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From: ***** Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 7:08 AM To: Sandra Jeffery Subject: RE: Timberlea Farm

Dear Sandra I appreciate your time in replying to my email. You have presented an array of impressive documents, all of which seem to imply conformity to fresh produce growing standards. Whilst these are critical and important, I need to first understand them with pertinent relevance to the impact of pesticides on residential areas as you correctly point out we are living in an agricultural area. One cannot deny that spray drift has been originating from the farm as the wind did in fact blow very hard the two nights concerned and we definitely found traces on our vehicles. I am no expert, I can only go with what logically seems to be what happened. And finding a lot of dead insects around our garden (I do not use pesticides I believe in natural predation namely birds) it was a startling discovery and one that made me question what was happening in our immediate environment. That and the fact that we were suffering from sinusitis symptoms. I am forwarding your correspondence to Jurgen Schirmacher Chairman of the TATIB Foundation. There is concern among residents and as farms surround us we need to reach a compromise. There is no denying that you do need to spray, it is understandable and unavoidable BUT the concern is how it is done. The methods of spraying seem archaic given the huge technological developments in our society surely there are better, safer and less wasteful methods of applying pesticides? Kind regards ******** Welgevonden Resident

-----Original Message----From: Sandra Jeffery [] Sent: 18 November 2011 10:07 To: ******** Subject: Timberlea Farm

I hear your concerns and can only respond with the following: Firstly, all agricultural practices taking place on our farm are within international and local due diligence guidelines and specifications. All spraying that is done is done in the best agricultural practice, according to our customers requirements. These customers include Woolworths, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose in the UK. We are thoroughly audited by all these bodies and these audit results I have attached so you can see that we are not doing anything unlawful. Unfortunately Welgevonden was built in agricultural land, and the residents thereof have chosen to come and live in the winelands. Spraying and other farm related activities will continue to happen regardless of who chooses to live around the farms. It is because of this that the regulating bodies have set up these stringent guidelines, which I can assure you we adhere to.

If you would like to discuss this further, or would like to query anything, please contact me directly and I will be more than happy to take you through all our processes and audit requirements and results. Kind Regards, Sandra Jeffery 021 8895013 ext. 118

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