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Dear Friends, In early October, Lori and I heard the testimony of Wellingtone Nabwoba, a Kenyan who made room

in his heart and home to follow Jesus. Wellingtone, the oldest of nine siblings, was educated by his parents who made great personal sacrifices for this to happen. Although he became a college language teacher, he did not find personal satisfaction until he committed his life to the Lord in 1998. During a crusade held in Nairobi in 2000, Wellingtone came in contact with three street children who wanted special prayers because they had no food, no shelter, no parents, and no way to access education. Wellingtone was moved by God to take these boys into his home in Kibera. With his own four boys and these three street children, Wellingtone started a Christian school called Anajali Primary School that was open to children too poor to attend public school. Today this school has an enrollment of 450 children with a faculty and staff of 20. Anajali is a Kiswahili word that means “He cares.” Lori and I heard Wellingtone give his testimony as he was touring the United States raising financial support for purchasing land outside Nairobi to build Anajali High School. The Lord provided the balance of $36,000 needed to purchase the land through a wide variety of donors. Soon work will begin on the high school. In mid-October, I was extended an invitation to bring Lori, Andy and Audrey to serve with a missions team at the Anajali School and the newly purchased land. Lori and Audrey have the opportunity to teach a knitting class to mothers of Anajali students. We will be leaving for Nairobi, Kenya on Wednesday February 15th and returning Tuesday February 28th. Foremost, would you commit to pray for us? Our financial need is $3,500 for our familyʼs involvement in this trip. We also need to obtain knitting supplies for the class that Lori and Audrey will be teaching. Would you consider sending a check of any amount?
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