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Cleansing of MP house, Cornelia, GA.

August 20, 2011 A friend of MP’s contacted Circle of Ravens (COR) on Wednesday on MP’s behalf regarding what she felt was negative energy in her home. MP was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and also has been in an abusive cohabitant relationship for over three years. After her diagnosis, MP decided that it was time to make some changes in her life and ended the relationship. Once her partner was no longer living in the house, disturbances and negative energy began to make their presence known to MP and those who visited her. Upon the initial evaluation, myself and Kascha did a walk-through. Immediate physical affects of skin crawling, hair raising, and nausea were noted. Both of my hands began to tingle, signaling a high level of spiritual energy in the room. I made contact with the energies in the home and determined them to be of conflicting natures. One energy was acting like an invisible jail cell, keeping any positive energy from entering and any negative energy from exiting. The second energy was negative in nature. The overall psychic impression I got was one of darkness, anger and stagnation because of the lack of energy flow. These were not the spiritual energies of any past living human but rather residual and elemental energies from traumatic events and a living human entity. I took several before pictures. I didn’t exactly receive any phenomenal photos as a result, however, some had definite hazes or “mists” in them. In one photo in particular taken of the partially open basement door, I did see what I perceive to be a face, but it could be just low resolution, so I’m not including that photo as evidence. Recently, I’ve begun exploring a new method of cleansing. This process entails tapping into the Universal energies and using it as a beacon to the surrounding energies in the environment. The first part is the gathering of energy, the second part is the disposal of it and the third is filling the area with Universal healing and cleansing light. Photos taken of this process can be found below.

.This first photo shows the process starting. I’ve placed myself in a trance like state and have begun to call the energies to me. You can see the shape of an orb over my right shoulder.

. totally engulfing me.The energies swarm me.

. a spontaneous downfall of rain occurred as if the Universe was cleansing the house and property of any remaining negativity and vibrations. I have encouraged MP to allow me to perform a cleansing on her as well in the very near future. Almost immediately after the cleansing was completed.This is after the release as I begin to fill the room with the healing energy of the Universe. Notice that the red energy is almost entirely non-existent.