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Justin Gibbs

November 9, 2010
Parenting a diIIicult task

The parent is teaching the child how to ride the bike called liIe. Holding on to bike at
Iirst, the parent is keeping the child on the right track. The child may stumble or Iall representing
the mistakes children make in liIe. Parents are usually there to help their kids up. Kids are a
wonderIul thing to bring into this world. Imprinting a part oI yourselI into another human being.
A parent`s job is to guide their children through adolescence. Everyone makes mistakes even
parents but who is there to help them when they make mistakes? Parents are oIten leIt to Iend
Ior themselves and many times Iorced to learn parenting skills through trial and error. Parenting
mistakes are bound to occur. Common bad parenting mistakes are rewarding negative behavior,
hovering over children, and not setting boundaries.
A bad parenting mistake is when parents reward their child`s negative behavior. For
example, in the supermarket a child is throwing a tantrum in the aisle because he wants sugary
cereal instead oI the healthy brand that the mom picked out. To stop the tantrum and to avoid the
embarrassment the screaming child the mom puts the box oI sugary cereal into the cart. The
mom quickly goes about the rest oI grocery shopping. Congratulations you have just rewarded
your child Ior throwing a tantrum. Now the child relates negative behavior with getting what it
wants. A parent should stand strong to your decision and not give in. Ignore the tantrum when
the child realizes that no one is paying attention the child will stop.
Next, another bad parenting mistake is when parents hover over the child`s liIe. Some
parents watch their children`s every move. Known as helicopter parents, they oIten take control
oI their child's liIe and decisions. These parents oIten call, monitor, and advise their child. It
makes the children Ieel like they cannot be trusted. Then, children scramble Ior space Irom their
parents and become sneaky which leads them to trouble. The same trouble you were scared oI in
the Iirst place. Allow the child to take saIe risks, where Iailure won`t harm them. This doesn`t
mean playing with Iire or crossing a busy intersection. Give a child limits and boundaries.
Provide two or three choices Ior an aIternoon activity and let the child choose one. That gives the
child a Ieeling oI empowerment.
Then, another example is setting boundaries Ior your children. Setting limits are the
Ioundation Ior raising a well-mannered child that will go grow into a well-mannered teen.
Children naturally experiment and push boundaries in their quest to mature and learn how Iar
they can push. Not everything they try will be right every time. Parents are part oI their lives to
correct them and teach them appropriate child behavior. It is better to learn young the realities
and expectations oI liIe than to learn later in a much higher risk situation. By setting clear
boundaries, children learn that their decisions result in positive and negative consequences.
Children now have a clear idea oI the expected behavior. II they do not comply with these
expectations, there is a negative consequence such as a loss oI privilege.
Common bad parenting mistakes are rewarding negative behavior, hovering over
children, and not setting boundaries. These parenting mistakes you've just read about can occur
Ior a variety oI reasons (poor judgment, lack oI experience, lack oI eIIort, and ignorance). It is
important, however, to distinguish between parenting mistakes, and Iull blown neglect.
Eventually the job as a parent is over and will have to stop holding up child on the bike. You
won`t always be there, hope Iully you taught your children enough to ride the bike called liIe.

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