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Myross Bush School

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Myross Bush Shooters (mixed Year 3 & 4 grade) played an incredible semi-final against the St Patrick's Phoenix on Tuesday. They lost 4-8 in a very hard fought semi-final. Well done team - you did us proud. Thanks to Leanne Cameron for her dedicated coaching throughout the season.

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NOV 30


Dear Parents
With 2 and half weeks to go in this shortened fourth term all classroom programmes are well and truly still focussed on teaching and learning. Both the junior and senior classroom teams will be sharing a celebration with you of this term’s inquiry which has centered around 'Communicating through the Arts'. The Junior team event for parents is this Friday at 1.15 before our school assembly while the senior one is on the 13th of December. With this enriched learning their has still been emphasis in the teaching programmes on the foundation areas - Numeracy and Literacy.

Everything about our school curriculum and classroom setup is about ensuring every single child, regardless of their abilities or capabilities will have an education best suited to their needs. A room number does not correlate to an achievement level. Our school philosophy is premised on the belief that every child is unique, learning does not progress in a straight line and every child will learn in their own way and at their own pace. While we have progress and achievement aims for each and every child at the appropriate curriculum level it is also very important that the individual progress is monitored and assessed along the way and reported regularly to you, the parents, through our reporting process. This is the time of year when there is again some key

reflection happening for your child's individual end of year report which will lay the foundation for our goal setting interviews early in the new year. With the reduction in our classroom numbers next year we need the flexibility of how our classroom spaces are used. The current system suggests a linear and standardised progression for our children from Room 1 through to the last year in Room 8. From year to year, depending on intake and numbers throughout the school some children 'start' in Room 2 and then may move ‘up’ or ‘down’' a room as classes are balanced for a new year and with new needs.

Kia tu Pakari

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Zach Ivanov. P.. Fun Skills. Basketball. Each classroom next year has therefore 'adopted' a native tree whose characteristics are going to be investigated by each individual class and used to example further our vision's representation of our school. Tee Ball. Forbes O'Reilly. School signage will also be improved so that both parents and visitors know where they are going when around our school. reliable. Dodgeball. 9am – 3pm For more information about all of the above programmes. For example. We will get them to you as soon as they are available. Sports include: Adventure. Community: Baby sitter available: Ex student. Softball.. Sailing. Karate. Olivia Fraser.drop a copy of your invoice into the school O’Neil School of Dance Xmas BreakUp/Concert Monday 5th December 2011 6-7pm with supper to follow Salford School Hall No entry cost but please bring a coin or two for raffles All Welcome ILT Holiday Sports Programme: Monday 23 – Friday 27 January at Stadium Southland and various sports facilities around Invercargill. Have a Go Programme Sport Southland and Yachting NZ are working together to provide an opportunity for your child to learn to As a teaching team we are always looking to enhance the learning culture of our school and to strengthen the connection of that with our children. Liam Shepherd and Simone Caughey. Bluff: Monday 23 January Riverton: Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 January. Hit n It.. Volleyball. Rugby. Fantastic team playing :-) Flippaball MB Green v Makarewa won the 3rd/4th playoff 11-5 in the Year 1-3 A-grade competition. Tennis. Badminton. Golf. Ph Makaela 2157922 Gladstone Tyres & Mags: Get the school rewarded . While it is not the biggest native tree it is the tallest so it was chosen as the representation for our vision statement "From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together". Our vision statement around the native 'Kahikitea' tree was adopted (through community consultation in 2008). visit Sport Southland’s website: www. Sports Notices: Golf Congratulations to two of our Golf Teams who made it through to the Southland Primary Schools Golf Tournament which is being held at Drummond Golf Course this Thursday.sportsouthland. Don't forget your gear please. Cycling.the food wrap orders close tomorrow 9am Award Night DVD’s: DVD’s are coming but they take 2 hours to burn each disk and Mark has been away on camp so proceedings ground to a halt over the last couple of weeks.. Don’t forget . Orienteering. Soccer: MB Arsenal v Southend United 2 MB won 2-0. MB Gold v Otatara Won 3/4th playoff 12-5 in the Year 4-6 A-grade competition .O. . The reputation of our school is built on strong traditions and the strengths of our community. Tennis Over the next week Year 5 & 6 children will be paying off for the tennis trophy at morning tea and lunch times. • Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984  Thank you to Michelle and Gary Fraser who starting putting up the shelves in the library today.This can wrongly imply a rise or fall in achievement and is not a true reflection of our school philosophy of focusing on the range of factors that are considered when we are developing class lists for a new year. This is a great way to support our local life saving volunteers..Bradley Corbett. Aerobics. Hip Hop. Rugby League. Exciting times indeed for Myross Bush! Regards Tim Lovelock Principal School News: Jandal Day Friday for Oreti Surf Life Saving Club: Wear your jandals and bring a gold coin donation. Watch out for these budding players in the future. We are convinced that these initiatives only enhance the sense of community and identity that we have. one of our new entrant rooms will be in Room 6 next year! We also want to strengthen the vision statement and symbolism that represents it throughout our classrooms.D Bradley Hay and Izak Kahukura Basketball: MB Shooters had an amazing semi final against the top ranking team St Patricks Pheonix. Thomas Fleming. Football. Cricket. With summer looking like it officially started today we are all likely to be visiting the beach at some stage over the next few months.$5 back to the school on every tyre purchase . This runs from 9am – 3:15pm. Marching. Andrew Fleming. The score was 8-4 to the opposition. DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualified Builder of: • New Homes • Residential Extensions and Renovations • Farm Sheds etc. Yoga.

Our class has been growing in number. Amilea Sparrow and Abigail Bragg Room 3 have continued to concentrate on Self Awareness and Self Control over the last week. who are regularly joining us to help with our learning between now and the end of the year! We are really looking forward to sharing our ‘Communicating through the Arts’ learning with you on Friday. Sam Scott . Certificates: Cody Monaghan.Week 6 Term 4 Room 1 are developing our letter writing skills and are writing to Santa this week and will be putting a copy in our publishing books for you to enjoy! We are looking forward to sharing our art creations with you this Friday at 1. Sophee Willis. Lots of them have said that they loved all the different activities and manage to overcome some fears along the way. Some children have been nervous. We look forward to sharing these with the junior classes. Certificates: Ciara Hegan and Ingrid Patterson Room 5 have been retelling stories using Garage Band to make podcasts. Certificates: Aiden McKenzie. Room 2 welcomes Abigail Bragg whose smiling face began in Room 2 last week. Room 6 Our thoughts on the assembly debate held last Friday “The debate was fun and I think the girls won!” Ella “Sorry Ella. that’s not quite true. art or music. We welcome Mrs Horton and Mrs McCorkindale. drama.15pm on Friday Lost: Blue Kathmandu jacket with Magnus Jamineson on label. If all other vests could be washed and safely stored at home over the holidays ready for next year it would be a great help. Here are some of our thoughts. It's a good chance to reflect on how these devices are helping our learning in class. Certificates Lucy Sparrow.15 . Thanks for your support. and we are also enjoying hosting the preschool visitors who are beginning school next year. dynamics.hope you can make it and join us for a cuppa in the library to follow. “I like dance because we had lots of space and we get to move around fast and slowly” Danja “I like drama because we get to act out stories” Millie “I like music because you get to play on lots of instruments” Liam “I like art because you can do terrific drawings and paintings” Ashley “I have learnt that there are four elements in music.we are getting so good at looking for chunks in words and rereading the line when we notice something needs to be fixed up. Vizi Vests: All Year 6 vests are to be returned on their last day of school. We are working on not distracting others and not being distracted. This may have turned up at your place by mistake. tempo." Jack Room 8 have arrived back at school exhausted but full of memories from our Year 6 Camp. It was great to see them being so brave and having a 'give it a go' attitude. and how we have to participate to progress! We are great at supporting each other. the children chose from dance. Room 4 have really enjoyed The Art Talent Development Workshops. We are also on assembly this week and would love to see you there. I think the boys won and I really enjoyed it” Ben “The debate was fun because I had to think a lot about what our point was” Bradley “I really liked the debate and how the girls and boys spoke” Kahn “I really enjoyed the debate because we had to put all the argument forward for discussion” Hannah “I think the girls did well” Olivia “I think that we actually argued well in the debate” Thomas Room 7 Camp one liners: "My favourite part about the camp was the abseiling and rafting because they were the most fun things and I conquered my fears" Betty "I really enjoyed camp because of all the fun activities especially rafting because I almost dunked Miss Stewart into the water. and rhythm” Harriet We hope to see you at our Arty Party on Friday. Aidan McAra from the classroom . pitch. I have just completed whole class spelling testing and have popped any tricky words into their homework books to go back and secure.both for fantastic reading! Well done . We are experimenting with using different affects to change our voice and uploading our artwork for illustration. see you all at 2.15 until 2 pm (just before assembly) The children have gained a lot of knowledge about their chosen discipline. Our year 5s are reviewing some of our ipad apps for next year. Watch out for these reviews on their learning blogs in the coming days. The students are using thinking hats to help them reflect on their wee and there are some interesting comments. which has led to lots of discussion about what being brave means." Aisling "It was really funny because we played a ghost prank on Miss Stewart! The Smoores were yummy" Devon " I scared Miss Stewart in the night walk and she screamed" Oscar "I really enjoyed the Bivvy making and the damper that we made in the fire. Magnus would love to be wearing it again. Certificates: Brock Rogan. Assembly Roster Room 5. We are all looking forward to the Junior Arty Party on Friday afternoon at 1. coin donation for Oreti Surf Life Saving.6. Thanks to George.2.. . the bus will run at this time. with help from his Dad Richard. .December 1st (Thursday) Food Wrap Orders due in by 9am tomorrow 2012 Term 1 2012 Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 5th April (Easter) Term 2 2012 23 April to 29th June Term 3 2012 16 July to 28 September Term 4 2012 15 October to 17th December Updated 30 November 2011 2nd (Fri) • School accounts due for payment. 4 Arts Festival 1.30pm 15th (Thurs) Whole school evening and Year 6 celebration followed by BBQ! calendar • FOOD WRAP ORDER at the S are d office ue by 9am tomorr ow • SCHOO L ACCO UNTS paymen due for t this F riday • JANDA L DAY this Fr iday Don’t f orget. • Jandal Day .30pm • Board of Trustees Meeting 7.7. 2. for identifying and improving the safety of our rope swings with some new steps.30pm. • Rooms 1.15pm 13th (Tues) • Rooms 5.8 Arts Festival 12.15 .30-1. 19th (Mon) End of Term 4 Finish time 1.