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University at Buffalo

Some titles are in Reference Collection, 2nd Floor. Many more titles are in the stacks on the 4th floor including many not on this list. Browsing the stacks is highly recommended as many of the legal writing books have good samples of a variety of legal documents. Short Guides Bahrych/Rombauer Drennan Dworsky Haggard Haggard LeClercq Putman Schwartz More Detailed Texts Aldisert Block Logic for Lawyers: A Guide to Clear Legal Thinking, 3d ed. Effective Legal Writing: For Law Students and Lawyers, 5th ed. Case briefing, Ch. 1; Memo, Ch. 5; Brief, Ch. 6 Foundations of Legal Research and Writing, 2nd ed. Legal Method and Writing, 5th ed. Clear & Effective Legal Writing, 4th ed. Successful Legal Analysis and Writing, 2nd ed. A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Methods, 2d ed. Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization, 4th ed. Office memo & appellate brief Scholarly Writing for Law Students: Seminar Papers, Law Review Notes, and Law Review Competition Papers, 3d ed. How to Write the Winning Brief: Strategies for Effective Memoranda, Briefs, Client Letters, and Other Legal Documents Legal Writing in Plain English The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial & Appellate Courts, 2d ed. K 213 A42 1997 KF 250 B56 1999 Legal Writing in a Nutshell, 3d ed. Advocacy Words: A Thesaurus Little Book on Legal Writing, 2d ed. The Lawyer's Book of Rules for Effective Legal Writing Legal Drafting in a Nutshell Guide to Legal Writing Style, 4th ed. Pocket Guide to Legal Writing Guidelines for Bias-Free Writing Reserve KF 250 S68 2003 K50 D74 2005 KF 250 D88 1992 KF 250 H34 1997 Reserve KF205 .H343 2007 KF 250 L375 2007 KF250 P873 2006 PE 1460 S474 1995

Bast & Hawkins Calleros Charrow Clary Dernbach/Singleton Edwards

KF 240 B27 2002 KF 250 C345 2006 KF 250 C43 2007 KF250 C53 2006 KF 250 D47 1994 KF 250 E38 2006

Fajans, Falk

KF 250 F35 2005

Gale & Moxley

KF 250 G35 1992

Garner Garner

KF 250 G373 2001 KF 251 G37 2004

Harris Harvard Law School

Legal Writing: Principles of Juriography Introduction to Advocacy, 5th ed. Explains research for briefs and includes a sample brief. Practical introduction to oral argument.

KF 250 H37 1997 KF 281 A2 I57 1991


Fundamentals of Modern Appellate Advocacy KF 9050 M37 1985 Basics of appellate practice including preservation, appealability, parties, and records. Legal Writing & Analysis Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing: Structure, Strategy, and Style, 5th ed. Sample memos and briefs in appendix Legal Writing Legal Writing: A Systematic Approach, 4th ed. Covers case briefing, office memos, trial and appellate briefs. KF 250 M865 2009 Reserve KF 250 N48 2005

Murray/DeSantis Neumann

Neumann/Simon Pratt

KF 250 N484 2008 KF 250 P73 2004

Ray & Cox

Ray Ray/Ramsfield Re

Beyond the Basics: A Text for Advanced Legal Writing, 2d ed. KF 250 R38 2003 Pleadings, motions, interrogatories, correspondence, wills & trusts, contracts, statutes, jury instructions The Basics of Legal Writing KF250 R37 2006 Legal Writing: Getting It Right and Getting It Written, 3d ed. KF 250 R39 2000

Brief Writing and Oral Argument, 9th ed. KF 251 R4 2005 Detailed guide to appellate briefs. Court rules, sample briefs for various courts. Better Legal Writing: 15 Topics for Advanced Legal Writers Synthesis: Legal Reading, Reasoning, and Writing, 2d ed. Writing and Analysis in the Law, 4th ed. Legal system, analyzing cases and statutes, memos, briefs, motions. Handbook of Appellate Advocacy, 3rd ed. Structure of a brief, persuasive writing, style, citation form, oral argument. Checklists for briefs and oral arguments. Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Students Notes, Seminar Papers, & Getting on Law Review, 3rd ed. Legal Writing: Ethical & Professional Considerations Introduction to Legal English KF 250 S347 2005 KF 250 S36 2003 KF 250 S5 2003

Schiess Schmedemann/Kunz Shapo, Walter & Fajans UCLA

KF 251 H36 l993


KF 250 V65 2007

Weresh Wojcik International Students Fine

KF 250 W438 2006 KF 250 W65 1998

American Legal Systems: A Resource and Reference Guide Memo, Motion, Memo in Support of Motion, Appellate Brief. Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing for International Graduate Students

KF 386 F56 1997


KF 240 N43 2004


The Legal Writing Handbook: Analysis, Researach, & Writing, 4th ed. Legal writing for ESL students. KF 250 O18 2006 Culture to Culture: A Guide to U.S. Legal Writing KF 250 R3554 2005 07/09

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