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Name Michela Borrelli Period 6/7 Unit 5 FIBERS: Forensic Science Case Study Can use text p. 354, 377-378,, or any search engine 1. 2. Title: Jeffrey MacDonald Who? List ALL of the victim(s): Colette Stevenson & Her Unborn Child Kimberly Stevenson Kristen Stevenson a. b. List the suspect(s): Helena Stoeckley, Jeffrey MacDonald Greg Mitchell c. List the person convicted: Jeffrey MacDonald 3. When? List the date(s)/time period that crime(s) took place. Tuesday, February 17, 1970 4. Where? a. Describe the crime scene(s): Colette was sprawled out on her back, covered in blood with her legs spread. Part of her chest was exposed and the other part had been partially covered by a torn blue pajama top. Kimberly was found under her bed crying and covered in blood. Kristen was on her bed dead and covered in blood. b. List the city/state etc. that the crime(s) took place: Fayetteville, NC 5. What? Explain the nature of the crime(s) (what happened?) and describe all of the victim’s injuries and cause/manner of death: Colette Stevenson- Her face and head had been battered. Kimberly Stevenson- Her head had been smashed and there were stab wounds on her neck. Kristen- many stab wounds in her chest and back. 6. How? Explain how forensic science helped solve the case. a. List the types of evidence found, the forensic testing that was done, and what each piece of evidence revealed: Several strands of long blonde synthetic fiber. Short, brown hair had been found under the fingernails of Colette and the girls. A piece of skin was also found under Colette's fingernails which were also presumed to be from her killer. Three recent wax drippings were found at the murder scene. Investigators found a burnt match in Kristen's room. A bloody syringe and a number of bloody gloves were found at the crime scene. Describe all sources of error, if any, and describe anything that should have been done differently. b. The investigators did not do a good job in examining the evidence that was found in the house. They didn’t really keep a lot of evidence which turned the case upside down. If they would of kept all the evidence then MacDonald would have not gotten an guilty verdict. They should have taken Helena’s confession very seriously when she admitted that she was in the house during the murders. They should have been more careful with their eyewitness’s testimonies. 7. Describe any unique facts or information about the case (list three facts): 1. The case was not taken care of correctly when it first happened, or investigated in a correct manner. 2. Jeffrey still claims his innocence today. 3. Helena admitted to being in the house with her “floppy” hat yet was not a suspect in the case.