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Federal Register / Vol. 69, No.

109 / Monday, June 7, 2004 / Notices 31819

DATES: Comments must be submitted on official docket, information claimed as (iv) Minimize the burden of the
or before August 6, 2004. CBI, or whose disclosure is otherwise collection of information on those who
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, restricted by statute, is not included in are to respond, including through the
referencing docket ID number OEI– the official public docket, and will not use of appropriate automated electronic,
2004–01, to EPA online using EDOCKET be available for public viewing in mechanical, or other technological
(our preferred method), by e-mail to EDOCKET. For further information collection techniques or other forms of, or by mail to: EPA about the electronic docket, see EPA’s information technology, e.g., permitting
Docket Center, Environmental Federal Register notice describing the electronic submission of responses.
Protection Agency, Office of electronic docket at 67 FR 38102 (May Burden Statement: The survey will be
Environmental Information Docket, Mail 31, 2002), or go to shared with approximately 100
Code 28221T, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., edocket. respondents and is expect to take 20
NW., Washington, DC 20460. Affected entities: Entities potentially minutes to complete. Participation is
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Erin affected by this action are State, local, strictly voluntary and will be a one time
Newman, Region 5 Air and Radiation and tribal environmental officials, soil occurance. Burden means the total time,
Division (AR–18J), Environmental and water conservation districts, and effort, or financial resources expended
Protection Agency, 77 West Jackson fire departments. by persons to generate, maintain, retain,
Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604; Title: National Survey of Successful or disclose or provide information to or
telephone number: 312–886–4587; fax Waste Disposal Programs in Rural Areas for a Federal agency. This includes the
number: 312–886–0617; e-mail address: in the United States. time needed to review instructions; Abstract: Under a USEPA grant, the develop, acquire, install, and utilize
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: EPA has Research Foundation for Health and technology and systems for the purposes
established a public docket for this ICR Environmental Effects (RFHEE) will of collecting, validating, and verifying
under Docket ID number OEI–2004–001, conduct a survey of household waste information, processing and
which is available for public viewing at disposal options. In conjunction with maintaining information, and disclosing
the Office of Environmental Information the Rural Community Assistance and providing information; adjust the
Docket in the EPA Docket Center (EPA/ Program and the National Volunteer existing ways to comply with any
DC), EPA West, Room B102, 1301 Fire Council, RFHEE will develop a previously applicable instructions and
Constitution Ave., NW., Washington, targeted survey to find successful requirements; train personnel to be able
DC. The EPA Docket Center Public methods of household trash disposal in to respond to a collection of
Reading Room is open from 8:30 a.m. to rural areas besides burning, which information; search data sources;
4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, releases toxics chemicals into the complete and review the collection of
excluding legal holidays. The telephone environment. The Partners will conduct information; and transmit or otherwise
number for the Reading Room is (202) telephone interviews with state officials disclose the information.
566–1744, and the telephone number for who have trash burning bans (25 states) Dated: May 19, 2004.
the Office of Environmental Information or who are concerned about the issue. Norman Niedergang,
Docket is (202) 566–1752. An electronic In addition, a sample of local officials, Acting Regional Administrator, Region 5.
version of the public docket is available Soil and Water Conservation Districts,
[FR Doc. 04–12777 Filed 6–4–04; 8:45 am]
through EPA Dockets (EDOCKET) at and local volunteer firefighters will be
BILLING CODE 6560–50–P Use surveyed as well. The purpose of the
EDOCKET to obtain a copy of the draft survey is to find alternative,
collection of information, submit or economically-feasible options for ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
view public comments, access the index disposal. The results of the survey will AGENCY
listing of the contents of the public be available to the public. This survey
docket, and to access those documents will not be used for any federal [FRL–7670–6]
in the public docket that are available regulatory purposes. An agency may not
conduct or sponsor, and a person is not Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff
electronically. Once in the system, Office; Notification of Upcoming
select ‘‘search,’’ then key in the docket required to respond to, a collection of
information unless it displays a Meeting of the Critical Ecosystem
ID number identified above. Assessment Model (CrEAM) Review
Any comments related to this ICR currently valid OMB control number.
The OMB control numbers for EPA’s Panel
should be submitted to EPA within 60
days of this notice. EPA’s policy is that regulations in 40 CFR are listed in 40 AGENCY: Environmental Protection
public comments, whether submitted CFR part 9. Agency (EPA).
electronically or in paper, will be made The EPA would like to solicit ACTION: Notice.
available for public viewing in comments to:
EDOCKET as EPA receives them and (i) Evaluate whether the proposed SUMMARY: The EPA’s Science Advisory
without change, unless the comment collection of information is necessary Board (SAB) Staff Office is announcing
contains copyrighted material, for the proper performance of the a public meeting of the SAB Critical
Confidential Business Information (CBI), functions of the Agency, including Ecosystem Assessment Model (CrEAM)
or other information whose public whether the information will have Review Panel.
disclosure is restricted by statute. When practical utility; DATES: June 29–30, 2004. The SAB
EPA identifies a comment containing (ii) Evaluate the accuracy of the Critical Ecosystem Assessment Model
copyrighted material, EPA will provide Agency’s estimate of the burden of the Review Panel will meet face-to-face
a reference to that material in the proposed collection of information, starting Tuesday, June 29 at 9 a.m.,
version of the comment that is placed in including the validity of the adjourning at approximately 4 p.m.
EDOCKET. The entire printed comment, methodology and assumptions used; (central time) Wednesday, June 30. The
including the copyrighted material, will (iii) Enhance the quality, utility, and purpose of this meeting is to conduct a
be available in the public docket. clarity of the information to be review of the CrEAM developed by EPA
Although identified as an item in the collected; and Region V.

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31820 Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 109 / Monday, June 7, 2004 / Notices

ADDRESSES: The public meeting of the of ten minutes (unless otherwise Dated: June 2, 2004.
Panel will be held in the Lake Huron indicated). Interested parties should Stephen Llewellyn,
Room of the Adamkus Conference and contact the DFO in writing (e-mail, fax Acting Executive Officer, Executive
Training Center, U.S. EPA Region V or mail—see contact information above) Secretariat.
Office, 77 West Jackson Boulevard, by close of business June 21, 2004 in [FR Doc. 04–12862 Filed 6–3–04; 9:16 am]
Chicago IL 60643. order to be placed on the public speaker BILLING CODE 6750–06–M
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Any list for the meeting. Speakers should
member of the public wishing further bring at least 35 copies of their
information regarding the public comments and presentation slides for EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE
meeting may contact Dr. Thomas distribution to the participants and PRESIDENT
Armitage, Designated Federal Officer public at the meeting. Written
(DFO), U.S. EPA SAB by telephone/ Comments: Although the SAB Staff Office of Administration
voice mail at (202) 343–9995, fax at Office accepts written comments until
(202) 233–0643, by e-mail at Notice of Meeting of the Commission
the date of the meeting (unless on the Intelligence Capabilities of the, or by mail at otherwise stated), written comments
U.S. EPA SAB (1400F), 1200 United States Regarding Weapons of
should be received in the SAB Staff Mass Destruction
Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, Office at least seven business days prior
DC, 20460. General information about to the meeting date so that the ACTION: Notice.
the SAB and the meeting location may comments may be made available to the
be found on the SAB Web site, http:// SUMMARY: The Commission on the
panel for their consideration. Comments Intelligence Capabilities of the United
should be supplied to the DFO at the States Regarding Weapons of Mass
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: address/contact information noted
Summary: Pursuant to the Federal Destruction (‘‘Commission’’) will meet
above in the following formats: one hard in closed session on Wednesday, June
Advisory Committee Act, Pub. L. 92–
copy with original signature, and one 23, 2004 and Thursday, June 24, 2004 in
463, notice is hereby given that the
electronic copy via e-mail (acceptable its offices in Arlington, Virginia.
Panel will hold a public meeting to
file format: Adobe Acrobat, Executive Order 13328 established the
provide advice to the EPA on the
WordPerfect, Word, or Rich Text files in Commission for the purpose of assessing
Agency’s Critical Ecosystem Assessment
Model. The dates and times for the IBM–PC/Windows 95/98 format). Those whether the Intelligence Community is
meeting are provided above. providing written comments and who sufficiently authorized, organized,
Background: Background on the attend the meeting are also asked to equipped, trained, and resourced to
meeting described in this notice was bring 35 copies of their comments for identify and warn in a timely manner of,
provided in a Federal Register Notice public distribution. and to support the United States
published on April 15, 2004 (69 FR Meeting Accommodations: Government’s efforts to respond to, the
21524–21525). The SAB Staff Office has Individuals requiring special development of Weapons of Mass
determined that the advisory on the accommodation to access the public Destruction, related means of delivery,
CrEAM will be conducted by the SAB’s meetings listed above should contact the and other related threats of the 21st
Ecological Processes and Effects Century. This meeting will consist of
DFO at least five business days prior to
Committee augmented with experts in briefings and discussions involving
the meeting so that appropriate
ecology and the use of geographic classified matters of national security,
arrangements can be made.
information system technology to including classified briefings from
evaluate data and conduct landscape Dated: June 1, 2004. representatives of agencies within the
scale analyses. A roster of Panel Vanessa T. Vu, Intelligence Community; Commission
members, their biosketches, and the Director, EPA Science Advisory Board Staff discussions based upon the content of
meeting agenda will be posted on the Office. classified intelligence documents the
SAB Web site prior to the meeting. [FR Doc. 04–12776 Filed 6–4–04; 8:45 am] Commission has received from agencies
Availability of Meeting Materials: A within the Intelligence Community; and
copy of the draft agenda for the meeting presentations concerning the United
that is the subject of this notice will be States’ intelligence capabilities that are
posted on the SAB Web site prior to the based upon classified information.
meeting. Copies of the CrEAM review EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY While the Commission does not
document may be obtained by concede that it is subject to the
contacting Dr. Mary White, EPA Region requirements of the Federal Advisory
V, by telephone: (312) 353–5878, or e- Sunshine Act Meeting Committee Act (FACA), 5 United States
mail: Code Appendix 2, it has been
Procedures for Providing Public determined that the June 23–24 meeting
Comments: It is the policy of the EPA would fall within the scope of
ANNOUNCEMENT: 69 FR 30293, May 27,
SAB to accept written public comments exceptions (c)(1) and (c)(9)(B) of the
of any length, and to accommodate oral Sunshine Act, 5 United States Code,
public comments whenever possible. PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED TIME AND DATE OF Sections 552b(c)(1) & (c)(9)(B), and thus
The SAB Staff Office expects that public MEETING: Friday, June 4, 2004, at 10 a.m. could be closed to the public if FACA
statements presented at the CrEAM (Eastern Time). did apply to the Commission.
panel meeting will not be repetitive of DATES: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 (9
CHANGE IN THE MEETING: The meeting has
previously submitted oral or written a.m. to 5 p.m.) and Thursday, June 24,
been cancelled.
statements. Oral Comments: In general, 2004 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.).
each individual or group requesting an FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: ADDRESSES: Members of the public who
oral presentation at a face-to-face Stephen Llewellyn, Acting Executive wish to submit a written statement to
meeting will be limited to a total time Officer on (202) 663–4070. the Commission are invited to do so by

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