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Twelve Ways Applications and Users Are Draining Your Bandwidth and how to fix it

by Tim Clark Partner and Senior Analyst September 2011

. U. July 12. can soon become a money In a survey of 120 multinational employers. Apple® iTunes and YouTube® is on the upswing. based on a 2010 survey of users in the U.php?search=Global+bandwidth+costs+continue+to+decrease+says+Point+Topic 2 “Report: State of the Media: Q3 2011.proskauer.” WebProNews. Isn’t there a better way to obtain fast and secure data transmissions across a business’s multiple locations? How end-users are hogging bandwidth Broad IT trends and changes in how individuals use personal technologies have combined to send bandwidth demand through the roof. Alone. They typically buy more bandwidth to try to catch up to demand. Nearly Half Do Not Have Social Networking Policies. http://point-topic. accounting for 22. employee use of frivolous online games and social networking during work hours cuts individual output. network congestion slows response times of business applications. Sept. According to followed by online games at 9.html?status=success 3 “More Employees Visiting Social Networks at Work.3 the number of workers social networking at work grew from 19% in 2008 to 24% in 2010. Center for Marketing even with declining pricing for Internet connections in some areas1. Germany and Japan. Google® +. Proskauer law firm.. http://www. steal personal identities or business data. as cybercriminals can use these sites to exploit end users. 2011. but the cost.etwork managers and business owners struggle with the ever-growing demands for more bandwidth on their networks. 5 “The 2010 Inc.5 who uses social media and why makes all the difference. 2010.” press release.S. July N • • 1 “Global bandwidth costs continue to decrease says Point Topic. and corrupt corporate networks with malware. any single factor would have an impact. Many businesses see a negative productivity equation: More social networking + network congestion = Loss of productivity. 11.” Nielsen. but the convergence of several is pushing up bandwidth costs for organizations with remote or branch offices. June 7. marketing and recruiting tools. First. 500 Update: Most Blog. • Use of social media services such as Facebook®. http://www.” press release.nielsen. law firm Proskauer found 76% of businesses use social networking for business and 43% have dealt with employee misuse of social networks. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Point Topic. Friend And Tweet But Some Industries Still Shun Social Media. All Rights Reserved ©2011 The FactPoint Group and SonicWALL Page 2 . Twitter®.webpronews. 4 “More Than 75 Percent of Businesses Use Social Media. The Nielsen Co.2 And it’s not just at home. They are looking for better solutions because of cost or limitations in infrastructure. reported in September 2011 that social networks and blogs dominate Americans’ time online. 2011. http://www. Although increasing numbers of fast-growing businesses are finding social media to be important sales.5% of time spent on the Internet. including almost a third of all businesses that have taken disciplinary action.” January 2011. and second.4 On-the-job social networking raises not only productivity questions but security issues too.umassd. http://www.K.

Both must work seamlessly to maximize security. including social media.” press release. such as Salesforce. • Seek visualization and application traffic analytics tools so administrators can gain strategic insight into application use on their networks—and see the cost savings achieved by WAN acceleration.”8 Gartner says. creating an entirely new set of IT requirements for securing. thus decreasing the latency and chattiness of inefficient LAN-oriented protocols. says Analysys Mason. Minimize management overhead by consolidating management of firewalls and WAN acceleration into a single interface. predicted that by 2014. • Use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. including inside branch offices. VoIP. March 29. • Applications are getting smarter and can outwit traditional port-based Quality of Service or bandwidth controls. Gartner sees social networking and mobile devices as expanding controlling. states Terry Norman. December 23. • Centralizing applications can slow response times when applications written for Local Area Networks (LANs) are used over a WAN in remote or branch offices. One solution is to automatically optimize protocols for the WAN. Use that same granularity to block certain uses of applications (Facebook for games). 20% of employees will use social networking as their communications’ hub. Analysys Mason. The result: Secure and optimize networks with distributed offices without introducing network latency. online collaboration. Source: SonicWALL 6 • Leading analyst firm Gartner Inc. Utilize an application-intelligent firewall to filter unproductive applications so that only critical applications. Gartner6 reported. 2010. Seek high granularity so that certain applications can be authorized for specific employee groups. are optimized for bandwidth.” November 11. “Global centralization of branch office servers and data centers can expose latency-sensitive protocols. press release. and control applications and bandwidth. Application trends intensify bandwidth issues Broad computing trends such as centralization of applications. Modern “Gartner Says Social-Networking Services to Replace E-Mail as the Primary Vehicle for Interpersonal Communications for 20 Percent of Business Users by 2014. • Never sacrifice security for network optimization. younger workers and evolving workstyles fuel this trend. virtualization and regulatory compliance also are increasing network traffic. http://www. Greater availability. principal analyst at Analysys Mason. http://www. will increase the amount of data that customers consume. i.e. http://www.7 forcing carriers and companies alike into costly expansions of network capacity. 2011.jsp?id=1467313. not a barrier to business. To put IT back in control of its network and All Rights Reserved ©2011 The FactPoint Group and SonicWALL Page 3 .55 8 “Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers. are consuming more bandwidth. Facebook for marketing or YouTube for training.” Gartner.gartner. Here’s how: Employ both Next-Gen Firewall capabilities with WAN acceleration together because one without the other addresses only half the bandwidth issue. 7 “Operators must review network improvement strategies to enhance capacity and reduce costs.Why Secure Network Optimization? Today both users and modern applications.gartner. and ensuring bandwidth. transition to an advanced security platform that makes security and control work seamlessly and dynamically together as an enabler of business. lowering TCO.

” press release.dd-wrt.”16 Desktop virtualization of PCs.php/Quality_of_Service “Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers. 2011. requires heavy exchanges of data that chew up bandwidth. on the network. 2011. not entire files. bandwidth hogs such as enterprise video conferencing and telepresence systems are expected to climb from $2.”11 Gartner writes.2 billion in worldwide 2010 revenues. March 24.” Gartner writes. 11 Ibid. IDG reported in a recent survey. are pushing more traffic onto IP networks. these new multi-media applications are sensitive to latency. can swamp WAN links. So can non-critical file transfers. • • • “Quality of Service.”13 Voice. http://www. 16 “2011 Planning Guide: Network and Telecom. such as Voice over IP (VoIP) or Unified Communications (UC). particularly via Windows® File Sharing (WFS).com/pr/2011/4Q10-Enterprise-Telepresence-Video-Conferencing-MarketHighlights.enterpriseittools. In addition to devouring bandwidth. “Applications.” DD-WRT billion by 201515. Virtualization is driving central consolidation of applications—and increasing latency in application response times.applications can simply switch ports or protocol and circumvent older QoS methods. http://www. also adds network traffic and can slow response times. to $5. or similar. such as Microsoft® SharePoint.” press release. that make extensive use of dynamic content can swamp WAN links while delivering poor end-user response times. files. “Applications that were previously distributed among many facilities are now being consolidated into a small number of data centers. As Gartner notes.. objects or data patterns can create opportunities for data compression. especially if it involves remote offices. 15 “Enterprise videoconferencing and telepresence market more than doubling by 2015. such as email. which once moved on dedicated voice or cable networks.” Gartner Inc. operating system patches and training videos. Infonetics. And. A more efficient approach to avoid redundant traffic would send only changes.” Gartner 14 “CDW Poll: Unified Communications Implementation Rate Doubles Year over Year. 10 9 All Rights Reserved ©2011 The FactPoint Group and SonicWALL Page 4 .” Gartner.12 Many file-sharing applications send entire files even if changes are minimal. “Repeated transmission of the same. http://www. HP and Polycom are pushing telepresence as an alternative to travel for business.gartner. 2011.pdf 13 “Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers. Looking ahead. traffic that isn’t time-sensitive. “This will drive greater use of WAN services in order for endpoint devices to communicate with enterprise applications.9 For example. 12 “Much ado about collaboration. slowing response times for business-critical applications. video and rich-media applications. April 4. with 16% of 900 surveyed organizations fully implemented by April 2011. backups and personal web access.html. http://www.” IDG white paper . quickly clogging corporate networks with files containing minor changes.infonetics. Technology reseller CDW LLC found in its annual poll14 that UC implementation rates doubled from 2010 to 2011. according to Infonetics. Feb.10 • The increase in online collaboration applications. Gartner said. 2010 or 2011. creating congestion. 70% of respondents have already invested in document-sharing solutions and will continue to invest over the next 18 Cisco.cdw.

Rather than having data stores at each branch. unproductive or unwanted applications. Other benefits: • By leveraging the application intelligence and control functionality in next-generation firewalls. SonicWALL PCI Compliance Solutions Brief. secure network optimization technologies give network managers the ability to prioritize mission-critical or revenue-producing applications and differentiate by user groups. requiring greater network bandwidth whenever account information is viewed or changed.. 2. A combined solution means network managers must support fewer dashboards or management consoles. • • • • • Conclusion The secure network optimization approach can help companies control their wide area networks and their bandwidth costs. commercial banks are centralizing storage of digital customer data. WAN traffic is pre-filtered through the firewall to remove malware. requiring more bandwidth to move data from distributed offices to secure storehouses. Because a firewall is already scanning network traffic.• Regulatory compliance is pushing storage to centralized locations for greater Strong real-time visualization lets them identify network inefficiencies.html. Consider a typical bank branch.17 The advantages of integrated secure network optimization “Performance optimization technology will become increasingly important when more traffic flows over the WAN and when the data center becomes a centralized hub for virtually all enterprise IT services.” Gartner Inc. Combining network optimization with security simplifies deployment of both solutions. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is pushing retailers and others that accept card payments toward centralized storage. for example) to manage bandwidth congestion. All Rights Reserved ©2011 The FactPoint Group and SonicWALL 17 Page 5 .sonicwall. improving both user experience and productivity with easier remote collaboration and file-sharing. An integrated secure network optimization solution makes it easier to deliver Quality of Service (QoS) for network transmissions. so threats are kept from needlessly consuming WAN bandwidth. including wireless and VoIP.”18—Gartner For organizations with distributed facilities. an emerging best practice is to link network optimization and security. Network traffic between branch offices will have lower latency and better performance. 2011. Regulations require customer data to be securely stored to maintain customer privacy. network managers can prioritize certain traffic (by application or user.php?t=SB&id=71 18 “2011 Planning Guide: Network and Telecom. 2009 http://www. Feb. http://www. Working with advanced firewalls. improving both security and control. Likewise. not just half of A tightly integrated solution or Secure Network Optimization addresses the whole bandwidth issue. these growing segments of traffic can be optimized for WAN acceleration too.

gateway protection. The SonicWALL WAN Acceleration Appliance (WXA) Series significantly enhances WAN application performance and improves the end-user experience for organizations with remote and branch offices. weekly. and uniquely synergizing network security with network optimization. SonicWALL’s Next-Generation Firewall plus Application Traffic Analytics arms IT with real-time and historical insight. monthly or even yearly basis. Providing a consolidated management interface helps ease the cost of deployment and lowers total cost of ownership by minimizing infrastructure. it uses SonicWALL Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™ to examine every packet of data to identify and control applications. The Next-Generation Firewall provides real-time visualization of on-going application traffic providing invaluable insight to what’s currently happening on the network. and inspection for SSL encrypted sessions for enterprises with a critical WAN acceleration solution for distributed offices. automated application signature updates simplify administration by ensuring the network is protected against the latest is a boutique market research. thus simplifying deployment. After initial file transfer. configuration. Unlike standalone products. elements that work seamlessly and dynamically together to maximize security and control with minimum network latency. About The FactPoint Group The FactPoint Group (www. Application Traffic Analytics provides in-depth insight into applications bandwidth utilization and threats. consulting and publishing company based in Silicon Valley. so IT can confidently trouble shoot network slowdowns and security threats with increased responsiveness and efficiency. the WXA Series dramatically reduces all subsequent traffic by transmitting only new or changed data across the network. Since 1992. regardless of port or protocol. it has been helping technology companies understand and communicate with their customers through custom research. WXA is an integrated add-on to SonicWALL firewalls. routing and management. training and administrative overhead. productivity. With a continuously expanding signature database recognizing thousands of applications and millions of malware threats.A Unique Synergistic Approach The SonicWALL Secure Network Optimization approach allows IT to transition to an advanced security platform that can stay ahead of today’s constantly evolving landscape of threats and application-related issues. IT can now more effectively address security. it can maintain granular control over applications. A tightly integrated feature of SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls. prioritize or throttle bandwidth and deny web site access.factpoint. Application Traffic Analytics augments this with historical data so IT now has in-depth insight into how employees utilize resources and how applications impact the network on a daily. analysis and content. SonicWALL Application Intelligence and Control enabled on SonicWALL firewalls further provides IT with granular control as well as the real-time visualization of applications to guarantee bandwidth prioritization and ensure maximum network security and productivity. In addition. All Rights Reserved ©2011 The FactPoint Group and SonicWALL Page 6 . and bandwidth challenges. control and visualization. Plus. The platform uniquely consolidates core Next-Generation Firewall application intelligence.