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SAP R3 FI Transactions by V.

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This is an up-to-date quick reference guide for an easy, fast, and convenient way of learning SAP R/3 Financial transactions(v.4.6C & 4.7). The book is a ready-reference on transactions made accessible by looking at transaction codes that are logically and conveniently arranged under various functional areas within FI. The coverage includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Asset Accounting. A miscellaneous chapter covers configuring essential items like document number ranges, exchange rate maintenance, and payment term configuration. Features +Compatible with the latest versions of SAP R/3(v 4.6C and v.4.7) + Contains a complete list of transactions/menu is provided in a easy-to-read table format for each of the functional areas of GL, AP, AR & AA +Explains the business process behind the transaction by providing an overview before each transaction + Highlights the tricky areas in transaction processing, offering techniques and screenshots to overcome them Table of Contents (Selected Transactions Only) FI- GL: General Ledger 1. GL - Easy Access: FSMN 4. 2. GL- User Parameters (Editing Options): FB00. 3. GL Account Assgmt Model: FKMT 24. 4. GL - Doc. Entry: FB50 35. 5. GL - Cash Journal Posting: FBCJ. 6. GL - Document Entry - General Posting: F-02. 7. GL - Post Incoming Payments: F-06. 9. GL - Change Doc.: FB02. 11. GL - Reverse Doc.: FB08. 12. GL Acct. - Display Balances: FS01N. 13. GL Master Record - Create Centrally: FS00. 14. GL - Create Account (mass maintenance) - Chart of Accts Area: OB_GLACC11. 15. GL - Create Account (mass maintenance) - Company Code Data: OB_GLACC12. 16. GL - Maintain Acct Description (mass mainten.): OB_GLACC13. 17. GL - Create Sample Account: FSM1. 19. GL - Bal. Audit Trail: S_ALR_87100205. 20. GL Open Item Acct Balance Audit Trail: S_ALR_87012317. 22. GL - Cash Flow Report - Direct Method: S_ALR_87012271. 23. GL - Open Item Accot Balance Audit Trail: S_ALR_87012257. 24. GL - Open Item Acct Balance Audit Trail:S_ALR_87012284. F.16.FI- AP: Accounts Payable. 26. AP-Easy Access-FKMN. 27. AP-Post Vendor Invoice-FB60. 28. AP-Post Vendor Credit memo-FB65. 29. AP-Post Vendor Invoice, using Purchasing docs-MIRO. 30. AP-Post Vendor Credit Memo, using Purchasing docs-MIRO. 32. AP-Post Outgoing Payments and Print Forms-F58.doc. 34. AP-Change Payment Doc.-FB02.doc. 35. AP-Display Payment Document-FB03.doc. 37. AP-Change Line Item-FB09. 38. AP-Display / Change Vendor Line Item-FBL1N. 39. AP-Create Vendor Master, Centrally-XK01.doc. 40. AP-Change Vendor Master-XK02.doc. 42. AP-Block Unblock Vendor, Centrally-XK05.doc. 43. AP-Create Vendor Master, Company Code area-FK01. 44. AP-Create Bank Master-FI01. 46. AP-Payment Program-F110.doc. FI- AR: Accounts Receivable. 47. AR-Easy Access-FDMN. 48. AR-Post Incoming Payments-F-28. 49. AR-Docs, Mass Reversal - F.80. 51. AR-Customer Master Display Changes-FD04.doc. 52. AR-Delete Reference Doc: F.57. 53. AR-Parked Doc, Refuse-FBV6.doc. 54. AR-Display Cust Balances-FD10N. 55. AR-Customer ! Acct Analysis-FD11. 56. AR-Assign, Clear Open items-FB15.doc. 57. AR-Change Cust. Master-XD02.doc. 58. AR-Display Customer Master-XD03.doc. 59. ARBlock Unblock Customer Master-FD05.doc. 60. AR-Block Unblock Customer, Centrally-XD05.doc. 61. AR-Credit Management, Change Master Data-FD32.doc. 63. AR-Periodic Processing-Dunning-F150.doc. FI- AA: Asset Accounting. 64. AA-Easy Access-ASMN. 65. AA-Master Record-Create Asset-AS01.doc. 66. AA-Asset Acquisition from in-house production-ABZE.doc. 67. AA-Asset Acq. with Auto Offsetting entryr-ABZON.doc. 68. AA-Asset ExplorerAW01N.doc. 70. AA-Asset Sale without Customer-ABAON.doc. 71. AA-Asset Trans. with in Company Code-

ABUMN.doc. 73. AA-Depreciation Run-AFAB.doc. Miscellaneous. 74. Schedule Manager: SCMA. 75. Copy Number Ranges to Fiscal Year: OBH2. 76. Maintain Currency Exch. Rate