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Answer all questions in this section. 1
Relative abundance / %

14 16




Which of the following substance is expected to give the above mass spectrum? [Relative atomic mass: H, 1.0; C,12.0; N, 14.0; O,16.0] A B C D CO2 C3H8 N2O Mixture of N2 and O2


2 The diagram below represents the unit cell of a body centred cubic structure. 718 kJmol-1 This series of elements is:A Group 1 2 . 661. 653. How many lattice particles are there per unit cell? A B C D 2 3 5 9 3 Which of the diagrams below represents the ground-state electron arrangement of a Nitrogen atom? A 1s 2s 2p B 1s 2s 2p C 1s 2s 2p D 1s 2s 2p 4 The first ionization energies for a series of elements with increasing proton number are as follows: 632. 648.

10 mol of oxygen gas and an unknown amount of helium gas. 0. The pressure of 1 mol of gas in the container at room temperature is 100kPa. what is the total pressure in the container? 3 . (i) If the total pressure in the container is 88 kPa.B C D 5 Group 14 Group 18 d-block Which of the following statements correctly explains the decrease in ionic radii for the elements of Period 3 from sodium to aluminium? A B C D Decreasing charge density of its ions. the container is allowed to cool to room temperature. 6. Increasing strength in the metallic bonds. Same number of electrons with increasing number of protons. What is the number of moles of each gas left in the container after the ignition? [1 mark] (iii) After ignition. determine the number of moles of helium gas in the container. (a) A container of volume 25 dm3 contains 0. Increasing polarization power for anions. What is the partial pressure of helium gas in the container? [1 mark] (iv) If the vapour pressure of water in the container at room temperature is 2.4 kPa. [2 marks] (ii) The mixture of gases in the container is then ignited.50 mol of hydrogen gas.

[1 mark] (b) The diagram below shows four electronic transitions in the hydrogen atom.[1 mark] (v) Write a balanced equation for the reaction that has taken place. (i) Which electronic transition emits electromagnetic radiation with the shortest wavelength? [1 mark] (ii) In which region of the electromagnetic spectrum are these lines formed? What is the name of this line series in the emission spectrum of hydrogen? 4 .

[3 marks] (iii)Both oxygen and sulphur are in the same group in the Periodic Table. State why compound OF6 does not exist. and SF6. (a) The boiling points of three fluorides are as follows : Fluoride SiF4 PF5 SF6 Boiling point / 0C -86 0C -75 0C -64 0C (i) Explain in terms of structure and bonding why these compounds are all gases at room temperature and pressure [2 marks] (ii) Draw diagrams to show the shapes and bond angles of each of these compounds SiF4. PF5. 5 .[2 marks] (iii) Determine the maximum number of lines that can be formed in this line emission spectrum involving the the energy levels n=2 to n=6 [1 mark] 7.

[3 marks] 6 .[2 mark] (iv) Xenon reacts with fluorine to form the compound XeF4. State whether the Xe —F bond is polar or non-polar and hence explain the polarity of XeF4 molecule.