints may not have only a practical basis: The Octagon also has a very strong aesthetic programme, where certain forms and colours are absolutely dominant. Would the haphazard aesthetic of an ‘Occupy …’ demonstration be tolerated at all?” Guide Price £150 - £250

Chris Wilkinson is the founding principal of Wilkinson Eyre Architects. He was awarded an OBE in the 2000 Millennium Honours for services to architecture and elected to the Royal Academy in 2006. He has received honorary doctorates from Westminster University and Oxford Brookes University. He is a member of the RIBA, an honorary fellow of the AIA and a fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers. He has been visiting Professor at IIT Chicago and Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

“Saturday Morning at the Station”
Pencil drawing, with watercolour wash version and acrylic paint version 594 x 420 mm “I found myself a quiet spot in the station to sit and draw. It’s not my favourite building because of the ornate Victorian decoration on the cast iron structure but my spirits were lifted by the quality of light streaming through the large modern glazing to the south. It took me some time to set out the composition because of the complexity of the structure but, as it started to take shape, I settled down to enjoy myself.” Guide Price £750 - £850

1j bEN kILbURN
Ben Kilburn trained as an architect at Cambridge University and is a director at Kilburn Nightingale Architects, with offices just south of Kings Cross. Ben has been working with Richard Nightingale, codirector at Kilburn Nightingale, for many years on a wide variety of work both in the UK and abroad. He has also taught at a number of architectural schools including Cambridge and Bath University. He has worked in London for over 20 years and currently lives in Hackney with his wife and three daughters.

“Broadgate 142”
Watercolour and ink on paper, size 420 x 295 mm “I was allocated a square right on the edge of the 100 squares and the City, bordering Spitalfields and the East End beyond. I set out to capture the sense of being in between these very different parts of London. I drew fast with my sketchbook leaning against a traffic light to capture the movement and energy and a stream of consciousness. The drawing suggests what lies beyond; the innards of the buildings, the workings below ground, or the history of the city to the west and the Dickensian charms of Spitalfields to the east.” Guide Price £100 - £200

As a Director at Weston Williamson Steve maintains a design overview on a wide range of projects across all sectors. A key aspect of his role is in the development, evolution, and delivery of the design concept. Steve is closely involved in the visual arts not only in his specialist area as an artist and illustrator but also in arts management. His role on the board of firstsite enables him to be actively involved in the visual arts in the Eastern Region of the UK.

“88 Wood Street: Fragments”
4B and 2B pencil and eraser on paper 410 x 297 mm “The images illustrate skyline and ground level fragments of 88 Wood Street by Richard Rogers and Partners -the stand out building and aspect of this square of the city in my view. What inspires me about this building? It is elegant, contextual, multi facetted. Where its neighbours play constrained games of one dimensional façade manipulation, this building has complexity delivered in a consistent fashion with playful elements to enliven and articulate the streetscape.” Guide Price (2 pieces) £150 - £200

Founded his own practice in 1983 and has been working with co-directors Robert Kennett and Nick Jackson for over 15 years. He studied architecture at the University of Newcastle, the Royal College of Art, and the Architectural Association, and worked as a lecturer in architecture at the University of Cambridge. He has also led several lectures at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Eric is involved in many projects and plays a key role in their design development stages.

“Metaphorical Landscape”
Watercolour on paper 420 x 297 mm “This is a representation of the north wall under 5 Aldermanbury Square using watercolour as a medium which best captures the shimmering quality of light reflected off the metal threads of the weft of the textiles hanging in front of the light absorbent shuttered concrete walls. Opposite, the other wall that defines the new public space and entrance to the square is also in concrete and carries water that flows down bronze Channels in a literal Opposition to The textiles.” Guide Price £200 - £300

2C mARk mAjOR
Mark Major trained as an architect before becoming a lighting designer. He is a Director of award winning lighting designers Speirs + Major. He has been responsible for lighting a large number of landmark projects including the Millennium Dome, 30 St. Mary Axe and the Royal Festival Hall. He recently re-lit the interior of St. Paul’s Cathedral. He lectures widely and was the co-author of the best selling publication ‘Made of Light – The Art of Light and Architecture’.

“Lights on the London Wall”
Gouache, marker pen, silver highlighter, Tippex and ball point pen 410 x 297 mm “Our perspective of the city changes as darkness falls. We experience the streets, squares, parks and buildings differently. Vertical surfaces disappear. The colour and texture of the landscape is lost. Buildings become lanterns revealing their patterns of occupation. The dynamic movement of light created by advertising, headlights and signals creates an ever changing layer. There’s beauty to random patterns of light.” Guide Price £300 - £400


Collage on board 420 x 210 mm

“Whether the job in hand is the installation of a new lift (as at London’s Science Museum) or the renewal of an entire district, Lyall’s approach begins with a practical assessment of what is needed and how it can be delivered. To this extent, he is, indeed, a pragmatist who delights in getting things done. But beyond the pragmatic surface, there is the mind of an artist, a maker of form whose architecture

is essentially inclusive, rich and generous in spirit. It is an architecture which is informed by the great urban traditions of the past and offers a new vision of the city of the future.” Ken Powell, Introduction to: “John Lyall Contexts and Catalysts“. Guide Price £80 - £120

Tim Stonor is an architect and urban planner, specialising in the analysis and design of human behaviour patterns in buildings and urban areas. His work shows how social, economic and environmental value is created by the interaction and transaction of people in space. Tim is Managing Director of the strategic consulting firm Space Syntax Limited, which he founded in 1996. A Director of the Academy of Urbanism, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and winner of the Harvard Loeb Fellowship, he is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London.

“On London Wall”
White ink on black paper 410 x 297 mm “Places exist at multiple scales, revealing activities simultaneously local and global: people coming to, going from or passing through. Occupiers and visitors - indistinguishable one from the other. Present in a scene that extends beyond the field of view. An urban perspective where the background is the static architecture of buildings and the foreground is the kinetic architecture of human activity.”

Guide Price £200 - £300


Sunand Prasad is a Trustee of Article 25, co-founder of Penoyre & Prasad and past President of the RIBA (2007-09).

“The Sky from Finsbury Circus”
Black ink on tracing paper 410 x 297 mm “If the streets and squares of the city are outdoor rooms the sky is the ceiling we rarely notice. These drawings show the shape and edge of the sky as seen past the tops of the buildings looking North, South, East and West. You can read the architecture of the buildings in these lines – the tame Po-Mo of 60 London Wall, the extravagant crenalations of Salisbury House and the classicism of London Wall buildings opposite, both turn of the century.” Guide Price (set of 4) £200 - £250


“I chose this because the rest of my square was pretty boring; the buildings face into the Circus and this seemed the natural focus. It also represented one of the heydays of the City - the Edwardian period when the City was the centre of the mercantile element of the British Empire, a role which was reflected in grand buildings such as this. As Chairman of Wordsearch I have been involved in the editing and design of brochures and other media for

“Baroque Entrance, Finsbury Circus by Gordon and Gunton”
Ink and wash sketch 297 x 410 mm many City buildings including a number in Finsbury Circus. Much of my work has been in Broadgate, a few hundred metres from this site, but a very different environment. I am also Chairman of NLA - the centre for London’s built environment, Director of the London Festival of Architecture and an Assistant to the Court of the Worshipful company of Chartered Architects.” Guide Price £250 - £350

Born in Manchester, Professor Sir Colin Stansfield Smith studied architecture at Cambridge University. He was awarded a CBE, the RIBA Royal Gold Medal, and was later knighted. His career objectives include successfully exploiting the cultural diversity offered by context, history and craft, without being labelled a purveyor of superficial pastiche, one has to possess the talents, intellect and attributes of the practice of MJP Architects.

“An impression of Liverpool Street Station”
Watercolour on paper 420 x 297 mm “A sketch, a quick cartoon, full of life and energy – a snapshot of a gateway, an entry and an invitation to travel. 19th century London Railway Terminals are all embracing. They reveal visual interaction of people going in different directions doing different things at different speeds. All these Terminals herald 20th century modernism and technology – a whole history of metal and glass development.” Guide Price £200 - £400

“I have always admired Hawksmoor’s buildings, the strength, the clarity, the sheer guts. You cannot ignore a Hawksmoor building. And so: St. Mary Woolnoth ‘like a piece of compressed matter vibrating on its foundations likely to explode at any moment’. (Alastair Service) and of course:

“St. Mary Woolnoth (Nicholas Hawksmoor)”
Ink on cartridge paper “A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many - I had not thought death had undone so many. - Sighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled, - And each man fixed his eyes before his feet. - Flowed up the hill and down King William Street, - To where Saint Mary Woolnoth kept the hours - With a dead sound on the final stroke of nine.” T.S.Eliot. The Waste Land (1922). Enough said....” Guide Price £250 - £350

Well-done, Medium Or Rare architects was created by architect Jon Beswick, and Charlie Curtis through a 9 month overland journey through West Africa. We were designing and building shelters for HIV clinics using vernacular techniques. Now based in London, the practice collaborates with clients on high-end residential works. Our passion is for linking architecture with exploration. In January 2012 we are walking to the South Pole to celebrate Scott’s centenary and test a prototype shelter designed for extreme cold climates.

“London by London”
Print of 40 original sketches by members of the public at Liverpool Street Station “For us the most important element of architecture is the experience. Rather than draw our square we wanted to see how the public viewed the space. We spent 8 hours outside Liverpool Street Station with sketch pads, pens, and a steely resolve against rejection. The public were given a continuous outline of the scene we prepared and the opportunity to draw what they saw. These results demonstrate that people see more than expected.” Guide Price £300 - £400

Yasser is a Projects Director with Aedas with 18 years of experience designing buildings for the civic & education sectors. A Regional Design Champion for Aedas’ Southern Region, He is also the Public Sector Group Leader in the London office for which his responsibilities include leading a team of architects across several projects. Yasser is a member of the RIBA and was awarded a fellowship in 1996 to lead design studios and construction classes at the University of Michigan.

“Threadneedle Street”
Pencil on paper 297 x 420 mm “I only had 3 hours to complete my drawing and had to choose my view quickly. Threadneedle Street was obvious- but also the most irresistibly challenging. The building site, with stacked tower cranes frame the early fabric of the Merchant Tailors’ institution. In the background two icons of the city, Nat West Tower & Swiss Re, loom. In the foreground another building is undergoing a transformation: the constantly evolving nature of the city.” Guide Price £150 - £200

3b mARk WHITbY
Born in 1950 and married to Janet with 5 children. He is a key construction figure, advocate for change, strong communicator and visionary leader. A Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, Honorary Fellow Royal Institute of British Architects, Fellow of Institution of Civil Engineers, Professor at Nottingham University and Edge Built Environment Think Tank co-founder.

“Twin Towers”
Watercolour on paper 297 x 420 mm “These two tapering towers span two generations... the city police station by my father with MacMorran and Aldermanbury Square where I was the engineer with Eric Parry.”

Guide Price £200 - £400

Mossessian & partners is an international award winning studio for architecture, planning, technology and design. Established in 2005 by former SOM London Design Director Michel Mossessian, Michel and his experienced team are committed to architecture which adds cultural value and benefits society ‘beyond buildings’. Their design process is entirely collaborative, anti the ‘ivory tower’ mentality, alert to the needs of clients and attentive to the requirements of local planning authorities.

“Urban Rooms in the City”
Collage, various paper, leaves, flowers seeds

Guide Price £200 - £300

Innovation in cities inspires Matthew Lloyd and the practice he established in the early 90s: creating sensitive modern solutions on awkward sites, breathing new life into old buildings, interacting with and responding to the city. Over the last 20 years, the practice has completed numerous key projects, including: Brick Lane Housing, The Prince’s Foundation and St Paul’s Old Ford. Matthew created the Water & Solar Powered Lift installed on the Duke of York Steps for the London Festival of Architecture 2010.

“London Wall at Night”
Mixed media on paper 420 x 297 mm “When I do a drawing the same as when I design a building, I work on it until I’m happy. I am incapable of doing an instant piece. There comes a point in the process where I’m content. The building in the foreground – One Coleman Street by David Walker Architects – is extraordinary. I come from a family of painters, as well as of architects, so I’m inclined to paint. The painting is a night shot because the view is more dramatic in the dark.” Guide Price £300 - £400


John founded John McAslan and Partners in 1996 after training with Cambridge Seven Associates in Boston and Richard Rogers in London. Some of his projects include the Roundhouse, the De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill, headquarters complexes for Max Mara in Italy, Yapi Kredi Bank in Turkey and major transport and infrastructure schemes in the UK.

“New Life My concept is to unhesitatinglyin the City” the key streets re-landscape Digital piece within the study area. I believe a radical re-balancing of natural Size to order resources within the urban context is a fundamental pre-requis “My concept is to unhesitatingly reof providing a sustainable futurekey landscape the for our within the Re-claiming t area. I believe a radical re-balancing of streets for people and local communities and trees is the first s natural resources within the urban context at re-calibration of ouracities and lives. is fundamental pre-requisite of providing

a sustainable future for our children. Reclaiming the streets for people and local communities and trees is the first step at re-calibration of our cities and lives.”


My concept is to unhesitatingly re-landscape the key streets within the study area. I believe a radical re-balancing of natural resources within the urban context is a fundamental pre-requisite of providing a sustainable future for our children. Re-claiming the streets for people and local communities and trees is the first step at re-calibration of our cities and lives.






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“It is evident that many wars are fought over resources which are now becoming increasingly scarce. If we conserved our resources better, fighting over them would not then occur…so, protecting the global environment is directly related to securing peace…those of us who understand the complex concept of the environment have the burden to act. We must not tire, we must not give up, we John McAslanmust persist.”

See p.2 for Brief




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Article 25 Allies and Morrison, NLA and Sotheby’s Argent The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

“It is evident that many wars are foug over resources which are now becom increasingly scarce. If we conserved o resources better, fighting over them w not then occur…so, protecting the glo environment is directly related to secu peace…those of us who understand t complex concept of the environment the burden to act. We must not tire, w must not give up, we must persist.”



Your Square - 3E

Name: John McAslan

Your Square - 3E
See p.2 for Brief


Greg Penoyre, co-founded Penoyre & Prasad Architects with Sunand Prasad in 1988. He has played a central role in the design, procurement and delivery of the practice’s 300 plus projects spanning commercial and public sectors. He brings a lifelong interest in the art and craft of design to the practice and is involved in project design from strategic level through to detail. Greg is passionate about drawing and the communication of architecture.

“Austin Friars” & “Austin Friars Reflected”
Pen on paper 2 pieces 410 mm x 297 mm “On first looking at my square I was puzzled as to what to draw, a quiet back street behind London Wall. Interestingly Austin Friars was home to Thomas Cromwell, a priory that was ‘sprung’ from the Church. Part of this is now the Drapers Hall with a tiny garden in an otherwise hard surfaced place. I drew here until the street cleaners moved me on and turning, drew the view reflected in the glass office block on Throgmorton Avenue. In reflection the view is more sinister - darker and distorted”. Guide Price (2 pieces) £300 - £400


Tina John is an Indian architect with a particular interest in regeneration and the sustainability of cities and their built form. She currently works with Hunter Evans Ltd. a London based multidisciplinary practice.

“Monochrome: Impressions of the City”
Pencil & Ink on paper 297 x 420 mm “3G presents the embodiment of London’s juxtaposition of old and new architecture. The towering Building 42, and Swiss Re Headquarters - the backdrop for quainter buildings lining Great Winchester Street. On a grey Saturday morning the city seems engulfed in a monochromatic aura; it lacks its usual vibrancy and the people that animate the streets on a weekday. Faced with those mystical entities - Tower 42 and the Swiss Re Headquarters soaring above the city is reinvented.” Guide Price £80 - £120


“Level 42”
Hand crafted work of art in fuse glass , mounted in light fitting 260 X 560 x 6 mm “‘Level 42’ glass artwork is the view of the crossroads taken from the Nat West tower café bar on 42nd floor. It is the street scene below. Each small glass piece has been hand cut and fused in a kiln. It can be wall mounted framed or back lit on the light box provided.”

Angela Brady is the current President of the RIBA; director of Brady Mallalieu Architects; and is a TV broadcaster based in London. Angela has been working with fuse glass for 5 years and makes many glass objects and artworks. She has exhibited in many art exhibitions and is a great supporter of Article 25.

Guide Price £800 - £1000


“The Golden False Acacia”
Watercolour & blue pencil on paper 420 x 297 mm “I am at a crossroads – Bishopsgate, Camomile, Wormwood. What shall I draw? A shiny Heron or a slice of London’s Higgeldy Piggeldy ? An empty corner, as structures rise and fall in preparation for 100 Bishopsgate (A&M’s skirted beauty)? No. I will sit on a wall on a grey afternoon in a quiet London churchyard and paint the saturated green of the ‘Golden False Acacia’ tree, against the warm pink of St Botolph’s.” Guide Price £150 - £250

Tim has been involved in major projects of Architecture and Urban Design with Allies and Morrison for many years. His love of being in the city expresses itself not only in his determined attachment to his bicycle but also in his unstoppable habit of drawing. The idea of 10x10 for him touches on many aspects of what he most cherishes about being an individual in the thick of a bustling metropolis.

Melissa Woolford is the director of Nous, a leading architecture and design consultancy and gallery based in London. Nous has worked with clients such as Unilever, Campari, The Mayor of London, and Ocean Spray. Nous’ aim is to provide a platform for established and emerging architects to pursue the most compelling issues and research affecting architectural practice, and facilitate collaboration between architects, designers and businesses.

“Life of a crane”
Metallic print on MDF 594 x 420 mm “I am absolutely fascinated by cranes in the sky. They often tell the story of the everchanging built environment and remind us when change is taking place, like migrating birds. Their resemblance to birds is quite remarkable in the way that they roost on top of structures, flock to areas in groups, and move elegantly, like real life cranes. This piece is a homage to the city crane and its exciting life atop the rooflines.” Guide Price £400 - £500


“Restaurant, Gutter Lane”
Pencil on paper 420 x 297 mm “Surrounded by anonymous corporate offices I was touched by this sensitive and thoughtful contemporary intervention. Finding this charming, but unassuming building was a bit of a discovery. Ultimately it reflects some of the concerns we have in our work - the creation of serene and humane space.”

Henning has recently worked with Article 25 on a project in Uganda, helping design a vocational training centre for former child soldiers.

Guide Price £90 - £120

After receiving his education at Harvard University and Yale University, Chris leads the Urban Development studio in our London office. We focus on socioeconomic positioning, urban structure, and the creation of civic spaces. As Vice President, He is focusing on emerging geographies in the Middle East, Levant, North Africa, and Turkey. His specialites involve Urban Design, Net-Zero Carbon Strategies, Aerotropolis Development, Development Management.

“Guildhall / Overcast”
Graphite and ink on paper 410 x 297 mm “Guildhall is an extraordinary place Although I design cities, I’m originally from New York, a relatively new city. I liked the idea that the original mass of the Roman amphitheatre and the remains of a great 13th-century gatehouse influenced the siting of the current buildings. You can imagine 2000 years of history by looking at the open spaces. It was a cold and overcast day, and there were very few people around. I shared cups of cocoa with Victoria Jinivizian who was working on her drawing around the corner.” Guide Price £500 - £600

“Most of the work of my practice is small scale refurbishment in central London, for private residential clients although we have worked on Hotels, and for an organisation that looks after street people. For twelve years I had a monthly column in Building. I am interested in illustration, (not especially architectural illustration) line drawings, caricatures and cartoons. I bought and restored 2 derelict 1830’s terrace houses in Stepney 35 years ago and we have been living there ever since.”

“Gresham Street Blues”
Pencil drawing with marker and aquarrel pencil and watercolour brush 297 x 420 mm “Something amazing about London, as an architect, is the way one is constantly surprised by buildings and places that one never knew existed. I had walked past St. Lawrence Jury without taking in the little pond. When I decided to draw it in situ I found myself wanting to show the sixties baroque Seifert building in the foreground, in contrast with the tiny pond. It was a chilly November day so I opted for a financial figure in the picture.” Guide Price £150 - £250


“Towards Lothbury from Gresham Street”
Pencil drawing 841 x 594 mm “From the threshold of my square, the view of Lothbury from Gresham Street demanded to be drawn. It contains visual excitement in architectural terms, materials and colour: reds and pale blue greens punctuating the various grey spaces. Clean curves lead to intricate lines and shapes which clamour into view - relieved by blank sky. The Bank of England is nudged right by the Bank of China and the tree rising from the pavement between them, a lonely note of nature amongst these monumental facades.” Guide Price £400 - £500

Victoria Jinivizian is a painter and poet graduating from The Slade in 1995. As well as undertaking commissioned work she has exhibited in many group exhibitions in London and held two person shows with painter Toby Wiggins in Bath and Marlborough. This year she read her own work at the Marlborough Literature Festival.


“Trained as an architect, I work mainly as a developer and housebuilder. Painting and drawing is a good way for me to keep looking at places and things, rather than getting overwhelmed with the joys and troubles of getting projects to work.”

Watercolour on paper “The City of London seems odd as the parent of the bigger London which I know. I don’t have any connection with the bank buildings and the dense street pattern which I know tells of a medieval history. My drawing takes a piece of pavement, something common to most of London. Here it is stone, big pieces which I don’t imagine would be laid now. Over the top of this rather noble layer comes the information from services surveyors, coded and mystifying in their colours.” Guide Price £200 - £300


“Fibrous Lumina”
Digital print 420 x 297 mm “Fibrous Lumina has a feel of very intricate hand drawing - yet it is completely synthetic and “unnatural”. It was generated by filtering data of the light values sampled from the built fabrics on the site. Levels of brightness control the density of fibrous drawing. Brighter areas have less density and vice versa. Such data from physics of light, humidity, air flow and similar could be incorporated in designing higher resolution architecture, which has been one of the obsessions and research areas of Biothing.” Guide Price £250 - £350

Alisa Andrasek is a Principal of Biothing and teaches at the Architectural Association and UCL Bartlett in London. Andrasek was born in Croatia, she graduated from the University of Zagreb, and holds a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. In 2001 she founded Biothing operating at the intersection of material praxis, complex systems and computer science. She lives and works in London.

Narinder studied architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University, He graduated with first class honours in 1996. After a year’s placement at Foster and Partners, Narinder went to the Bartlett School of Architecture. He received a Diploma in Architecture with Distinction in 1999. Narinder brings his experience and knowledge as a member of a Design Board overseeing the design and development of all projects in the studio. Narinder’s expertise lies in his perspective drawings of which he has produced over 5000, many of which have been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts.

“Credit Crunch”
Digital print 420 x 297 mm “Square 4H in the 10x10 grid includes Tower 42 and I used site images to create a mosaic of a credit card. By making a patchwork of city images, I wanted to reflect the area’s fascinating mixture of new and old buildings, as well as our different perspectives of what happens in the square mile – the way we see the city from the outside, looking in, and the consequences, closer up, of the credit crunch for the people based there.” Guide Price £250 - £300


“Old City New City’”
Pencil on paper 420 x 297 mm “I found it fascinating to see the Gherkin juxtaposed with the historic City and even more construction underway, including the figure of the builder as a symbol of this.”

Ken founded Make in 2004 having worked on some of the world’s most iconic and ground-breaking architectural landmarks while at Fosters & Partners. Make is a creative and imaginative international practice which has recently completed several high-profile schemes including the London 2012 Handball Arena, The Cube in Birmingham, office refurbishment for HSBC Private Bank in Geneva and the Gateway Building for the University of Nottingham.

Guide Price £150 - £200


“Drawing the City - square 4J”
Pencil and watercolour on paper 420 x 297 mm “On St Mary Axe, reflected in the yellow light of a 1980s gold mirror clad facade, three buildings of different eras captured in a fourth.”

Tim Ronalds, Tim Ronalds Architects

Guide Price £250 - £350

Hanif Kara is design director and cofounder of London-based structural engineering practice Adams Kara Taylor (AKT II). Kara was the first structural engineer to be selected for the Master Jury for the 2004 cycle of the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture. He is a fellow member of the RIBA, the Institute of Structural Engineers and the Royal Society of Arts. In May 2011 the Association of Consulting Engineers awarded him the Engineering Ambassador award for his contribution to design consultancy and engineering.

“Engineers view from inside No1 New Change”
Digital image 420 x 210 mm

Guide Price £350 - £450


“St-Mary-Le-Bow, London Ec2”
Digital imaging printout on card 400 x 200 mm “This image is about the miracle of London. The duplication turns our church into a corner Palazzo of the Italian Renaissance, mysterious events unfold. The gentleman (centre) paces away from his reflection in the cityscape’s invisible mirror. Buses run on the wrong side of the road. Shadows form on alternate sides, while a sign informs us that the church is open Saturday. Just another day in the capital.”

George L. Legendre is a founding partner of IJP, a London-based practice exploring the natural intersection between space, mathematics, and computation.

Guide Price £100 - £150

Roger is an architect, photographer, product designer, translator and mini entrepreneur. His background experiences include: farming and building in the Himalayas, restoring antique furniture and statues in Verona, translating in Venice & working on the Orient Express. Roger studied architecture in Venice, Barcelona and Cambridge. He admires and supports the work of Article 25; architecture at its’ most essential, delivering urgently needed, dignified shelter in the most challenging of circumstances.

“Dawn Glow, square 5D, Square Mile, London 2011”
Photographic print 420 x 297 mm “I like the shot as the sun came up predawn on a clear day on people hurrying to work, dwarfed by one of the massive buildings of the City. The harsh facade was softened by the dawn glow and the smile of a cheerful ‘putto’ overlooking the procession below. The building has plenty of rhythm and detail to discover. I had fun exploring a chunk of the square mile, struck by the fantastic diversity of scale, style, texture and symbol.” Guide Price (Set of 4 and 2) £450 - £650


“Bank of England”
Pen & watercolour on paper 440 x 360 mm “The piece focuses on the north-west corner of the Bank of England: I am particularly interested in the objects that accrete in our streetscapes; phone boxes, electrical boxes, traffic signs, and the recently added wayfinding points for bicycles. As I drew at the weekend, the streets were quiet save for a few stray tourists – could I point them in the direction of the Tower of London? Another man was looking for a gym – Did I know where it could it be?” Guide Price £200 - £250

Peter Ayres is an architect at Heatherwick Studio.

Edward Jones is a Director in the London based practice of Dixon Jones, architects to most notably the Royal Opera House, The National Portrait Gallery and the East Wing of the National Gallery. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Portsmouth, an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Cardiff, and in 2003 an Honorary Professorship from the University of Cardiff. In 2011 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the RIAI and was awarded a CBE.

“An Architectural Pantheon”
Collage and black ink drawing 297 × 420 mm “At this city intersection John Soane (Bank of England 1808) is placed in this Pantheon of English Architects – with Wren (St Stephens Walbrook 1672), Hawksmoor (St Mary Woolnoth 1716), Dance (Mansion House 1739), followed by Lutyens (ex Midland Bank 1924), Cooper (National Westminster Bank 1930) and Stirling (No.1 Poultry 1994). These buildings confidently define the limits of public space unlike the recent arrivals (caricatured in the sketch).” Guide Price £100 - £150

Derek joined Aedas in 2002 moving to London in 2004. He has received the following awards for his architectural design work: ‘MAKE Student Sustainably Award’; 2008 undergraduate category and the 2009 post graduate category; 2009 RIBA Presidents Medals Nomination; 2011 RIBA Presidents medals Nomination; RIBA London Award for Greenwich University in 2010; Shortlisted for the 2009 Urban SOS competition.

“Speckled Jim”
Mixed media 420 x 297 mm “The pigeon is a symbol of our increasingly urbanised lives. Walking through the desolate city on a Sunday morning it felt fitting to capture the moment, the bird landing on the Royal Exchange. The city is the amalgamation of these seemingly unimportant moments. Collecting them in drawings they help assemble an image of the city in our minds; a tool that helps us understand our place within it.”

Guide Price £400 - £600


“Profound is the Air”
Collage 210 x 240 mm “London Wall is a superimposition of different strata in the City of London. This work tackles the particular encounter between two pieces of urban fabric in the City: the Victorian - heavy, stolid and stable - and the contemporary - light, fickle and changing -. The encounter is “spatilised” as an architectural experience/proposition which reflects on the dialectics of the city history and global cities condition today.”

Francisco González de Canales and Nuria Alvarez Lombardero run the intermediate unit 8 at the Architectural Association. They are directors of Canales & Lombardero with offices in London and Seville.

Guide Price £200 - £300


Digital photograph, plastic objects, crayon, pavement 300 x 420 mm

Niall McLaughlin was born in Geneva in 1962 and established his own practice in London in 1990. Niall McLaughlin Architects make high quality modern buildings with a special emphasis on materials and detail. Niall won Young British Architect of the Year in 1998, he was one of the BBC Rising Stars in 2001 and his work represented Britain in a recent US exhibition Gritty Brits at the Carnegie Mellon Museum.

Guide Price (2 pieces) £150 - £200


“Kokoro Shelter Globe”
Collage and message 410 mm x 205 mm “The architecture exists in present, but it is absent from this era and goes to any other places or times. The presence of architecture stimulates human subconscious. There comes a mysterious world when it is floating around the utopia in the subconscious. It is the fantasy of architecture that future architecture should aim spiritually.”

Born in Kagoshima in 1953 Takasaki graduated from Meijyo University, went to Europe and then worked under Professor Sir Peter Cook. He then worked with professors at Stuttgart University and the Technology University of Graz. He established the Takasaki Monobito Institue in 1982 and he is currently an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA and a Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Guide Price £100 - £150


“Swiss Re is instantly recognisable from above. You can see the space at the pinnacle is for people to enjoy the incredible views. This top is different from all the towers. Their tops are filled with machinery. Our tower embodies diverse values – about conserving energy, making the workplace more enjoyable by bringing light, views and fresh air deep into the heart of the interior.

“30 St Mary Axe”
Pencil on paper 210 × 297 mm People communicate within the building in the same way that the tower communicates with the city itself. We are proud that the “gherkin” has become a popular symbol of London. It was impossible to resist the temptation to sketch it for Article 25’s auction – showing it lit up like a beacon with the green lungs that wrap around it.”

Guide Price £500 - £700


“A glance by any other street would look as sweet”
Ink and watercolour on layered handmade cotton paper 410 x 205 mm Karl Singporewala felt blessed that his 10x10 square featured a prominent view of St Paul’s (one of his favourite buildings). Drawn on recycled cotton rag on the junction between Watling Street and Bread Street and cut and layered together in the maternity ward of East Surrey Hospital, Karl chose to sketch Christopher Wren’s famous dome as all other surrounding buildings paled in comparison. Guide Price £600 - £800

Karl Singporewala is a young architect who originally gained notoriety by vowing to sell ‘any drawing his tutors ripped off the wall...’ This helped fund his architectural education and since then has gone on to win numerous domestic and international awards for architecture and drawing. His art work is exhibited and sold in galleries throughout the UK and is a regular at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.


Laurie Chetwood is an architect who runs his own practice - Chetwoods. Highlights include Architectural Practice of the Year, shortlisted for the Stirling Prize and holder of two CABE gold medals. He is an examiner at Birmingham University and has won three gold medals for show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show. As an artist, he has exhibited at the Royal Academy his artwork was used for their “Paper City” exhibition.

“Gin Lane 2”
Digital print Size to order “The piece of art is based on Hogarth’s ‘Gin Lane’ which was a commentary on the ills of the day, fuelled by Gin and the detrimental effects it had on people’s lives. This work is brought up-to-date with a sample of some of the ills that afflict our society today - all in the shadow of St Mary-Le-Beau Church. The Church was immortalised in the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons, according to tradition, a true Cockney must be born within earshot of the sound of its bells.” Guide Price £800 - £1000

Celia Scott is an architect and sculptor. She studied at Bath Academy of Art and at the Bartlett School of Architecture. She worked as an architect for Norman Foster, and spent time working in New York for various architects before returning to London to set up her own practice, Maxwell Scott Architects. Scott’s sculpture has been exhibited in a solo show in New York. She has sculpture in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the British Library, The Dean Centre Edinburgh and Prince Charles’ private collection.

“The Yellow Column””
Graphite and pastel on paper 410 x 295 mm “Number One Poultry is a very humane building usually full of people making their way to work. There are people sitting at cafes drinking a coffee or drinking at the pub: it is a hubbub of busy urban life. On the top floor, those with money enjoy the terrace restaurant of the Coq d’Argent. At the back of the building, away from the main streets, is a pub with a yellow column, inside and out. People sit near this column, quietly, away from the crowds and traffic.” Guide Price £175 - £250


“Suspended Movement”
Collage on board 420 x 297 mm “The objective was to capture the dynamic of this square, a complex system trapped between Stirling’s architecture and the London Magistrate Court. In a collage the diversity and complexity of the square is heightened. The graphic movement of architecture is exposed and exploited through the two main vanishing points whilst the Magistrate Court, a prominent figure, is portrayed as a monolithic shape. The monolith appears to be suspended in the movement, creating a sense of cognitive disorientation.” Guide Price £250 - £350

Odile has been involved with various projects worldwide, including a few public housing projects and public and private projects. She utilises a 3-D type model in many of her works.


“All the Commuters”
Painting on board 500 x 330 mm “‘All The Commuters’ is a portrait of the workers crossing the public space in Simon Haddock’s square. The cloud-like formation is suggestive of a map of the world, recalling the many nationalities that populate our great city.”

Haddock’s works are crafted and tooled from mdf and energized by colour. They evoke a spatiality which provides a new sensory navigation through urban space.

Guide Price £100 - £150

Fred Pilbrow is a founder partner of PLP Architecture established in 2009 by the five partners who had formerly run KPF’s London office. In the City of London, whilst a partner at KPF, Fred was responsible for the design of the Heron Tower. He is currently working on the next phase of the Heron Plaza: The Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences London. Fred is working on two projects for Crossrail at Farringdon and Bond Street and the design of the new national centre for biomedical research, The Francis Crick Institute, in collaboration with HOK.

“Cornhill Decorum”
Watercolour on paper 400 x 400 mm “A series of grand banking palazzos face the Royal Exchange along the southern side of Cornhill, interestingly, small pedestrian laneways penetrate the block and are deftly integrated into the architecture of the facades. The entrance to each is balanced by a matching interior doorway on the opposite side of the elevation, both openings are treated with equal weight, the effect downplays the visibility of the public routes, stressing their intimate, interior quality. The architectural approach is one of order and decorum.” Guide Price £120 - £250


“City Voids”
Pastel on textured paper 410 x 297 mm

Guide Price £200 - £300


An author, broadcaster and designer, Kevin is best known for Channel 4’s Grand Designs and for his annual coverage of the Stirling Prize. In 2006 Kevin formed Hab Housing, the subject of a new twopart Channel 4 series. In partnership, the company is now building sustainable housing schemes across the West of England.

“Lloyds Building at Sunset”
Pen, ink, watercolour and gouache on paper 310 x 410 mm “I chose this view as it was the best view. The Lloyds building has always been one of those hairy feminine buildings in a city which is hard, sheer and very masculine in contrast to the staid and morose surroundings of the Edwardian Architecture.”

Guide Price £900 - £1500

Jinita Batavia studied at the Manchester School of Architecture, graduating with 1st class honours in 2006, she became a qualified chartered architect in 2011 working at Foster and Partners. Her personal work has been internationally published in The Guardian and Blueprint Magazine. She has spoken at Architecture for Humanity and Open Architecture seminars. Jinita’s expertise lies in her innovative designs through first hand research of sustainable developments. She addresses current issues through creations of thoughtful, inclusive frameworks.

“Happiness in the City”
Digital piece (Nikon D3100, Apple iPhone 4S, CS5 Adobe Photoshop) 297 x 420 mm “The City of London is fuelled by money, power and smartphones. Using an application on a smartphone, I have captured  the enchanting satellites in my chosen grid that are overlooked but fundamental to the life of the City.” A to B = Advancing, X to Y = Appreciating, AB + XY= Happiness in the City Guide Price £150 - £200

Ted Cullinan is an inquisitive, inventive and passionate composer and maker of buildings. He received a CBE in 1987 for services to architecture, and was elected a Royal Academician in 1989 and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland in 1995. In 2005, he achieved a Special Commendation: Prince Philip Designers Prize, for his outstanding achievement in design. In 2008, he was awarded the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in recognition of a lifetime’s work in architecture and in 2010 the RSA made him a Royal Designer for Industry.

“St. Paul’s Framed”
Pen on foamboard 420 x 297 mm

Guide Price £250 - £350

Born and raised in Italy, Barbara Weiss attended the AA between 1974-79, before transferring to work in a variety of New York design practices, including Johnson and Burgee. Having returned to London in 1982, Barbara was project architect and Stirling Wilford for a few years on a variety of Italian projects. Barbara Weiss Architects was founded in 1987; it currently employs 18 staff. It is best known for the high quality residential projects it undertakes, as well as for its award-winning NHS flagship Brent Birth Centre.

Photographic collage 410 x 297mm “With 50% of buildings in the Square Mile demolished and replaced since 1985, historic locations such as the Mansion House are now traffic junctions surrounded by a depressing array of sub-standard office blocks. Views of world-renowned monuments are obliterated or suffocated. The scale of new developments is incongruous, materials unsympathetic to context with overall design and detailing clumsy. The identity of the City is in danger of being lost forever. Action is needed urgently to STOP THE ROT.” Guide Price £150 - £250

Steve Edge is a branding guru as well as a designer, jockey and fisherman. Being severely dyslexic, Steve has never read a book. He attributes his success in being diagnosed early (4 yrs). He now believes that if he can look at a piece of design before it leaves the studio and immediately grasp its message, then anyone should be able to understand it. Recently featured in The Evening Standard, he has acted as a graphic designer many times for Article 25, most notably our website and aiding us with visual materials for the 10x10 event.

“London Stoned”
Digital print 297 x 420 mm “My area was Cannon Street, home to the London Stone, rumoured to be the centre of London and the marker for Roman measurements of distances. Mentioned by Shakespeare and Dickens, I am fascinated by its mysterious history. I wanted to portray this whilst highlighting the colours that make London the world’s greatest cosmopolitan city, as it always has been. I hoped to capture the colour and fun so unique to our city - London Stoned.” Guide Price £400 - £600


“Wren and Foster at Walbrook”
Black and white sketch on paper 420 x 297 mm

Jack studied architecture at the University of Bristol and began his career at Powell Moya. He set up Jack Pringle Architects in 1981 before founding Pringle Brandon in 1986. Jack is the immediate past president of the RIBA. His clients include Allen & Overy, Barclays plc, Diageo and London Underground. Jack is also the Chair of Article 25, the beneficiary charity of 10x10. Guide Price £200 - £300


“King William Street”
Sketch on paper 410 x 210 mm

Giacomo Costa has exhibited internationally and represented Italy at the 2009 Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion.

Guide Price £200 - £250

“I work as a full time architect in Clerkenwell, and as a children’s book illustrator and budding photographer during any spare moment I can steal. I grew up reading Roald Dahl books, and particularly enjoyed Quentin Blake’s wry illustrations, which led me onto making my own short stories with an emphasis on the illustrations. I’m currently working on a rather macabre illustrative story, which was inspired by a work trip to Boston, where there was an abundance of fat squirrels!”

“Lombard 24”
Watercolour and ink illustration on watercolour paper 410 x 297 mm “This impressive and rather saucy sculptural scene situated in Lombard Street above the entrance to an insurance company is surprising, considering the position between large-scale offices of the 90s- 00`s, with Wrens church and a late 18th century office opposite. Presumably the entrance was commissioned to demonstrate power when the building was built in 1910, at a time when most banks had head offices in Lombard Street.” Guide Price £275 - £350


Gold leaf on paper, mixed media 410 x 205 mm


Guide Price £250 - £350

I chose this view as I am always attracted to the complexities of geometries and the lines that scaffoldings and structural bars create on building sites. This one is a particularly amazing and complex site on Fenchurch Street and my eyes were immediately drawn to it. However, I decided that this site was interesting as it could be any location, but at the same time was very specific to London in its scale, complexity, the background buildings and the cores being created.

“Temporal Fragments of Lines, London”
A series of 3 sketches by hand on card with colours/paint in digital application “I wanted to make a drawing that was more abstract than literal, so that the drawing itself was a kind of an architectural ‘idea’, rather than just an observation. So, I separated some of the ‘surfaces’ and the ‘objects’ from the ‘lines’ and the ‘bars’ in the way colour was applied to the drawing. I have always being fascinated by the delicate lines and lightweight elements forming spaces.” Guide Price £350 - £450


Jamie is a Part 1 Architectural graduate from Sheffield Hallam University and has been working at Aedas since May 2011. During his time with the company Jamie has assisted on a number of residential and transport projects in London and he is looking to continue his architectural studies within the capital in the near future.

“Throgmorton Street”
Pen and pencil on cartridge paper 210 x 148 mm “A quiet narrow street running parallel to Threadneedle Street offered contrasting experiences of perspective, immediacy, enclosure and scale with a framed distant view of Heron Tower.”

Guide Price £150 - £200

Andrew leads Capita Symonds Commercial Sector which incorporates all work from Urban Design and Masterplanning through new build, refurbishment, adaptive re-use to interior design, space planning and bespoke brief analysis and formation. He has 23 years experience of high design profile national and international award winning experience as commercial and education sector director at John McAslan + Partners and as project leader and senior associate at James Stirling Michael Wilford and Associates.

“Composition in Classical”
Pen and ink on paper 420 x 297 mm “London is full of many undiscovered architectural gems. Many people pass these, day in day out, never noting these intricate works of art. This drawing brings together some of the many striking stone carvings that adorn our City’s buildings, to encourage people to explore the hidden beauty of London.”

Guide Price £175 - £250

Aimee Emerson studied Illustration at the Arts University College Bournemouth. Since graduating in 2009 she has been working on some freelance projects whilst gaining experience within various creative organisations such as Creative Health Lab and printmakers London Print Studio. Aimee began working part-time at Aedas as a receptionist in August of this year, whilst she continues to work on her illustration practice in her spare time at her home in South London.

“Threadneedle Street”
Pencil on paper 297 x 210 mm “Walking around I was most drawn to this viewpoint along Threadneedle Street from Bank Station. I’m always attracted to the juxtaposition of old and new buildings and I liked that I could see the ‘Gherkin’ out of the corner of my eye, with older and heavier buildings in the foreground. As an illustrator I like to play with perspective and explore different aspects of the scene as I draw. I find that this often results in a playful depiction of my surroundings.” Guide Price £175 - £250


As Article 25 Trustee, Lord Norman Foster, is a strong advocate of crafting sustainable green designs encased in sleek, glassfronted buildings.

“30 St Mary Axe ‘The Gherkin’”
SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) model Scale 1:500, 170 x 170 x 445 mm “Aesthetically, the SLS technique employed on this model highlights the careful composition of glass spiralling from ground level to the top, both on the interior and exterior that makes up the surface of ‘The Gherkin’. With energy and performance a concern, this environmentally conscious structure is a defining feature of London’s skyline, a landmark of internationally renowned architecture.”

Guide Price £3000 - £4000


“Magister Equitum”
Pencil on paper 410 x 205 mm

“An historic part of the City where the extraordinary Dick Whittington, four times mayor, first fleeced the system and then gave big to charities. Now bounded by Cannon Street Station – benign and Lower Thames Street – diabolical (the bit where the fur traders used to be). The former has a huge building over it with an X structure that seems to be a 70’s retro

style exclusive to this particular area of the City. The latter ruins a pocket park called Whitington Gardens. Seeming to challenge the charging traffic are two identical bronze casts of a caped horseman by Duilio Camberllotti (Plaster 1924, Casts 2005) which seemed more exciting than the buildings.” Guide Price £250 - £350

Jenny Harborne is principal of IMAGO architects which she set up 12 years ago to produce work based on the tenets of ecological, conceptual and metaphoric design. The practice has produced some forerunning housing schemes for competitions and been widely published and exhibited. Work currently focuses on ecological high end house modifications, with particular expertise in frameless glass - invisible cantilevered magic stairs and bridges- and is now commencing a series of sculptural one off houses abroad.

“As above so below”
Permanent marker on heavyweight matt paper 420 x 297 mm “Turning up Abchurch Lane on the North of Canon Street you arrive in Abchurch Yard. The courtyard paving depicts a radiant centre with orbiting globes. The sky above has a jagged profile, but one side of the yard is formed by St Mary Abchurch, a Wren Church of 1686. Once inside the church and looking up, you find an unusual domed ceiling, with the same illustration depicting a central radiance and four ovoid rooflights.” Guide Price £200 - £300

Mark Cazalet is a London based artist, trained at Falmouth School of Art, and two post graduate scholarships at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He is happiest in urban or woodland environments responding to the specific sense of place through his heightened chromatic sensibility. Chief influences are Romanesque carvings, Muhgal miniatures, Indian and West African textiles, Matisse, English neo-romantics and Italian 20th century metaphysical painters. “It is a strange phenomenon that one is never so invisible than at rush hour in the City of London. Even with large boxes of

“Oranges and lemons”
Chalks on paper 420 x 300 mm chalk pastels spread out I might as well have been a statue. I like the contrast between the office workers’ homeward rush and the quieting gloom of the back street; like sitting still on a rock with the tide sweeping past. Watching the daylight being replaced by municipal lighting is theatrical; local colours morph into that odd indefinite palette of warm yellowgreys, while tonal contrasts deepen. It is a meditative experience I would recommend, to feel for a few moments richly connected with the life of the City, yet set apart.” Guide Price £400 - £600

Glenn Howells is the founding director of Glenn Howells Architects and established the practice in 1990. Glenn has led the practice to win numerous major design competitions and awards for a diverse range of building types including residential, commercial, urban regeneration, education and arts projects. Glenn is on CABE’s LOCOG Design Review Panel. He is Chair of MADE and also Chair of the IKON Gallery in Birmingham. He is a visiting Professor at Nottingham Trent University.

“Small, Big, Small?”
Coloured pencil on tracing paper 420 x 297 mm “The drawing looks at the changes to the site over the last 130 years, and explores how it might change over the next century. It questions whether the shift to increasingly large organisations and simplification of land use with the impact of this on the City grain is inexorable, or whether changes in technology, energy availability will mean a reversal of scale and increasing complexity.”

Guide Price £100 - £175


“Tap door”
Felt tip pen and highlighter pen on cartridge paper 420 x 210 mm “The work records a moment in time and reflects upon the relationship between acts of creation, between reality and contingent reality, equality and inequality and the displacement of the church, in the reading of the City and it’s skyline, by new edifices of commerce.”

Frank Green BA (Hons) Dip. Arch RIBA FRSA. Architect. Born London, England. Partner at BUJ Architects.

Guide Price £350 - £450

“In my square I was particularly interested in the public realm which was largely ‘Behind Bars’ especially on a Saturday. Most courtyards were gated with no public access. I chose a series of views that typified the tall narrow view corridors that you find in that part of the City. These fit with the tall, narrow proportions of a railing or fence. I noticed that there were many references to animals, the statue of a horse, a sheep on a gate, references to cows and cocks in text on the pavement. What is most striking about the area is

“Behind Bars”
Photography, acetone transfer, pen and ink on cartridge paper 370 x 210 mm the mix of historic buildings and striking contemporary buildings like Lloyds and the Swiss Re building by Fosters where I worked for ten years. The public realm is such a vital part of a vibrant and contemporary city. The more the public realm becomes truly ‘public’ the livelier a city will be.”

Guide Price £175 - £250


“Mortality reminder at St. Olave’s”
Pencil and crayon on paper 420 x 297 mm “My square is at the eastern edge of the 10x10 grid where Fenchurch Street commuters pile out into the lanes of EC3 and at the weekend tourists stroll to The Tower. Amidst the banal post war offices is a vestige of life and death in The City in Pepys’ church, St. Olave’s.”

Robert Kennett is a director at Eric Parry Architects and lives in Westminster. Two decades with this practice has brought the toils and joy of the St Martin-in-the Fields renewal project, and with private and commercial clients successes such as 30 Finsbury Square.

Guide Price £150 - £200

Oliver Barratt studied sculpture at Falmouth School of Art and graduated in 1985. He then worked with adults with learning difficulties for several years before being awarded the Henry Moore Fellowship. From 1992 he has established a sculpture studio in Kent. Oliver has worked on numerous public commissions, most notably Skyline that was commissioned for Liverpool European City of Culture in 2008. In 2002 he installed the Everest Memorial close the Everest base camp in Nepal and is currently working on a project in Antarctic.

“City Line”
Welded steel, board and sand 410 x 280 mm “The site I was given is layered with contradictions. Densely built with high real estate value, the Saturday morning I visited the buildings and streets were deserted. Occasional street cleaners tidy the last of rubbish away and all that was left was a ghost of the forgotten past quietly asking to be listening too. The steel frame draws the empty space of a ground floor office mid-way through its regeneration some spaces missing; it speaks of the material and space of the city.” Guide Price £400 - £600


Mike joined Aedas at the start of 2008 having previously run his own practice, atomikarchitecture, and having been an Associate at both Foster and Partners and Ushida Findlay Architects. Mike is registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects and is also a current member of the Hackney Design Review Panel. He has exhibited his own work at the Royal Academy and The Hub - National Gallery for Craft and Design in Sleaford.

“Saturday afternoon and all the lights are on - Throgmorton Street”
Pencil and pencil crayon on watercolour paper 420 x 297 mm “Throgmorton Street; named in honour of former resident Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, Chief Banker of England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The view looking East encapsulates the mutating DNA of the City from the historic street plan, to the location of the Drapers’ Company who have occupied the North-side since 1541 and the juxtaposition of all architectural styles and scales. The scaffolding across the street reminds us of constant change.” Guide Price £250 - £350

Pierre d’Avoine is an architect and teacher based in London. He practices on a wide front although he is probably best known for designing houses. In 2005 Clare Melhuish and Pierre published Housey Housey - a Pattern Book of Ideal Homes . The book has been influential in the UK and Europe and led to Pierre’s appointment as guest professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Pierre d’Avoine Architects has been working with Article 25 on Luis Cabral Creche in Maputo, Mozambique.

“Ivan and Rey playing on the river bed”
Ink on cartridge paper 410 x 297 mm “Our site, on a mild afternoon on Sunday 9 October, was dominated by traffic moving at speed. We walked towards the river, less drawn to the view than the need to escape the traffic. At the end is a pub called The Banker and we descended steps to the river. At low tide the river bed is a mixture of pebbles, old timber, clay tiles and hundreds of bone fragments. Below the level of the street, within the dank, green tidal zone something of the character of an older London re-establishes itself.” Guide Price £200 - £300


“The Transience of Man on Earth”
Collage on foam board 841 x 594 mm This piece is our interpretation of the laying down of the rich ground layers of history which have informed the development of our City grid square. The story begins with the settlement of the Thames-soaked marshes, how people built and used the man-made structures and celebrated spaces over time to the individual who passes through it today. It is also representational of man’s transience on Earth and how we can inform it.” Guide Price £175 - £300

“Townshend Landscape Architects have drawn inspiration from the transient nature of this hard, dark and noisy place. People move in and out of it quickly, the trees shed their annual foliage; buildings are constructed and reconstructed over the decades whilst some loved landmarks and lanes survive for centuries.


“Something in the City...”
Caran D’Arche soft crayon on white cartridge paper 500 x 250 mm “Beside this wall is where city workers linger daily to chat and stub out their cigarettes whilst the surface patina of this wall imperceptibly evolves. Decade after decade. A mysterious rusting cabinet survives with its crumbling surround. It is the backdrop to an everyday side of the life of the City which complements that played out behind the sleek walls of granite and glass and metal but whose surface will forever remain the same, ageless, silent and, for me un-drawn.” Guide Price £500 - £700

“I grew up being told that I could draw… so being anywhere without something to draw with…just never happens… no piece of paper is safe near me! My drawings have been published and raised funds for causes in the past.”

Ben became a fully qualified registered architect in 1997 and has worked in architecture and design for over 20 years. Ben and Silka Gebhardt founded Neu Architects in 2004, which has gone from strength to strength, and now includes the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths as one of their esteemed clients. 1999 - Shortlisted for TVN television studios, Santiago de Chile, 2001 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Architecture Award, Sydney, 2009 - Winner Pennine Lancashire Squared Competition.

Photographic laser prints on 300gsm semi gloss paper 410 x 297 mm “I was struck by the volume of people and their constant movement, giving life to a space of limited aesthetic qualities. The workers were countered by directionless tourists looking for the Monument, a significant feature and historic landmark. I thought about representing it, but it’s significance is to remember workers and residents of the City, people who lost their lives in the great fire. So I decided to take pictures each day for two weeks of the people who make the space vibrant.” Guide Price (2 set of 2) £400 - £500

Ian is a founding director of BFLS and director of Strata SE1, the world’s first residential structure with fully integrated wind turbines. He is responsible for a varied portfolio of mixed use projects throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Ian studied at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, joining Foster + Partners in 1995. As Project Director, he was instrumental in the design of London’s Swiss Re Headquarters and the Bexley Business Academy.

“The Monument”
Sketch in felt tip 190 x 250 mm

Guide Price £200 - £250

The first private client for the Director of a new architectural practice was the artist Jane Simpson, Paul was involved in working drawings for the solo exhibitions ‘A Three Way Conversation with Myself’ at the New Art Centre, Roche Court, Wiltshire (2005) and ‘Tableau’ at CAC Malaga (2004.) Over recent years individual pieces have also been created as part of Independent Architects Ltd exhibitions: ‘Lamella’ Dar AlFanoon Gallery (Kuwait 2009), ’Syncretic’ La Fontaine Gallery (Bahrain 2008), ‘Residue’ Nous Gallery (London 2008).

“Layered London”
Acrylic on board 297 x 210 mm “Distinct architectural periods and styles are layered together by a modern office building’s glazed opacity, reflecting the uniqueness of the City.”

Guide Price £200 - £300

Cany Ash studied at Cambridge and the University of Westminster, going into practice with Robert Sakula in 1994. Ash Sakula’s ongoing projects include Deptford Station yard and market, a new canalside quarter on the banks of the Ouseburn in Newcastle, and planning St. Botolphs cultural quarter in Colchester. The practice champions new ideas through adaptable neighbourhoods campaigns currently working with people to rebuild Leicester’s Waterside and to build the Canning Town Caravanserai for space for micro enterprise during the Olympics.

“St. Mary’s At Hill 5 November 2011”
Digital print, 160 x 400 mm “Life in the City of London sometimes feels tolerated. The blocks with fortress like fronts and fluorescent backs are simply doing their job; an evil backdrop for office workers and dreary trudge space for puzzled tourists. This view from the steps of St. Margarets Patterns Church offers an escape to the Thames with the unfinished Shard as a new beacon but the grand old gold clock on the church first built in 1177 stops the eye and makes one think.” Guide Price £300 - £400


“Minster Court”
Acrylic on board “Like much of the City, at street level this is a pretty ordinary townscape. However if you look up the angular profile of the post modern gothic that is Minster Court becomes spooky and disturbing. A Transylvanian landscape of peaks and dark valleys.”

“I am a practicing architect with a reputation for drawings and watercolours. However this site demanded a more painterly approach.”

Guide Price £250 - £350

Norman Ackroyd studied at Leeds College of Art (1956 – 1961), and the Royal College of Art, London from 1961 to 1964. Ackroyd has had many solo exhibitions, both in Britain and internationally. Solo shows abroad include the National Museum of Art, Santiago, Chile; Jan Turner, Los Angeles; Dolan/Maxwell Gallery, Philadelphia and the Mickleson Gallery, Washington DC. Ackroyd has also received several public mural commissions, produced in etched stainless steel or bronze. Recent commissions include Lloyds

“Two Wren Churches”
Ink and wash on handmade cotton paper 410 x 210 mm Bank, London; British Airways, Birmingham Airport; Freshfields, London; Tetrapack, Stockley Park, Heathrow; a bronze mural for the Main Hall of the British Embassy, Moscow; and Lazards Bank, Stratton Street, London W1. Norman Ackroyd was elected a Royal Academician in 1991 and was made Senior Fellow, Royal College of Art in 2000. Ackroyd lives and works in London. Guide Price £900 - £1500

Ian Ritchie uses the interplay between words and images to distil into poems and aphorisms varied influences from technology, social concerns, history and context. In 2000 he was awarded a CBE, and became the sole foreign architect to receive the French Academie d’Architecture Grand Silver Medal for Innovation joining a small illustrious group including Jean Prouvé, Felix Candela, Frei Otto, Buckminster Fuller and Peter Rice.

“Sssch! It’s just going up”
Ink on Somerset paper 210 × 297 mm “When I looked at the City - the skyline was chaos. When I looked at the Thames there was detritus. I looked south, and oh! Through the elliptical window, with seat taken by a safety buoy there was the.......... END (with the).”

Guide Price £400 - £500

London has held a lifetime’s fascination for Graham, living here all his professional life. Allies and Morrison the practice that he began with Bob Allies in 1984, has been associated with an number of London’s major new plans. These include the London 2012 masterplan, Kings Cross Central, BBC White City and the new Bankside district in Southwark. Graham divides his time between London and Venice – two very different cities that share an informal compositional structure.

“The layers of the city”
Layers of card 280 x 440 mm “This is the view from the south bank – a view from within the 100 squares of 10x10 - but encompassing them all. The City’s familiar silhouette is dominated by the railway infrastructure. The viaducts that bisect south London culminate in bridges that become the view. There are five layers – the sky, the silvery outline of the city’s familiar buildings, the tracery of the signal gantries and the bridge, the heroically scaled columns and the passive surface of the river they command.” Guide Price £700 - £1000

David Partridge joined Argent Group PLC in 1990 and was appointed Joint Chief Executive in September 2006. He is a member of the RIBA and a fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. After a degree in architecture at Cambridge, he became a founding partner of Gebler Tooth Partridge Architects based in Chiswick. He is a Non-Executive Director of the Manchester Airports Group, a director of Cityco, the Manchester City Centre Management Company and ex-Chairman of the Piccadilly Partnership.

“City of London Skyline”
Single reproduction from ink on paper vellum, printed on fine art paper 420 x 297 mm “It is not often possible to stand back and see the City of London skyline from such a close-up view as this. History is captured in silhouette – from the Monument (to the Great Fire) through the Nat West Tower, the Gherkin and (its most recent edition) the Heron Tower. These iconic images rise casually above the more normative “bread and butter” buildings, representing the relentless commercial drive of the City and its ability to re-invent itself.” Guide Price £650 - £750


“London Bridge is Falling Down”
Blue ink on paper 420 mm x 210 mm “The inspiration for ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ was that the access onto the old London Bridge was under the tower of the church of St. Magnas the Martyr when the River Thames was considerably wider than it is now.”

Maxwell Hutchinson is an award-winning architect and broadcaster. He was the President of the RIBA from 1989 to 1991 and came up with the idea of Article 25.

Guide Price £200 - £300

10G Cj LIm

“Lines and Edges”
Pencil and photocopy images on watercolour paper 410 x 205 mm

“The dominating buildings flanking the chosen site framed the southerly view towards the river. To my surprise, the workin-progress of the Shard was perfectly pictured at the end of this long space. The surrounding facades, columns, paving and even people and plants heightened the sense of claustrophobia. While details blur and colours blended, the lines and edges of the surroundings very quickly

redefined my spatial experience. Each frame of my experience was carefully re-traced onto 116gsm watercolour paper, and the negative spaces painstakingly cut using 10A blades revealing the observed edges. Follow the pencilled instructions on the flip-book to experience the spatial emotions of yet another unpredictable day in London.” Guide Price £700 - £1000

Richard Portchmouth became a founding member of the award winning practice Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects (BPR) in 1989 having previously worked on many internationally renowned projects. Since forming BPR, Richard has been responsible for a series of significant infrastructure, masterplanning, residential, educational and cultural projects. These include the Avenue de Chartres Car Park in Chichester and Peabody Docklands Housing proposal.

“Moment, surprise, interlude”
Sketch and print on card 420 × 297 mm

Guide Price £350 - £500

With a continuing commitment to architecture’s social dimension, as well as its capacity for artistic and cultural expression, Stephen Taylor Architects recognises the collective process by which buildings and cities are made as part of an ongoing process of an economic, social and cultural continuum. Amongst their interests lies a strong concern for the emotional affect that architecture can have through physical and pictorial presence, material association and constructional directness.

“Facade of 60 Mark Lane”
Pencil drawing on cartridge paper 420 x 297 mm “60 Mark Lane is a five storey office building considered to be one of the earliest speculative buildings of its type. Its load bearing stone facade present a tiered composition of arches and pilasters, each floor a variation on the last. Observing the craftsmanship of this building I am reminded of how the 19th century developers of such buildings saw value in artistic and cultural endeavours, unlike so much office building of today.” Guide Price £200 - £250


“Old Souls + New Sins”
Watercolour on birch veneer plywood 255 x 255 mm “This view references the question of which building is the future context.”

Architect interested in the juxtaposition of the new and the old in historic cities.

Guide Price £300 - £350

The following organisations have provided generous donations of time, money and organisational support. We are extremely grateful to Tim Makower for his continued efforts to ensure the success of the first 10x10 event. This event would not be possible without his continued enthusiasm and support. King’s Cross is a significant part of central London. The ongoing regeneration of its railway lands, some 67 acres, is restoring heritage buildings and creating 20 new streets and 10 new squares. King’s Cross is the largest and most significant development in single ownership to take place in central London for over 150 years. It is being delivered by the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership, which brings together the considerable experience, skills and financial strengths of three major organisations – Argent, London & Continental Railways and DHL Supply Chain. King’s Cross is drawing on its history, its heritage and the wider community to create a vibrant urban destination to which people want to go, where they want to live and want to work. Sotheby’s was founded in London on March 11, 1744, when Samuel Baker auctioned “several Hundred scarce and valuable books” from the library of the Rt Hon Sir John Stanley for a few hundred pounds. The story of Sotheby’s expansion beyond books to include the best in fine and decorative arts and jewellery is also the story of the global auction market, defined by extraordinary moments that continue to capture the world’s attention.

GHA Group is one of London’s most experienced full-service audio visual communications companies. Event staging, audio visual hire, production, AV systems design and Installation, and special projects.

organic, locally sourced catering.

Skye Cooks

Skye Cooks Business, Party & Event caterers are a London based catering company, that provide catering services for London and the surrounding counties. Skye Cooks specialise in Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan Catering.

We are also grateful for the fundraising contributions of Mr John Parry.


organic, locally sourced catering.

Skye Cooks

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