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Us|ng 1echno|ogy |n the L|ementary C|assroom

8y Mar||yn Western

Çk for k|ds
WheLher you are sporLlng a class (or even a small group) seL of lÞadsţ l1ouchesţ or LableLsţ Lhe camera opLlon on your
hardware plus a free app wlll glve you a kldŴexclLlng way of dolng classroom buslness (aka learnlng)Ŧ And you can seL up
handsŴon acLlvlLles ln mlnuLes by uslng C8 codesŦ Lack a class seL of hardware wlLh web cams? SeL up a C8 SLaLlon wlLh
1 compuLer + web cam ln your classroom and waLch Lhe maglc happen!

What IS a Çk Code?
l'm sure you're famlllar wlLh bar codes (LhaL's whaL you're scannlng ln Lhe selfŴcheckouL lane) Ŷ Lhe 1u serles of
mysLerlous llnes LhaL a sLore can LranslaLe lnLo Lhe name of Lhe producL and Lhe cosLŦ A C8
code (Culck 8esponse code) ls Lhe nexL sLep Ŷ a 2u bar code LhaL can conLaln up Lo 4ţ000
characLers of lnformaLlonŦ 1he concepL orlglnaLed ln !apan ln 1994 Lo Lrack vehlcle parLs and
can now be seen popplng up all over Lhe place ln Lhe uSŦ
?ou'll need a devlce LhaL has a camera Lo Lake a plcLure of Lhe code (cell phoneţ lÞadţ l1ouchţ
LableLţ compuLer wlLh web cam)ţ an app Lo do Lhe decodlng (mosL now wlll also creaLe a code
and are free)ţ and ln many lnsLancesţ web access Lo see where Lhe code Lakes youŦ C8 codes
mlghL Lake you Lo a web slLeţ show some LexLţ glve you a phone numberţ or generaLe a LexL

now do I trans|ate a Çk Code?
MosL SmarL Þhones wlll have apps avallable for barcode/C8 code scanners Ŵ check wlLh your
phone app sLoreŦ lor an lpod 1ouch or lÞadţ download Lhe free |ŴN|gma 4 C8 code reader ln l1unesŦ
lf you have a Wlndows compuLer wlLh web camţ you can download Lhe free Çu|ck Mark hLLpť//wwwŦqulckmarkŦcomŦLwŦ
Lach of Lhese runs Lhe same wayť open Lhe sofLwareţ alm your camera aL Lhe C8 codeţ cenLer Lhe lmage ln Lhe 'box'ţ
snap a plcLureţ and Lhe sofLware wlll decodeŦ SlmpleŦ SweeLŦ ?our klds wlll LCvL lL!
LlghLlng can be a problem so make sure Lhe C8 code ls noL under a shlny surface (eŦgŦ page proLecLor) and ad[usL llghLlng
so Lhere are no shadows on Lhe codeŦ 1esL your code before glvlng Lo sLudenLs and have sLudenLs check before Lurnlng
ln Lhelr codes Lo youŦ lf lL's unreadable for any reasonţ lL's unusableŦ noLeť ÞC readers are noL as fasL as moblle readersŦ

now can I make a Çk Code?
Lach of Lhe C8 code readers [usL menLloned wlll also creaLe codesŦ ?ou can also vlslL C8 code creaLor web slLes such as
kaywa hLLpť//qrcodeŦkaywaŦcom/ or 2k|ng hLLpť//zxlngŦappspoLŦcom/generaLor/ or SnapMaze (you can make your
codes ln varlous colors!) hLLpť//wwwŦsnapmazeŦcom/Ŧ uld you know Coogle wlll make web slLe C8 codes for you? All
you have Lo do ls vlslL hLLpť//gooŦgl Ŵ Lhelr u8L shorLenerŦ ÞasLe a long url lnLo Lhe boxţ cllck Lhe Shorten buLLonţ and
your shorLened url wlll maglcally appearŦ 1o C8 code Lhls shorLened urlţ slmply cllck on Deta||s Lo flnd Lhe C8 code for
Lhls urlŦ 8|t|y aL hLLpť//blLlyŦcom ls slmllar Ŷ cllck Info Þage + afLer shorLenlngŦ noLeť use Lhe smallesL amounL of LexL or
conLenL when you make your code (url shorLeners such as 8lLly really help)Ŧ 1he more LexLţ Lhe more compllcaLed Lhe
code whlch leads Lo longer 'LranslaLe' LlmesŦ lf you wanL Lo use Lhe code ln a documenLţ save or copy Lhe lmageŦ Cnce on
your compuLerţ lL ls slmply a plcLure LhaL can be puL lnLo presenLaLlonsţ documenLsţ web pagesţ or blogsŦ
C|ass 1oo|s hLLpť//wwwŦclassLoolsŦneL has a Çk 1reasure nunt Generator
hLLpť//wwwŦclassLoolsŦneL/C8/lndexŦphp LhaL you would flnd exLremely
easy Lo useŦ !usL Lype ln a serles of quesLlons (3 or more) and Lhelr answersŦ
1hls Lool wlll creaLe a C8 code for each quesLlon (Lhese are LexL flles Ŷ you
won'L need lnLerneL access Lo read)ţ Anu seL up an answer sheeLŦ CuL ouL
Lhe codes (leave some whlLe space around Lhe code for easler readlng) and
place around your classroom/schoolţ Lhen leL klds loose Lo read Lhe coded
quesLlons and be Lhe flrsL Leam wlLh Lhe mosL correcL answers ln Lhe
avallable LlmeŦ Conslder leLLlng Leams of sLudenLs creaLe Lhe quesLlons and
C8 codesŦ A greaL way Lo show whaL Lhey've learned!

Çk Codes AtŴAŴG|ance
What can I do w|th a Çk Code?
1he concepL ls so very slmpleť CreaLe quesLlons or answersŦ 1urn Lhem lnLo C8 codesŦ Make Lhe codes avallable and leL
sLudenLs 'read' wlLh any avallable moblle devlce (or brlng Lo one compuLerŴwlLhŴwebcam sLaLlon LhaL you have
deslgnaLed as Lhe C8 CenLer)Ŧ As a Leacherţ l'm sure you can come up wlLh hundreds of ways of uslng Lhls ldea ln your
classroomŦ Pere are a few Lo geL you sLarLedť
*SLudenLs can check Lhelr own work lf a quesLlon wrlLLen ln Word ls accompanled by a C8
Code LhaL conLalns Lhe correcL answerŦ
*SeL up a scavenger hunL wlLhln your classroom or Lhe llbrary or Lhe playgroundŦ AL Lhe 1

locaLlonţ posL a quesLlon wlLh 3 posslble answersţ each accompanled by a C8 CodeŦ
1ranslaLlng Lhe correcL answer/code wlll lead Lhem Lo Lhe locaLlon of Lhe nexL quesLlonŦ Cr
have a sheeL wlLh 10 quesLlonsţ each accompanled by a C8 Code LhaL would lead sLudenLs Lo
a web slLe LhaL wlll help Lhem consLrucL Lhe correcL answerŦ
*Laslly geL your youngsLers Lo Lhe rlghL web slLe by maklng C8 Codes for 10 dlfferenL gradeŴ
level urls on lndlvldual card sLock (easlesL Lo make Lhe same repeaLed C8 code on one sheeLţ
Lhen cuL aparL for a classroom seL) ţ lamlnaLeţ holeŴpunchţ and gaLher on rlngs LhaL can be lefL
aL each compuLerŦ SLudenLs slmply show one of Lhe codes Lo Lhe webcam and volla! 1hey are
aL Lhe correcL slLeţ by Lhemselvesţ wlLhouL you Lyplng ln a url 30 Llmes!
*CreaLe C8 Codes Lo puL on llbrary or classroom books LhaL would lead sLudenLs Lo a book Lrallerţ or book revlewţ or Lo
flnd more lnformaLlon on Lhe book (eŦgŦ A8 polnLsţ readlng levelţ llnk Lo Lhe auLhor's web slLeţ eLcŦ)
*vldeo class experlmenLs or dlrecLlonsţ uploadţ and Lhen posL Lhe C8 Code for LhaL vldeo on your classroom web slLe for
absenL sLudenLs Lo accessŦ 1hls makes lL easy for you and for Lhe sLudenL Lo caLch upŦ
*ÞosL conLacL lnformaLlon on cards for fleld Lrlp sLudenLs ln case Lhey geL separaLed from Lhe groupŦ
*ÞasLe a C8 Code Lo classroom equlpmenL LhaL wlll Lake sLudenLs Lo a vldeo explalnlng how Lo use lLŦ
ls Lhls coolţ or whaL?

Marilyn Western is the 2008 MACUL Teacher of the Year, a former member of the
MACUL Board of Directors, a Discovery Educator Network (DEN) scholar, and a Mt.
Pleasant Public Schools 5
grade computer lab teacher. Outside of the classroom,
she has worked as the 1998-99 MDE Technology Using Educator on Loan, a MI
Champions course designer and instructor, a technology trainer for Clare Gladwin
RESD, Gratiot Isabella RESD and Bay Arenac ISD a national presenter for the
Bureau of Education & Research, and a district Tech Guru. She can be reached via

ou1ube v|deoť
Us|ng Çk Codes |n the

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