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Dear Partners and Friends,

You might recall from our last newsletter a small note asking for your prayers for our short-term mission trip to Uganda. The result? A long-term trip to Uganda. Lord willing, were moving our family to Kampala, Uganda in January 2012, where we will join staff with Engineering Ministries International (eMi)! Sadly, this means we will be leaving FamilyLife where weve been so blessed to grow and serve alongside dear believers. Month after month, your sacrifices and your generosity have gone far beyond what youve seen into Kingdom workwith God-sized impact. In our seven years here, tens of thousands have come to faith in Christ and hundreds of thousands have found help for their families through FamilyLife. Marriages crumbling before us have been restored in Christ. Seeing God work in such powerful ways has been humblingand aweinspiring. Your support and prayers have been vital! We feel like we cant thank you enough. Though it is painful to leave FamilyLife, we are excited to share with you what lies ahead with eMi. eMi partners with ministries in third-world countries by designing and building needed structures like orphanages, hospitals, and schools for the impoverished. Employing primarily local construction labor provides a ripe mission field for intentional evangelism and discipleship. Johns been offered a tailored position: a hybrid of his shepherding gifts (counseling and conciliation) and his joy of hands-on construction (a constant hobby of his). Hell be wearing a number of hats, primarily including Member care for the East Africa staff and long-term and short-term volunteers. Construction management: managing and ensuring quality construction, while developing the skills of the local labor force and discipling them as believers, husbands and fathers. Janel will be working to produce eMi East Africa publications. Along with homeschooling, Janel will also continue to write for FamilyLife (and! Like your own stories, God has been writing our story for a long time. Hes been expanding our hearts for the powerless and growing our desire to use our passions, gifts, and our energy where there is a poverty of resources. Were excited to take the mission and message of FamilyLife with us to the people of East Africa. Youve been so instrumental in our ministry here. As we go to Uganda as supported staff with eMi,

Were moving to Uganda!

would you consider continuing your partnership with us for ministry in Africa?
Whether you choose to continue with us or not, we are grateful for you. We couldnt have served these years without Gods provision which has come through your generosity, encouragement, and prayers. Thank you!


John, Janel, Baden, Will, Corinne, and Jack

Please see inside for more of our story, FAQs, and information about support!

Why this new direction?

For years I (John) have iterated some version of I would love to work part time in counseling and pastoral care, and part time with my hands in construction, designing and building...especially if there were eternal value to it. Yet in the last few years I have been longing more and more for us to use our gifts in places that dont have an abundance of resourcesto go where needs are overwhelmingto make a greater impact. From the time I met Janel (a cross-cultural services minor), she has been primed to go overseas with a heart for the forgotten. We began exploring and praying. Our search turned up eMi East Africa whose approach to those in poverty (recognizing we all have poverties of various forms) resonated with my passion. And eMi was very interested not only in training my construction abilities, but also in utilizing my experience in conciliation, counseling, discipleship, and member care. We were astonished and intrigued. In Uganda we listened to Richard (right) as he explained his country's great need for its men to step up in the Lord and lead their country: to lead their wives and their children, loving them well. (He was askingpractically pleadingfor us to help build into the lives of Ugandan men.)

The opportunity we see before us is to bring aid to poverty-focused, gospel-centered Christian ministries; to build quality structures of relief for the poor where they may grow in grace; and to help build into the lives of men with the gospel of Christ.

Whats Uganda like?

Churchill called Uganda The Pearl of Africa. Home to Facts & Stats the source of the Nile, 32,500,000population Uganda is green and beautiful, with wildlife in $1.78average daily wage some portions like something out of The Lion 6.7 avg. children/woman King. Located on the equator, there are two 52# of tribal languages Englishmain trade lang. rainy seasons. Daytime temperatures range from 70-90 F year round. Well be living in Kampala, where its dense urban city surrounded by agriculture.

Tell us more about eMi.

Theyweexist to glorify God by offering hope to

the spiritually and physically poor. With nearly 80 staff around the world and thousands of volunteers, eMi enlists Christian design professionals from the West and from locals. These architects and engineers design buildings for partnering Christian ministries, who have a vision to help the poor and preach the Gospel. The facilities (including hospitals, orphanages, schools, clean water projects, and more) directly impact communities by meeting physical needs and communicating God's love in a practical way. And, when possible, eMi manages the construction of these facilities, hiring local construction laborers who are often then evangelized and discipled (Johns new role).

So while eMi is building a home for an orphan, were building into the life of a

How are the kiddos feeling about moving to Africa? Its been a priceless journey with
them. At this point, theyre excited. Recently they met nearly all of the eMi missionary kids from Ugandanew friends! Were planning to continue homeschooling which hopefully will ease the transition. Were having a lot of dialogue, counting the cost and turning together in faith to Gods promises. Now at ages 2-7, theyre at good ages for cultural adjustment. Were excited for this experience for them, as theyll get to interact up-close with other cultures and with poverty in ways that hopefully help cultivate real compassion and Gospel-centered thinking.

What does this mean for our financial support?

Our new positions with eMi are also missionary support positions. Its our hope that you will share a vision for these incredible ministry opportunities and continue your partnership with us.

Were looking for a dedicated prayer team for us and for our ministry. Our greatest financial need is for monthly support. If all current monthly partners continue with us for ministry in Africa, this goal will be met. Also, well need to raise one-time transition funds of about $30,000 including:
$6,000 Airfare for 6 Now Pledged! $4,680 1st yr of medical insurance $1,800 Visas and work permits $900 Orientation and training $5,500 Household setup $9,000 Used vehicle purchase $4,800 for housing costs $500 Home school startup $1,400 Computer and equipment

Good news! Well now receive 100% of your gift since eMi has no administrative fee!

Would you continue to partner with us for a new leg of ministry in East Africa?

Action Requested: Would you. . .

1. Please return the enclosed response card to indicate your intention regardless of your decision! Even if you wont be able to continue with us on this new leg of the journey (though we hope you will), your response will be instrumental in helping us know where to direct our efforts. Thanks. 2. For monthly givers who would like to transfer with us, please make your October gift to eMi and please make your September gift your last gift to Campus Crusade on our behalf (to cancel automatic recurring gifts, you may call 1-888-crusade or email If youd like to support another staff family with FamilyLife, please let us know in the comment section on the response card and well gladly help you make that transition as well. Again, thank you so much for your generosity to our family and to our ministry!

Its our hope that you will share a vision for the incredible ministry opportunities in front of us and prayerfully consider continuing with us on this new leg of our ministry journey.

Please return the enclosed response card to let us know if you can continue with us on this new leg of the journey! Your response will be instrumental in helping us know how to best allocate our efforts! Thanks!

For monthly givers who would like to transfer with us, please make your October gift to eMi and your September gift your last gift to Campus Crusade for Christ on our behalf.

John and Janel Breitenstein

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