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Name: Faith and Reason First section: Matching 1. Talks to Al Khazari about faith 2.

Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi brings a mashal about 3. The nation from the Torah which represents represents the evil philosophers according to rabbi nachman 4. Allowed to philosophize according to rabbi nachman 5. Rav Aharons mentors 6. A Mentor 7. an objection that people may have for Rav Saadyas first reason for researching religion 8. why did god reveal his wisdom through profits if it can be discovered rationally? Second section: pictures 1. Hint: Rabbi yeuda Halevi says this Hint: From a mashal 2. g. e


a. the King of India, the people, and the messenger b. Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi c.Tzadikim d. Amalek

someone that you can look up to and aspire to become

f. his parents and Rabbis

The miracles done for Bnai Yisroel how Rav Saadya knows that Hashem is the god of the jews


Hint: what a Tzadik can do and why


Hint: Rav Aharon said this


Third section: who said this? 1. Where is the proof? 2. Does everyone respect the king of India, even if he is amazing? 3. But truly, we hold that out purpose is fulfilled only through faith and the practical observances, serving the Lord by means of the Torah In truth, it is a very great transgression to philosophize, heaven forbid, and to study books of secular knowledge, heaven forbid. Only very great zaddik is permitted to do this. 4. The source of faith is Faith itself 5. so that we know what the prophets have told us for ourselves and so we can answer attacks from other people 6. people might give up due to lack of understanding of research or patients Fourth section: short answers (at least 1 to 3 sentences) 1. How does the discussion about the king of India have to do with the Rabbis initial comments that he believes in Hashem the Lord of Abraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, the G-d who took the Jewish people out of Egypt?

2. According to Rav Nachman, what is our purpose in life? How do we fulfill our purpose?

3. What important lesson did Rav Aharon learn from his mentors regarding confronting life?

4.Who is your mentor and what lessons have they taught you?

5. Have you ever been in a difficult situation but able to overcome it because of your mentors advice or maybe you took care of it the way you think they would have? If so what happened?

6. According to Rav Saadya why is reason alone not enough to discover (and continue) religion?

7. Why do you think we research our beliefs system if we know it is true?

Test made by: Suri Kiss, Ally Kreitman, Gavi Colton, Aviva Kahn