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Working ReIationships

The IT Systems Technicians play a key role in the Safeguards Service Desk's operational processes by
providing first and second level support for Incident, Problem and Change management for the Safeguards ICT
Office Infrastructure. They act as a link between the Safeguards Service Desk and other Safeguards Service
Delivery Sections and handle the escalations and implements problem escalation and tracking as needed.
Contacts are primarily with users to exchange information on technical problems.
Functions / Key ResuIts Expected
aintain and enhance the Safeguards standard desktop and notebook configurations. Upgrade user desktop
configuration using icrosoft SCC software, Active Directory and direct installation. This also includes:
Desktop/Laptop and netbook OS engineering/image creation installation and configuration;
Standard Desktop Security and software configuration, integration;
Support Security anagement System (Physical Access Control System);
Printer management including installation, print queue management and toner supply management;
Implementation and configuration of security software on client systems, like whole disk encryption of
laptops, Anti-Virus solutions, integrated SG PKI distribution; and
ICT Hardware lifecycle management.
Answer Service Desk calls, respond to users' emails and document the incidents or service requests in the
Service Desk application. Follow up on requests by providing necessary solutions or further needed
Determine the causes of users' computer and peripheral equipment problems and provide a solution.
Conduct tests of the hardware and/or software affected using supplied test procedures and diagnostic tools.
Correct malfunctions, calling on help from more experienced colleagues if required. Document results in
accordance with agreed procedures.
#espond to instructions or follow agreed plans to install or remove items of hardware and/or software
(typically desk-top items); find the necessary items and check that these are as described in the
instructions or plans.
#eport details of all hardware/software items that have been installed and removed so that configuration
management records can be updated. Contribute, as required, to investigations of problems and faults
concerning the installation of hardware and/or software. Perform other duties as required, consistent with
the level of the post.
Support remote users, including facilitation of the Safeguards secure telecommunication services; maintain
notebook components supporting the secure remote access function.
Select from a range of established techniques and methods to be used in correcting problems in assigned
technical areas, in carrying out tests and in obtaining information. Good judgment is required in deciding
when to escalate vendor or contractor issues to the next level for resolution.
Identify and implement process improvements at his/her own workplace, or recommend workflow
streamlining within his/her own organizational unit to achieve efficient process delivery.
KnowIedge, SkiIIs and AbiIities
In-depth knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in troubleshooting, installation and support of
icrosoft products including: Windows desktop operating systems (Windows 7/Windows XP); icrosoft
Office Suites (Various versions).
Knowledge and experience with two or more of the following:
icrosoft System Centre Configuration anagement Server (SCC); PGP (Email, file and volume
encryption); VPN (Checkpoint); SI building and deployment tools; PKI (Entrust); Printer/Digital Sender
configuration and support.
Deep understanding of IT Security risks, policies and procedures.
Familiarity with BC's Service Desk Express.
Strong interpersonal skills: Ability to work effectively in a multicultural team with sensitivity and respect for
diversity. Ability to interrelate in a customer-friendly fashion with staff at all levels as well as other external
counterparts. Ability to act with tact, diplomacy, discretion and respect for confidentiality.
rganizing skills: Ability to prioritize work assignments, organize own schedule, perform routine work
independently, meet deadlines, and adapt to constantly changing demands and multitasking.
Knowledge of ITIL best practices

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