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Melody Salubre BSN 4-B

October 27, 2011 Thursday
It is a normal day Ior a nursing student to wake up early in the morning to avoid being late in the duty. It
is a routine works Ior a nursing student to attend the needs oI the patients in the hospital. And as nursing
student, we still have our limitations in rendering proIessional nursing care to patients. In terms oI
patients` charts, everything in it is important and legal, so we are not allowed to make mistakes in these
legal documents. We are not allowed to copy or write anything in this and Irom this unless we are told so.
As our next level in learning the works oI nurses in the ward, is being a head nurse wherein we need to
manage our own staII and not just lead them throughout the shiIt. Head Nursing Practicum is a part oI our
curriculum where nursing students are taught how to act as head nurses in an actual clinical setting. We
are taught how to carry out orders Irom the doctors, to make rounds every now and then and to evaluate
our own staII and to carry responsibilities as a head in a group.
And it was October 27, 2011 Thursday that we had our Iirst duty in Head Nursing Practicum in the ward
under the supervision oI Mrs. Banaria as our Clinical Instructor. We had our duty in Ninos Inocentes
Unit. This is a private pedia unit wherein it caters pedia patients paying their consultant doctors.
This time, our clinical instructor had chosen Alvin Reyes to be our Iirst head nurse and we were his staII.
We had 7 patients admitted in the ward .And we were assigned 1 patient each. We`ve done our morning
care, vital signs taking and recording, reading patient`s chart, regulating IVF, and keeping our patient
comIy in our shiIt. We are not totally exhausted at the end oI the shiIt since our duty ended too early as
not like the usual duty that we need to stand 8 hours in the ward. And oI course our head nurse guided as
in our works the same as our clinical instructor did.
'There is no room Ior mistakes¨. Truly a saying that Iits Ior nursing proIession. Aside Irom the Iact that
we are dealing with lives, we are also responsible in every legal documents oI patients that once we got
wrong in it, it could sent us to jail, that oI course we don`t want to happen.

October 28, 2011 Friday
This is the 2
day oI our duty in the same ward. But this time we only had 5 patients leIt admitted. I was
assigned to a 15-year-old girl diagnosed with pneumonia and DFS( Dengue Fever Syndrome) .Luckily
she was stable and with may go home ordered by the doctor.
I also had my drug litany to our clinical instructor beIore giving the medication to my patient. Our
clinical instructor encouraged us to read about all the diagnosis oI our patient. She kept on reminding us
that every now and then we should keep an eye to our patient especially their IVF. And I think it`s a great
helped Ior us nursing students to have clinical instructor that will give their Iull eIIort in assisting their
students especially in their Iirst time.
Dragging myselI to a shiIt has been a struggle Ior a while now, but I realized that every shiIt is worth it,
because I learned new things at the end oI it. And even that sometimes we encountered patients that are so
sensitive and get easily irritated, still I keep myselI in calm with Iull conIidence that I am doing my work

November 3, 2011
Our 3
day duty under the supervision oI Mrs. Banaria. I can say I`m learning a lot oI things Irom her and
a lot more things to learn ahead Irom her.
This time our head nurse was Ms. Sulit. And as what the prior head nurse did, she was also expected to do
the same. And still a staII nurse I am expected to do a quality care Ior patients.
But there is this one thing that bothers me, we have our duty Irom 6 in the morning up to 11:30am, and
we need to endorse everything Irom our shiIt to the next shiIt which is 2:30 in the aIternoon, and in order
to do it, we need to wait them, how was that? Why don`t make the Iirst duty straight Irom 6 in the
morning until 5 in the aIternoon shiIt and the next group oI students on the other day straight duty also. It
is still the same, no time is wasted and we can give our Iull time in rendering care to our patients at the
same time we have enough time to endorse to nurses what we had in our shiIt as a practice Ior head
Anyways it`s the decision oI the administration, and I have to respect whatever it is. As long as I learned,
it`s the most important.
And also I have to include this instance that I had my patient 2 mos. diagnosed with neonatal pneumonia.
And I need to put 75 cc oI D5 IMB in her soluset as ordered by the doctor, anyway the patient was stable.
I was not sure iI I needed to close the IVF roller clamp connecting to the patient since honestly it was my
Iirst time to do Iilling up a soluset. So I asked my head nurse and told me to close the roller clamp, but
when our clinical instructor saw it, told me that it was supposedly open in order Ior the IVF to continue
Ilowing to the patient and it was too late because the blood was starting to Ilow back. So the mother oI the
patient got quite upset because why we did such action without asking Iirst. I understand her reaction
because though the baby is stable, yet it is still painIul Ior the baby.
It was an experienced Ior me that I learned such thing, I think oI myselI how crucial and important Ior
student nurses to think many times and ask iI not sure to someone who really knows.
We have nursing jurisprudence that even you as student nurse did that negligence, still your superior is
more responsible in your act because oI the Doctrine oI Respondeat superior. So be sure in everything we

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