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ESPN`s mission is to serve sports Ians wherever and however they consume

sports. To this end ESPN has continued to capitalize on advancements in technology, in
order to accomplish this goal and remain successIul. However, as technology has evolved
ESPN has had to rework its usage oI the various mediums so that they remain useIul and
technologically current Ior its users. Historically diIIerent technologies have been more
integral to ESPN`s success at diIIerent points. In its early years radio and television
played a major role in the establishment oI the brand, while online and mobile
applications have expanded and enhanced the Ian experience.

ESPN launched its radio programming, ESPN Radio on January 4, 1992. Keith
Olbermann hosted the Iirst program with the top story that night being Iree agent Danny
Tartabull signing with the New York Yankees as a Iree agent. In its inIancy ESPN`s
Radio broadcast only on weekends. However by 1996, it had expanded its programming
to weekdays with a show hosted by Nancy Donnellan called The Fabulous Sports Babe.
Two years later, the network created the "Bruno & Golic Morning Show" which brought
together Tony Bruno and Mike Golic. The show aired until Bruno leIt the network in
2000 and Mike Greenberg became Bruno`s replacement and the show became "Mike &
Mike", which still airs today. Over the years ESPN expanded its programming to Iill a
Iull 24 hour schedule and Ieatured numerous sports broadcast personalities, writers and
reporters. In addition to providing quality creative sports content, ESPN Radio also
broadcasts several league games. In 1995, ESPN Radio gained national radio rights to
the NBA and rights to MLB In 1997.

Conceivably the one media that has had the greatest impact on sports and the
audience is radio. This impact also extended into generating a reputation Ior ESPN. In the
early years ESPN Radio was integral in the ESPN developing a personality and name
separate Irom ABC Sports, using diIIerent broadcasters and programming. Furthermore,
the broadcasts allowed Ians to interact with the network on a more intimate level than just
television programming. This is the direct result oI one oI radio`s inherent abilities,
creating a bridge between broadcaster and audience that diIIerentiates it Irom other
media. Another ability that radio has that other media cannot match is being consumed
where others cannot. Besides being able to listen to the radio at home, people can also
listen at work, as they exercise, or as they drive. This beneIitted ESPN as it expanded the
company`s reach, with respect to its audience. ESPN became able to reach Ians with its
unique programming wherever they could access the radio. In Iact aIter the development
oI its Internet site ESPN made the broadcasts available online, in a live streaming Iormat.

Currently the network airs a regular schedule oI daily and weekly programming as
well as live coverage oI sports events including Major League Baseball, National
Basketball Association, Bowl Championship Series, and National Invitation Tournament
games. ESPN Radio is broadcast to hundreds oI aIIiliate stations as well as to subscribers
oI Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio in the United States and Canada. Radio
programming and content is also streamed online and via mobile applications.

Aside Irom Radio, Television has also played an integral role in the early years oI
ESPN and ultimately has deIined ESPN as a network.
ESPN launched its high-deIinition simulcast, branded as ESPNHD, on March 20,
2003. Since then all Bristol and L.A. Live studio shows and most live events on ESPN,
are produced in high deIinition. ThereIore making ESPN one oI the Iew networks with an
all-digital inIrastructure. ESPN uses the 720p HD line standard because the progressive
scan signal shows the Iluid and high-speed motion in sports in better quality. It also
perIorms well with slow motion replays. In 2011, ESPNHD began to downplay its
distinct logo in preparation Ior a shiIt oI its standard deIinition Ieed to letterboxed
widescreen, which occurred on June 1, 2011.

In terms oI making the switch ESPN was ahead oI its main competitor Fox
Sports. Fox Sports began airing programs in 720p HDTV starting on July 3, 2004 with
the Pepsi 400, select NFL games, the 2004 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, and
that year's postseason. Following its debut, Fox would produce more telecasts in HD in
the years Iollowing, but still Ialls back on 480p widescreen when needed. However now
nearly all oI Fox's sports programming now airs in HD.

On January 5, 2010, ESPN announced that it would launch a new 3D television
channel, ESPN 3D. The network launched on June 11, 2010, with coverage oI the 2010
FIFA World Cup. During its Iirst year, ESPN projected that it would air around 100
events in 3D within its Iirst year, including the Summer X Games and the 2011 BCS
National Championship Game. Originally, ESPN 3D only aired simulcasts oI 3D events
Irom other ESPN channels, but on February 14, 2011, the network switched to a 24 hour
Iormat with repeat airings oI past 3D events. ESPN 3D launched with 100 events planned
Ior its Iirst year, and long-term agreements were secured with the Atlantic Coast
ConIerence, the Australian Open, and, capitalizing on the success oI the World Cup,
ESPN secured Barclays Premier League matches Ior three more seasons, with up to 74
live matches a year on ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN Mobile TV.
ESPN Regional Television doubled the syndication oI SEC Iootball.

ESPN has continued to invest and leverage its historic strengths a creative and
dedicated workIorce, innovation, and technology. The 'Worldwide Leader in Sports¨
expanded internationally and in the digital arena while enjoying record consumption
across platIorms, setting many viewership marks across its U.S. networks and Ior a
variety oI individual sports and shows. Overall usage across media rose 11° in 2010, and
was up 27° compared to Iive years earlier.

ESPN 3D launched with 100 events planned Ior its Iirst year, and long-term agreements were secured with
the Atlantic Coast ConIerence, the Australian Open, and, capitalizing on the success oI the World Cup,
ESPN secured Barclays Premier League matches Ior three more seasons, with up to 74 live matches a year
on ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN Mobile TV. ESPN Regional Television doubled the
syndication oI SEC Iootball.
Beyond television, Playdom, in collaboration with ESPN Games, launched ESPNU College Town, a new
social game on Facebook, and attracted millions oI users. We developed a variety oI apps Ior mobile
platIorms such as the ESPN Innovation Lab and ESPN XP research initiative which were debuted, and and which were launched, continuing our eIIorts to reach local
sports Ians. In collaboration with Disney, the Wide World oI Sports complex in Orlando was rebranded
ESPN WWOS. ESPN Deportes Radio expanded with new aIIiliates in Iive oI the top U.S. Hispanic
markets: Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Atlanta and Philadelphia. ESPN The Maga:ine unveiled a new
annual special edition Body Issue, celebrating the athletic Iorm in all its variety which was the year`s
best newsstand perIormer, selling 73 percent more than the average issue. ESPN acquired its seventh bowl
game and the high school initiative, ESPN Rise, expanded its oIIerings and raised its proIile amongst its
target audience. espnW debuted, a digital and content-driven business Ior women 18-34 oIIering sports and
athlete-centric content.
One oI the most headline-grabbing program acquisitions in recent years, college Iootball`s Bowl
Championship Series, debuted as the calendar turned to 2011 with the Fiesta, Orange and Sugar Bowls and
the BCS Championship joining the Rose Bowl on ESPN.
Overseas, signiIicant activity in the U.K. and Europe strengthened emerging businesses and enhanced the
brand. ESPN America started an HD service and debuted a local SportsCenter while ESPN UK acquired
exclusive FA Cup rights Ior the next Iour seasons to complement the Premier League (including rights Ior
highlights oI every game on mobile devices) Ior the next three years. Also, a slate oI top rugby matches
was added, with highlight rights Ior ESPN UK also began importing Major League
Soccer and Monday Night Football Irom the United States, as well as creating its own version oI Pardon
the Interruption. Mirroring the creation oI local Web sites in the States, debuted. The Iirst-
ever Winter X Games in Europe was held in France.
Elsewhere, ESPN Latin America obtained the South American broadcast rights to the Olympic Games in
2010 and 2012, the Iirst time the network would oIIer the Olympics to the Spanish-speaking audience oI
the region; and ESPN HD in Latin America, ESPN`s Iirst Spanish-language pan-regional network in HD,
launched. In addition, the NFL and ESPN International extended and expanded their relationship,
delivering the NFL to nearly 100 countries worldwide, across Latin America, Brazil, the Caribbean,
Australia and the PaciIic Rim, the Middle East, AIrica and Israel.

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