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Managing Professional Development

CORE UNIT 13 Managing Professional Developments


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Managing Professional Development


Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

This report has been written primarily to fulfill the requirement of the subject Managing Professional Development of HND 2nd semester. The report is related to self assessment in daily life develops their how to improve our skilled developed in our daily routine this is a very good experience for our education life, although we suffered difficulties, but by the grace of God we completed this research assignment. We are greatly thankful to our course in charge honorable Sir Bilal Ahmed. In the end we would like to say that although there must be some errors and mistakes in the report, but our work should be appreciated.

Section A
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Managing Professional Development

Task 01 (A) Self Assessment:

a) Time management:

Time management plays a vital key role in daily routine bases. I have focused on the time management because thats helps us to improvement my grades in proper way. My all work is concentrated on the time management because thats way my all worked will be completed in accurate way. Time management also helps in the long term and short terms goals in proper way. For myself assessment I have to improve my time management through books, and also share and views through colloquies, friends teachers etc.

b) Solve problems: For my self assessment I have take risk

assessment himself alone because I know about every solution of problem with reference to the academic and other co-circular activities. Then i solved any problems firstly developing for the plan and think about the crucial problem and I also think how this problem will be solved in accurate way. Then I should take decision himself alone and decision taking and decision making should be always optimistic to finds outs their solution of problem on any occasion and also promoted the solution of problem with time management.

c) Take responsibility for own learning:

For my self assessment I should always take responsibility for own learning because in College I take delivered my lectures attentively and affectively in proper way this way I couldnt need to help other friends. I have the university student and maturity student for thinking myself what is the path way of right and wrong himself I also know about it. I should takes responsibilities for learning because it will always helps to improvement my grades as well as good tinocratic in future, bureaucratic etc.

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

d) Willing to take risks to propose new ideas: Then I take

risked himself to proposed and create new ideas because that new ideas are purposed and also generated in my reports because I wants reports are better day by day the tutors are inspired my reports. The creation of new idea are also help in my knowledge and this new ideas create also help to become a good businessman in future. The new idea also helps in long term and short term goals. A good business man is always to generate and create new ideas and also take risk himself for an organization because in thats way organization become successively in their future. The new ideas should be based on optimistic decision making and taking because this is the good positively sign for an organization.

e) Communicate effectively (Oral & Written): For my self

assessment my communication skilled will be relevant because i have the communicate peoples are also effectively in proper way. For my point of view communication is the huge weapon to attract the people in accurate way .For myself I have to improve the communication should be done through a good optimistic aptitude and as well as attitude also because in thats they attract the peoples in proper way. For my communication is good I have also speak politely to the friend share any problem faced in communication that always to improve my communication skill day by day. This communication skilled always helped in good relationship with friends. The communication skill is important for test and interview because the candidate will always select on the basis of their effectively communication skilled. Because in job description communication skilled are also mentioned.

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development


Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Skills Rating (1-5)* by learner Date________ Signature _______ Comments ____ Rating (1-5)* by a classmate Date________ Signature _______ Comments ____ Rating (1-5)* by a Tutor Date________ Signature _______ Comments ____ Who, where, what will help me improve in this area

Time manageme nt

Solve problems

Take responsibilit y for own learning Willing to take risks to propose new ideas Communicat e effectively (Oral & Written Rating Rate your current ability against each skill 1 No current knowledge or skills (No current competency) 2 Some awareness but not sufficiently competent to use it 3 Familiar with and able to use the knowledge or skills (some competency) 4 Proficient in the knowledge or skill and able to show others how to use it (high level of competency) 5 Expert with a high degree of skill and/or comprehensive knowledge (fully competent)

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Section B

Contact No: 0343-9755595

Task-02 Develop one page CV.


Career Objective:

To joining Platform, where that i enhances to groom my skills for the betterment of an organization to which Im going to serve it. To ability for adapting working within the people for different cultures as well as backgrounds and their business practices.

SSC Annual 2008 : Peshawar Public school and college 613/900 B F.A (Inter science 2010): Edwardes college Peshawar 679/1100 Grade B HND Business : Edwardes College Peshawar As continue Grade


Field of interest:
To become a marketing of Gillette company. To become an ambassador of united nation.


Known language English, Urdu, Pashto Good communication and outstanding time management Take risk alone in any situation and also experts in Ms office

Personal Information:
Name: Email info Father Name: Date of Birth: Nationality: CNIC No: Domicile: Marital Status: Religion: Waqas Alam shah

Alam Zeb 18/01/1990 Pakistani. 17301-1801677-7 Khyber pakhtoon khawa Peshawar Single Islam

Reference available upon request

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Section C Task-03-A Personal Development Plan:

Time management as student: My strength as the time
management is goods because I submitted all assignment in proper time because to improve my grades in proper way and also leading to the pre submission in accurate way. When work done its the proper management as well as to becomes the good businessman in future. The proper time management student always successfully in future because they have also done its all their activities within proper time management. As student I have take easily decision about with the long and short term goals with reference to time management. They have no body problem faced in time management.

Area to needed I improved it is communicate people (Oral and written):

Communication skill are weak that are also improvement and also needed because that I communicate the people not in proper way the employer have not strong relationship with me. To I have to improved my communication skill through movies like King Speech, YouTube, and also known official websites and otherwise I have read, journal Articles, Magazine, etc. Both in job description communication skill are also required. It is an important for test and interview because a person who takes interview and test they have also judgment their skill specially communication skill. I have follow communication skill and it also helps in future.

Develop Plan for next Six month:

a) CD, s/Videos/Podcast: These are portable expenses and

inexpensive useful for the information need abraded for communication skill in proper way. Because online watch videos on YouTube it always help in communication skill in accurate way. Especially movies like the king speech.

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

b) Case studies: For Me improvement case studies were given in

the classes to communicate the students in accurate way. We have also informed the knowledge about communication skill in proper way and we also apply good communication skill in future to become a great speaker.

c) Computer based training:

Many companies also offer interactive training communication skilled on computer based training. For my point of view these training skill are also effectively communication skill are specific to ensure participants receive consistent input. Mentoring is the huge weapon to controlling the employee in proper way and also manages judgment as well as guidance of their skill as such important to prefer the interviews and test. When organization come to the maturity stage they have more experienced with trainee employees to offers meet helps regularly on the basis of their development skill especially like e.g. Communication Skill. They have also support and motivated their employees effectively on the basis of their skill and performances.

d) Mentoring:

e) Peer-based methods: The peer based methods are great

impact on the communication skill because worked as peer for as team members and they focus to learn it each and every member e.g. As they worked as peer exchanging feedback and also question as well as the challenges supportive materials in accurate way. In peer base method they have no pain of blow for its especially communication sill.

Action planning sheet My SMART objective:

Participating in HND Business attends seminar with reference through to managing professional development till 20th July.

Blockages/ barriers/ risks/ downsides/ to achieving the objective:

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

I have problem faced in the time management to attend time management because some causes of assignment and religious and family matter do no not attend seminar in proper way for my objectives i have evaluate the time management in proper way. Strategies for applies blockages and risk assessment in proper way to become achieve our objectives in proper way. Step for achieving objective Reading book like Business management Read weekly magazine, Journalism Article and News paper like Times, Dawn news, Bill gates journalism Article etc. The information provided best professional skill by magazine etc. to set up my objective. Participating in Hnd to become good grades in future then after Hnd I have focused on internship programmed in England MBA at University of Herefordshire to set become a good business man in future. To attending seminar likes as MPD and British counseling Education Programmed till to 20th July to set up and also prepare for long term and short term goals in future to also evaluate skills . For Attending the British Consultant seminars I also motivated that also help me in future as well as in HND business. How when I can evaluated the work has starts form here 20th June till to 20th July 2011 then I have evaluated after it 20th July. Reading books, newspaper, magazines, attending different seminars and participating in Hnd business to becomes a good businessman in future. We can participate in different functions of Hnd business and seminar. The British counseling Education seminar is also helps me to allot assign my assignment. I want to attend meeting and participate in the British counseling education and conflict management also helps me in my assignment. After Evaluation process what my needed their goals objective in futures. When I have started the plan form 20th June to 20th July 2011 then I have evaluated after it 20th July. I haven't followed my plan in a proper way because in my some completed activities and risk assessment and self problem are difficulty to faced it I have no show 100 percent result in plan . The Plan is not valid and well structured because strength as well as concentration is also needed for here. I want to attend meeting and

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

participation in the FES and other management seminar in proper way to set up goals and objectives in future.

Section D
Task-04 Problem Solving:

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Section E
Task-05 Written Communication:

To The Administrative staff, XYZ Company 15/6/2011 Repairing for the PC Computer and AC Respected Sir It is stated that I have Personal Secretary of Mr.Kamal Khan as the Marketing Manager for their XYZ Company in this memo i informed to you that Mr.Kamal Khan has lifted the Company for tour there since last Friday. Although his also gave me the responsibility to informed you to his behalf (being as Personal Secretary it is my job) that his PC Computer and AC in his office are also out of order and it has not working properly in condition for their required maintained. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness. You considered these issues through as a priority to resolve it in proper way before arriving for my boss. Yours Sincerely Waqas alam shah (Personal secretary of Mr.Kamal khan).


Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Section F
Task 06 Time management:


6 7 3 8 8 3 10 2 9 1

Sony TV channel Presentation. Meeting pre-submission deadline. Chatting on mobile Research for collecting data for project. Eating the meal. Top up Hnd business Fighting. Demand for new thing. Face book.

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Im portantAnd Urgent
F acebook M eetingpre-subm ission date lines T opup HN D business
Section G

Task-07 Self-managed learning (4.1), Life-long learning (4.2), Approaches to Learning (4.3)

3. Not im portant but urgent

D em andfor new thing Chatting the m obile on
Managing Professional Development Page 16

Managing Professional Development

Learning Experience for others:

Learning is also something which is independent and not needed time,colour,gender,age respectively etc I also learned learn from my favourite teacher he also make my future brightly in proper way.

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

I have also learnt it from my brother, uncles, friends and relatives to learnt good attitude in proper way. I have also learned in different seminar British counselling seminar in PC hotel in Peshawar. I have also learns from its participating different function in the Hnd classes while in case studies which are also mention in the class.

Experiences in Edwardes College Peshawar:

Higher education consultants FES, Communication skill.

Seminars: The seminar which I have attended that is the Higher education
consultants FES was held in the 28th and 29th June in PC hotel Peshawar. This seminar I also learned it the innovative method of learning. Innovative method we also learned it is not necessary that all student get science whenever they go to field himself alone and also chosen those subject we have learned it not takes a violence for student to go for sciences because in this way their future become bright.

Key Job Responsibilities for as student:

Also arrangement of seminars and debate competition among their students Student must busy in hiking and other co-circular activities Schedule appointments for Meetings. To build effective relationships with colloquies in proper way.

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional development

Section A Task 01(A) Self Assessment Page ................................................................................................4-6 Section B Task 2 Developed one page CV
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Section C Task 3 (A) Personal development plan

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Section D Task 4 Problem solving. Page 11 Section E Task 5 Written communication ... Page 12 Section F Task 6 Time Management ... Page 13-14
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Managing Professional Development

Section G Task 7 Self-managed learning (4.1), Life-long learning (4.2), Approaches to Learning (4.3) ... Page 15-16

References Page 18

References HND COURSE BOOK(BTEC) Miachel, cook. Manging professional development. 12th edition. England: 2007. Page 137 Marshal, J. Manging professional development. 11th edition. England: 2009

Managing Professional Development

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Managing Professional Development

Managing Professional Development

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