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LUTZ Precision cutter tools have been used successfully by nearly every manufacturer in the automobile industry over the world for well over two decades. Just as in our machines, it means that there are more than 20 years of experience going in to our cutter tools. We always strive to achieve an optimum of the most disparate requirements. Ideally, cutters should: remove as little material from the cap as possible, keep the chips as small as possible in order to insure the blower doesnt clog, cleaning the cap geometry free of residues, i. e. flanks and the weld point, be adapted to the widest range of weld gun pressures during the milling process. The points named above are a few of the important criteria. Many more proceed from individual customer requirements. In dialogue with users, we have developed to date more than 650 milling tools, many of them custom-fit to the individual guns and cap geometries. Electrode caps from all common materials (such as CuCrZr, CuCr, CuZr, CuA102), standards (ISO, VW Corporate Group norm, Ford norm...) and profiles can be milled. We are able to produce specialized cutter tools to almost any costumer specifications on request.

Product highlights
Milling cross made from a single piece of hard metal with > 80 HRC Long life cutter tool body through optimal mix of materials and processing Electrode force during milling process between 0.7 and 2.0 kN Optimal stock removal through quadruple application of the electrode cap in the cutter and precision dosing of power across four blades With use of a chip exhaust system / blow out, removal of dust and chips is considerably improved Milling of specialized geometries such as D16 tips (asymmetrical electrode caps) Electrode operational life up to 22,000 points, endurance of up to three years Cutter tools available for all common milling machines from competitors, construction of other solutions possible

Customer satisfaction
Our cutter tools are available for machines from other manufacturers. Consequently, the customer does not have to change their entire machine stock in order to have the opportunity to use titanium coated cutting blades in LUTZ cutter tools. Blade production is carried out on our own wire erosion machines with integrated glass scale procedure. With this production method, 100 percent control of dimensional stability is achieved in this series.

Suitable for

all common types of electrode caps: A, B, C, D, E, F, G

D1, D2 d1, d2 R1, R2 r1, r2 1, 2 t1, t2 T

Cap diameter Spot face diameter Radius on spot Chamfer Insertion angle Insertion depth Height of the cutter tool

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