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& super bright LED flashlight
• no batteries or bulbs to replace just wind to charge • AM/FM radio with earphone jack • super bright LED flashlight • two LED light modes - super bright flashlight and emergency flasher • personal safety alarm
AM/FM Antenna Flashlight LEDs (Pull out antenna and swivel to upright position) On/Off Mode Button 1. Press for flashlight. 2. Press again for flasher. 3. Press again to turn off.

Push handle up for winding to charge. Push handle down to use/store flashlight.

TO CHARGE: Wind for 2 minutes at 160 RPM in either direction to get up to 12 minutes of radio usage and up to 2 minutes of siren usage. For flashlight and emergency flashers, just wind for 1 minute (160 RPM/minute), for up to 15 minutes of flashlight usage or up to 45 minutes of flashing. Note: Be sure to turn flashlight OFF before winding to charge.

TO TURN ON ALARM: Pull siren tab out. TO TURN OFF ALARM: Push siren tab in.

AM/FM Switch AM/FM Tuning Knob

AM/FM On/Off and Volume Control (Turn on and adjust volume with knob)

FCC APPROVED: This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2) This device must accept any interference that may cause undesired operation. The frequency ranges are as follows: AM 530 - 1700, FM 87.9 – 107.9

AM/FM Earphone Jack Personal Safety Alarm Wrist Strap

Lift cap to access earphone jack. (Earphone not included)

An original DuraPRO® innovation
Innovative Concepts Corporation Torrington, CT 06790 U.S.A.
DuraPRO and MegaBRITE are registered trademarks of ICC Innovative Concepts Corporation Customer Service: 860-482-0512, 9AM – 5PM, EST Visit us at

WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. LEDs are very bright. Avoid direct exposure of LED light to eye. Injury to eyes may occur. Do not shine into the eyes of others. To avoid damage to the batteries or contacts, do not submerge in liquid. LOUD NOISES CAN BE HARMFUL: Siren is 102 decibels and prolonged exposure can damage hearing. Keep away from ears. TO AVOID DAMAGE TO THE UNIT: Do not store in an extremely cold or hot environment.

IMPORTANT: For optimum performance it is recommended that you charge the unit by winding the handle for 1 minute at 160 RPM at least once every three months even if unit is not in use. WARRANTY: MegaBrite products are designed with quality in mind. This product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year. This warranty does not apply to defects or damage caused by misuse, alteration or normal wear and tear, and is limited only to replacement of this product.

ADVERTENCIA: MANTENER LEJOS DE LOS NIÑOS. Las luces LED son muy brillantes . Evite el contacto directo de la luz LED con los ojos. Podría causar daños a los ojos. No la oriente hacia los ojos de otras personas. Para evitar daños a las pilas o contactos, no la sumerja en líquido. LOS RUIDOS FUERTES PUEDEN SER PELIGROSOS: La sirena produce 102 decibeles y el contacto prolongado puede dañar los oídos. Manténgala lejos de los oídos. PARA EVITAR DAÑO A LA UNIDAD: No la guarde en un lugar extremadamente frío o caliente.

IMPORTANTE: Para lograr un óptimo rendimiento, se recomienda que cargue la unidad dando cuerda a la manija durante 1 minuto a 160 RPM por lo menos una vez cada tres meses, incluso cuando no la usa. GARANTÍA: Los productos MegaBrite son diseñados con la calidad en mente. Este producto está garantizado contra defectos de material y mano de obra por un año. Esta garantía no se aplica a defectos o daños causados por el mal uso, alteración o desgaste normal y se limita solamente al reemplazo de este producto.

Made in China patented

© 2006 ICC 0906 Recyclable