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Art 21

Ashley Dellefave AP Photography/Studio Art

Artist: Ann Hamilton Technique: sewing, thread, fabric, sculpture, film, photography (pinhole camera) Form: For the balls of words, the individual strips of words were rolled up together to form this object. The photos were taken through a pinhole camera in her mouth (a very interesting idea) which gives the image a unique perspective. Content: Every fabric or thread has its own individuality-you can see every thread. Many ideas are being conveyed, stories being told, ideas being expressed by using words within actual art.

. His sculptures are very detailed and some. painting. Content: His artwork is very expressive and interesting to look at-none of it is boring in any way. glass? “sculpture” Form: the sculptures and murals are very cartoon-ish and full of color. with cartoon characters and unique designs that are intricately detailed in the ways that they are painted. while his glass “balloon animal” sculptures and other glass sculptures are very mirror like and one color. can tell a story and be interpreted in multiple ways. His wall murals are very fun.Artist: Jeff Koons Technique: sculpture (some made out of wood). like the bear and the policeman. large wall murals.

still and sort of serene images. Form: black and white photography of cities and buildings. .Artist: Mary Heilmann Technique: painting. and small dots and circles. landscapes. Some with feelings of loss and loneliness. Inspired by postcards. abstract ceramics. like his city images. with multiple shapes and patterns. Her paintings are very colorful. large. Content: The paintings seem to each give off their own unique feeling. Content: Detachedness from reality. with their own backstories. more “painterly” by editing it on a computer or tablet. joyful. Some also contain many vibrant colors which he digitally added. Many of the paintings are simplistic in the sense that they contain a lot of squares. with converging lines and lines that go off of the canvas. Some photos are very simple without much detail while others. are very detailed. Two Lane Blacktop Artist: Florian Maier-Aichen Technique: photography (using a large format camera)-he plays around with it to make it seem more like a sketch. Her art seems to speak for itself and every viewer can interpret the paintings differently. almost like a map. She uses very large brushes to paint all of her paintings. digital prints Form: Her ceramics are mostly black and all in odd shapes. stripes. some sad.

peculiarity. There’s a sense of innocence in the photos of the children since they are often vulnerable in the photos or playful.Artist: Sally Mann Technique: film photography Form: She uses objects (such as a dog bone) to photograph. which shows how she was raised and how she raised her children. Content: Ambiguity. . confusion. Also a sense of wildness with the children. Great depth of field and focus. interesting perspectives and backgrounds. also uses children to photograph.