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Scott Bloomquist English 396 Prof.

Novakovich 27/10/2011

Editorial Proposal: request to be appointed editor of the Habitat section of
By Scott Bloomquist

Introduction I am writing in response to the content in the Habitat section of, which is in a word somewhat sprawling. When I read the material on the site I see a very broadly painted picture with lots of small dots of color that, from a view of the whole, looks a bit drab or monotonous. This isn’t because it is all about the same thing, but instead because the material doesn’t have any juxtaposition or coherent rhetorical position. We can paint a better picture of the city because it’s pretty drab, but no sugar coating, as journalist what must be said must be said. I believe the integrity of the witnesses, be them journalists of mere by-standers, should remain intact and no flattery should be given where none is deserved. For these reasons above I would like to introduce the new name for the habitat section of, “Cityscape”. This will be a section dedicated to the pursuit of the urban landscape and its colorful array of features and inhabitants as well as urban artwork and naturalia. Parks and recreation will not be a part of the Cityscape section but some link of connection could help to ease the problem of content sprawl. By adding juxtaposition of nature and people oriented material to the existing content I firmly believe that the city can be more accurately represented on and therefore attract a more adherent audience. Our words aren’t going to speak for themselves, in fact no words ever in history have carried without people, even if the words have been written down.

As well. The best subsection of Habitat is “neighborhoods” because it gives a basic cross-section of the city’s major Under my editorship I want to change the direction of the content only slightly. Credentials I am an average reader who lives his life in and among the city and its people. (example: potholes. Writing about how much of a nuisance they won’t make them go away. but I am confident that the relevant audience is. The public composting center near Mount Royal is an example of interesting material for city which is skeletal in need of fleshing out. but I think the change of heading will be for the better. To me this represents the condition of the Habitat section of Montrealites.Existing Website Content I don’t want this section to turn into a platform for green activism or city service politics. .) I don’t think that the habitat section needs to be turned around. I don’t want to make the content purely commercial or for the peripheral benefit of business in a pure sense. rather I would like it to be a source of empowering information. housing and public transit. This could win readers. I might not seem like a colorful subject. The resourcefulness of the combined housing and neighborhood subsection would be greatly enhanced by up-to-date articles about the houses’ and apartments’ condition. there is more to the city than neighborhoods. Moreover. but I do think that its attitude needs to be adjusted a little with the addition of more enriching and overall positive material. not hot-neon colors but with the palate I find in my environment. These articles represent the backbone of the outline that exists already in the Habitat section. we don’t need reminding about it. I work with colors. we have them. I want it to be about what we have instead of what we don’t. I have always been a firm believer that the smaller corners of life offer shades not found on the more open and frequented arenas. It’s perfectly reasonable to bring some small corners of city life to light. contributors could be very creative in cultivating and investigating their facts. One method of fleshing out the habitat section is to combine the housing section with the neighborhood section which would enrich the existing contents relativity to the readers. We know. Montrealites. I refuse to be a part of a media entity that forwards the continuance of sniveling articles about concrete colored issues. No new info. However.

Between the time that you accept my proposal to launch my efforts and April of next year. . Conclusion The habitat section of Montrealites. researching finding and composing stories would be lighter and much faster. I warn that haste should play no part in compiling content except that of the relevant academic session. I am ready to proceed with the Cityscape section of Montrealites. Perhaps there are some other section editors who would like to contribute to the Cityscape section with their content.Time Frame I need some writers who are interested in urban artwork and nature. The shift I propose is one towards better defining the and begin coloring in the austere outline that already exists. I will have completed the changed and turned the section for the better. Cityscape the work of gathering leads. if other editors come under the proposed section titled. By adding more positive material and colorful material to the existing content and subtracting some overly critical and conclusionless topics the rhetorical will position changed to suit a more specific audience. would greatly benefit from a shift in direction. Although. Research and field work come as a part of the territory and remains a base expectation.

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